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Important Safety InstructionsENGLISHSMA Solar Technology America LLCImportant Safety InstructionsSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSThis manual contains important instructions for the following products: SB 5.0-1SP-US-40 (Sunny Boy 5.0) SB 6.0-1SP-US-40 (Sunny Boy 6.0)This manual must be followed during installation and maintenance.The product is designed and tested in accordance with international safety requirements, but aswith all electrical and electronic equipment, certain precautions must be observed when installingand/or operating the product. To reduce the risk of personal injury and to ensure the safeinstallation and operation of the product, you must carefully read and follow all instructions,cautions and warnings in this manual.Warnings in this DocumentA warning describes a hazard to equipment or personnel. It calls attention to a procedure orpractice, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to, could result in damage to or destructionof part or all of the SMA equipment and/or other equipment connected to the SMA equipment orpersonal injury.SymbolDescriptionDANGER indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, willresult in death or serious injury.WARNING indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,could result in death or serious injury.CAUTION indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided,could result in minor or moderate injury.NOTICE is used to address practices not related to personal injury.Warnings on this ProductThe following symbols are used as product markings with the following meanings.Warning regarding dangerous voltageThe product works with high voltages. All work on the product must only be performed as described in the documentation of the product.Beware of hot surfaceThe product can become hot during operation. Do not touch the product duringoperation.Observe the operating instructionsRead the documentation of the product before working on it. Follow all safetyprecautions and instructions as described in the documentation.Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-103

General WarningsSMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISHGeneral WarningsAll electrical installations must be carried out in accordance with the local electrical standardsand the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70 or the Canadian Electrical Code CSAC22.1. This document does not replace and is not intended to replace any local, state,provincial, federal or national laws, regulations or codes applicable to the installation and use ofthe product, including without limitation applicable electrical safety codes. All installations mustconform with the laws, regulations, codes and standards applicable in the jurisdiction ofinstallation. SMA assumes no responsibility for the compliance or non-compliance with such lawsor codes in connection with the installation of the product.The product contains no user-serviceable parts.Before installing or using the product, read all of the instructions, cautions, and warnings in thismanual.Before connecting the product to the electrical utility grid, contact the local utility company. Thisconnection must be made only by qualified personnel.Wiring of the product must be made by qualified personnel only.4SB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-10Installation manual

Table of ContentsTable of Contents12Information on this Document . .Target group.Symbols .Additional Information ended Use . 9Safety Information. 103Scope of Delivery. 124Product Description. . 195.15.26Sunny Boy. 13Interfaces and Functions . 15LED Signals . 17Requirements for Mounting . 19Mounting the Inverter. 22Electrical Connection. 256.16.2Safety during Electrical Connection. 25Overview of the Connection Area . Connection. for the AC Connection . 28Connecting the Inverter to the Utility Grid . 29DC Connection. 316. from Below. 26Interior View. 27Requirements for the DC Connection . 31Connecting the PV Array. 33Connecting the Multifunction Relay . 36Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-105ENGLISHSMA Solar Technology America LLC

Table of ContentsENGLISH6. Solar Technology America LLCProcedure for connecting the multifunction relay .Operating Modes of the Multifunction Relay.Connection Options .Connection to the Multifunction Relay .36363640Connecting the Switch and Outlet for Secure Power SupplyOperation . 42Connecting the Network Cables. 45Commissioning. 477.17.27.3Commissioning Procedure . 47Commissioning the Inverter. 47Establishing a connection to the user interface . 497. a direct connection via WLAN . 49Establishing a Direct Connection via Ethernet . 50Establishing a Connection via Ethernet in the local network . 51Logging Into the User Interface . 52Configuring the Inverter . 538Disconnecting the Inverter from Voltage Sources. 579Decommissioning the Inverter . 5910 Technical Data. 6111 Compliance Information. 6612 Contact. 676SB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-10Installation manual

