Operating manualSUNNY BOY 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0ENGLISHSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14 Version 1.4

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SMA Solar Technology AGTable of ContentsTable of Contents12Information on this Document. .Target Group.Content and Structure of this Document .Levels of Warning Messages .Symbols in the Document .Typographical Elements in the Document .Designations in the Document .Safety .92.12.299Intended Use .IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.3Scope of Delivery . 144Product Overview . 255.15.26Product Description .Symbols on the Product .Interfaces and Functions .LED Signals .System Overview .4.5.1Circuitry Overview.4.5.2Communication Overview .Requirements for Mounting . 25Mounting the Inverter. 27Electrical Connection . of the Connection Area .AC Connection.6.2.1Requirements for the AC Connection .6.2.2Connecting the Inverter to the Utility Grid .6.2.3Connecting Additional Grounding .Connecting the Network Cables.Connecting RS485 Devices.Mounting the WLAN Antenna .DC Connection.6.6.1Requirements for the DC Connection .6.6.2Assembling the DC Connectors .Operating manualSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-1429292931323335363636383

Table of Contents6. Procedure .Commissioning the Inverter.Selecting a configuration option .Starting the Self-Test (for Italy and Dubai).44454648Operation . . the PV Array. 40Disassembling the DC Connectors . 42Commissioning . 447. Solar Technology AGEstablishing a connection to the user interface .8.1.1Establishing a Direct Connection via Ethernet .8.1.2Establishing a direct connection via WLAN .8.1.3Establishing a Connection via Ethernet in the local network .8.1.4Establishing a Connection via WLAN in the Local Network .Logging In and Out of the User Interface.Start Page Design of the User Interface.Activating the Smart Inverter Screen.Starting the Installation Assistant .Activate WPS Function.Switching WLAN On and Off.Switching the Dynamic Power Display Off.Changing the Password.Changing Operating Parameters.Configuring the Country Data Set.Configuring the Active Power Mode .Configuring the Modbus Function.Activating the Receipt of Control Signals (Only for Italy).Deactivating Grounding Conductor Monitoring.Setting SMA ShadeFix.Setting the Rated Residual Current of the Residual-Current Device .Saving the Configuration in a File.Adopting a Configuration from a File.Updating the Firmware isconnecting the Inverter from Voltage Sources . 6910 Cleaning the Inverter . 7211 Troubleshooting. 7311.111.24Forgotten Password. 73Event Messages . 74SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

SMA Solar Technology AG11.311.4Table of ContentsChecking the PV System for Ground Faults. 91Problems with streaming services . 9512 Decommissioning the Inverter. 9613 Technical Data . 9913.113.213.313.413.513.613.7DC/AC . 9913.1.1Sunny Boy 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.0. 9913.1.2Sunny Boy 5.0 / 6.0. 101General Data . 103Climatic Conditions . 104Protective Devices . 104Equipment . 105Torques . 105Data Storage Capacity. 10514 Contact .10615 EU Declaration of Conformity .107Operating manualSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-145

1 Information on this Document11.1SMA Solar Technology AGInformation on this DocumentValidityThis document is valid for: SB3.0-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 3.0) from firmware version 3.00.00.R SB3.6-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 3.6) from firmware version 3.00.00.R SB4.0-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 4.0) from firmware version 3.00.00.R SB5.0-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 5.0) from firmware version 3.00.00.R SB6.0-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 6.0) from firmware version 3.00.00.R1.2Target GroupThis document is intended for qualified persons and end users. Only qualified persons are allowedto perform the activities marked in this document with a warning symbol and the caption"Qualified person". Tasks that do not require any particular qualification are not marked and canalso be performed by end users. Qualified persons must have the following skills: Knowledge of how an inverter works and is operated Training in how to deal with the dangers and risks associated with installing, repairing andusing electrical devices and installations Training in the installation and commissioning of electrical devices and installations Knowledge of all applicable laws, standards and directives Knowledge of and compliance with this document and all safety information1.3Content and Structure of this DocumentThis document describes the mounting, installation, commissioning, configuration, operation,troubleshooting and decommissioning of the product as well as the operation of the product userinterface.You will find the latest version of this document and further information on the product in PDF formatand as eManual at You can also call up the eManual via the user interfaceof the product.Illustrations in this document are reduced to the essential information and may deviate from the realproduct.1.4Levels of Warning MessagesThe following levels of warning messages may occur when handling the product.DANGERIndicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.WARNINGIndicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.6SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

