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Kaligis / RGMMC Media, M.van Delft / Formulakart.nlAs many of you will know, I had the honour of stepping into the role of CIK-FIAPresident only 10 months ago, taking up the reigns from outgoing President NicolasDeschaux. A great many of the changes for good now being introduced in the sport areas a result of Nicolas’ enormous efforts. To Nicolas go my personal thanks and, I know,those of everyone here, for his diligent stewardship of the sport over the past year.In addition, I have been joined by new Vice-President Kees van de Grint. Kees hasof course a long and illustrious career in Motorsport and a wealth of experience inKarting. He is a huge asset for the CIK-FIA. Last year was a year of positive change inthe sport and this has been confirmed by a strong start to the 2011 season.The event hosted this weekend by Genk is touched by some of the positive changesintroduced for 2011. In the vast scene of CIK-FIA competitions, the CIK-FIA World Cupfor KZ2 is new. Its big participation figures recorded here bespeaks that introducingthis event was a good decision. We know to what extent Genk was motivated at thethought of hosting a round counting towards the World KF1 Championship and theseWorld Cups for KZ karts. In essence, our year ahead will be focused on three keychallenges.Firstly – accessibility and participation. Karting remains a key entry point forMotorsport, not only as a proven training ground for the F1 champions of tomorrow butalso as an affordable, accessible participation sport for genuine enthusiasts.Secondly – expanding new horizons. It would be all too easy to sit back and focus onKarting’s traditional geographic strongholds. Our vision however is far wider than this.In much the same way that Formula One hascontinued to explore new territories and expand itsGeoffroy Theunisreach to new audiences, we want to explore newGeneral Manager RACB Sportfrontiers for Karting.Thirdly – increasing commercial potential. Scaleis of course an important factor in promotingOnly a few days after the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix, ourKarting’s commerciality. By this I mean the waycountry plays host to the CIK-FIA World Karting which we can market the sport and driveIn 2011, Limburg already organized a meeting of the FIA GT1 World Chamrevenues for everyone’s benefit. By increasing thepionship (in Zolder, the 10th of April) and a meeting of the FIA World Touringsport’s presence, its importance, its uniquenessCar Championship (also in Zolder, the 24th of April). Moreover, a round of theand its reach, we can drive Karting’s visibility toIntercontinental Rally Challenge has taken place in Ypres at the end of June anda wider audience and increase its commercialthe Total 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, taking place only a few weeks ago,potential. We are looking at options available to usto propel the sport forward to achieve maximumenjoyed an enormous success and popularity. This means that this next globalfuture impact. This is essential to promoting theevent incorporates our fifth appointment of 2011 with the worldwide elite.commercial aspects of the sport – its revenueIn the past, Nivelles and Mariembourg both had the privilege of hosting the CIKpotential – and, in turn, its marketability.FIA World Karting Championship. Justice is now done because Genk is the nextWe have absolutely no desire to see Karting standplaying ground for some epic racing, where drivers try to reach for the summitstill, and the task of expanding both our vision andof this discipline.our horizons is underway.fter Wackersdorf and Zuera, the Belgian round is the third meeting of the Championship. Karting incorporates aBack to our World Championship and World Cupsevent. To all the Drivers, Entrants, Teams, RACBnursery of talent, almost without limits. The exhaustive list of well-known drivers that started in Karting wouldand CIK-FIA Officials, Suppliers, Sponsors, and allbe too long to mention, but Champions as Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel,members of the organising staff I wish success –Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have all started honing their skills in Karting, before proving their talent inand it is above all important to enjoy practising,the lower levels of single-seater racing. In the past, Genk itself has also served as a springboard for the likes ofeveryone in their own way and in accordanceJenson Button and Jérôme D’Ambrosio.with their duties, the fabulous sport which isWhile our country now counts one representative in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship and while we doour passion and must continue to fascinatehave some very promising Belgian young drivers currently forming the RACB National Team, it will be verythe public and the fans of this educationalMotorsport discipline that is also both intense andinteresting to analyse the different performances of our countrymen in this elite field. You can be sure that thespectacular.stars of tomorrow will already distinguish themselves as from today.Enjoy the pinnacle of Karting!3

KARTING, NON-STOP EXCITEMENTWELCOMETHE RACINGTRADEMARKKoen LemmensKarting Genk ownerALSOforiPad!on www.zinio.comVROOM INTERNATIONAL KARTINGis a magazine printed in English. It is distribuitedto countries all over the world and about 50% aretechnical articles. You will also find track tests of engines, chassisand other components. The magazine also coversinternational events and national championshipswww.vroom.itBoy Pijls RaceSince we revamped the ‘old school’ kart track in 2005, KartingGenk had already hosted numerous prestigious internationalchampionships. During these races, many young talenteddrivers laid the future for their motorsport careers: Jarno Trulli,Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton, and JerômeD’ambrosio all raced during their younger years at our karttrack.With the new facility, our objective was to create aninternational race track that could renew with this traditionbut that would even serve as a reference in the world ofinternational racing. During the last 3 years Karting Genk hashosted numerous European and international top level eventsbut it is the organization of the World Championship that putsthe icing on the cake. I would like to thank the CIK-FIA and theRACB for the trust they placed in our track and team to hostthis prestigious event.Karting Genk is not only the place for international racersto come and do their thing, the facility also offers thelowest threshold for people to come and enjoy the thrillsof motorsport: recreational and rental kart drivers, offeringthem quality and service. More and more companies find theaccess to our facilities with our wide range of activities andincentives. All year long a growing number of tourists discoverthe thrills of karting.Due to the hard work of a small team of people, KartingGenk is growing and creating more and more touristic andeconomical impact. Just as an example: through our activitieswe generate a hotel capacity of around 10.000 beds. This iswhat makes us proud and keeps us going: making KartingGenk a brand name and a landmarkwhere people can enjoy themselves.OrganiserBeing a kart race organizer is not so different from being a driver. You want tobe the best at your game, and set the highest goals. In order to achieve this, youmust work hard and you need the support of a well trained team. The highest goalfor a kart racing driver, is winning the World Championship. The highest goal fora kart racing organization, is organizing it In order to achieve this goal, we’vebeen working hard for the past 6 years, since we redid the track and its facilities.We’ve organized many national and international events, such as the Euromax, CIKand WSK races. During these events, we gained a lot of experience in how to professionalize the way these events are run, and we managed to build a great teamof helpers, who each have their function. Without such a team, no organization ispossible. We believe that after these years of hard work, we