Balance of Performance PublicationDate: 27.10.2021HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 2021To Sporting & Technical Regulations 24H SERIES powered by Hankook 2021(Version 26 November 2020 with KNAF permit No.: 0314.21.002)Dear Teams and DriversThese Balance of Performance and other figures are in force with immediate applicationand replaces the figures of appendix 11 of the Sporting & Technical regulations andeventually previously published BOP-publications.Notes on boost control:Control of Pboost strategy as per document attached (Appendix: Control of Pbooststrategy is updated), for all cars of which Pboost max is specified, unless explicitotherwise specified.Approved:CreventicBOP HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20211

For all Classes except class 991 and class GT3SEMI-PRO-BOPThis “SEMI-PRO-BOP” refers to Series Bulletin 02/2021 Art. 8.3.2 Team Composition.This “SEMI-PRO-BOP” is applicable for a team with drivers-line up with ONLY SEMI-PRO drivers.Balance of Performance*BOPSEMI-PRO-BOPWeightRefuelling 30 kg-/- 5 L* BOP adjusted ( /-) ballast weight and refuelling amount, referred to initial value specified in this BOP-publication)Class TC: Touring CarsBrand & TypeCylindercapacityBMW M240i Racing Cup3000 ccTurboTwin TurboMinimumWeight1440 kgMaxRefuellingamount85L @ Green85L @ Code60BMW E46 M33200 ccNo1200 kg120 LBMW M2 CS (365HP)3000 ccTwin Turbo1530 kg85 LRemarksAccording to BMW M240i Cupregulations 2020Car height minimum 100mmNo power stick (365HP)Your (TC) car not listed here? Please make an individual request to [email protected] TCX: Special Touring CarsBrand & TypeCylindercapacityTurboMinimumWeightMaxLigier JS2 R3700 ccNo1050 kg110 LLotus Elise Cup PB-R1800 ccTurbo800 kg100L @ Green100L @ Code60Ginetta G553700 ccNo1100 kg110 LPorsche Cayman GT4Club Sport (type 981)3800 ccNo1325 kg110 LPorsche 718 CaymanGT4 Club Sport (type 982)3800 ccNo1325 kg110 LBMW M240i Racing Cup3000 ccTwin Turbo1440 kg85L @ Green85L @ Code60BMW M240i3000 ccTwin Turbo1330 kg120 LBMW M2 CS (450HP)3000 ccTwin Turbo1530 kg85 L @ Green85L @ Code60BMW M3 E924000 ccNo1300 kg120 LBMW M3 F803000 ccTurbo1300 kg120 LBMW E46 GTR3200 ccNo1230 kg110 LBMW M4 GTR3200 ccNo1300 kg120 LSeat Leon Cup Racer V1 DSG2000 ccTurbo1200 kg120 LRefuellingamountRemarksTechnical Regulationsaccording Class TCXCar ride height is freeBlack power stick (450HP)Car ride height is freeECU Software version:5F6906259 0001Your (TCX) car not listed here? Please make an individual request to [email protected] HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20212

Class TCR BOP and ECU-software versionBrand & TypeMinimumWeightMaxRefuelamountALFA ROMEO GIULIETTA RF TCR1245 kgAUDI RS3 LMS SEQRideheightTCRTechnical form100 L70mm221245 kg100 L70mm10AUDI RS3 LMS DSG1250 kg100 L70mm9AUDI RS3 LMS TCR1255 kg100 L70mmCUPRA TCR SEQ1250 kg100 L70mm35CUPRA TCR DSG1240 kg100 L70mm43CUPRA Leon Competicion TCR1250 kg100 L70mm169HONDA CIVIC FK7 TCR SEQ1260 kg100L70mm33HONDA CIVIC FK2 TCR SEQ1240 kg100L70mm11HYUNDAI i30 N TCR1270 kg100 L90mm27HYUNDAI Veloster N TCR1275 kg100L90mm97KIA CEE’D TCR1245 kg100 L70mm24Lynk&Co 03 TCR1275 kg100 L80mm101MG 6 XPOWER TCR1250 kg100 L70mm139OPEL ASTRA TCR1250 kg100 L70mm5PEUGEOT 308 TCR1230 kg100 L70mm37RENAULT MEGANE RS TCR1240 kg100 L60mm121SUBARU STi TCR1245 kg100 L70mm7VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI TCR SEQ1245 kg100 L60mm14VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI TCR DSG1235 kg100 L60mm12Powerlevel(%)SW NameECU-softwareversionSWIdentification(Checksum or ID)Max Pboost*&Rev limiterCorrect(mbar/C)TCR ECU-software MUST be accordingTCR Technical Bulletin no. 12-2021 dated: 30.09.2021Your (TCR) car not listed here? Please make an individual request to [email protected]*Boost pressure will be monitored according to: TCR Turbocharger Boost Monitoring Method, dated: 2021-03-29BOP HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20213

