NEWMulti-purpose CameraSPECIALIZEDFOR LOW LIGHT4K UHD CamcorderU HDASCEND TO THE NEXT LEVELOF HIGH-RESOLUTION VIDEOCanon’s expanded professional and high-resolution line-up delivers performance where it counts – in the field, inthe studio, wherever and whenever videographers and filmmakers need outstanding image quality and full creativecontrol. Ready to take on projects from broadcast journalism to filmmaking and beyond, these tools can help youcapture creative, powerful and immersive video content. With their outstanding combination of high-resolutionzoom lenses, high-caliber CMOS image sensors, incredible low-light performance, powerful4K UHD CamcorderU HDDV Series ImageProcessors and industry-standard data-compression codecs, they provide not only outstanding image quality butalso deliver the type of operability, flexibility, reliability and connectivity that professionals demand.

XF405/XF400 KEY FEATURESU HDLarge 1.0-inch CMOS Sensor and Dualfor High Image Quality4K UHD 1.0" CMOS CAMCORDERDV 6The XF405 and XF400 feature an on-board 1.0-inchCMOS sensor, which is approximately 6.8 times largerthan a 1/2.84-inch sensor and records in 4K UHD at 60pand high-frame-rate Full HD at 120p. The sensor alsoprovides a stunning 800% dynamic range (when Wide DRmode is selected) to support any type of high-brightness or low-lightproject. DualDV 6 Image Processors powerfully processhigh-resolution image data while allowing users to achieve highperformance and creative freedom when capturing both video and stills.14 Groups with 18 Elements includingSuper UD Lens ElementsFixedZoomFixedWide DR (600%)FocusStandardCode (IRE)AvailableThe XF405 and XF400’s fixed lens features an Advanced Zoommode that extends the zoom range while maintaining highimage quality when shooting in Full HD. This ultra-wide25.5mm and high-magnification 15x zoom lens can support awide range of challenging applications. Users can also get up to30x Advanced Zoom by using the 4K UHD sensor in Full HD.Wide DR (800%)109100FIRMWAREUPDATE15x Optical Zoom Lenses Provide VersatilityImage StabilizerBT.709Includes XF-AVCFile Support0The demand for pristine 4K UHD recording continues to spread across a large section of marketsthat use video to convey their message, and Canon is strongly addressing this trend with theintroduction of the XF405 and XF400 4K UHD 60p camcorders. These compact camera systemsdeliver refined image acquisition ideal for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and documentaryproduction, as well as corporate and event videography. They offer the shooting featuresprofessionals require in a handheld, highly portable camcorder, including a large 1.0-inchCMOS sensor, a 4K UHD 15x optical zoom lens, dualDV 6 Image Processors and Canon’sDual Pixel CMOS AF for sharp, detail-rich video that can help make any project a success. 1.0-inch 4K UHD CMOS Image Sensor 15x Optical 4K UHD Zoom Lens with 5-AxisOptical Image Stabilization DualDV 6 Image Processors Dual Pixel CMOS AF 4K UHD and Full HD Recording to Dual SDCard Slots Slow and Fast Motion Recording up to 120fps 3.5-inch Touchscreen LCD and 0.24-inchElectronic Viewfinder HDMI 2.0 Terminal with 4K UHD 60pOutput Support 3G-SDI Terminal (XF405 only) Flexible Audio Inputs with Linear PCM4-channel Support RC-V100 Remote Controller Support Compact and Lightweight Design withDetachable Handle Network Connections for FTP Transfer andBrowser Remote (Wired and Wi-Fi Connectivity) Firmware Update: XF-AVC 4K UHD 60pLongGOP Recording SupportSubject brightness (%)‖1.0CMOS15xOptical ZoomU HDXLRXF405/XF400 Kit Contentsx2Simultaneous recording of 4K UHD and Full HD inU HDboth XF-AVC and MP4 data to two SD slots is included,saving the time of copying data after recording. 