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Royal RoadsUniversitya world ofopportunityContentsbVictoria is a wonderful place to live2Our campus is full of surprises4Learn in a new way at Royal Roads University6Supporting you every step of the way8Your Canadian home10STUDYING ON THE RRU CAMPUS12UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE PROGRAMS14Work experience22How to apply24fees25

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Victoriais a wonderfulplace to liveCanadaCanada is home toimmigrants from almosteverywhere so it is oneof the most multicultural,safest and welcomingcountries in the world.As a student here, you willbenefit from excellenteducation and a highstandard of realUSATorontoNew YorkWashington D.C.2

VictoriaRoyal Roads University islocated on the west coast,in the province of BritishColumbia. The campus isjust twenty minutes fromdowntown Victoria, the beautyof the Inner Harbour, EmpressHotel and Fisherman’s Wharf.Victoria is full of energy, with something for everyone to see and do:the city’s energy and Experienceculture. Go to museums, watch theatre shows or join in withfestival celebrations.Discover a new outdoor sport oractivity you love. You can try everythingfrom golfing, skiing and snowboardingto whale watching or scuba diving.Explore new cities to discover yourself.Vancouver is only 30 minutes fromVictoria by plane, or 90 minutes byferry. You can also travel to Seattleby plane or ferry.about Victoria’s interesting Learnhistory. Take a step back in time and visit the Craigdarroch Castle or theRoyal British Columbia Museum.Try delicious food you have nevertasted before. Relaxing cafésand restaurants around thecity sell food from Italy, Greece,France, India and China.Enjoy shopping in department stores,small shops and local markets.Whatever it is you are looking for,you will be able to find it in Victoria.Royal Roads University 3

Our campusis full of surprisesWhether you want to relax with friends over coffee, explore foresttrails, discover our historic castle or try new sports on the ocean,you will have an unforgettable student experience here.4Fresh air and outdoorsHatley CastleOur stunning campus has 230 hectares of parks and woods,with hiking trails and walking paths that go all the way tothe Pacific Ocean. You will feel inspired by fresh air, natureand wildlife with each step you take. We have some of thebiggest and oldest trees in the region, a lagoon and a rare birdsanctuary for you to explore. You can have a relaxing walk bythe beach, or even have a go at kayaking. Look south acrossthe Strait of Juan de Fuca and you will see the OlympicMountains, all the way across the border in the USA.If our beautiful castle looks familiar, it is because you have seenit on a popular TV show or a movie, such as X-Men, Smallvilleand Arrow. Film directors from Hollywood and photographersfrom around the world have been coming here for over 75 yearsbecause it is one of a kind. It was built in 1908 in the style of anEdwardian castle, and it was once a family home. Over theyears, business leaders and royalty have attended meetingsand lectures in our charming castle – you could be next.

Student lifeModern facilitiesOur campus has a warm and friendly atmosphere, witheverything you need to live comfortably located close by.The Habitat Café, which sells tasty food, is a great placeto meet up with friends. We have a gift shop that sells studysupplies and a modern recreation center that makes it easyfor you to keep fit. Explore the local area, and you’ll find a rangeof great shops, grocery stores, cafés, restaurants and cinemas,as well as banks and health clinics.Our modern buildings are designed for students like youwho want to learn in the best and most efficient way.Opened in 2011, the Learning and Innovation Centre is anaward-winning building. It is equipped with the latest learningtechnology, 33 breakout rooms, 7 classrooms, 5 computer labsand social spaces. The library, too, has all the resources youcould possibly need to succeed, with 48,000 printed books,over 100 online databases and 55,000 e-books.Royal Roads University 5

Learn in a new wayat Royal RoadsUniversityRoyal Roads University (RRU) will give you thetools, training and connections to help yousucceed in your degree program, so that youcan go on to work in the career of your dreams.6Best way to learnWe understand what it takes for you to achieve your careergoals. Our degree programs follow a unique learning modelthat will help you get the most out of your studies. You willlearn, grow and achieve by working in groups with yourclassmates. This gives you the opportunity to share ideasand challenge yourself. Even after you graduate, these groupswill support you in your professional and personal journey.

