PROTECTION AND SUPPORTwhen it matters mostProtect AdvantageGet help with ProTech supportProtect Advantage for 1 I nsurance coverage for yourphone, tablet or watch 3 claims per year ProTech benefits15 monthlyGet help with your device when and how youneed it from our team of ProTech experts –so you can keep talking, streaming, watchingor playing.New Device SetupSet up your new device the way you want.Protect Advantage for 4 Insurance coverage for up to 4 phones,tablets, laptops and watches 8 claims per year ProTech benefits40 monthlyProtect Insurance and ProTech benefits can bepurchased separately in NY. See page 2 for pricing.Protect Advantage InsurancePerformance PromiseKeep your device working its best with periodic checkups toimprove speed, signal and battery performance.Streaming ConsultsSet up and optimize AT&T streaming services for the bestentertainment experience.Take Photos Like a ProLearn how to take the perfect shot with tips to help you bettercapture, edit and share photos. 29 Cracked Screen RepairDownload the AT&T ProTech app Battery ReplacementConnect with a ProTechAs soon as same-day repair for eligible phones inselect areas.1Keep your phone running at its best. If your battery isn’tworking as it should, a ProTech will test it and let you knowif the battery is eligible for replacement. 2ProTechSame Day Replacement and SetupLosing or breaking your device shouldn’t ruin your day. Getyour replacement device delivered and set up as soon asthe same day. 3ProTech SupportGet help when and how you want it from your team ofProTech experts.Unlimited Photo and Video StorageNever miss a moment with unlimited storage and securebackup with the AT&T Photo Storage app.4IDnotifyProtect your identity with IDnotify, a ProTech benefitoffered by Experian (requires separate sign up). 5See Screen Repair disclaimer on page 3. 2Subject to eligible wireless phones outside of manufacturer’s warrantyperiod that power on but fail to hold an adequate charge after ProTech diagnostic testing. 3Same Day Replacement:Available for select devices in select areas and is subject to parts and technician availability. Claims must be filed andapproved by 4pm. Eligibility is determined at time of claim approval and is contingent on certain criteria. Same dayreplacement is not available for Mobile Insurance customers. 4There may be limitations on the size of each videothat can be backed up and secured. 5IDnotify is provided by a third party provider, Experian and is included as aProTech benefit for customers enrolled in AT&T Protect Advantage for 1 or AT&T Protect Advantage for 4. For fullterms and conditions for IDnotify, go to For all questions regarding IDnotify services, call Experianat 877.890.9369 or go to Go to Message or call with the ProTech App Call 888.4.PROTECH (888.477.6832)– Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to midnight ET– Weekends, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. ETUnlimited photo storageGet unlimited storage and securebackup for all of your photos andvideos with the AT&T PhotoStorage app4Free up space with the AT&T Photo Storage app Automatically and securely back up your photos and videoswithout sacrificing quality. Your entire photo collection is at your fingertips, and ready toedit and share.Download the Photo Storage app through the Applestore or Google Play1AT&T ProTechSM app: The ProTech app and Photo Storage app require a compatible device with AT&T wirelessservice. Technical limits may prevent certain features from working on all devices. App functionality requires thedevice to be powered on and connected to the internet. Accuracy, availability and timeliness are not guaranteed.Free versions of the apps with limited features are also available. Data charges may apply. ProTech app and PhotoStorage app provided by Asurion Mobile Applications, LLC. Only available for devices running iOS 9.0 and up, orAndroid 5.0 and up. For additional details, as well as full terms and conditions, go to

Key terms and conditionsAT&T Protect AdvantageAdditional Information (all plans)AT&T ProtectAdvantage for 1for one eligibledeviceCoverageLoss, theft, accidental physical or liquid damage and outof warranty malfunctions. For coverage to apply to aconnected device, you must own or lease the device, andhave used the device (logged use of voice or data) on yourwireless number after enrollment. Coverage applies to themost recently used device on your wireless number.DeductiblesA non-refundable deductible will be charged for eachapproved claim. Deductible amounts are based ondeductible tiers. For eligible devices by tier, see the PartialList of Devices Covered by Deductible Tier on page 3 of thisbrochure. For the deductible amount for your device, go or call Asurion at 