4K UHD(3840 x 2160) recording on-board includes YCbCr 4:2:0 @ 8-bitprocessing up to 60p (150 Mbps LongGOP (MPEG-2) compression)in the MP4 format. Full HD recording is also available at up to60p at 35 Mbps.FormatIntraLongGOPResolutionColorSamplingBit RateDual Pixel CMOS AF is Canon’s exclusively developed high-speed,high-precision autofocus technology. Equipped with phase detection,it offers fast, accurate autofocusing within approximately 80% ofthe overall image area and assists with standard shooting, 4K UHD60p/Full HD 120p and other high-frame rate applications thatrequires crisp frame-by-frame accuracy.Dual Pixel CMOS AF StructureFrame Rate59.94p, 29.97p, 23.98p,50.00p, 25.00p3840 x 216059.94p, 29.97p, 23.98p,50.00p, 25.00pXF-AVC*LongGOP1920 x 1080YCC 4:2:08-bit XF405/XF400 Camcorder1280 x 72059.94p, 29.97p, 50.00p,25.00p3840 x 216059.94p, 29.97p, 23.98p,50.00p, 25.00p Lens Hood (with Lens Barrier) Microphone Holder Unit Handle UnitMP4LongGOP1920 x 10808-bitPhotodiode BPixels which enable bothphase-difference AF and imagingDual Pixel Focus Guide59.94p, 29.97p, 23.98p,50.00p, 25.00p120p, 100p Battery Pack BP-828 Power Adapter CA-946 Wireless Controller WL-D89YCC 4:2:0Photodiode A59.94i, 50.00i120p, 100p1280 x 72059.94p, 29.97p, 50.00p,25.00pFront Focus Indicator* Firmware update required.4K UHD3840 x 2160BROADCAST / VIDEO PRODUCTIONFast and Accurate Dual Pixel CMOS AFMultiple 4K UHD and Full HD Recording OptionsSimultaneous Recording4800H.264 LongGOP, YCC4:2:0 8-bit(59.94P/29.97P/23.98P)150 Mbps LongGOPH.264 LongGOP, YCC4:2:0 8-bit(59.94P/29.97P/23.98P)150 Mbps LongGOPFocusedBack Focus IndicatorHigh Sensitivity and Low Noise to Enhance CreativityThe XF405 and XF400 deliver high light sensitivity and low noiseperformance. They offer minimum subject illumination of 1.7 lux(with Auto Slow Shutter on and shutter speed 1/30 sec.), increasingthe shooting area and expressive possibilities.5

1/3" CMOS CAMCORDER1/2.84" CMOS CAMCORDERNEWFeaturing MPEG-2 4:2:2 50 Mbps capture, a Canon CMOS sensor and direct recording toCompact Flash (CF) cards, the Canon XF105 and XF100 Professional Camcorders are compactand lightweight while providing outstanding versatility and value for a broad cross section ofprofessional users. The ability to handle infrared recording, together with support for stereoscopic3D production, makes them ideal for exploring new creative outlets and emerging markets.Add the capability to deliver superb image performance and integrate seamlessly intoindustry-standard workflows and it’s easy to see why the highly portable and reliable XF105 andXF100 are “go-to” camcorders that deliver outstanding results. Compact, lightweight design for extremeportability and usability File-based recording: MPEG-2 4:2:2 50 Mbpscodec (Canon XF Codec) to Compact Flash (CF)cards (dual slots) Genuine Canon 10x HD Video Lens Canon native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Image