1 Information on this DocumentENGLISHSMA Solar Technology America LLC1 Information on this Document1.1ValidityThis document is valid for the following device types: SB 5.0-1SP-US-40 (Sunny Boy 5.0) SB 6.0-1SP-US-40 (Sunny Boy 6.0)1.2Target groupThe tasks described in this document must only be performed by qualified persons. Qualifiedpersons must have the following skills: Knowledge of how an inverter works and is operated Training in how to deal with the dangers and risks associated with installing and usingelectrical devices and installations Training in the installation and commissioning of electrical devices and installations Knowledge of the applicable standards and directives Knowledge of and compliance with this document and all safety information1.3SymbolsSymbolExplanationInformation that is important for a specific topic or goal, but is notsafety-relevantIndicates a requirement for meeting a specific goalDesired resultA problem that might occur1.4Additional InformationLinks to additional information can be found at titleDocument typeOperation, configuration and troubleshootingUser Manual"Application for SMA Grid Guard Code"Certificate"Webconnect Systems in Sunny Portal"Registration in Sunny PortalUser Manual"SMA Modbus Interface"Technical DescriptionInformation on the commissioning and configuration of the ModbusinterfaceInstallation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-107

1 Information on this DocumentSMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISHDocument titleDocument type"SunSpec Modbus Interface"Technical DescriptionInformation on the commissioning and configuration of the Modbusinterface"SMA Modbus Interface"Information about the device-specific Modbus registersTechnical Information"SunSpec Modbus Interface"Information about the device-specific Modbus registersTechnical Information1.5NomenclatureComplete designationDesignation in this documentSunny BoyInverter, productSMA Solar Technology America LLCSMASMA Solar Technology Canada Inc.1.6TypographiesTypographyUseExamplebold Connects several elements to beselected Select Settings Date.[Button][Key] Button or key to be selected orpressed Select [Next].8Display textsElements on a user interfaceTerminalsElements to be selectedElements to be enteredSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-10 The value can be found inthe field Energy. Select Settings. Enter 10 in the fieldMinutes.Installation manual

2 SafetyENGLISHSMA Solar Technology America LLC2 Safety2.1Intended UseThe Sunny Boy is a transformerless PV inverter with three MPP trackers, which converts the directcurrent of the PV array into grid-compliant alternating current and feeds it into the utility grid.The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.All components must remain within their permitted operating ranges at all times.The product must only be operated with PV arrays (PV modules and cabling) that are approved bythe electrical standards applicable on-site and the National Electrical Code ANSI/NFPA 70 orthe Canadian Electrical Code CSA C22.1.No galvanic isolationThe product is not equipped with a transformer and therefore has no galvanic isolation. Do not operate grounded PV modules together with the product. If grounded PVmodules are connected to the product, an event will occur which will appear on theproduct display. The event will also be displayed, along with the associated message, inthe event list on the user interface of the product. Only ground the mounting frames of the PV modules. The neutral conductor of the AC output is not bonded to ground within the product. The neutral conductor of the AC output for secure power supply operation is bonded toground within the product.PV modules with a high capacity to ground may only be used if their coupling capacity does notexceed 2.5 μF.To protect the PV system against excessive reverse currents under fault conditions, the NationalElectrical Code , Section 690.9, requires overcurrent protection for PV source circuits wherepossible short-circuit currents exceed the ampacity of source circuit conductors or the maximumseries fuse rating of the PV modules. Typically, this requires string fusing where more than twostrings are combined in parallel. Where overcurrent protection is required, National ElectricalCode , Section 690.35, requires that both positive and negative conductors have overcurrentprotection for ungrounded PV arrays.The product must only be used in countries for which it is approved or released by SMA and thegrid operator.Use this product only in accordance with the information provided in the enclosed documentationand with the locally applicable standards and directives. Any other application may causepersonal injury or property damage.Alterations to the product, e.g. changes or modifications, are only permitted with the express writtenpermission of SMA. Unauthorized alterations will void guarantee and warranty claims and in mostcases terminate the operating license. SMA shall not be held liable for any damage caused bysuch changes.Any use of the product other than that described in the Intended Use section does not qualify asappropriate.The enclosed documentation is an integral part of this product. Keep the documentation in aconvenient place for future reference and observe all instructions contained therein.Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-109