888.562.8662.ReplacementDeductiblesfor ConnectedDevicesTier A 25, Tier B 50, Tier C 125, Tier D 200,Tier E 250, Tier F 299ReplacementDeductiblesfor NonConnectedDevices (appliesto ProtectAdvantagefor 4 only)Repair of Damaged/Malfunctioning Wi-Fi OnlyTablets and Laptops — 89Replacement of Lost/Stolen Wi-Fi OnlyTablet — 199, Laptop — 299Protect Advantage for 4 devices that are not connected tothe AT&T network (Wi-Fi laptops and tablets) are provideda repair or replacement (at the option of Asurion, theProgram Administrator). Devices most often will be repairedwithin 3-5 business days from the date Asurion receivesthe equipment. Replacement equipment will be new orrefurbished, and of like kind and quality to the claimeddevice. Colors, features and accessory compatibility are notguaranteed.Cracked ScreenDeductible 29 for Protect Advantage plans for Tiers C,D,E,F. 49 for Mobile Insurance for Tiers C,D,E,F.See page 3 for more information.BatteryReplacementDeductible 0 for Protect Advantage for 1 and for 4.Not available for Mobile Insurance.Replacementfor ConnectedDevicesClaims fulfilled with a replacement device and approvedby 6 p.m. ET will be shipped and, in most cases, deliveredthe next day. Deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico andU.S. Virgin Islands cannot be shipped for next-day delivery.Claims may be fulfilled with new or AT&T Certified Restoredequipment, which is previously opened, and/or used(which may be refurbished or remanufactured, and maycontain original or non-original replacement parts) of thesame model or other models of like kind and quality. for details on these devices.Colors, features and accessory compatibility arenot guaranteed.Protect Advantage customers with a claim that is filedand approved by 4pm (local time) may be able to receive areplacement device the same day.Bring YourOwn DeviceWhen you activate your own device on the AT&T network,it may be eligible for enrollment in device protectionwithin 30 days. If the device make/model is currently orwas previously sold by AT&T, the applicable replacementand screen repair deductible tier for that specific make/model applies for all approved claims. For a non-AT&Tdevice make/model, Deductible Tier C applies. Replacementoptions will vary. Device must be in good working conditionand may be subject to inspection prior to enrollment.CancellationPolicyYou can cancel your optional insurance coverage at any timeand receive a prorated refund of your unearned monthlypremium/charges. We may cancel or change terms by givingyou prior written notice as required by law.Monthly Charge 15.00* per mobile number enrolled.Includes AT&T Protect Insurance for 1, ProTech,ProTech app and Photo Storage app.Claim Limits3 claims within any 12 consecutive months with amax device value of 2,500 per occurrence. Batteryreplacements on eligible devices are unlimited aslong as enrolled in the program.AT&T ProtectAdvantage for 4for up to foureligible devicesMonthly Charge 40.00** per mobile account enrolled.Includes AT&T Protect Insurance for 4, ProTech,ProTech app and Photo Storage app.Claim Limits8 shared claims within any 12 consecutive monthswith a max device value of 2,500 per occurrence.Battery replacements on eligible devices are unlimitedas long as enrolled in the program.ProTech support may be purchased separately for 9 per month (except for New York residents). Includes theProTech app and unlimited photo/video storage with the PhotoStorage app.* For New York Residents only, the following may be purchasedseparately: AT&T Protect Insurance for 1 for 8.99/mo. andAT&T ProTech for 1 for 6.01/mo.** For New York Residents only, the following may be purchasedseparately: AT&T Protect Insurance for 4 for 25.97/mo. andAT&T ProTech for 4 for 14.03/mo.AT&T Mobile InsuranceAT&T MobileInsurancefor one eligibledeviceMonthly Charge 8.99 per mobile number enrolled.Claim Limits2 claims within any 12 consecutive months with amax device value of 2,500 per occurrence.New York Producer CompensationAT&T (Producer) has a limited license to sell wirelesscommunications equipment insurance in New York (license#LR-1133676) and will be paid a portion of your contractpurchase price by the insurer, Continental Casualty Company.The Producer will be compensated by the insurer if youpurchase the insurance. The Producer’s compensation may varybased on the product you purchased. For more informationabout compensation, please ask your sales representative.AT&T Mobile Insurance, AT&T Protect Insurance for 1 andAT&T Protect Insurance for 4 are underwritten by ContinentalCasualty Company, Chicago, IL, a CNA Company, andadministered by Asurion Protection Services, LLC (in Iowa, Lic.#1001002300; in California, Asurion Protection Services InsuranceAgency, LLC, Lic. #0D63161; in Puerto Rico, Asurion ProtectionServices of Puerto Rico, Inc.), a licensed agent of CNA.2