Sensor CanonDV III Image Processor SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizationsystem with Dynamic and Powered modes Supports 3D and Infrared shooting Multiple recording bit rates, resolutions andvariable frame rates Industry-standard HD-SDI output andGENLOCK/SMPTE time code terminals(XF105 only) Large 3.5-inch 920,000-dot LCD monitorand EVF Fully customizable image, operation anddisplay adjustments Onboard waveform monitor helps ensureaccurate exposure during capture 2 built-in XLR terminals with independentaudio level control‖1 /3CMOSx2XF105/XF100 Kit ContentsLightweight and ultra-compact, the Canon XA15 and XA11 Professional Camcorders are ideal forsecuring high-resolution HD images even where space and access are limited. Superb low-lightperformance from an advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor helps ensure clear, sharp images withexceptional detail and low noise content. An Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization system helpsreduce image blur in a wide variety of shooting situations. Multiple recording modes, resolutionsand frame rates – including Full HD 1920 x 1080 – provide creative flexibility and adaptability forENG, documentary, corporate, weddings and higher-education video production. The XA15 includesan HD/SD-SDI output terminal for direct streaming or external recording. Genuine Canon 20x High Definition OpticalZoom Lens Advanced HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor withImproved Low-light Performance Full HD 1920 x 1080 Recording Capabilities HD/SD-SDI Output (XA15 only) XF105/XF100 Camcorder with Lens Cap Outstanding Image Reproduction Lens Hood 3.0-inch Touchscreen LCD with TiltableElectronic Viewfinder Battery Pack BP-925 Compact Power Adapter CA-930 DC Cable DC-930 Dual SD Card Slots Wireless Controller WL-D6000 Wide DR Gamma (600%) Shoulder Strap SS-1200 Microphone Holder Unit Canon XF Utilities DiscBROADCAST / VIDEO PRODUCTIONOptical ZoomXLR Component Cable CTC-100/S810x Highlight Priority Mode with ViewAssist Function Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization System‖1 /2.84CMOS20xOptical ZoomXLRx2XA15/XA11 Kit Contents Full Manual Control Ergonomic, Portable Design Two Phantom-powered XLR Audio Inputs withManual Gain Control Ultra-compact with Detachable Handle High Definition Peaking for Focus Assist Assignable Buttons for Custom Shooting Infrared Shooting Mode for ExtremeLow-light Conditions Connectivity to Various Inputs and Outputs Advanced Display Features: Zebra, Color Barsand Test Tone Impressive Slow and Fast Motion, includingInterval Recording from 2x to 1200x XA15/XA11 Camcorder Lens Hood (with Lens Barrier) Battery Pack BP-820 Compact Power Adapter CA-570 Handle Unit HDU-1 Mic Holder9

MULTI-PURPOSE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS VIDEO CAMERAFeaturing the same Super 35mm CMOS image sensor as Canon Cinema EOS cameras, the ME200S-SHMulti-Purpose Camera offers 8.29 Megapixel image resolution, and an extended ISO equivalentof 204,000. The compact, multi-purpose camera body can accommodate a broad spectrum ofapplications, including surveillance, TV and cinema production, nature/wildlife, military and lawenforcement. Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology provides impressively fast phase-differenceautofocus mode, and smooth and consistent autofocus. Continuous AF is also supported, withimproved focus for moving objects. The ME200S-SH Multi-Purpose Camera’s rugged construction isdesigned to withstand harsh environments. The camera can also be controlled from Canon’s optionalRC-V100 remote unit, thereby expanding potential uses in surveillance and related applications.Available video outputs include HDMI and 3G/HD-SDI ports for displays and recorders.MULTI-PURPOSE INTERCHANGEABLE LENS VIDEO CAMERAISO204,000Super35mmCMOS3G /HD-SDIx2EFMountME200S-SH Connectivity 3G/HD-SDI x 2The first Canon camera body to incorporate modular image sensors, main circuit boards and externalinterfaces, the ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera offers a flexible solution for a wide variety ofapplications, ranging from surveillance to documentary production. A 2.2 Megapixel high-sensitivityCMOS sensor with an ISO equivalent of 4,000,000 lets users capture crisp, full-color video even atextremely low light levels. Other uses include TV, cinema, nature and wildlife, astronomy, militaryand law enforcement. Fabricated from lightweight aluminum, the compact, square-shaped bodyweighs just 2.4 pounds (1.1kg) and accepts a wide cross section of Canon EF lenses. For addedflexibility, IR cut and ND filters are included, together with one-shot autofocus, remote manualfocus and iris control. A built-in digital teleconverter offers 2x, 3x and 4x magnification. Outstanding Low-light PerformanceISO4,000,00035mmFull FrameCMOS3G /HD-SDIx2EFMountME20F-SH Connectivity 3G/HD-SDI x 2 Canon Super 35mm CMOS Sensor HDMI Dual Pixel CMOS AF (Autofocus) MXR 8-pin for RS-422 Full HD Video up to 60 fps MXR 8-pin for RS-422 Outstanding Low-light Performance 2.5mm stereo mini jack for Remote Control Professional Connectivity and Remote Control Compatibility 2.5mm stereo mini jack for Remote Control Professional Connectivity and Remote Control Compatibility XLR 4-pin for DC 12V Power Input Compatible with EF-mount Lenses T erminal Block 2-pin Jack for DC 12VPower Input Lens Function Compatibility Full HD Video up to 60 fps Compact, Rugged Box-Style Design GEN LOCK 3.5mm stereo mini jack for Audio Input Compatible with Select EF-mount Lenses Lens Function Compatibility Infrared Shooting Neutral Density Filters Digital Teleconverter (2x, 4x, 8x) One-Shot AF Versatile, Rugged Design Infrared Shooting HDMI GEN LOCK 3.5mm stereo mini jack for Audio Input XLR 4-pin for DC 12V Power Input T erminal Block 2-pin Jack for DC 12VPower Input Neutral Density FiltersME200S-SH Kit Contents ME200S-SH Multi-Purpose Camera 2-pin DC Power Contact Digital Teleconverter (2x, 3x, 4x) One-Shot AF Push Auto IrisME20F-SH Kit Contents ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera 2-pin DC Power Contact Synchronization on on-screen display with REC Start/Stop Auto Slow Shutter function Push Auto Iris12MULTI-PURPOSE CAMERAS13

