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Contents at a GlanceIntroduction xxiCHAPTER 1Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating3CHAPTER 2Installing and Configuring NanoCHAPTER 3Working with ImagesCHAPTER 4Disks and VolumesCHAPTER 5Server Storage 83CHAPTER 6Data Deduplication 103CHAPTER 7Installing Hyper-V 115CHAPTER 8Working with Virtual MachinesCHAPTER 9Hyper-V Storage 153CHAPTER 10Hyper-V NetworkingCHAPTER 11Deploying Containers191CHAPTER 12Managing Containers205CHAPTER 13High Availability in Hyper-VCHAPTER 14Failover ClusteringCHAPTER 15Managing Failover ClusteringCHAPTER 16Storage Spaces DirectCHAPTER 17Managing VM MovementCHAPTER 18Network Load Balancing (NLB)CHAPTER 19Maintaining ServersCHAPTER 20Monitoring ServersCHAPTER 21Final PreparationAPPENDIX AAnswers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes and Q&AQuestions 99313335349Elements Available on the Book Website9780789756978.indb iiiAPPENDIX BMemory TablesAPPENDIX CMemory Tables Answer KeyAPPENDIX DStudy Planner4/19/17 10:34 AM

Table of ContentsIntroductionChapter 1xxiInstalling, Upgrading, and Migrating 3“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 3Foundation Topics 6What’s New in Windows Server 2016 6Installation Requirements 7Hardware Requirements 7The Processor 8Random Access Memory (RAM) 8Storage Controllers and Disk Space 9Network Adapters 9Other Requirements 9Windows Server 2016 Editions 10Installing Windows Server 2016 10PowerShell and Desired State Configuration (DSC) 14Performing Upgrades and Migrations 15Upgrading 16Performing License Conversions 17Migrations 18Determining the Appropriate Activation Model 18Exam Preparation Tasks 19Review All Key Topics 19Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 20Define Key Terms 20Q&AChapter 220Installing and Configuring Nano 23“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 23Foundation Topics 26Determining Appropriate Usage Scenarios 26Requirements for Nano Server 26Hardware Requirements 27The Processor 279780789756978.indb iv4/19/17 10:34 AM

RAM (Random Access Memory) 27Storage Controllers and Disk Space 27Installing Nano Server 28Implementing Roles and Features on Nano Server 35Managing and Configuring Nano Server 36Managing Nano Server Remotely Using Windows PowerShell 36Exam Preparation Tasks 38Review All Key Topics 38Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 39Define Key Terms 39Q&AChapter 339Working with Images 41“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 41Foundation Topics 44Planning for Windows Server Virtualization 44Generation 1 Versus Generation 2 Virtual Machines 45NetworkingScalabilitySecurity464748The Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 49Considerations for Deploying Workloads into Virtualized Environments 50Resource Requirements 50Workload Characteristics 51VM Configurations 52Host Planning 52Architecture and Capability Planning 53Updating Images with Patches, Hotfixes, and Drivers 53Installing Roles and Features in Offline Images 53Managing and Maintaining Windows Server Core, Nano Server Images, andVHDs Using Windows PowerShell 54Exam Preparation Tasks 55Review All Key Topics 55Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 56Define Key Terms 56Q&A9780789756978.indb v564/19/17 10:34 AM

viMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016Chapter 4Disks and Volumes 59“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 59Foundation Topics 61Creating Disks 61Configuring Sector Sizes Appropriate for Various Workloads 61Configuring GUID Partition Table (GPT) Disks 63Creating and Mounting VHD and VHDX Files Using Server Manageror Windows PowerShell 64Determining When to Use NTFS and ReFS File Systems 69SMB and NFS Shares 70Configuring SMB and NFS Shares Using Server Manager 70Configuring SMB and NFS Shares and Server and Client Settings withPowerShell 72File and Folder Permissions 76Exam Preparation Tasks 80Review All Key Topics 80Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 80Define Key Terms 80Q&AChapter 581Server Storage 83“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 83Foundation Topics 85Storage Spaces 85Configuring Storage Pools and Storage Spaces 85Implementing Simple, Mirror, and Parity Storage Layout Options forDisks or Enclosures 86Expanding Storage Pools 88Configuring Tiered Storage 89Storage Area Networks 89Configuring iSCSI Target and Initiator 89Configuring iSNS 91Configuring Datacenter Bridging (DCB) 92Configuring Multipath IO (MPIO) 939780789756978.indb vi4/19/17 10:34 AM