What you should know before you enrollReplacement deductiblesPartial list of covered devicesDeductiblesDevice Tier ADeductible: 25LG K40 Samsung Galaxy J3Device Tier BDeductible: 50Apple iPhone 5/5C/5SSamsung Galaxy J7Device Tier CDeductible: 125Apple iPhone SE/6/6 Apple Watch Series 3 GPS Cellular, Aluminum Case,All BandsSamsung Galaxy S5/S6Samsung Galaxy Note 4/5Bring Your Own Device (a non-AT&T make/model)Device Tier DDeductible: 200Device Tier EDeductible: 250Device Tier FDeductible: 299Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7/8/XR/11 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB & 128GBApple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB & 128GBApple Watch Series 3/4 GPS Cellular, Stainless SteelCase, Sport BandsApple Watch 4 GPS Cellular, Aluminum Case,All BandsGoogle Pixel 4LG G8X ThinQSamsung Galaxy S8/S8 /S9/S9 /S10eSamsung Galaxy Note 8Apple iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus 256GBApple iPhone X/XS/XS MaxApple iPhone 11 Pro/Pro MaxApple Watch Series 3 GPS Cellular, Ceramic Case, AllBandsApple Watch Series 3/4 GPS Cellular, Stainless SteelCase, Hermes BandsGoogle Pixel 4 XLSamsung Galaxy Note 9/10/10 Samsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB & 512GBSamsung Galaxy S20 5G, S20 5G and S20 Ultra 5GFast Replacement1As soon as next day device replacement for loss, theft,damage and out of warranty malfunctions. You may also beable to get your replacement device delivered and set up assoon as the same day.Screen repair2 A s soon as same day repair service for eligible devices isavailable in select areas for a 29 or 49 deductibledepending on program you are enrolled in. Choose from a convenient repair location or a technician willcome to you, as available. 3 Repaired as soon as the same day and backed by a 1-yearlimited warranty.Devices eligible for screen repair include:- Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus- Apple iPhone 7/7 Plus- Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus- Apple iPhone X/Xr/Xs/Xs Max- Apple iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max- LG G6/V30/V35 ThinQ- Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge - Samsung Galaxy Edge S 6/S6 /S7- Samsung Galaxy S 7/S8/S9/S10- Samsung Galaxy S 8 /S9 /S10 / S10 5G/S10E- Samsung Galaxy Note 8/9/10/10 /10 5GBattery replacement forProtect Advantage plans4 You have unlimited post-warranty battery replacementsfor your eligible phone. If your battery isn’t working as it should, call 888.562.8662or visit A ProTech will test your battery and let you know if it’seligible for replacement. They’ll also provide you with performance-boosting tipsand tricks.Apple iPad Pro 11”/12.9” 1TBSamsung Galaxy S10 1TBSamsung Galaxy FoldFor complete deductible information and to see the amount for your device, go to may be moved to a different deductible tier during your enrollment and these changes are updated online.iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.See Replacement for Connected Devices section in key terms and conditions on page 2. Also see Same DayReplacement disclaimer on page 1. Same day replacement is not available for Mobile Insurance customers.2Screen Repair: Each screen repair will count towards your claim limits. Limited to eligible devices in selectareas. Newly launched device models may not be eligible for screen repair. Visit call 888.562.8662 to check current eligibility. Same day repair option depends upon claim approval time andtechnician availability. Repairs are performed by an Asurion-certified technician and come with a 12-monthwarranty. Repairs may use new or refurbished parts; may contain original or non-original manufacturer parts;and may void the manufacturer warranty. Some colors of eligible devices are not available. Eligible devices andavailable areas are both subject to change at any time.3Both options may not be available in all locations; repair options are presented at the time of claim approval;subject to parts availability.4Subject to eligible wireless phones outside of manufacturer’s warranty period that power on but fail to hold anadequate charge after ProTech diagnostic testing. Battery replacements are not available for Mobile Insurancecustomers. Available for select devices in select areas.13