gained the confidenceof the CIK-FIA. They believe we’re capable of making the best of this mayor event.Same for the City of Genk en Limburg. They support is in every possible way they can. So it’s obvious I’d liketo thank each and every man or woman who worked on this event, and thank the CIK, Limburg and Genk for alltheir support. I hope that all drivers enjoy their time in Genk, regardless of the results you’ll make. And I hopethat each visitor will see what they came for: Amazing races by the best kart drivers in the World. Good luck toall drivers. Give it all you have !Boy Pijls - Karting Genk – Race Organiser.Finally I would like to thank allour partners, our sponsors, thecity of Genk and the province ofLimburg for their support in creatingthis event and especially all thevolunteers and people, whatevertheir function, in making thishappen!Met vriendelijke groeten,Kind Regards,Salutations Distinguées,Koen Lemmens5

WELCOMEall things easierHermanReyndersLimburg GovernorHelmet and race gloves on. Right foot on the gas and left foot on the brake. Only a fewcentimeters above the ground. The adrenaline rushes trough your vains. The experienceof speed, the feeling of being a race driver, is something you can experience in a kart.It’s not so strange that karting is the ideal cocktail for drivers dreaming of being informula 1. There is no better school to gain driving experience and competition ritme.All the examples are there: Michael Schumacher, Jenson Button, Sebatian Vettel andrecently Jerome D’Ambrosio. Almost 90% of all F1 drivers started their career inkarting. But keep both feet on the ground: Getting in formula 1 is not that simple.Karting competition is probably not that well known for the big public, certainly notin Limburg. And that’s a shame, certainly with a race track like Genk in the area,being among the best tracks in Europe. Maintaining this high level track will be achallenge for the future. This can only be achieved by investing and anticipating tonew technologies, ecologic issues and environmental challenges. Limburg wants to beCO2 neutral before 2020. It is my opinion that Limburg will not only become a exampleregion, but will also be more interesting for investors or be a better place to live. Thisambition requires an effort by all of us. Everybody has to work along, to change theirway of living, also the sport sector.From 1 till 4 September karting Genk will be the host of the World Championship SKFand the World Cup KZ1 KZ2. The best drivers of the world will gather to fight forthese titles. For 4 days, Genk and Limburg will be the beating heart of motorsport. I’dlike to congratulate the organization of Karting Genk for hosting this event. A rewardfor all the hard work they’ve put in to it the last years I wish all the drivers and teams the best of luck, and some amazing races for theaudience.And when all the racing is finished, know that Limburg has also so many other thingsto offer. We’re happy having you as a guest!C. Houtmanstraat 13134La VLaardingen tHe netHerLands teL. 0031-104359688!ou fly !Peygs makniwraolwim dries genk mayorDear sports fanatic, Genk is a sports town. No less than one out of three inhabitants of Genk ismember of a sports club, but besides this fact we also succeed in getting organized top-classevents, due to the great infrastructure, of which ‘Karting Genk’ is a good example.So we organized, early in June – in cooperation with Hasselt - the thirtieth edition of ‘The NationalSpecial Olympics’ and in August we were host for the third time of ‘The Eneco Tour’.Genk is also a city of championships. This can be proved by ‘The FIA World Championship Karting2011’ that will take place on the 3th and 4th of September. Wesupport the efforts that the clubs make to realize such great events.For this reason this championship scopes perfectly in the urbansports policy, in which this city attempts to create an offer of highquality facilities for the set up of top sports. In addition we encourage talented youth!We are proud that ‘Karting Genk’ took the opportunity to organizethis great event and congratulate them with the excellent organisation. We would like to wish the organisation, the participants andthe spectators a pleasant day in our city!Luc DullersWim DriesAlderman for sportsMayor7