2 SafetySMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISHThe type label must remain permanently attached to the product.2.2Safety InformationThis section contains safety information that must be observed at all times when working on or withthe product.To prevent personal injury and property damage and to ensure long-term operation of the product,read this section carefully and observe all safety information at all times.Danger to life due to high voltages of the PV arrayWhen exposed to sunlight, the PV array generates dangerous DC voltage which is present in theDC conductors and the live components of the inverter. Touching the DC conductors or the livecomponents can lead to lethal electric shocks. If you unplug the terminal plate plate with theconnected DC conductors from DC-in slot under load, an electric arc may occur, which cancause an electric shock and burns. Do not touch non-insulated conductors. Do not touch the DC conductors. Do not touch any live components of the inverter. Have the inverter mounted, installed and commissioned only by qualified persons with theappropriate skills. If an error occurs, have it rectified by qualified persons only. Prior to performing any work on the inverter, disconnect it from all voltage sources asdescribed in this document (see Section 8, page 57).Danger to life due to electric shock in case of a ground faultIf a ground fault occurs, parts of the system may still be live. Touching live components can leadto lethal electric shocks. Ensure that no voltage is present and wait five minutes before touching any parts of the PVsystem or the inverter.Risk of burns from hot surfacesThe surface of the inverter can get very hot. Touching the surface can result in burns. Mount the inverter in such a way that it cannot be touched inadvertently. Do not touch hot surfaces. Wait 30 minutes for the surface to cool sufficiently. Observe the safety messages on the n manual

ENGLISH2 SafetySMA Solar Technology America LLCDamage to the inverter due to moisture and dust intrusionDust or moisture intrusion can damage the inverter and impair its functionality. Close all enclosure openings of the inverter tightly. Never open the inverter when it is raining or snowing, or the humidity is over 95%.Damage to the display or the type label due to the use of cleaning agents If the inverter is dirty, clean the enclosure, the enclosure lid of the Connection Unit, theenclosure lid of the Power Unit, the type label, the display and the LEDs with a damp clothand clear water only.Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-1011

3 Scope of DeliverySMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISH3 Scope of genus:L1 N L2L N:: r naTyp n umme betriebe nSeri m der IDatu hrift: etriebc b:Ans lationsa : hmeInst Typ: ummer triebnaen nbeSeri m der IDatu hrift: etriebc bAns lationsaInstalder): n Feätes ndeGer olgedes die fme(Na fülen SieBitte : hme:A B C A B C TOPSUNNY BOYHIKLMNFigure 1 : Components included in the scope of deliveryPositionQuantity DesignationA1InverterB1Wall mounting bracketC1Cylindrical screw M5 x 60D1Installation manual, production test report, supplementary sheet with thedefault settingsE1Connecting terminal plate for the DC connectionF1Connecting terminal plate for the AC connectionG1Connecting terminal plate for the secure power supply outlet connectionH1Plug for the multifunction relay connectionI1Plug for the switch connection for secure power supply operationK5Clamping bracketL5Cylindrical screw M5 x 16M5Washer M5N5Spring lock washer M512SB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-10Installation manual

4 Product DescriptionENGLISHSMA Solar Technology America LLC4 Product Description4.1Sunny BoyThe Sunny Boy is a transformerless PV inverter with three MPP trackers, which converts the directcurrent of the PV array into grid-compliant alternating current and feeds it into the utility grid.Figure 2 : Design of the Sunny BoyPositionDesignationAPower UnitBEnclosure lid of the Power UnitCEnclosure lid for the Connection UnitDConnection UnitEDC load-break switchThe inverter is equipped with a DC load-break switch. If the DC load-break switch isset to the position I, it establishes a conductive connection between the PV arrayand the Power Unit. Switching the DC load-break switch to the O position will interrupt the DC electric circuit.Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-1013