ACCESSORIESBATTERY PACKSTYPECHARGERS & ADAPTERSITEMITEM CODEBATTERY PACKLP-E6NBATTERY PACKBP-828BATTERY PACKBP-820BATTERY PACKBP-808BATTERY PACKBP-975BATTERY PACKBP-970GBATTERY PACKBP-955BATTERY CHARGERLC-E6BATTERY CHARGERCG-800COMPACT POWER ADAPTERCA-935COMPACT POWER ADAPTERCA-570DC 590B001 XF405/XF400 XF305/XF300XF205/XF200XF105/XF100 XA15/XA11XC15XC10 ME200S-SH/ME20F-SHTYPECHARGERS & ADAPTERSLENSESVIDEO LIGHTS & ACCESSORIESCONTROL UNITSITEMITEM CODEDC COUPLERDC-920WIDE ATTACHMENT LENSWA-U58WIDE ATTACHMENT LENSWA-H58WIDE ATTACHMENT LENSWA-H82WIDE TL-H58VIDEO LIGHTVL-10Li IIHALOGEN BULBJR7.2V10WFREMOTE CONTROLLERRC-V100WIRELESS CONTROLLERWL-D89WIRELESS REMOTECONTROLLER 013573B0011729B0013141A0029660B0017904A0024524B001 XF405/XF400XF305/XF300XF205/XF200 XF105/XF100 XA15/XA11 XC15XC10 EM CODED TERMINAL COMPONENTVIDEO CABLE DTC-1000MINI-HDMI CABLEHTC-100RS422 CABLE 10MRR-10RS422 CABLE 100MRR-100*SOFT CASESC-2000WRIST STRAPWS-20SHOULDER STRAPSS-650SHOULDER STRAPSS-600GPS RECEIVERGP-E2**TRIPOD ADAPTERTA-100TRIPOD ADAPTER 18A0023123A0013122A0016363B0019859A0014592B001 XF405/XF400XF305/XF300 XF205/XF200XF105/XF100XA15/XA11 XC15XC10ME200S-SH/ME20F-SH * Image shown does not represent actual item.** In certain countries and regions, the use of GPS may be restricted. Therefore, be sure to use GPS in accordance with the laws and regulations of your country or region. Be particularly careful when traveling outsideyour home country. As a signal is received from GPS satellites, take sufficient measures when using in locations where the use of electronics is regulated.1415

SPECIFICATIONSXF405Signal SystemSensor SizeTotal TSC (PAL Upgradeable)NTSC (PAL Upgradeable)NTSC (PAL Upgradeable)NTSC (PAL Upgradeable)NTSC1.0-inch CMOS1/3.0-inch 3CMOS1/2.84-inch CMOS1/3.0-inch CMOS1/2.84-inch CMOS13.4M, 4268 x 31482.37M, 2044 x 11603.09M, 2208 x 13982.37M, 2044 x 11603.09M, 2208 x 13988.29M pixels (3840 x 2160)2.07M pixels (1920 x 1080)2.91M pixels (2136 x 1362)2.07M pixels (1920 x 1080)2.91M pixels (2136 x 1362)15x Optical Zoom, 8.3–124.5mm f/2.8–4.518x Optical Zoom, 4.1–73.8mm f/1.6–2.820x Optical Zoom, 3.67–73.4mm f/1.8–2.810x Optical Zoom, 4.25–42.5mm f/1.8–2.820x Optical Zoom, 3.67–73.4mm m without Dynamic IS, 28.8–576mm with Dynamic IS30.4–304mm26.8–576mm without Dynamic IS, 28.8–576mm with Dynamic ISDigital Zoom/Digital Teleconverter300x6.0x, 3.0x, 1.5x120x1.5x, 3.0x, 6.0x400xLens Filter Diameter58mm82mm58mm58mm58mmEffective PixelsLensLens (35mm equivalent)ND Filter1/4, 1/16, 1/641/4, 1/16, 1/64Gradation ND (up to 1/8)Gradation ND (up to 1/8)Gradation ND (up to 1/8)SuperRange Optical Image StabilizerSuperRange Optical Image StabilizerSuperRange Optical Image StabilizerSuperRange Optical Image StabilizerSuperRange Optical Image StabilizerFocus MethodDual Pixel CMOS AFTTL-video signal detection system and external phase difference metering systemTTL-video signal detection system and external phasedifference metering systemTTL-video signal detection system and external phasedifference metering systemHybrid AF(TTL-video signal detection system and external phasedifference metering system)Focus ControlContinuous AF, AF-boosted MF, ManualInstant AF, Normal AF, Face AF, ManualInstant AF, Medium AF, Normal AF, Face AF, Face-only, ManualInstant AF, Medium AF, Normal AF, Face AF, Face-only, ManualInstant AF, Medium AF, Normal AF, ManualFace Detection for AFYesYesYesYesYesMinimum Illumination1.7 lux (60p, 1/30)4.5 lux (60i, 1/60, 21dB)2.9 lux (60i, 1/60, 27dB)4.5 lux (60i, 1/60, 24dB)1.2 lux (1/30)Shutter Speed (movie)1/2 – 1/20001/3 – 1/2000 (1/3 is possible at 24p in Slow Motion)1/3 – 1/2000 (1/3 is possible at 24p in Slow Motion)1/3 – 1/2000 (1/3 is possible at 24p in Slow Motion)1/8 – 1/2000Image StabilizationWhite