a look backWORLD KARTINGCHAMPIONSHIP:A HISTORYWhere it all beginsIt’s quite normal to feel a shiver in ourspine when we look at the long listof international awards given from1964 to 2010. Important, well-knownnames in motorsport, run under oureyes; drivers, factories and teams,all printed in black and white, namesof people who have worked in thisfield, who have made it all happen.all successors of Bruno Grana - thefather of karting and of “Made in Italy”industrial evolution - starting fromthe Sala family who still head theBirel group, to Calogero Vanaria whoset up Kalikart and the Pavesi familywho still run their business as in theold days, to the modern times withGiancarlo Tinini’s CRG and RobertoRobazzi’s Tonykart. There are peoplewho caught the contagious diseaseof karting, Mike Wilson and TerryFullerton for example, and others whohave passed through the maze ofkarting like Alain Prost, Ayrton Senna,Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton,Fernando Alonso and SebastianVettel (just to mention the mostprominent); all ambitious who weredestined to other things in life.And this shows that the list ofwinners doesn’t tell the whole story.More often than not, only the nameof the winner is given, when maybe8Terry Fullerton - Nivelles (B) 1973the second and third finished onlya breath away and would deservea mention too. But despite Prost,Senna, Schumacher, Hamilton, Alonsoand Vettel never made it to the topof the world in karting, that’s wherethey learned the craft, where theyimproved the technique, where theyfinally owned the skill.Over all these years, the technicalprogress has been accompanied byjust as many regulatory amendments.Formula K, Formula Super A, FormulaA, Super ICC and lately KF1 areexamples of the classes that havebeen abandoned over the years. Butone thing stands: the CIK WorldChampion is always one, and oneonly.Wilson, Forsman, Danielsson - Kalmar (S) 1982Gianluca Beggio, 5-time World Champion in gearbox classForgotten winnersThe first kart dates back to 1956,but it was in 1964 that the first CIKWorld Championship award wasgiven. And yet, before this, WorldChampionship team races wereheld, like the meeting in 1961 at thePista Rossa in Milan, even thoughthere was no international federationthen. And so, despite previouschampionships held with relativewinners, they decided to “forget”these races and declare Guido Salafirst World Champion when he won in1964 on Iame-powered Tecno kart.‘90s Italian hopefuls: J.Trulli, D.Rossi, G.FisichellaFrancesco Laudato - Carole (F) 1999

a look backThe protagonists10Over the past 58 years, anumber of drivers have stoodout. We take a look at those whohave gone down in history. Webegin with the very first killerof the game: Belgian FrancoisGoldstein who took 4 WorldChampionship consecutivetitles between ’69 and ’72 andcame back to his 5th title in ’75(for the record he also finished2nd in ’67 and 3rd in ’74). Andthe competition was tough: theBelgian had to fight againstBriton Terry Fullerton (who wonin ’73), Riccardo Patrese andEddy Cheever - respectivelyWorld Champion and runnerup in ’74 -, and other importantnames such as Elio De Angelis(2nd in ’75) and Alain Prost (whowould go on to become 4-timeF1 World Champion).The history of karting wasthen marked with fire by fourexceptional drivers: Mike Wilson,Terry Fullerton, Lars Forsmanand Ayrton Senna. Forsmanhas probably been the biggesttalent from Sweden that kartinghas ever had. He just missedthe title three times (’81, ’82,’83) and he took 3rd twice(’78, ’84). Together with RonniePeterson (3rd in 1966 WorldChampionship and twice F1 vicechampion) Forsman certainlyshared nationality, talent and badluck.F1 legend Ayrton Senna cameclose to getting the title twice,in ’79 and in ’80 both timesfinishing 2nd. The first timehe lost in Estoril on equalpoints