1 Information on this DocumentSMA Solar Technology AGCAUTIONIndicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury.NOTICEIndicates a situation which, if not avoided, can result in property damage.1.5Symbols in the DocumentSymbolExplanationInformation that is important for a specific topic or goal, but is not safety-relevant Indicates a requirement for meeting a specific goal Desired result A problem that might occurExampleSections describing activities to be performed by qualified persons only1.6Typographical Elements in the DocumentTypographyUseExamplebold Connects several elements to beselected Select Settings Date.[Button][Key] Button or key to be selected orpressed Select [Enter].# Placeholder for variablecomponents (e.g., parameternames) Parameter WCtlHz.Hz#Operating manualMessagesTerminalsElements on a user interfaceElements to be selectedElements to be entered Connect the insulatedconductors to the terminalsX703:1 to X703:6. Enter 10 in the fieldMinutes.SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-147

1 Information on this Document1.7SMA Solar Technology AGDesignations in the DocumentComplete designationDesignation in this documentSunny BoyInverter, product8SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

2 SafetySMA Solar Technology AG22.1SafetyIntended UseThe Sunny Boy is a transformerless PV inverter with two MPP trackers which converts the directcurrent of the PV array to grid-compliant alternating current and feeds it into the utility grid.The product is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.The product must only be operated with PV modules of protection class II in accordance withIEC 61730, application class A. The PV modules must be compatible with this product.The product is not equipped with an integrated transformer and therefore has no galvanic isolation.The product must not be operated with PV modules whose outputs are grounded. This can causethe product to be destroyed. The product may be operated with PV modules whose frame isgrounded.PV modules with a high capacity to ground must only be used if their coupling capacity does notexceed 1.4 μF (for information on how to determine the coupling capacity, see the TechnicalInformation "Leading Leakage Currents" at components must remain within their permitted operating ranges and their installationrequirements at all times.The product must only be used in countries for which it is approved or released by SMA SolarTechnology AG and the grid operator.Use SMA products only in accordance with the information provided in the encloseddocumentation and with the locally applicable laws, regulations, standards and directives. Anyother application may cause personal injury or property damage.Alterations to the SMA products, e.g., changes or modifications, are only permitted with the expresswritten permission of SMA Solar Technology AG. Unauthorized alterations will void guarantee andwarranty claims and in most cases terminate the operating license. SMA Solar Technology AGshall not be held liable for any damage caused by such changes.Any use of the product other than that described in the Intended Use section does not qualify as theintended use.The enclosed documentation is an integral part of this product. Keep the documentation in aconvenient, dry place for future reference and observe all instructions contained therein.This document does not replace and is not intended to replace any local, state, provincial, federalor national laws, regulations or codes applicable to the installation, electrical safety and use of theproduct. SMA Solar Technology AG assumes no responsibility for the compliance or noncompliance with such laws or codes in connection with the installation of the product.The type label must remain permanently attached to the product.2.2IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSSAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONSOperating manualSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-149

2 SafetySMA Solar Technology AGThis section contains safety information that must be observed at all times when working.The product has been designed and tested in accordance with international safety requirements. Aswith all electrical or electronical devices, there are residual risks despite careful construction. Toprevent personal injury and property damage and to ensure long-term operation of the product,read this section carefully and observe all safety information at all times.DANGERDanger to life due to electric shock when live components or DC cables aretouchedWhen exposed to light, the PV modules generate high DC voltage which is present in the DCcables. Touching live DC cables results in death or lethal injuries due to electric shock. Do not touch non-insulated parts or cables. Disconnect the product from voltage sources and make sure it cannot be reconnectedbefore working on the device. Wear suitable personal protective equipment for all work on the product.DANGERDanger to life due to electric shock when live components are touched onopening the productHigh voltages are present in the live parts and cables inside the product during operation.Touching live parts and cables results in death or lethal injuries due to electric shock. Do not open the product.DANGERDanger to life due to electric shock from touching an ungrounded PV moduleor array frameTouching ungrounded PV modules or array frames results in death or lethal injuries due to electricshock. Connect and ground the frame of the PV modules, the array frame and the electricallyconductive surfaces so that there is continuous conduction. Observe the applicable localregulations.10SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