BalanceAuto/Set (A/B)/Preset (2)/KelvinAuto/Set (A/B)/Preset (2)/KelvinAuto/Set (A/B)/Preset (2)/KelvinAuto/Set (A/B)/Preset (2)/KelvinAuto/Set (A/B)/Preset (6)/KelvinGain (range)0 – 39dB without wide DR, 9 – 39 dB with wide DR-6 – 33dB-6 – 33dB-6 – 33dB0 – 24dB without wide DR, 6 – 24dB with wide DRRing Controls2 rings (Zoom, Focus)3 rings (Zoom, Iris, Focus)3 rings (Zoom, Iris, Focus)1 ring (assignable)1 ring (Focus only)YesNoYesYesYesInfrared ShootingLCDViewfinderRecording FormatVideo CodecBit Depth/Color SamplingFrame RatesBit RateStill Resolutions (maximum)Audio Codec3.5-inch Touchscreen, 1.56M dots4.0-inch, 1.23M dots3.5-inch, 1.23M dots3.5-inch, 0.92M dots3.0-inch Touchscreen, 0.46M dots0.24-inch, 1.56M dots0.52-inch, 1.56M dots0.45-inch, 1.23M dots0.24-inch, 0.26M dots0.24-inch, 1.56M dotsMP4MXFMXF/MP4MXFAVCHD/MP4MPEG-4 AVC/H.264MPEG2MPEG2MPEG28-bit 4:2:2/4:2:08-bit 4:2:2/4:2:08-bit 4:2:2/4:2:08-bit 4:2:2/4:2:0-3840x2160: 60p/30p/24p,1920x1080: 60p/30p/24p,1280x720: 60p/30p1920x1080: 60i/30p/24p,1440x1080: 60i/30p/24p,1280x720: 60p/30p/24p1920x1080: 60i/30p/24p,1440x1080: 60i/30p/24p,1280x720: 60p/30p/24pAVCHD: 1920x1080: 60p/60i/30p/24p, 1440x1080: 60i/30p/24pMP4: 1920x1080: 60p/30p/24p,1280x720: 60p/30p/24p, 640x360: 30p/24p150M, 35M, 17M, 8M, 4M50M, 35M, 25M50M, 35M, 25MAVCHD: 28M, 24M, 17M, 5M/MP4: 35M, 24M, 17M, 8M, 4M, 3MMXF: 1920x1080: 60i/30p/24p,1440x1080: 60i/30p/24p, 1280x720: 60p/30p/24pMP4 (Dual Recording): 1920x1080: 60p/30p/24p, 1280x720: 60p/30p/24pMXF: 50M, 35M, 25M/MP4: 35M, 24M, 17M, 9M, 3MMPEG-4 AVC/H.2643840 x 21601920 x 10801920 x 10801920 x 10801920 x 108048 kHz 16-bit, 4ch LPCM / 2ch MPEG-4 AAC-LC48kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCM48kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCM48kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCM48kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCM/MPEG-2 AAC (MP4)SD card (2 slots)CF card (2 slots), SD card (1 slot)CF card (2 slots), SD card (1 slot)CF card (2 slots), SD card (1 slot)SD card (2 slots)SD/SDHC/SDXC cards (MP4)CF card (MXF)CF card (MXF), SD card (MP4)CF card (MXF)SD/SDHC/SDXC cards (AVCHD/MP4)Card SlotRecording Media (movie)Recording Media (photo & settings)Recording TimeBattery Life (approx.)SD cardSD cardSD cardSD cardSD @BP-820Ethernet Connector/Wi-Fi Yes/YesNo/NoYes/YesNo/NoNo/NoAssign Buttons5 buttons13 buttons13 buttons10 buttons5 buttonsAudio INXLR x 2XLR x 2XLR x 2XLR x 2XLR x 2Stereo Mini Jack (3.5mm)Yes-Yes-YesHeadphoneYesGenlock IN-TimeCode IN/OUTSDI OUT3G-SDI x 1Remote TerminalHDMI OUTDimensions (W x H x D inch)with Lens HoodWeight (body only)Power Consumption (approx.)Yes-YesYes-YesHD/SD-SDI x 1YesYes--Yes--3G/HD-SDI x 1-Yes-1 BNC(Genlock/Timecode)--HD/SD-SDI x 1-HD/SD-SDI x 1-2.5mm stereo mini jack (RC-V100)2.5mm stereo mini jack (LANC, RC-V100)2.5mm stereo mini jack (LANC, RC-V100)2.5mm stereo mini jack (LANC, RC-V100)2.5mm stereo mini jack (LANC)Yes (Mini HDMI)Yes (Type A)Yes (Type A)Yes (Type A)Yes (Mini HDMI)5.9 x 8.5 x 10.57.1 x 9.3 x 15.66.3 x 7.9 x 13.95.5 x 7.5 x 10.65.2 x 7.1 x 9.12.5 lbs.9.0W8.8W5.9 lbs.5.8 lbs.3.4 lbs.3.3 lbs.2.4 lbs.2.2 lbs.1.7 lbs.1.6 lbs.9.8W8.1W8.4W8.2W6.8W5.3W5.1W5.0WWeight and dimensions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.1617