with Peter Koene. Thesecond time he lost to Peterde Bruijn in Nivelles. Talkingabout Senna, Fullerton says:“When I heard that he’d startedracing in Formula 1, I knewhe’d make it.” But when askedwho was the best driver ofall times, both Fullerton andWilson automatically answer “Iam!” And Mike has somethingto brag about, as he’s the onlydriver in karting history to havetaken six World Champion titlesbetween 1981 and 1989. Andyet, as if this weren’t enough,Wilson has also a missed win:his engine betrayed him whileleading the last lap of the Worldchampionship in 1984, whichwent to Joern Haase.Closer to our times, between1986 and 1995 today’s “old”F1 drivers were writing thehistory of karting. Schumacher,Hakkinen, Fisichella, Trulli, Buttonand this is just to mention a few.But before they actually madeit to the top of motorsport, theywere trading places with thebest in karting. One above all,5-time world champion – oneof which in the master gearboxcategory - Danilo Rossi, whotogether with MassimilianoOrsini, Nicola Giannimberti andAlessandro Manetti shared thetop spot for the biggest partof the ‘90s. In the late ‘90sand early 2000s, Davide Forèwould be the one to take onRossi’s legacy by grabbing 5world titles – one of which inthe master gearbox category. Inhis path he will find the presentgeneration of F1 drivers: LewisHamilton, Fernando Alonso, KimiRaikkonen, Heikki Kovalainen,Davide Forè - Ugento (I) 1998Ayrton Senna on the way to becoming a Formula 1 legendJonathan Thonon, 3-time World Cup for KZ1 winnerAlessandro Piccini - Parma (I) 1991Tonio Liuzzi and Michael Schumacher - Kerpen (D) 2001Francois Goldstein - Rivalta (I) 1971Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica,and Tonio Liuzzi, the only oneto have left a mark in the WorldChampionship by taking the titlein 2001. Another Italian driver,Marco Ardigò, has ruled for twoyears in a row clinching theWorld Championship crown in2007 and 2008.Four names stand out in themaster gearbox category:Gianluca Beggio, 5-time worldchampion (’95-’98, 2000);Alessandro Piccini, 4-time worldchampion in ’87, ‘90, ’91 and‘93; Francesco Laudato, 2-timeworld champion in ’99 and2005. To get to the present time,with Jonathan Thonon ready tobag yet another title after thethree consecutive crowns wonbetween 2007 and 2009.Battle of equipmentEngine - Parilla and TM at the topExcept for the 10 WorldChampionship titles taken byKomet up until 1989 – sixof which by 6-times WorldKarting Champion Mike Wilson- there seems to be no doubtsabout results concerningengines. Having won 12 WorldChampionship titles, the successM.Ardigò, 2-time World Champion and twice World Cup runner-upof Parilla engines is a historythat spreads over 58 years,starting with the very first titleawarded to Guido Sala in 1964,to the latest World ChampionNyck de Vries who took the2010 crown. Next best, Vortexwith 7 titles (plus 1 in the WorldCup for the master gearboxcategory) and Maxter with 6(plus 3 in the World Cup for themaster gearbox category). BMended its karting experiencewith 5 title, while Rotax grabbed4 between 1990 and 1994before moving on to createthe now widely acclaimed TaGprogramme.If we go through the listof the world titles for themaster gearbox category,TM (also one of the mostprestigious motorbikes enginemanufacturer) is the undisputedstar with 10 – 9 in a row from1995 to 2005 (the event didnot take place in 2001-2002).Pavesi follows with 8 titles takenin the span of 9 years, from1986 onwards, while Balen wasthe engine of reference in theearly days.Chassis - The toughest fightAn all-Italian fight amongchassis manufacturers is proofof the quality of the “Made inItaly”. The actual three worldleaders hold the first threeplaces on the scoreboard: CRG(born from Kalikart in ’88-’89)is the one that has taken mostwins - 13 World Championshipcrowns and 8 world titles inthe master gearbox category.Birel follows closely with 8World Championship crownsand a whopping 12 worldtitles in the master gearboxcategory. And Tonykart, with 7World Championship crownsand 3 world titles in the mastergearbox category.To the rest only the crumbs:Tecno 3 World Championships;BM 3 World Championships;Swiss Hutless 2 WorldChampionships; Biesse 2world titles in the mastergearbox category. As acuriosity, Pederzan’s Tecno,which monopolised the WorldChampionship early years from1964 to 1967, is down in historybooks also for taking the onlyfemale driver to date (SusyRaganelli) to success.11