2 SafetySMA Solar Technology AGDANGERDanger to life due to electric shock when touching live system components incase of a ground faultIf a ground fault occurs, parts of the system may still be live. Touching live parts and cablesresults in death or lethal injuries due to electric shock. Disconnect the product from voltage sources and make sure it cannot be reconnectedbefore working on the device. Touch the cables of the PV array on the insulation only. Do not touch any parts of the substructure or frame of the PV array. Do not connect PV strings with ground faults to the inverter.DANGERDanger to life due to electric shock in case of overvoltages and if surgeprotection is missingOvervoltages (e. g. in the event of a flash of lightning) can be further conducted into the buildingand to other connected devices in the same network via the network cables or other data cablesif there is no surge protection. Touching live parts and cables results in death or lethal injuries dueto electric shock. Ensure that all devices in the same network are integrated in the existing overvoltageprotection. When laying the network cable outdoors, ensure that there is suitable surge protection atthe network cable transition from the product outdoors to the network inside the building.WARNINGDanger to life due to fire or explosionIn rare cases, an explosive gas mixture can be generated inside the product under faultconditions. In this state, switching operations can cause a fire inside the product or explosion.Death or lethal injuries due to hot or flying debris can result. In the event of a fault, do not perform any direct actions on the product. Ensure that unauthorized persons have no access to the product. Do not operate the DC load-break switch on the inverter in the event of ground fault Disconnect the PV array from the inverter via an external disconnection device. If there is nodisconnecting device present, wait until no more DC power is applied to the inverter. Disconnect the AC circuit breaker, or keep it disconnected in case it has already tripped,and secure it against reconnection. Only perform work on the product (e.g., troubleshooting, repair work) when wearingpersonal protective equipment for handling of hazardous substances (e.g., safety gloves,eye and face protection, respiratory protection).Operating manualSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-1411

2 SafetySMA Solar Technology AGWARNINGRisk of injury due to toxic substances, gases and dusts.In rare cases, damages to electronic components can result in the formation of toxic substances,gases or dusts inside the product. Touching toxic substances and inhaling toxic gases and dustscan cause skin irritation, burns or poisoning, trouble breathing and nausea. Only perform work on the product (e.g., troubleshooting, repair work) when wearingpersonal protective equipment for handling of hazardous substances (e.g., safety gloves,eye and face protection, respiratory protection). Ensure that unauthorized persons have no access to the product.WARNINGDanger to life due to electric shock from destruction of the measuring devicedue to overvoltageOvervoltage can damage a measuring device and result in voltage being present in theenclosure of the measuring device. Touching the live enclosure of the measuring device results indeath or lethal injuries due to electric shock. Only use measuring devices with a DC input voltage range of 600 V or higher.CAUTIONRisk of burns due to hot enclosure partsSome parts of the enclosure can get hot during operation. Touching hot enclosure parts canresult in burn injuries. During operation, do not touch any parts other than the enclosure lid of the inverter.CAUTIONRisk of injury due to weight of productInjuries may result if the product is lifted incorrectly or dropped while being transported ormounted. Transport and lift the product carefully. Take the weight of the product into account. Wear suitable personal protective equipment for all work on the product.NOTICEHigh costs due to inappropriate Internet tariffDepending on use, the data volume of the product transferred via the Internet may vary in size.The data volume depends, for example, on the number of inverters in the system, the frequencyof device updates, the frequency of data transfer to Sunny Portal or the use of FTP push. Highcosts for the Internet connection can be the result. SMA Solar Technology AG recommends using an Internet flat rate.12SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

2 SafetySMA Solar Technology AGNOTICEDamage to the product due to cleaning agentsThe use of cleaning agents may cause damage to the product and its components. Clean the product and all its components only with a cloth moistened with clear water.Change to the names and units of grid parameters to comply with the gridconnection requirements in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/631(valid from April 27, 2019)To comply with the EU grid-connection requirements (valid from April 27, 2019) the namesand units of grid parameters were changed. This change is valid from firmware version 3.00.00.R if a country data set for fulfilling the EU grid-connection requirements (valid from2019-04-27) is set. Names and units of grid parameters for inverters with firmware version 2.99.99.R are not affected by this change and remain valid. This also applies from firmwareversion 3.00.00.R if a country data set that is valid for countries outside the EU is set.Operating manualSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-1413