XC15XC10Signal SystemSensor SizeEffective PixelsME20F-SHNTSC/PAL (selectable by menu)1.0-inch CMOSTotal PixelsSuper 35mm CMOS35mm Full Frame CMOS13.36M, 4224 x 31649.84M, 4206 x 23402.59M, 2160 x 12008.29M pixels (3840 x 2160)8.29M pixels (3840 x 2160)2.26M pixels (2000 x 1128)10x Optical Zoom8.9–89mmLensLens (35mm equivalent)InterchangableSelect EF, EF-S & Cinema (EF-mount) Lenses27.3–273mmDigital Zoom/Digital Teleconverter-2.0xLens Filter DiameterND FilterImage StabilizationME200S-SHNTSC8.0x, 4.0x, 2.0x4.0x, 3.0x, 2.0x58mm-1/81/8, 1/64SuperRange Optical Image Stabilizer-Focus MethodTTL-video signal sensing systemDual Pixel CMOS AFTTL (Contrast AF)Focus ControlFace Detection & Tracking AF (Touch Focus), AiAF (in photo mode),PUSH AF, ManualOne-Shot AF, Continuous AF,Remote Control, ManualOne-Shot AF, Remote Control,ManualFace Detection for AFYesMinimum Illumination6.4 lux (1/60)Shutter Speed (movie)1/2 – 1/2000White BalanceNo0.021 lux (f/1.2, 1/30, 56dB)0.0005 lux (f/1.2, 1/30, 75dB)1/3 – 1/2000 (1/3 is possible at 24p)Auto/Set (A/B)/Preset (6)/KelvinAuto/Set (A/B)/Preset (2)/KelvinGain (range)0 – 42dBRing Controls2 rings (Zoom, Focus)-NoYes3.0-inch Touchscreen, 1.03M dots---Infrared ShootingLCDViewfinderRecording FormatVideo CodecBit Depth/Color SamplingFrame RatesBit RateXF-AVC (MXF)XF-AVC (MXF)/MP48-bit 4:2:28-bit 4:2:2 (MXF)/4:2:0 (MP4)-MXF: 3840x2160: 30p/24p,1920x1080: 60p/60i/30p/24p, 1280x720: 120pMP4: 1920x1080: 60p/30p/24p1920x1280: 60p/60i/30p/24p/50p/50i/25p1280x720: 60p/30p/34p/50p/25pEthernet Connector/Wi-Fi Assign ButtonsAudio [email protected]/[email protected] is another important cornerstone of Canon’s commitment to professional videographers andcinematographers. Whether working online, at a production lot or as part of a remote shoot, we are hereto provide you with essential resources to remain current and keep your creative passion alive.micro SD (for firmware update only)CFast card (4K UHD, MXF),SD card (HD, MXF/MP4)SD cardRecording TimeBattery Life (approx.)Superb Educational Resources48kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCMCFast card (1 slot), SD card (1 slot)Recording Media (photo & settings)Canon Digital Learning [email protected] Canon Digital Learning Center, our web-based education and information portal, presents a depthof available information in a friendly and compelling format. Its comprehensive online resources includetutorials, interviews, QuickGuides and in-depth informational articles. Featuring a tablet-friendly layout,it provides encyclopedic content that’s accessible 24/7 via the internet, almost anywhere in the world.The “Anytime, Anywhere” resource for professional image-makers, it lets you hit the job running with theconfidence and know-how to make the most of your Canon equipment.-No/YesNo/No3 buttons3 buttonsXLR x 2*--Stereo Mini Jack (3.5mm)YesYesHeadphoneYes-Genlock IN-YesTimeCode IN/OUT--SDI OUT-3G/HD-SDI x 2Remote Terminal-2.5mm stereo mini jack (LANC, RC-V100), 8pin RS-422 (RC-V100)Yes (Mini HDMI)Yes (Type A)HDMI OUTDimensions (W x H x D inch)with Lens HoodWeight (body only)Power Consumption (approx.)Canon Professional Services (CPS) offers significant benefits in a range of membership levels for professionalimage-makers who work with Canon equipment. These include 24/7 exclusive member phone support,expedited and discounted service and repairs, service loaners, equipment evaluation loans, equipmentcleaning services, onsite support at shows and events, plus discounts on Canon Live Learning workshopsand more. CPS offers a streamlined access point by telephone, in person or via email, provides outstandingservice and support critical for the working professional.