World of opportunityFantastic resultsWe understand what’s happening in the real world of work.This is why we provide meaningful and practical degreesalongside internship opportunities, helping you have asuccessful career once you graduate. Our programs have beencreated with input from industry, so you can be confident thatyou will get the right blend of skills employers are looking for.You will learn from professors who are experts in their fields,who are passionate about teaching and student success.A degree from RRU is more than a list of courses or subjects.It shows your commitment to your professional and personaldevelopment. It is also proof that you are capable ofchallenging yourself and that you have the ability to achieveambitious goals in life. With these qualities you will be in thebest position to decide whether to build your successful careerat home, or in Canada.Royal Roads University 7

Supporting youevery step ofthe wayOur friendly staff and faculty will support you throughoutyour studies, so that you have an unforgettable andsuccessful student experience.Before you arriveWhen you arriveThe International Student Services team will answer all of yourquestions about living and studying in Canada and Royal RoadsUniversity. The team also provides advice about:We will organize fun activities to welcome and help you settleinto your new student community. Tuition, fees and payment schedules Student accommodation Visas, study and work permits What to pack in your luggagetravel documents you need to have Importantwith you when travelling8You will go on a tour of our beautiful campus to discover whereeverything is, have lunch with your new classmates and go ona fun day out to Victoria. We will also help you with: Accommodation planning and advice Health and student insurance Social Insurance Number (SIN) registration

During your studiesBefore and after you graduateInternational students make the most of their experiencein Canada by relying on student services at Royal RoadsUniversity for such things as:The Career Enhancement Services team will help you writean impressive resume, look for suitable jobs and improve yourinterview skills. You will also have access to Symplicity – a jobswebsite where you can search for work that interests you,and where employers can look for graduates that theywant to employ. The team can also advise on: Academic and English language supportwith Canadian post-graduate Assistancework permits Family invitation letters Social and cultural activities Planning your career pathway Networking strategies Canadian post-graduate work permitsRoyal Roads University 9

YourcanadianHomeLiving with a Canadian family in their safe and welcominghome gives you the best opportunity to improve yourEnglish language and experience Canadian culture.A home that meets your needsRRU works with the Canada Homestay Network (CHN) so thatwe can find your perfect home away from home. To help us dothis, we will first ask you to tell us about your lifestyle, interestsand expectations. We will then be able to match you up witha home and family that is most suitable for you.Host familiesWe want you to have the very best experience while living witha host family. CHN visits all families to make sure their homes aresafe, clean and comfortable and that you will get the emotionalcare and support you need to succeed in your studies.Your new home will have:A furnished room with a windowA bed with clean linen – pillow, sheets and blanketsPrivate storage for your personal itemsAccess to a shared bathroom with your own clean towelsA quiet place to study, usually in your own room Private accommodation10If you are aged 19 or over and want to live independently,the Student Services at Royal Roads can help you lookfor private accommodation, such as an apartment.

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StudyingON THE RRU CAMPUSAt Royal Roads University you can choose from five exciting areasof on-campus study that will inspire you to succeed in your degreeand prepare you for your future career.BusinessTourism & HospitalityAt the School of Business we understand what it takes foryou to be successful, because we have been there ourselves.Our programs have been created with input from industry,and our teachers and professors have real-world expertise theywant to share with you. We aim to give you the knowledge,tools and work-experience opportunities to take your careerto the next level, or to start your own company anywherein the world.At the School of Tourism & Hospitality Management wewill teach you to become a successful leader in the globaltourism and hospitality industry. Led by industry experts,our programs will develop your problem-solving and criticalthinking skills through hands-on work experience. You willlearn how to predict industry trends and solve challenges inthe workplace. As a graduate you will have the perfect skillsto compete with the very best in the industry.Communication & CultureEnvironment & SustainabilityAt the School of Communication & Culture we believethat communication is a powerful tool that can change thelives of individuals and whole communities. With this in mind,we have created a range of practical programs that will teachyou the strategies, processes and theories behind effectivecommunication. This specialist knowledge will help youbecome an effective communication professional who canmake a real difference to large companies around the world.At the School of Environment & Sustainability we willteach you to understand the environmental, social, cultural,political, and economic elements of environmental health,and identify effective strategies to overcome the challengesof moving to a sustainable society.Humanitarian StudiesThe core belief at the School of Humanitarian Studies isthat when work is purposeful, lives can change. Workingwith like-minded peers and industry-leading experts,you will develop the skills and understanding to createpositive change both locally and globally.Royal Roads University 13