Class GT4: GT4 Grand Touring CarsBrand & rictorRemarks *amount4000cc/8cylTurbo1450 kg105 LNAMax Pboost barTBAAUDI R8 LMS GT45200cc/10cyl1470 kg110 L2x44mmRestrictor thickness5mm. Acc. Audi R8 GT4restrictor drawingBMW M4 GT43000cc/6cylTurbo1440 kg105 LUSB Powerstick “GOLD”(Max Engine power: 460Hp )1430 kg100 L64mmASTON MARTIN VANTAGE AMR GT4CHEVROLET CAMARO GT4FIA-restrictor designECU BOP 2020FORD MUSTANG GT45200cc/8cyl.1500 kg110 LNo restrictorGINETTA G55 GT43700cc/6cyl1100 kg95 L68mmKTM X-BOW GT42000cc/4cylTurbo1120 kg70 LMax Pboost 2,0 barMax rpm 7000 rpm (at all gears)MCLAREN 570S GT43800cc/8cylTurbo1440 kg110 LECU 2019 BOPMERCEDES AMG GT44000cc/8cylTurbo1470 kg100 LMax Pboost 1,69 bar (Power Level 5MAP BOP 2020(Max Engine power: 305kW)PORSCHE CAYMAN GT4CLUPSPORT MR3800cc/6cyl1272 kg100 LECU 2018 BOPPORSCHE 718 CAYMAN GT4 CS MR3800cc/6cyl1300 kg100 LECU 2021 BOPRestrictor: G55-E0398FIA-restrictor design* Specified Max Pboost pressure are absolute pressure at ambient of 1010mbar.BOP HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20214

Class 991: Porsche 991 Cup classes (Generation I and II)Including BOP- table class 991-PRO & arksModels 2013 . 2016NO Restrictor-BlendeCup 991-I (3800cc)BOP-AM1220 kg120L@Green120L@Code60*Note: Fuel tank capacity is 100L.Max fuel sticker: 120/120 just forpractical reasons, so maxrefuelling will be 100L@Green 100L@Code60Models 2013 . 2016NO Restrictor-Blende*Note: Fuel tank capacity is 100L.Max fuel sticker: 120L just forpractical reasons, so maxrefuelling will be 100L @green 60L@Code60Cup 991-I (3800cc)BOP-PRO1220 kg120LCup 991-II (4000cc)BOP-AM1230 kg100LModels 2017 . 2019NO Restrictor-BlendeCup 991-II (4000cc)BOP-PRO1230 kg90LModels 2017 . 2019*Restrictor-Blende: 72 mm* Restrictor Blende must be according “Manthey TZN” drawing, see 24H Series regulations, appendix 9** Class and corresponding BOP is determined by Team composition (Drivers categories)Please note: In case Class 991-AM and 991-PRO is combined to one Class 991, the BOP, 991-AM-BOP or 991-PROBOP is still applicable determined by Team composition (Drivers categories)Class GT3-BOP-TABLEBOP- table class GT3-PRO & GT3-AMClass*BOPGT3-PROGT3-AMBalance of Performance**WeightRefuellingBOP-Pro 30 kg-/- 5 LBOP-Neutral /- 0 kg /- 0 LBOP-Advantage-/- 50 kg120 L* Class and corresponding BOP is determined by Team composition (Drivers categories)Please note: In case Class GT3-AM and GT3-PRO is combined to one Class GT3:the BOP, GT3-AM-BOP or GT3-PRO-BOP is still applicable determined by Team composition (Drivers categories)** BOP adjusted ( /-) ballast weight and refuelling amount, referred to initial valuespecified in Appendix 11 (See BOP-publication of the specific event)BOP HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20215