4 Product DescriptionSMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISHPositionDesignationFInverter type labelThe type label uniquely identifies the inverter. You will require the information onthe type label to use the product safely and when seeking customer support fromthe SMA Service Line. The type label must remain permanently attached to theproduct. You will find the following information on the type label: Device type (Model) Serial number (Serial No.) Date of manufacture Device-specific characteristicsGType label of the Connection UnitThe type label clearly identifies the Connection Unit. The type label must remainpermanently attached to the product. You will find the following information on thetype label: Identification key (PIC) for registration in Sunny Portal Registration ID (RID) for registration in Sunny Portal WLAN password (WPA2-PSK) for the direct connection to the user interfaceof the inverter via WLANHDisplayThe display shows the current operating data and events or errors.ILEDsThe LEDs indicate the operating state of the inverter.Symbols on the Inverter and on the Type LabelSymbolExplanationInverterTogether with the green LED, this symbol indicates the operating state of the inverter.Observe the documentationTogether with the red LED, this symbol indicates an error.Data transmissionTogether with the blue LED, this symbol indicates the status of the network connection.Equipment Grounding TerminalThis symbol indicates the position for the connection of an equipment grounding on manual

SymbolENGLISH4 Product DescriptionSMA Solar Technology America LLCExplanationWarning label with FCC Compliance and IC ComplianceRisk of burns due to hot surfaces.The product can get hot during operation. Avoid contact during operation.Prior to performing any work on the product, allow the product to cool downsufficiently.Danger to life due to electric shockThe product operates at high voltages. Prior to performing any work on theproduct, disconnect the product from voltage sources. All work on the productmust be carried out by electrically qualified persons only.Observe the documentationObserve all documentation supplied with the product.UL1741 is the standard applied by Underwriters Laboratories to the productto certify that it meets the requirements of the National Electrical Code , theCanadian Electrical Code CSA C22.1; the IEEE‑929‑2000 and IEEE 1547.4.2Interfaces and FunctionsUser interface for the monitoring and configuration of the inverterThe inverter is standard-equipped with an integrated web server, which provides a user interface forconfiguring and monitoring the inverter. The inverter user interface can be called up via the webbrowser if there is an existing WLAN or Ethernet connection to a computer, tablet PC orsmartphone.Speedwire/WebconnectThe inverter is equipped with SMA Speedwire/Webconnect as standard. SMA Speedwire/Webconnect is a type of communication based on the Ethernet standard. This enables inverteroptimized 10/100 Mbit data transmission between Speedwire devices in PV systems. TheWebconnect function enables direct data transmission between the inverters of a small-scale plantand the Sunny Portal web-based monitoring platform without an additional SMA communicationdevice and for a maximum of 4 inverters per Sunny Portal system. In large-scale PV power plantswith more than 4 inverters, there is the option of establishing data transmission between theinverters and the Sunny Portal web-based monitoring platform via the SMA Cluster Controller or todistribute the inverters over several plants in the Sunny Portal. If there is an existing WLAN orEthernet connection, you can directly access your Sunny Portal system via the web browser on thecomputer, tablet PC or smartphone.Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-1015