Inspiringundergraduate degreesRoyal Roads University offers a range of undergraduate programsfor students who want to develop successful careers around the world.You will have the opportunity to learn alongside highly motivatedstudents and gain practical work skills through internships.In the first two years of the undergraduate degree, internationalstudents study in a teaching environment that is tailored to their needs.They benefit from small class sizes, personal attention and a supportivestudent community.Students then progress into Year 3 of the degree completion program.Students with credits from another university or college can applyfor direct entry into Year 3.BusinessTourism & HospitalityBachelor of Business Administration inSustainability and International Business (BBA)This unique program combines social science and commerce,preparing you to balance the needs of people, processand profit in your career. You will learn how to create andmanage sustainable and responsible business practicesin a competitive environment.Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management (BAGTM)This program gives you a comprehensive understanding ofapplied tourism, social sciences and humanities. You will learnhow to manage socially and environmentally sustainabletourism in a commercial context.Degree completion: Two yearsCareer opportunities: Graduates work as businessadministrators, general managers, international businessbrokers, and more.Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management(BCom)This program focuses on innovation and entrepreneurialmanagement. You will develop your critical thinking, teamworkand problem-solving skills, and learn to think globally.Students must have at least two years of relevant workexperience to enter this program.Degree completion: Accelerated 12-month programCareer opportunities: Graduates work in exciting industriesas business analysts, accountant trainees, and more.14Degree completion: Accelerated 12-month program, but can becompleted over two yearsCareer opportunities: Graduates work as assistant productdevelopment managers, conference or events coordinators,municipal tourism assistant planners, and more.Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management(BAIHM)This program allows you to develop a broad rangeof leadership, analytical, and interpersonal skills in real industrysettings. You will gain vital knowledge of internationalhospitality, and undertake work experience with leadinghoteliers.Degree completion: Accelerated 12-month program,but can be completed over two yearsCareer opportunities: Graduates work as desk managers,reservations agents, sales associates, and more.

Communication & CultureHumanitarian studiesBachelor of Arts in Professional Communication (BAPC)This program examines the areas of language, media, cultureand technology. You will also gain professional experience andpractical skills to prepare you for success in the workplace.Bachelor of Arts in Justice Studies (BAJS)This program teaches the theoretical and practical foundations,as well as the critical thinking skills you need to assess issuesrelated to justice. You will learn about the Canadian justicesystem, including criminal justice, conflict resolution andmediation.Degree completion: Accelerated 12-month programCareer opportunities: Graduates work as technical writers,public relations officers, journalists, broadcasters, and more.Environmental ScienceBachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BScES)This program will enhance your existing environmental scienceknowledge, deepening your understanding of environmentalmanagement, economics, law, community relations,communications skills and sustainable development.You need to have university-level chemistry, biology,math, physics, and communication credits.Degree completion: Accelerated 12-month program, but canbe completed over two yearsCareer opportunities: Graduates work as assistants to seniorenvironmental executives, environmental policy advisors,and more.Degree completion: Accelerated 12-month programCareer opportunities: Graduates work as paralegals,diversion counsellors, immigration officers, and more.Undergraduate degree completionat RRUTransfer and complete your degree at RRU if you havecompleted at least two years of university or college.your undergraduate degree Completein just one or two years.grow and share ideas with Canadian Learn,and international students.the blend of skills and knowledge your Getfuture employers will be looking for.Royal Roads University 15