HALL OF FAMECIK-FIAWORLD KARTINGCHAMPIONSHIPFK/ FSA/ FA/ KF1/ KF21964-2010YEAR Driver1964 G. Sala1965 G. Sala1966 M. Raganelli1967 E. Rossi1968 T. Nilsson1969 F. Goldstein1970 F. Goldstein1971 F. Goldstein1972 F. Goldstein1973 T. Fullerton1974 R. Patrese1975 F. Goldstein1976 F. Rovelli1977 F. Rovelli1978 L. Speed1979 P. Koene1980 P. de Bruijn1981 M. Wilson1982 M. Wilson1983 M. Wilson1984 J. Haase1985 M. Wilson1986 A. Ribas1987 G. Simoni1988 M. Wilson1989 M. Wilson1990 J. Magnussen1991 J. Trulli1992 D. Rossi1993 N. Gianniberti1994 A. Manetti1995 M. Orsini1996 J. Mislijevic1997 D. Rossi1998 D. Forè1999 D. Rossi12natChassis / engine(ITA)(ITA s /KometCRG/RotaxAll Kart/ParillaCRG/RotaxHaase/RotaxCRG/RotaxSwiss Hutless/ItalsistemTony Kart/VortexCRG/CRGTony 200820092010D. ForèV. LiuzziG. Van der GardeW. CunninghamD. ForèO. OakesD. ForèM. ArdigòM. ArdigòA. KozlinskiN. De FRA)(HOL)Tony Kart/VortexCRG/MaxterCRG/MaxterCRG/MaxterTony Kart/VortexGillard/ParillaTony Kart/VortexTony Kart/VortexTony Kart/VortexCRG/MaxterZanardi/ParillaCIK-FIAWORLD CUP FOR 125cc with gearboxFC/S-ICC/ KZ11983-2010YEAR Driver1983 G. Mazzola1984 G. Tarquini1985 P. Cantoni1986 F. Giovanardi1987 A. Piccini1988 P. Rydell1989 G. Giorgi1990 A. Piccini1991 A. Piccini1992 D. Rossi1993 A. Piccini1994 J. Trulli1995 G. Beggio1996 G. Beggio1997 G. Beggio1998 G. Beggio1999 F. Laudato2000 G. Beggio2003 R. Dirks2004 E. Gandolfi2005 F. Laudato2006 D. Forè2007 J. Thonon2008 J. Thonon2009 J. Thonon2010 B. LammersnatChassis / engine(ITA)(ITA)(ITA)(ITA)(ITA)Birel/ BalenKalì/ BalenKalì/ BalenTony Kart/ PavesiDAP/ Pavesi(SWE) All Kart/ Pavesi(ITA)Kalì/ (ITA)(ITA)(HOL)(ITA)(ITA)(ITA)(BE L)(BE L)(BE L)(HOL)Birel/ PavesiBirel/ PavesiCRG / PavesiKalì/ PavesiTony Kart/ rel/TmBirel/TmBirel/TmBirel/TmTony Kart/VortexCRG / MaxterCRG / MaxterCRG / MaxterIntrepid/Tm13

Roy Geertsvan Rotax max DD2 kampioen naar PREVIEWAfgelopen vijf jaar is RoyGeerts niet onverdienstelijkactief geweest binnen het Rotax Max kampioenschap. Eindvorig jaar, na het behalen vande landstitel, kreeg ik de mogelijkheid om tezamen methet team AVG Racing van Anton van Grunsven de overstapte gaan maken naar de KZ2en uit te gaan komen op hethoogste niveau. Ik ben ergblij met deze overstap en wilmijn sponsoren hiervoor bedanken! De overstap van deDD2 naar de KZ2 is groot maardoor hard te werken zettenwe stappen voorwaarts. Mijnambitie voor de toekomststeek ik niet onder stoelen ofbanken, volgend seizoen rijden wij voor de grote prijzen!High ExpectationsPREVIEW ON WORLDCHAMPS AT GENKw w w. r o y g e e r t s . c o mThe World Karting Championship and World Cup for KZ1-KZ2 aretwo of the most important events of the karting seasonsanctioned by CIK-FIA.During its 57 editions, the World Championship hasbeen held over more than a single round only 5 timesbefore – ’67, ’68, ’69, 2001, 2002. As of this season,the World Karting Championship is back to this veryinteresting format, and so far it has been no short ofemotions, with the Genk round being the turning pointof the championship.After sweeping the field with 4 final wins in the firstround held in Wackersdorf (Germany) on 12th June,reigning World Champion Nyck De Vries had a set backin the second round held in Zuera (Spain) on 24thJuly, when twice was stuck on final starting grid with afailing battery. Though he still leads the championship,Italy’s Ignazio D’Agosto has taken advantage of Nyck’sbad luck to move closer in the standings, with only 17points separating the two. Briton Alexander Albon will beanother driver to watch, as he’s only 1 point behindD’Agosto thanks to two brilliant wins in Zuera. Alsoon the lookout, Poland’s Karol Basz (95 