ContentsviiStorage Replica 95Determining Usage Scenarios for Storage Replica 95Implementing Storage Replica for Server-to-Server, Cluster-to-Cluster,and Stretch Cluster Scenarios 96Server-to-Server 96Cluster-to-Cluster 97Stretch Cluster 97Exam Preparation Tasks 99Review All Key Topics 99Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 99Define Key Terms 99Q&AChapter 6100Data Deduplication 103“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 103Foundation Topics 105Usage Scenarios for Deduplication 105Implementing Deduplication 106Deduplication Monitoring 111Exam Preparation Tasks 112Review All Key Topics 112Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 113Define Key Terms 113Q&AChapter 7113Installing Hyper-V 115“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 115Foundation Topics 117Preparing for Installation 117Installation Prerequisites 118Installing Hyper-V 119Managing VMs 122Delegating Virtual Machine Management 122PowerShell Direct 124Nested Virtualization 1259780789756978.indb vii4/19/17 10:34 AM

viiiMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016Exam Preparation Tasks 125Review All Key Topics 125Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 126Define Key Terms 126Q&AChapter 8126Working with Virtual Machines 129“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 129Foundation Topics 131Basic Virtual Machine Deployment 131An Overview of Virtual Machine Settings 132Virtual Machine Configuration Versions 133Creating a Virtual Machine 134Virtual Machine Memory 136Checkpoints140Resource Metering 141Managing Integration Services 142Advanced Virtual Machine Deployment 143Enhanced Session Mode 143Linux Integration Services (LIS) and FreeBSD Integration Services(BIS) 144Secure Boot 146Importing, Exporting, and Moving Virtual Machines 147Discrete Device Assignment (DDA) 149Best Practices for VM Deployment 149Exam Preparation Tasks 150Review All Key Topics 150Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 150Define Key Terms 150Q&AChapter 9151Hyper-V Storage 153“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 153Foundation Topics 155Creating VHD, VHDX, and VHDS Virtual Hard Disks 155Fixed-Size VHD 1569780789756978.indb viii4/19/17 10:34 AM

ContentsixDynamically Expanding Virtual Hard Disks 158Pass-Through Disks 158Differencing Disks 160Shared Virtual Hard Disks 161Virtual Machine Storage Resiliency 162Converting and Resizing Virtual Hard Disks 163Fibre Channel Support 164Location Considerations for Virtual Hard Disks 165Checkpoints165Storage Quality of Service 167Exam Preparation Tasks 170Review All Key Topics 170Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 171Define Key Terms 171Q&AChapter 10171Hyper-V Networking 173“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 173Foundation Topics 175Network Interface Cards 175Adding and Removing Virtual Network Interface Cards (vNICs) andLegacy Network Adapters 175Configuring NIC Teaming in Virtual Machines 178Configuring MAC Addresses 180Virtual Switches 181Virtual Network Performance 183Virtual Machine Queue 184Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and Switch EmbeddedTeaming (SET) 184Virtual Networking Best Practices 186Exam Preparation Tasks 187Review All Key Topics 187Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 188Define Key Terms 188Q&A9780789756978.indb ix1884/19/17 10:34 AM

xMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016Chapter 11Deploying Containers 191“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 191Foundation Topics 193An Overview of Containers 193Docker197Installing Docker on Windows Server and Nano Server 197Configuring Docker Daemon Startup Options 197Host Installation 199Container Deployment 201Exam Preparation Tasks 202Review All Key Topics 202Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 203Define Key Terms 203Q&AChapter 12203Managing Containers 205“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 205Foundation Topics 207Docker Daemon and Windows PowerShell 207Docker Daemon 207Windows PowerShell 208Windows Container Networking 208Other Management Topics 211Managing Container Data Volumes 211Manage Resource Control 212Creating New Container Images Using dockerfile 213Managing Container Images by Using Microsoft Azure 214Exam Preparation Tasks 214Review All Key Topics 214Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 215Define Key Terms 215Q&AChapter 13215High Availability in Hyper-V 217“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 217Foundation Topics 2199780789756978.indb x4/19/17 10:34 AM

ContentsxiHyper-V Replica 219Hyper-V Replica Prerequisites 220Implementing Replica 221Live Migration 226Live Migration Requirements 226Live Migration Considerations 226Configuring Constrained Delegation 227Configuring Live Migration in Hyper-V Manager 228Configuring Live Migration in PowerShell 229Setting Performance Options 230Implementing Shared-Nothing Live Migration 230Storage Migration 231Exam Preparation Tasks 232Review All Key Topics 232Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 233Define Key Terms 233Q&AChapter 14233Failover Clustering 235“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 235Foundation Topics 237Implementing Failover Clustering 237Hardware and Software Requirements for Failover Clustering 237Implementing Workgroup, Single-Domain, and Multi-DomainClusters 238Configuring Quorum 242Configuring Cluster Networking 245Restoring Single-Node or Cluster Configuration 247Implementing Cluster-Aware Updating 248Implementing Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade 249Configuring Clusters Without Network Names 250Implementing VM Resiliency 251Cluster Storage 252Configuring Cluster Storage 252Configuring and Optimizing Clustered Shared Volumes (CSVs) 2539780789756978.indb xi4/19/17 10:34 AM

xiiMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016Implementing Scale-Out File Server (SoFS) 254Determining Different Scenarios for the Use of SoFS Versus ClusteredFile Server 256Determining Usage Scenarios for Implementing Guest Clustering 256Implementing a Clustered Storage Spaces Solution Using Shared SASStorage Enclosures 257Implementing Storage Replica 259Implementing Shared VHDX as a Storage Solution for GuestClusters 259Exam Preparation Tasks 260Review All Key Topics 260Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 261Define Key Terms 261Q&AChapter 15261Managing Failover Clustering 263“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 263Foundation Topics 265Role-Specific Settings and Continuously Available Shares 265Role-Specific Settings 265Continuously Available Shares 267More Management Settings 268Configuring VM Monitoring 268Configuring Failover and Preference Settings 269Implementing Stretch and Site-Aware Failover Clusters 269Enabling and Configuring Node Fairness 271Exam Preparation Tasks 272Review All Key Topics 272Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 272Define Key Terms 273Q&AChapter 16273Storage Spaces Direct 275“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 275Foundation Topics 277Storage Spaces Direct 2779780789756978.indb xii4/19/17 10:34 AM

ContentsxiiiDetermining Scenario Requirements for Implementing Storage SpacesDirect 279Enabling Storage Spaces Direct Using Windows PowerShell 280Disaggregated and Hyper-Converged Storage Spaces Direct 282Implementing a Disaggregated Storage Spaces Direct Scenario in aCluster 282Implementing a Hyper-Converged Storage Spaces Direct Scenario in aCluster 283Exam Preparation Tasks 284Review All Key Topics 284Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 284Define Key Terms 284Q&AChapter 17285Managing VM Movement 287“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 287Foundation Topics 288Moving VMs 288Performing a Live Migration 289Performing a Quick Migration 289Performing a Storage Migration 290More VM Management 291Importing, Exporting, and Copying VMs 291Configuring VM Network Health Protection 292Configuring Drain on Shutdown 294Exam Preparation Tasks 295Review All Key Topics 295Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 296Define Key Terms 296Q&AChapter 18296Network Load Balancing (NLB) 299“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 299Foundation Topics 300Installing and Configuring NLB 300Configuring NLB Prerequisites 301Installing NLB Nodes 3029780789756978.indb xiii4/19/17 10:34 AM

xivMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016More NLB Configurations 306Configuring Affinity 306Configuring Port Rules 308Configuring Cluster Operation Mode 308Upgrading an NLB Cluster 309Exam Preparation Tasks 310Review All Key Topics 310Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 310Define Key Terms 310Q&AChapter 19311Maintaining Servers 313“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 313Foundation Topics 315Windows Server Update Services 315Implementing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Solutions 315Configuring WSUS Groups 319Managing Patches in Mixed Environments 321Windows Defender 323Implementing an Antimalware Solution with Windows Defender 323Integrating Windows Defender with WSUS and Windows Update 324Backup and Restore 326Hyper-V Host and Hyper-V Guest 329Active Directory 329File Servers and Web Servers 331Exam Preparation Tasks 331Review All Key Topics 331Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 332Define Key Terms 332Q&AChapter 20332Monitoring Servers 335“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 335Foundation Topics 336Performance Monitor 336Monitoring Workloads Using Performance Monitor 3379780789756978.indb xiv4/19/17 10:34 AM

ContentsxvConfiguring Data Collector Sets 339Determining Appropriate CPU, Memory, Disk, and NetworkingCounters for Storage and Compute Workloads 342Configuring Alerts 342Resource Monitor 343Monitoring Workloads Using Resource Monitor 343Exam Preparation Tasks 346Review All Key Topics 347Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 347Define Key Terms 347Q&AChapter 21347Final Preparation 349Tools for Final Preparation 350Pearson Cert Practice Test Engine and Questions on the Website 350Accessing the Pearson Test Prep Software Online 350Accessing the Pearson Test Prep Software Offline 351Customizing Your Exams 352Updating Your Exams 352Premium Edition 353Memory Tables 353Chapter-Ending Review Tools 354Suggested Plan for Final Review/Study 354Summary355Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes and Q&AQuestions 357Glossary 367Index 372Elements Available on the Book Website9780789756978.indb xvAPPENDIX BMemory TablesAPPENDIX CMemory Tables Answer KeyAPPENDIX DStudy Planner4/19/17 10:34 AM

xviMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016About the AuthorAnthony Sequeira (CCIE #15626) began his IT career in 1994 with IBM in Tampa,Florida. He quickly formed his own computer consultancy, Computer Solutions, and thendiscovered his true passion—teaching and writing about Microsoft and Cisco technologies.Anthony has lectured to massive audiences around the world while working for MasteringComputers. He has never been happier in his career than he is now as a full-time trainerfor CBT Nuggets. He is an avid tennis player, a private pilot, and a semi-professional pokerplayer, and he enjoys getting beaten up by women and children at the martial arts school heattends with his daughter.9780789756978.indb xvi4/19/17 10:34 AM

DedicationxviiDedicationThis book is dedicated to all my fellow employees at CBT Nuggets. Thank you for your tirelessefforts in enriching the lives of students all over the world.9780789756978.indb xvii4/19/17 10:34 AM

xviiiMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016AcknowledgmentsThanks so much to my technical reviewer, Vince Averello. Vince carefully stepped throughthe hefty contents of this book to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.Thanks also to Michelle Newcomb for her patience with me as I struggled to get this bookcompleted on time. Finally, as always, thanks to Chris Cleveland for his incredible work toensure that this book is as awesome as possible!9780789756978.indb xviii4/19/17 10:34 AM

About the Technical ReviewerxixAbout the Technical ReviewerVince Averello has been a professional geek for more than 30 years. During those oftenfunny, sometimes frightening but always interesting years, he’s worked for more than 10organizations, lending his expertise to a variety of projects. Every one of them has been alearning experience, so now he knows a little bit about a lot of things, ranging from theInternet to garment trucking. Vince lives in lovely midtown Bayonne, New Jersey with hisloving wife, daughter, and two cats with delusions of grandeur.9780789756978.indb xix4/19/17 10:34 AM