Undergraduatepathway optionsThe International Study Centre offers supportive undergraduateprograms that will teach you the English language and academic skillsyou need to become a successful student at Royal Roads University.YEAR ONE ENTRYEnglish for Academic Purposes (EAP)International Year One curriculumDevelop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills,and prepare for International Year One.International Year One (IY1)In this program, international students study a broadrange of subjects that develop language, quantitative,analytical and interpersonal skills. These skills providethe base for successfully completing a bachelor’s degree.PROGRAM SEMESTER 1DURATIONSEMESTER 2SEMESTER 3Foundations of GlobalCitizenship (3 courses)Listening FoundationsReading FoundationsSeptemberSpeaking Foundationsto JuneWriting FoundationsSocial, Economicand EnvironmentalSustainabilityCanadian StudiesWriting for SuccessEnglish for AcademicPurposes - IntermediateBusiness Administration(BBA and BAPC)Business of Tourism(BAGTM and BAIHM)Civic Engagement &Service LearningAcademic WritingEnglish for AcademicPurposes - AdvancedBusiness Administration(for BBA and BAPC)Business of Tourism (forBAGTM and BAIHM)Civic Engagement &Service LearningAcademic WritingEnglish for AcademicPurposes - AdvancedFoundations of GlobalCitizenship (3 courses)Progress into one of theseBachelor Degree Programs BBA Sustainability and International Business BCom Entrepreneurial Management BA Global Tourism Management BA International Hotel Management BA Professional CommunicationJanuary toAugustSocial, Economicand EnvironmentalSustainabilityCanadian StudiesWriting for SuccessEnglish for AcademicPurposes - Intermediate* Academic Elective is determined by student’s chosen degree program:BBA/BAPC students take Introduction to Business Administration, BAIHM/BAGTMstudents take Business of Tourism.progression planPATHWAYSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: Specific for each pathway. See below.Academic: “B” (3.00/4.33) GPA3 SEMESTER 8 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 6.0 Password 6.0 TOEFL 68SEM 1 SEM 2 SEM 3IY1YEAR 1INTAKEUNIVERSITY DEGREE TIMELINEYEAR 2YEAR 3YEAR 4YEAR 2YEAR 3YEAR 4SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2January3 SEMESTER 10 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 5.5 Password 5.5 TOEFL 60SEM 1 SEM 2 SEM 3IY1YEAR 1INTAKESEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2September4 SEMESTER 14 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 5.0 Password 5.0 TOEFL 50SEM 1 SEM 2 SEM 3 SEM 4EAPIY1YEAR 1INTAKESYEAR 2YEAR 3YEAR 4YEAR 2YEAR 3YEAR 4SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2January May*5 SEMESTER 18 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 4.5 Password 4.5 TOEFL 45INTAKESSeptember January**16SEM 1 SEM 2 SEM 3 SEM 4 SEM 5EAPIY1YEAR 1SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2 January start has a summer break during pathway program.** September start has a summer break during pathway program.*SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2GRADUATION

Year three entryTransfer Preparation Program (TPP)Direct entry into year threeImprove your English language and academic skills so thatyou can transfer directly into Year 3 of your chosenundergraduate degree program.You can apply for direct entry into Year 3 of an undergraduatedegree program if you have completed two years ofuniversity-level courses and have strong English proficiency.Some programs also require work experience.progression planDIRECT ENTRYENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 6.5 overall; 6.5 minimum in writingand speaking, 6.0 minimum in listening and readingTOEFL: 88 iBT, 24 in writing, 20 in listening, reading,and speakingAcademic: Equivalent of 60 credits of university-levelcoursework “B” average, 3.00/4.33 GPA scale, and specificundergraduate course requirements depending on program.UNIVERSITY DEGREE TIMELINEYEAR 3YEAR 4YEAR 3YEAR 4YEAR 3YEAR 4SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEM 1tpp1 SEMESTER 3-4 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 6.0 overall; 6.0 minimum inwriting and speaking Password 6.0 TOEFL 68SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2GRADUATIONSEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2INTAKEsMay JanuarySEM 1 SEM 2tpp2 SEMESTER 7-8 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 5.5 Password 5.5 TOEFL 60INTAKESSEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2SEMESTER 1 SEMESTER 2September JanuaryPREPARATION PROGRAMENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: Specific for each pathway. See above.Academic: “B” (3.00/4.33) GPAdirect entry guideENTRY REQUIREMENTSFOR ALL DEGREESDEGREESTART DATESINTO YEAR 3DEGREE-SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 6.5 (6.5 minimum inwriting and speaking, 6.0 minimum inlistening and reading) TOEFL iBT 68 Transfer Preparation ProgramBachelor of Business Administrationin Sustainability and International Business22 AugustBBA - Business-related diploma from a recognizedinstitutionBachelor of Commerce in EntrepreneurialManagement12 SeptemberBCom - Business-related diploma from a recognizedinstitution, 2 years of full-time business-related workor life experienceBachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management6 SeptemberBachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management6 SeptemberBAIHM or BAGTM - Hospitality, tourism, or businessrelated diploma from a recognized institution, and400 or more hours of tourism or hospitality relatedwork experienceBachelor of Arts in Professional Communication19 September 2016or 3 January 2017Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science6 SeptemberBachelor of Arts in Justice Studies6 SeptemberAcademic: 2 years of undergraduatestudy with 75% average “B” GPA3.00/4.33 There may be specificundergraduate course requirementsdepending on program, and someprograms also require proof ofrelated work experience.BScES - Two courses (6 credits) in each of thefollowing subjects: chemistry, biology, math orphysics, writing or communications.Royal Roads University 17