Class GT3-Am & Class GT3-Pro (Mainly GT cars, also American GT’s are eligible)Brand & orRemarks *Max Pboost ratio/rpmASTON MARTIN VANTAGE AMR GT31290 kg110 L100%N/AAUDI R8 LMS GT3 (GT3-038)1280kg100 L95%2x40,0mmBENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT31295 kg110 L100%N/A1,62/4000 1,67/45001,75/5000 1,81/55001,84/6000 1,83//65001,72/7000 1,63/72001,40 7300Or AM-advantage only:1330kg / 2x42mmFIA-restrictor designMax Pboost ratio/rpm1,86/4000 1,78/45001,68/5000 1,62/55001,56/6000 1.47//65001,39/7000 1,28/ 7250Max Pboost ratio/rpm1,78/4000 1,86/45001,92/5000 1,94/55001,89/6000 1.73/65001,65/7000BMW M6 GT31310105 L100%N/ADodge SRT Viper GT3-R1300 kg110 L100%2x 38,0mm(GT3-036 incl. DatasheetSP9-036 2019N/AMax Pboost ratio/rpm Max Pboost ration/rpmFerrari 488 EVO2020) 10mbarFERRARI 488 GT3 (EVO 2019)1280 kg97 L92,5%Max Pboost ratio/rpmFERRARI 488 GT3 (EVO 2020)1280 kg97 L92,5%N/AFERRARI 458 ITALIA GT3 (EVO 2015)1300 kg110 L100%2x55,5mmLAMBORGHINI HURACAN GT31300 kg100 L95%2x39,0mm1,47/4000 1,51/45001,55/5000 1,59/55001,61/6000 1.57//65001,54/7000 1,49/72501,47/7500 1,35/ 7600FIA-restrictor designMax Pboost ratio/rpmMcLaren 720S GT31230kg105 L100%N/AMERCEDES AMG GT31320kg105 L100%2x35,0mm1,78/4000 1,75/45001,72/5000 1,70/55001,62/6000 1,56//65001,45/7000 1,40/75001,34/8000 1,12/8100Or AM-advantage only:Or 1370kg / 2x36mmFIA-restrictor designMax Pboost ratio/rpm2,00/4000 2,00/45002,00/5000 1,95/55001,95/6000 1.95/65001,90/6900 1,70/7000NISSAN GT-R Nismo GT3 2018(GT3-048)1300 kg110 L100%N/APORSCHE 911 GT3 R (991 I & 991 II)1290 kg95 L90%2x41,5mmOr AM-advantage only:Or 1340 kg / 2x43mmFIA-restrictor designTbaTbaTbaTbaMax Boost Tba1280 kg115 L100%2x35,0mmRADICAL SPORTSCARS RXC TURBO GT3Max Pboost ratio/rpmSCG 003C1,85 (at all rpm)(acc. Technical form SP-X010 2018 & modified air-inlet)* Values are boost pressure ratio and need to be multiplicated by the ambient pressure to get the Pboost limit.Competitors must adjust boost pressure relative to ambient pressure at each event. Pboost limits linear interpolation approach.** Fuel flow is % of max fuel flow. The fuel flow restriction is fully integrated in the fuel pumps and works fully automatic. When cars withan assigned fuel flow restriction refuel, the fuel pump will automatically stop for a set amount of time each ten seconds. This way, thedifference in fuel consumption over the entire course of the race is compensated.BOP HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20216

Class GTX Special GT carsBrand & TypeCylindercapacityLamborghini HuracánSuper Trofeo5200 ccLotus Exige V6 Cup RMinimumWeightMax RefuellingamountBOPRemarks1300 kg110 L2 x 41mmDatalogger AIM Evo 4 orEvo5 mandatory3500 cc1000 kg120 L @ Green120L @ Code60Pboost: TBADatalogger AIM Evo 4 orEvo5 mandatoryMARC II V85200 cc1150 kg120 LNANAVortex 1.06200 cc950 kg120 L @ Green120L @ Code60NANABMW M4 Silhouette3400 cc1050 kg120 LNANADatalogger AIM Evo 4 orEvo5 mandatoryKTM X-BOW GTX2500 cc1100 kg90 L2,2bar(independentof Pamb),max rpm 7000Audi R8 LMS GT25200 cc1350 kg110 L2 x 60mmDatalogger AIM Evo5mandatoryPorsche 911 GT3 Cup991 MR4000 cc1220 kg120 LNANAPorsche 911 GT3 Cup9924000 cc1250 kg110 LN/ADatalogger AIM Evo5mandatoryPlease note: Art. 3.3 of Appendix 7 of the Sporting & Technical regulationsYour (GTX) car not listed here? Please make an individual request to [email protected] HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20217

Appendix: Control of Pboost strategyBOP HANKOOK 24H SEBRING 20218

BMW M240i Racing Cup . 3000 cc . Twin Turbo : 1440 kg . 85L @ Green : 85L @ Code60 . Technical Regulations according Class TCX . Car ride height is free. BMW M240i . 3000 cc : Twin Turbo . 1330 kg : 120 L . BMW M2 CS (450HP) 3000 cc : Twin Turbo . 1530 kg : 85 L @ Green 85L @ Code60 Black power stick (450HP)