points), FlavioCamponeschi (77 points), and Belgian hope Sebastian Baillyand Japan’s Yu Kanamaru tied on 60 points.On the same weekend, the two gearbox categories –KZ1 and KZ2 – fight for the world title over a straight14final. In KZ1, the master gearbox class, reigningchampion Bas Lammers from Holland will try to forgetthe very bad European Championship weekend inGermany and start with the right foot early on in theweekend to clinch his second world crown, just like3-time World Cup winner Jonathan Thonon, who willcertainly use the home track advantage to become thesecond most successful driver ever in the category.But reigning European KZ1 Champion at his debutin the category Paolo De Conto is on fire and will not beintimidated by his rivals. Also to watch, two veteranslike Marco Ardigò (twice World Champion in 2007-2008)and Davide Forè (World Cup winner in 2006), and at thedebut season in the class Armand Convers, local driverYannick De Brabander – respectively 3rd and 2nd in theEuropean Championship in Germany – and femaledriver Beitske Visser.KZ2, which features the largest entry list of theweekend, will award the world title for the first timein history. In the cadet gearbox class, all eyes willbe firmly on European Championship sensationFabian Federer. Likely challengers will be Sweden’sJoel Johansson (2nd at the European Championship),Finland’s Henri Kokko, Crg squadron Mirko Torsellini (3rd atthe European Championship) and Kristijan Habulin, and2010 the ADAC Kart Masters winner in KZ2

LOCAL HEROSLET’S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THEBELGIAN SQUADIN THE THREE CATEGORIES.UniWeahtigchhresolution dispslaoyrBailly, SebastianDOB: 30/07/1992Chassis/engine:Kosmic/VortexDe Ridder, GuillaumeDOB: 19/01/1993Chassis/engine:Tony Kart/VortexNotes: 2nd in the 2010 CIK-FIAEuropean KF2 ChampionshipNotes: 2010 Belgian KF2Champion / 5th in the 2010 CIK-FIAEuropean KF2 ChampionshipKF1KF1Lahaye, DylanDOB: 12/08/1994Chassis/engine:Maranello/MaranelloDe Brabander,YannickDOB: 19/04/1991Chassis/engine: Parolin/TMNotes: Winner of the 2009Benelux Rotax Max SeriesNotes: 2nd in 2011 European KZ1Championship / 2009 Super KFWorld Cup winnerKF1KZ1Dreezen, RickDOB: 01/08/1990Chassis/engine:Tony Kart/VortexKZ116 Large customisable high resolution display Solid aluminium housing High precision sensors Highly durable cables and connectors Only one cable to the steering wheel Free placement of up to 8 split points Easy to operateNotes: 3-time World Cup forKZ1 winner / 2008 European KZ1Champion / 2nd in 2007 EuropeanKZ1 ChampionshipKZ1 Championship / 2nd in 2007European KZ2 ChampionshipUniStop Com Bu pact sizeilt Mu -in clocklt Eas i-languagey Up to operateto 4 drivers Upto Tra 9 splits penr Cal sfer data to lapculatePC (USs Visual fe theoretical B)edback (LED bestlights)Laptimer 6003 / 7003Thonon, JonathanDOB: 22/10/1986Chassis/engine: Crg/MaxterNotes: 2nd in 2008 EuropeanKZ2e sen Largmperatur stederarfer Inp to 4 drivufoginp Timlits per la B)ps9top UPC (USr data toefsnarT nguage Multi-la erateop Easy toKZ1Delre, ThierryDOB: 29/05/1986Chassis/engine: BRM/TMCharles, KennyDOB: 23/06/1992Chassis/engine: Sodi/TMNotes: 2nd in 2010 Belgian KZ2ChampionshipNotes: debut season in KZ2category; 3rd in 2010 Belgian KF2ChampionshipFree PC Analyser softwareKZ2Visit

CircuitKarting GenkApproaching 30 years of activityOn September 1-4 ‘Karting Genk’ organizes the ‘CIKFIA World Karting Championship 2011’. A total of threetitles will be divided into the following categories: KF1,KZ1 and KZ2. Together with Formula 1, WTCC andWRC, Karting is one of the four disciplines that awardan ‘FIA’ recognised World Championship title.In total, more than 150 of the best drivers from all overthe world will participate in this competition. Thanksto its profes

be too long to mention, but champions as ayrton senna, alain prost, Michael schumacher, sebastian Vettel, lewis Hamilton and fernando alonso have all started honing their skills in Karting, before proving their talent in the lower levels of single-seater racing. in the past, Genk