-48kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCM/AAC LC (MP4)CFast card (4K UHD),SD card (HD)Canon Burbank was established to bring our world-class service directly to motion picture studios, thetelevision industry, plus independent producers and videographers. Located in Burbank, CA, our facility isstaffed with expert technicians fully prepared to take care of your professional products. From adjustingcameras and lenses to repairing cinema and still-photography equipment, they strive to meet the needs ofprofessionals like yourself who work with tight and often inflexible deadlines. With our industry-leadingturnaround times and substantial service-parts inventories, we aim to get you back in action fast. Whenworking on location, you can count on Canon’s nationwide service centers for factory-quality repairs and 24/7Call Center support. This is just part of our two-way relationship with you, the end user. Canon not onlyascertains that all of your equipment is functioning perfectly when delivered, but also uses your valuablefeedback and suggestions to help develop new and even better products.Find out more at: x 300048kHz 16-bit 2ch LPCMDedicated Service for ProfessionalsCanon Professional Services-305M, 205M @4K UHD/50M, [email protected] picture and video production is not just an artistic endeavor, but also a business, with targeted budgets, profit requirements andinevitable deadlines. Professionals want to know they are dealing with professionals; while dealing with Canon, you can count on a provencreative partner. Our service is world-class, with Canon support programs specially customized to meet your needs. And, to help ensurethat you remain current with new technologies and techniques, our educational commitment spans the range of live and online resources.You can learn more at: 3840x2160: 30p/24p,1920x1080: 60p/60i/30p/24p,1280x720: 120pCard SlotRecording Media (movie)0 – 75dBNo recording functionMPEG-4 AVC/H.264 [email protected] UHD, [email protected] Resolutions (maximum)Audio Codec0 – 56dBOUR CONTINUING COMMITMENT TOSERVICE, SUPPORT AND EDUCATION5.2 x 8.7 x 9.45.2 x 4.5 x 9.4Learn more at: Live Learning4.0 x 4.6 x 4.4Canon Live Learning (CLL) seminars and workshops are conducted nationwide with classes taught byindustry experts and Canon’s renowned and experienced Explorers of Light. Covering still and cinematictopics from techniques through equipment selection to in-depth system configuration, CLL events offerprofessionals and enthusiasts alike the opportunity to sharpen their skills in immersive hands-on settings.Schedules are available at: lbs.2.2 lbs.2.4 lbs.6.2W11W12W* With bundled Microphone Adapter MA-400.Weight and dimensions are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.1819

4K UHD 3840 x 2160 H.264 LongGOP, YCC4:2:0 8-bit (59.94P/29.97P/23.98P) 150 Mbps LongGOP 4K UHD 1.0" CMOS CAMCORDER 15x 1.0‖ CMOS UHD Large 1.0-inch CMOS Sensor and Dual DV 6 for High Image Quality The XF405 and XF400 feature an on-board 1.0-inch CMOS sensor, which is approximately