Meaningfulgraduate degreesRoyal Roads University offers a range of graduate programs for ambitiousstudents who want to take their professional career and personal successto a higher level.You will have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and buildnew industry contacts through internships.BusinessCommunication & CultureMaster of Global Management (MGM)This program will prepare you for success as a strong managerand entrepreneurial leader. You will observe and understandcultures around the world, learning to work effectively in aclimate of uncertainty or ambiguity. This informed perspectivewill equip you well for the realities of international business,whether you seek to work in a global corporation or launchyour own company.Master of Arts in Intercultural and InternationalCommunication (MAIIC)International Communication is designed for students whowant to pursue a communication career in our increasinglydiversified and globalized world. You will learn to engagedifferent audiences in different cultural environments. You willfocus on topics such as organizational communication andculture, public culture, intercultural competence, globalpolicies and international relations.Career opportunities: Graduates work in leadership positionswith entrepreneurial ventures, transnational corporations,international business development, and more.Career opportunities: Graduates work in professional rolesas communications officers, communications directors, writers,editors, publishers, and more.Tourism & HospitalityMaster of Arts in Tourism Management (MATM)This program is the first of its kind in Canada’s tourism andhospitality education sector. Created in collaboration withindustry experts, students, faculty, and education partners,this course directly responds to the worldwide industry demandfor leaders who can build and sustain a competitive advantagein the global tourism market. You will compare and contrastapproaches from real-life case studies and learn the latestthinking in destination development, sustainability andglobal tourism.Career opportunities: Graduates work with governmenttourism organizations, destination marketing organizations,private tourism companies, consulting firms, and more.Direct Entry requirementsundergraduate degree with Completed75% average / “B” / GPA 3.00/4.336.5 overall; 6.5 minimum in writing and IELTSspeaking, 6.0 minimum in listening and reading,or successful completion of the Pre-Master’sProgramprofessional work experience: One year Relevantof experience needed to apply for MAIIC. Twoyears of experience needed to apply to MGMor to MATM.18

Graduatepathway optionsThe International Study Centre offers preparation programs that willenhance your English language skills so that you can successfully earnyour graduate degree at Royal Roads University.Pre-Master’s Program (PMP)Pre-Master’s Program curriculumAdvance your language proficiency and study skills so thatyou are fully prepared to meet the demands of graduatelevel study.PROGRAM DURATIONSEMESTER 1Progress from PMP into a Master’sDegree ProgramJanuary to April,or May to JulyCritical ThinkingAccountingPublic Speaking andPresentation SkillsEnglish for AcademicPurposes - AdvancedSeptember to April,or January to JuneAcademic Listening andNote-TakingSpeaking: Discourse andPresentation SkillsAcademic ReadingAcademic Writing Master of Global Management MA in Intercultural and International Communication MA in Tourism ManagementDirect entry into a Master’s degreeIf you already have the necessary English language skills,and meet the academic requirements, you can apply fordirect entry into a graduate degree program at RRU.SEMESTER 2Critical ThinkingAccounting*Public Speaking andPresentation SkillsEnglish for AcademicPurposes - Advanced* Except for MAIIC.progression planDIRECT ENTRYENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: IELTS 6.5 overall; 6.5 minimum in writing and speaking, 6.0 minimum inlistening and reading TOEFL 88 iBT, 24 in writing, 20 in listening, reading, and speakingAcademic: Bachelor’s degree, “B” (3.00/4.33 GPA) Relevant Work ExperienceINTAKESStart : May for MGM and MATM August for MGM and MAIIC18-24 MONTHS GRADUATE PROGRAM1 SEMESTER 4 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSSEM 1PMPEnglish: IELTS 6.0 Password 6.0 TOEFL 682 SEMESTER 8 MONTHSENTRY REQUIREMENTSSEM 1 SEM 2PMPEnglish: IELTS 5.5 Password 5.5 TOEFL 60PRE-MASTERSENTRY REQUIREMENTSEnglish: Specific for each pathway. See aboveAcademic: Bachelor’s degree, “B” (3.00/4.33) GPAGRADUATION18-24 MONTHS GRADUATE PROGRAM18-24 MONTHS GRADUATE PROGRAMSuggested PMP Intakes for ProgressionPMPINTAKESJanuaryMaySeptemberPROGRESS TOPMPSEMESTER MASTERSOPTIONS OF GLOBALMANAGEMENTPROGRESS TOPROGRESS TOMA IN INTERCULTURAL MA IN TOURISMAND INTERNATIONAL yn/aMayRoyal Roads University 19