What you should know before you enrollCovered devicesInsurance is optionalPhone – Includes the device and battery, and if partof the loss, battery charger and SIM card. For Mobile Insurancecustomers, battery covered if part of the loss.Tablet – Includes tablet plus battery, charger andSIM card (for non-Wi-Fi only).AT&T Mobile Insurance and AT&T Protect Insurance for1 and AT&T Protect Insurance for 4 are optional insurancecoverages that you are not required to purchase. Programenrollment, repair and replacement authorization shall be atthe sole discretion of Continental Casualty Company, a CNAmember company; Asurion, the plan administrator; or anyother authorized representative of CNA in accordance with theterms of the Coverage Certificate and applicable law.Laptop – Includes laptop, standard battery and batterycharger (applies to Protect Advantage for 4 only).Non-return feeWireless Home Phone – Includes the device plus power cord,back up battery, phone cable and SIM card.Watch – Includes device, battery, charger and SIM card.(Only watches with their own wireless number and SIM cardcan be covered.)If you bring your own deviceWhen you activate your own device on the AT&T network, itmay be eligible for device protection. You have 30 days to enroll from the date you activated AT&Twireless service. The device must be in good working condition. If your device make/model is or has been sold by AT&T,the applicable deductible applies. For a non-AT&T devicemake/model, Deductible Tier C applies.Replacement options may vary. Not all devices are eligible.Enrollment periodYou must enroll within 30 days of new activation or deviceupgrade. You can switch your already-enrolled number to adifferent plan at any time, if eligible. To enroll, ask your sales repor go to to terms and conditionsYou agree to the Terms and Conditions, including theCoverage Certificate, when you enroll. Your salesrepresentative can print them at your request or you canreview them at Terms and Conditions, including the CoverageCertificate will also be sent to you once your mobile numberis enrolled.Electronic CommunicationsIf your device is damaged or if your lost device is later found,you can avoid non-Return fees of up to 850 (the fee is basedon the cost of the claim to the insurance company) by simplyreturning the device as directed by us in the return envelopethat we provide to you.Insurance exclusions and limitationsAT&T Protect Advantage for 1: This insurance coverage doescontain limitations and exclusions. Loss due to indirect orconsequential loss, intentional acts, dishonest acts, fraudulentacts, criminal acts, abuse, technological obsolescence ordepreciation, cosmetic damage, unauthorized repair orreplacement, pollutants, failure to follow the manufacturer’sinstructions, manufacturer recall, mechanical or electricalfailure during the manufacturer’s warranty period, malware,nuclear reaction or radiation, war, governmental action, damageto data, nonstandard external media, and nonstandardsoftware, and failure to reasonably protect the device from anyfurther loss are excluded. All exclusions and limitations can befound in the full terms and conditions.AT&T Protect Advantage for 4: This insurance coveragecontains the same limitations and exclusions as those listedabove for AT&T Protect Advantage for 1. Additionally, losscaused by power surge if the Covered Property was notconnected to a surge protector at the time of Loss and Lossesfor Non-Connected Covered Property that occur within thirty(30) days from the submission of your request for enrollmentare excluded. All exclusions and limitations can be found in thefull terms and conditions.AT&T Mobile Insurance: This insurance coverage contains thesame limitations and exclusions as those listed above for AT&TProtect Advantage for 1. Additionally, loss or damage to or ofbatteries unless it is part of the covered loss are excluded. Allexclusions and limitations can be found in the full terms andconditions.AT&T program and legal notices will be sent via email. If anemail address is not provided, the information will be mailed.Legal notices will not be sent to New York residents via email.4

Protect Advantage for 4How it works One primary eligible device must be connected toa monthly AT&T post-paid wireless plan (connected device). Second, third and fourth eligible devices can be connected to amonthly AT&T post-paid plan (smartphones and connectedtablets on the same account). Or they may be non-connected— that is, not connected to a monthly AT&T rate plan. Non-connected devices can be your choice of a Wi-Fi tablet orlaptop with Windows Vista, OS X, Android, iOS or newer operatingsystems. Your primary connected device is automatically registeredwith enrollment in the program, but your second, third andfourth devices can be registered later when you file a claim.3 ways to file a claim Go U se the AT&T ProTechapp (Protect Advantagecustomers only)C all 888.562.8662Claims reps availableMonday through Friday,from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET;Weekends, from9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. You cannot have more than 4 eligible devices registeredat any