3 Scope of Delivery3SMA Solar Technology AGScope of DeliveryCheck the scope of delivery for completeness and any externally visible damage. Contact yourdistributor if the scope of delivery is incomplete or damaged.ABCD GHFEIJFigure 1: Components included in the scope of l mounting bracketC3Pan head screw M5x12D4Positive DC connectorE4Negative DC connectorF8Sealing plugG1AC connectorH1RJ45 protective sleeve: swivel nut, cable support sleeve, threadedsleeveI1WLAN antennaJ1Quick reference guide with password label on the rear sideThe label contains the following information: PIC (Product Identification Code) identification key forregistering the system in Sunny Portal RID (Registration Identifier) registration ID for registering thesystem in Sunny Portal WLAN password WPA2-PSK (WiFi Protected Access 2 Preshared Key) for direct connection to the inverter via WLAN14SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

4 Product OverviewSMA Solar Technology AG4Product Overview4.1Product DescriptionDSUNNY BOYBACFigure 2: Design of the productPositionDesignationADC load-break switchBLEDsThe LEDs indicate the operating state of the product.CLabel with QR Code for scanning via the SMA 360 App and easy connection to the inverter's user interface via WLANDType labelThe type label clearly identifies the product. The type label must remain permanently attached to the product. You will find the following information onthe type label: Device type (Model) Serial number (Serial No. or S/N) Date of manufacture Identification key (PIC) for registration in Sunny Portal Registration ID (RID) for registration in Sunny Portal WLAN password (WPA2-PSK) for the direct connection to the userinterface of the inverter via WLAN Device-specific characteristicsOperating manualSBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-1415

4 Product Overview4.2SMA Solar Technology AGSymbols on the ProductSymbolExplanationBeware of a danger zoneThis symbol indicates that the product must be additionally grounded if additional grounding or equipotential bonding is required at the installation site.Beware of electrical voltageThe product operates at high voltages.Beware of hot surfaceThe product can get hot during operation.5 minDanger to life due to high voltages in the inverter; observe a waiting time of 5minutesHigh voltages that can cause lethal electric shocks are present in the live components of the inverter.Prior to performing any work on the inverter, disconnect it from all voltagesources as described in this document.Observe the documentationObserve all documentation supplied with the product.Observe the documentationTogether with the red LED, this symbol indicates an error.InverterTogether with the green LED, this symbol indicates the operating state of the inverter.Data transmissionTogether with the blue LED, this symbol indicates the status of the network connection.Grounding conductorThis symbol indicates the position for connecting a grounding conductor.Alternating currentDirect current16SBxx-1AV-41-BE-en-14Operating manual

4 Product OverviewSMA Solar Technology AGSymbolExplanationThe product has no galvanic isolation.WEEE designationDo not dispose of the product together with the household waste but in accordance with the disposal regulations for electronic waste applicable at the installation site.The product is suitable for outdoor installation.Degree of protection IP65The product is protected against the penetration of dust and water that is directed as a jet against the enclosure from all directions.CE markingThe product complies with the requirements of the applicable EU directives.RoHS labelingThe product complies with the requirements of the applicable EU directives.RoHSRCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark)The product complies with the requirements of the applicable Australian standards.ICASAThe product complies with the requirements of the South African standards fortelecommunication.03931-16-03337ANATELThe product complies with the requirements of the Brazilian standards fortelecommunication.Este equipamento opera em caráter secundário, isto é, não tem direito a proteção contra interferência prejudicial, mesmo de estações do mesmo tipo, enão pode causar interferência a sistemas operando em caráter primário.The product complies with the Moroccan safety and EMC requirements forelectronic products.4.3Interfaces and FunctionsThe pr

SB5.0-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 5.0) from firmware version 3.00.00.R SB6.0-1AV-41 (Sunny Boy 6.0) from firmware version 3.00.00.R 1.2 Target Group This document is intended for qualified