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Caption to followThe best thing about Royal Roadsis the support the school gives forinternational students. Royal Roadsteachers show that they care aboutour professional future, helpingus with the best opportunities.The staff here are very organizedand also give me support for allmy ideas, and encourage meto try new experiences andopportunities.Nicole Garafulic, BrazilBAPCRoyal Roads University 21

workexperienceA student who graduates with international workand life experience has the skills and knowledgethat companies look for when selecting employees.Build your careerOur programs are designed to help you succeed in yourcareer. Most of the degree programs at RRU include aninternship that gives you the opportunity to gain workexperience and take your education to the next level.a better understanding of your academic Getsubject area Put your classroom learning into practice Find out what it is like to work in the real worldnew skills such as project management Developand working in a team Boost your confidence and motivation to succeedcontact with industry professionals who will be Makeable to provide job references.Royal Roads students work with top employers,such as:BoeingCarnival Cruise LinesHilton Hotels and ResortsHyatt Hotels and ResortsPepsiCo Beverages 22

We can helpWork while you studyOur Career Enhancement Services team can help you lookfor internships and work experience that suits you. Youwill also have access to the Symplicity online portal. Thisis where employers can look for students they want toemploy, and where you can search for work opportunitiesthat interest you.If you have a study permit for full-time study, you may beable to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week whilestudying in Canada.Build your life in CanadaYou can apply for the Post-Graduation Work PermitProgram and you may be able to work in Canada for upto three years after you graduate. You may also have theopportunity to stay in Canada permanently. For moreinformation, please visit Roads University 23

howto applyApplication checklist and required documentation:Official scanned documents accepted for the application process.Official, original academic documents required prior to arrival.All applicants A complete and accurate applicationform including your intended degreeprogram, email address and telephonenumber.Official test scores from Englishlanguage proficiency exam: IELTS,TOEFL iBT and Password accepted.A copy of the identification pagesof your passport.A copy of your current Canadianstudy permit, if applicable. Scanned copies of your certifiedacademic qualifications in yournative language and translatedinto English (must be a certifiedtranslation).A scanned copy of your certifiedproof of graduation in your nativelanguage and translated intoEnglish, if available at the timeof your application.Additional PMP and TPPrequirements 2-3 page Statement of Intent. Detailed Resume/CVletters of reference, preferably Twoone academic and one professional,including details of academic ability,achievement, motivation andwork ethic.* Refer to the RRU application form for moredetailed instructions*Password not accepted for direct admissionReceive your university offer.Congratulations!Confirmyour Acceptance Submitof Offer form and pay yourenrollment deposit.Connect withRoyal Roads UniversityOur Student Enrollment Advisors speaka variety of languages. We will do our bestto contact you in your preferred language.24Before you arriveWhen you arriveacademic records issued Submit your homestay application. Officialby the previous institution mustNotifyuswhenyou’vereceived your sent directly to Royal Roads Send your flight arrival informati

activity you love. You can try everything from golfing, skiing and snowboarding to whale watching or scuba diving. Explore new cities to discover yourself. Vancouver is only 30 minutes from Victoria by plane, or 90 minutes by ferry. You can also travel to Seattle by plane or ferry. Learn about Victoria’s interesting history.