time.Be sure youremember: 30-day waiting period after enrollment for non-connecteddevices is required before insurance coverage applies. F ile the claim as soonas possible within 60days of the incident. Once a claim is approved your mobile number (connected device)or device (non-connected device) is registered and will remainregistered as one of your four covered mobile number/devicesfor a period of 12 months. After 12 months (from the date of the approved claim), yourcovered mobile number (connected) or device (non-connected)registration can be changed. Each approved claim restarts the 12 month registration periodfor that mobile number/device. I f your device was lost or stolen, contact AT&T totemporarily suspend service and preventunauthorized use. I f you receive a replacement device, your originaldevice must be returned using the prepaid shippinglabel provided with your replacement device. Nonreturn charges of up to 850 may be added to yourwireless bill for failure to return your original device. Although unlimited, each approved battery replacement requiresthe repaired device to be registered (registration can be changed12 months from the date of the approved claim).Important disclosuresUnless otherwise licensed, AT&T associatesare not qualified or authorized to evaluatethe adequacy of your existing insurancecoverage. Questions regarding this programshould be directed to CNA’s licensed agent,Asurion Protection Services, LLC. TheCoverage Certificate may provide aduplication of coverage already providedby a consumer’s personal auto insurancepolicy, homeowner’s insurance policy, renter’sinsurance policy, personal liability insurancepolicy, or other source of coverage. Thisinsurance is primary over any other insuranceyou may have. Asurion and CNA strive tosatisfy every customer and ask that youallow us the opportunity to resolve anyquestion, concern or complaint you may haveby calling us at 888.562.8662. The CoverageCertificate is the entire agreement betweenthe insurer and you. Please refer to theCoverage Certificate for complete terms andconditions of the coverage provided.For questions, contact: Mail: AsurionProtection Services, LLC Iowa License#1001002300, Asurion Protection ServicesInsurance Agency, LLC Customer Care, P.O.Box 411605, Kansas City, MO 64141-1605,CA License #OD63161 Phone: 888.562.8662For residents of California, Indiana andMaryland: Consumer hotline for theCalifornia Department of Insurance is800.927.HELP (4357), for the State of IndianaDepartment of Insurance is 800.622.4461,and for the Maryland InsuranceAdministration is 800.492.6116.FRAUD: Any person who knowingly and withintent to injure, defraud, or deceive anyinsurer files a statement of claim on anapplication containing any false, incomplete,or misleading information is guilty ofinsurance fraud. In Florida, such conduct is afelony of the third degree.ARBITRATION: The Terms and Conditionsof the device protection products containbinding Arbitration Agreements, which canbe obtained by visiting should read the Arbitration Agreementscarefully and completely, since they affectyour rights. The Arbitration Agreementsrequire you to: 1) RESOLVE ANY DISPUTESTHROUGH BINDING AND INDIVIDUALARBITRATIONS OR SMALL CLAIMS COURTACTIONS; AND 2) WAIVE YOUR RIGHTS TOA JURY TRIAL AND YOUR RIGHTS TOPARTICIPATE IN CLASS ACTIONS ORCLASS OR CONSOLIDATEDARBITRATIONS. The ArbitrationAgreements do not prevent you frominforming federal, state or local agencies ofany dispute. If you do not agree to submitdisputes to binding and individual arbitration,or you do not agree to any other provision ofthe Arbitration Agreements, you should notenroll in Mobile Insurance or ProtectAdvantage products.For WA residents only, we may cancel theinsurance policy or change the insuranceterms and conditions with at least 30 daysnotice unless we cancel for the followingreasons and notice: (1) 15 days for fraud ormaterial misrepresentation in obtainingcoverage or in the presentation of a claim;(2) 10 days for non-payment; or(3) immediately for no longer havingactive service with AT&T or exhausting youraggregate claim limit. We will not increasethe premium or deductible or restrictcoverage more than once in any 6 monthperiod. 2020 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T and Globe logo are registered trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.PRO PD 0420 02755 Ea5

Apple iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7/8/XR/11 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 32GB & 128GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB & 128GB - LG G6/V30/V35 ThinQ Apple Watch Series 3/4 GPS Cellular, Stainless Steel Case, Sport Bands Apple Watch 4 GPS Cellular, Aluminum Case, All Bands Google Pixel 4 LG G8X ThinQ Samsung Gala