4 Product DescriptionSMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISHClass 1 wiring methods are to be used for field wiring connection to the terminals of thecommunication interface.WLANThe inverter is equipped with a WLAN interface as standard. The inverter is delivered with theWLAN interface activated as standard. If you do not want to use WLAN, you can deactivate theWLAN interface.In addition, the inverter has a WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) function. The WPS function is forautomatically connecting the inverter to a device in the same network as the inverter (e.g. router,computer, tablet PC or smartphone).Expanding the radio range in the WLAN networkIn order to expand the radio range of the inverter in the WLAN network, you can install theAntenna Extension Kit accessory set in the inverter.ModbusThe inverter is equipped with a Modbus interface. The Modbus interface is deactivated by defaultand must be configured as needed.The Modbus interface of the supported SMA devices is designed for industrial use and has thefollowing tasks: Remote query of measured values Remote setting of operating parameters Setpoint specifications for system control4-String-OperationThe "4-String-Operation" function allows the DC inputs A and B of the inverter to operate in paralleland up to three strings to be connected to it in parallel. As a result, as opposed to normaloperation, up to four strings can be connected to the inverter. The inverter automatically detectswhether the DC inputs A and B are operated in parallel.Module slotsThe inverter is standard-equipped with two module slots. The module slots are located on thecommunication assembly and allow additional modules to be connected (e.g. SMA SensorModule). The modules are available as accessories. The installation of two identical modules is notpermissible.Secure power supply operationYou can connect an external outlet and a switch to the inverter in order to activate the outlet. Incase of a grid failure, the outlet supplies a load with current from the PV system. When the outlet isactivated via the switch, the load is supplied with current from the PV system. The inverterautomatically regulates the energy supply of the outlet depending on the solar irradiation on the PVsystem. When the outlet is activated and a load is supplied with current from the PV system, theinverter is disconnected from the utility grid and does not feed into the utility grid.16SB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-10Installation manual

4 Product DescriptionDo not connect loads that require a stable electricity supply to the outlet for securepower supply operationSecure power supply operation must not be used for loads that require a stable electricitysupply. The power available during secure power supply operation depends on the solarirradiation on the PV system. Therefore, power output can fluctuate considerably dependingon the weather or may not be available at all. Do not connect loads to the outlet for secure power supply operation if they aredependent on a stable electricity supply for reliable operation.Multifunction relayThe inverter is equipped with a multifunction relay as standard. The multifunction relay is amultifunctional interface that can be configured for the operating mode used by a particular system.Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)In accordance with the National Electrical Code , Article 690.11, the inverter has a system for arcfault detection and interruption.An electric arc with a power of 300 W or greater must be interrupted by the AFCI in the timespecified by UL 1699B. A detected electric arc causes the inverter to interrupt feed-in operation: Inorder to restart feed-in operation, the feed-in operation must be activated manually. If theinstallation conditions allow it, you can deactivate the arc-fault circuit interrupter.4.3LED SignalsThe LEDs indicate the operating state of the inverter.Installation manualSB5.0-6.0-1SP-US-40-IA-xx-1017ENGLISHSMA Solar Technology America LLC

4 Product DescriptionSMA Solar Technology America LLCENGLISHLEDStatusExplanationGreen LEDflashing: 2 s on2 s offWaiting for connection conditionsThe conditions for feed-in operation are not yet met. Assoon as the conditions are met, the inverter will start feedin operation.flashing: 1.5 s on Secure power supply operation0.5 s offThe secure power supply operation is activated and the inverter supplies the outlet with current from the PV system.flashing quicklyUpdate of central processing unitThe central processing unit of the inverter is being updated.glowingFeed-in operation(Power: 90%, relative to the active power limit set)The inverter feeds in with a power of at least 90%.pulsingFeed-in operation(Power: 20% to max. 90%, relative to the set activepower limit)The inverter is equipped with a dynamic power display viathe green LED. The green LED pulses faster or slower, depending on the power. If necessary, you can switch off thedynamic power display via the green LED.Red LEDglowingEvent occurredIn addition to the glowing red LED, the display indicatesthe following information about the event: Event type Event number Date and time at wich the event occurredBlue LEDflashes

SB 5.0-1SP-US-40 (Sunny Boy 5.0) SB 6.0-1SP-US-40 (Sunny Boy 6.0) This manual must be followed during installation and maintenance. The product is designed and tested in