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IntroductionCongratulations! If you are reading this, you have in your possession a powerful tool that canhelp you do the following: Install Windows Servers in host and compute environments Implement storage solutions Implement Hyper-V Implement Windows containers Implement high availability Maintain and monitor server environments Prepare for the Exam 70-740 Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server2016 certification exam from MicrosoftWhether you are preparing for the MCSA or MCSE certifications from Microsoft or changing careers to server administration, this book will help you gain the knowledge to get startedand prepared.This text covers every single objective the 70-740 exam has to offer and also provides thestep-by-step guidance you need in production server environments.The Exam 70-740 Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 exam isrequired for the MCSA and MCSE certifications from Microsoft. This book covers all thetopics listed in Microsoft’s exam blueprint, and each chapter includes key topics and preparation tasks to assist you in mastering this information. Reviewing tables and practicing testquestions will help you practice your knowledge in all subject areas.About the 70-740 Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server2016 ExamThis exam focuses primarily on the installation, storage, and compute features and functionality available in Windows Server 2016. It covers general installation tasks and considerationsand the installation and configuration of Nano Server, in addition to the creation and management of images for deployment. It also covers local and server storage solutions, includingthe configuration of disks and volumes, data deduplication, high availability, disaster recovery,Storage Spaces Direct, and Failover Clustering solutions. The exam also covers Hyper-V andcontainers, along with the maintenance and monitoring of servers in physical and computeenvironments. For a complete review of the exam structure and types of questions you willface, visit can take the exam at Pearson VUE testing centers. Register with VUE at xxi4/19/17 10:34 AM

xxiiMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 201670-740 Exam TopicsTable I-1 lists the topics of the 70-740 exam and indicates the chapter in the book where eachis covered.Table I-170-740 Exam TopicsExam TopicChapterInstall Windows Servers in host and compute environmentsInstall, upgrade, and migrate servers and workloadsChapter 1Install and configure Nano ServerChapter 2Create, manage, and maintain images for deploymentChapter 3Implement storage solutionsConfigure disks and volumesChapter 4Implement server storageChapter 5Implement data deduplicationChapter 6Implement Hyper-VInstall and configure Hyper-VChapter 7Configure virtual machine (VM) settingsChapter 8Configure Hyper-V storageChapter 9Configure Hyper-V networkingChapter 10Implement Windows ContainersDeploy Windows containersChapter 11Manage Windows containersChapter 12Implement High AvailabilityImplement high availability and disaster recovery options in Hyper-VChapter 13Implement failover clusteringChapter 14Manage failover clusteringChapter 15Implement Storage Spaces DirectChapter 16Manage VM movement in clustered nodesChapter 17Implement Network Load Balancing (NLB)Chapter 18Maintain and Monitor Server EnvironmentsMaintain server installationsChapter 19Monitor server installationsChapter 209780789756978.indb xxii4/19/17 10:34 AM

IntroductionxxiiiAbout the MCSA 70-740 Cert GuideThis book maps to the topic areas of the 70-740 exam and uses a number of features to helpyou understand the topics and prepare for the exam.Objectives and MethodsThis book uses several key methodologies to help you discover for which exam topics youneed more review, to help you fully understand and remember those details, and to help youprove to yourself that you have retained your knowledge of those topics. This book does nottry to help you pass the exams only by memorization but by truly learning and understandingthe topics. This book is designed to help you pass the 70-740 exam by using the followingmethods: Helping you discover which exam topics you have not yet mastered Providing explanations and information to fill in your knowledge gaps Supplying exercises that enhance your ability to recall and deduce the answers to testquestions Providing practice exercises on the topics and the testing process via test questions onthe companion websiteBook FeaturesTo help you customize your study time using this book, the core chapters have several features that help you make the best use of your time: “Do I Know This Already?” quiz: Each chapter begins with a quiz that helps youdetermine how much time you need to spend studying that chapter. Foundation Topics: These are the core sections of each chapter. They explain theconcepts for the topics in that chapter. Exam Preparation Tasks: After the “Foundation Topics” section of each chapter, the“Exam Preparation Tasks” section lists a series of study activities that you should do atthe end of the chapter. Each chapter includes the activities that make the most sense forstudying the topics in that chapter: 9780789756978.indb xxiiiReview All the Key Topics: The Key Topic icon appears next to the mostimportant items in the “Foundation Topics” section of the chapter. The ReviewAll the Key Topics activity lists the key topics from the chapter, along withtheir page numbers. Although the contents of the entire chapter could be on theexam, you should definitely know the information listed in each key topic, so youshould be sure to review these.4/19/17 10:34 AM

xxivMCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 Complete the Tables and Lists from Memory: To help you memorize somelists of facts, many of the most important lists and tables from the chapter areincluded in a document on the companion website. This document lists only partial information, allowing you to complete the table or list. Define Key Terms: Although the exam may be unlikely to ask a question suchas “How do you define the term x?” the 70-740 exam does require that you learnand know a lot of networking terminology. This section lists the most importantterms from the chapter, asking you to write a short definition and compare youranswer against the glossary at the end of the book. Q&A: This section helps you confirm that you understand the content that youjust covered.Web-based practice exam: The companion website includes the Pearson Test Preppractice test software, which allows you to take practice exam questions. Use them toprepare with a sample exam and to pinpoint topics for which you need more study.How This Book Is OrganizedThis book contains 20 core chapters:9780789756978.indb xxiv Chapter 1, “Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating,” covers installation requirementsand methods as well as upgrade scenarios and migration approaches. Chapter 2, “Installing and Configuring Nano,” covers how to determine appropriate usage scenarios and requirements for Nano Server as well as how to install NanoServer, including the implementation of roles and features on Nano Server. The chapter also covers the management and configuration of Nano Server, including the use ofWindows PowerShell. Chapter 3, “Working with Images,” covers the important planning and implementation steps involved in virtualization. Chapter 4, “Disks and Volumes,” covers basic and advanced disk and volume creation and management, including the use of NFS and SMB shares for a network. Chapter 5, “Server Storage,” covers more advanced storage topics such as storagepools and Storage Area Network (SAN)–related topics. Chapter 6, “Data Deduplication,” covers implementation of data deduplication. Chapter 7, “Installing Hyper-V,” covers requirements for Hyper-V as well as itsimplementation and management. Chapter 8, “Working with Virtual Machines,” covers advanced topics in VM creation and management.4/19/17 10:34 AM

Introduction Chapter 9, “Hyper-V Storage,” covers the ins and outs of VHDs and VHDX files. Chapter 10, “Hyper-V Networking,” covers networking concepts from virtual NICsto RDMA. Chapter 11, “Deploying Containers,” covers container basics and their creation. Chapter 12, “Managing Containers,” covers container management, including theuse of Docker in the Windows Server 2016 environment. Chapter 13, “High Availability in Hyper-V,” covers important high-availability topics such as Hyper-V Replica, live migration, and shared-nothing live migration. Chapter 14, “Failover Clustering,” covers the creation of various Failover Clusteringmodels that are possible in Windows Server 2016. Chapter 15, “Managing Failover Clustering,” moves deeper into the subject offailover cluster management, including advanced topics such as VM monitoring andnode fairness. Chapter 16, “Storage Spaces Direct,” includes a discussion of deployment scenariosand step-by-step instructions for implementation. Chapter 1

CHAPTER 7 Installing Hyper-V 115 CHAPTER 8 Working with Virtual Machines 129 . Managing and Maintaining Windows Server Core, Nano Server Images, and VHDs Using Windows PowerShell 54 Exam Preparation Tasks 55 . x MCSA 70-740 Cert Guide: Installation, Storage,