STUDY PLANMicrosoft MCSA:Windows Server 2016 70-740Total Videos: 48Time: 14 hours**The time indicated above represents the total time to view all videos in the course, but does not include time spent using virtual labs, practice exams,embedded quizzes, etc.

Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016Exam DetailsThe Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA): Windows Server 2016Time allotted for exam: 120 minutescertification is designed to prove mastery of the skills required to administerWindows Server 2016, including installation and implementation of storagesolutions, Hyper-V, and Windows containers; networking with DNS, DHCP, IPaddress management, and advanced infrastructure; and administration of ActiveDirectory Domain Services, group policy, Nano Server, and more.Number of questions: 40-60*Passing score: 700**Question types: Multiple choice; multiple choice/multiple answer; scenarioExam registration: Microsoft Learning or Pearson VueExam cost: 165 (USD)Interestingly, Windows Server 2016 includes containers, which was once almostexclusively the purview of Linux/UNIX. The certification represents a new attitude ofopenness between Microsoft and the Linux Foundation and embodies Microsoft’sembrace of open source.The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is made up of three exams, all ofSkills measured: Each exam registration page on the Microsoft website provides alist of Skills Measured (which is a free resource) to guide your study and preparation. 70-740Exam Replay: Microsoft exams have a reputation for being challenging. Manywhich are covered by CBT Nuggets training.learners find they have to take an exam more than once to achieve a successful 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Computer with Windows Server 2016outcome. Fortunately, Microsoft is aware of the level of challenge associated 70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016with their exams, and often provides an “Exam Replay,” allowing learners to retake 70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016Typically, learners pursuing this certification path should have some familiarity (1-3exams at a fraction of the usual cost. Please note that the Exam Replay may notalways be available.years) with Windows Server and experience working in an enterprise environment.The MCSA is considered an intermediate-level certification but has no prerequisitetraining or certifications.*Microsoft does not publish the exact number of questions associated with its exams.Therefore, the number of questions a learner will see varies.**Because the number of questions varies, it is not necessarily true that learners must earna simple 70% to pass the exam.

STUDY STRATEGIESLearners use a great variety of strategies to attack theirtraining. Here are some options you can choose from toget the most out of your training experience:PRACTICE EXAM STRATEGIESCBT Nuggets offers practice exams as part of yoursubscription. You can take the practice exams as manytimes as you like! Here are some tips to help you takefull advantage of this excellent resource:Proceed through all CBT Nuggets video training on doublespeed to develop a strong overview of the material; thenproceed through all the training for a second time, taking goodnotes and focusing on deeper learning.ORProceed through all CBT Nuggets video training, taking goodnotes and focusing on deep learning on the first pass; thenproceed back through all training a second time, using doublespeed when appropriate.Supplement all video training with book study and practicalapplication of knowledge.Use the hands-on virtual labs throughout the course to practiceyour skills.PLAN TO TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM 3 TIMESFIRST EXAMCreate a baseline againstwhich you can measure yourprogress with future exams.Identify areas of weakness inorder to direct your trainingas you move forward.SECOND EXAMMeasure your progress since yourfirst practice exam! Ask yourself:Are you retaining the informationand material you learned at thebeginning of your training? Are thereareas to which you should return nowto ensure your understanding beforemoving forward?The results from yoursecond practice examexperience should help youidentify areas where youmay need to spend extraeffort and energy in thetraining ahead.THIRD EXAMLearn more about how to get all you canout of your practice exam experiencefrom a quick video by Keith BarkerMeasure your progressagainst your first twopractice exams!Ask yourself: Are youscoring 90% by now?If so, you might beready for the realAllow the results from yourpractice exam to directyour review ahead of yourcertification exam. Askyourself: Are you retainingall the material? And are youunderstanding it well?3

KEY4. Install andConfigureWindows ServerCore18The durationof the videoin minutes.30-90The number andtitle for each videocorresponds to thenumber and titleyou will find on theMicrosoft MCSA:Windows Server 201670-740 course pageonline (and on yourmobile device).Time requiredto completea virtual labin minutes.The Extra Mile section ofyour study plan challengesyou to dig a little deeperwith your training. TheExtra Mile might be atextbook recommendation,supplemental materialsdownloads, or other resourcesto help you take your trainingto the next level. Nothing inthe Extra Mile is required, butit is here to help you learn.“Your virtual lab experience will vary throughoutthe course, depending on the exam objectivesand your learning style and needs. Each virtuallab could take anywhere from 10-90 minutes.”- Garth SchulteWEEK 1Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2016 70-7401. Welcome to WindowsServer 2016 and 70-740!4. Install and ConfigureWindows Server Core5. Manage Windows ServerCore2. Plan for Windows Server20166. Implement PowerShellDesired State Configuration(DSC)7. Windows Server 2016Activation3. Install and ConfigureWindows Server plore the Microsoft Learningwebsite to learn more about the70-740 exam, its requirements, andavailable resources.Consider purchasing a textbook to supplement your training. MCSA Windows Server 2016 Complete Study Guide: Exam 70-740, Exam 70-741, Exam 70-742, and Exam 70-743,by William Panek Exam Ref 70-740 Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016, by Craig Zacker MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-740, by William PanekReview the skills measured by the70-740 exam. (Consider printing outthe exam objectives to help guideyour study!)VIRTUAL LAB*This CBT Nuggets course includes virtual labs to give you hands-on experience and help ensure that you are deeplyunderstanding what you learn.*Keep a list of any virtual lab experiences that you find particularly challenging so you can come back to them for additional practice later.4

WEEK 28. Upgrade and Migrate toWindows Server 201619EXTRAMILE30-909. Introduction to NanoServer830-9010. Install Nano Server1830-90Join the CBT Nuggets Learner Community on Slack! Join other CBTNuggets learners in a community where you can post questions, sharestudy resources, connect with IT experts from all over the world, and getmentoring for your training.WEEK 3Images21EXTRAMILE30-9014. Configure Disks1430-90Visit Microsoft’s TechNet to learn more on how toConfigure Disks and Storage.1430-90Learn more about Nano Server fromTechNet’s Nano Server blog.15. Configure Virtual Disks13Nano ServerLearn more about Nano Server from the CBTNuggets blog, 3 Reasons to Love MicrosoftWindows Server 2016 Nano Server.*Please allow 48 hours for your request to join the community to be processed.13. Manage and Maintain11. Manage and Configure30-9016. Configure Shares2230-9012. Plan for Virtualization1330-90Create flashcards to quiz yourselfon the content from your training!Or, use existing flashcardresources such as!17. Configure Permissions1530-90“I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of hisdreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meetwith a success unexpected in common hours.”- Henry David Thoreau5

WEEK 418. Configure and ManageStorage Pools16EXTRAMILE30-9019. Advanced StorageFeatures530-90TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM!20. Configure StorageReplica90-1201416EXTRAMILE30-90WEEK 5Hyper-V2030-90Dig a little deeper to master how to Createa Virtual Machine in Hyper-V from Microsoft’sWindows IT Center.1925. Configure VirtualMachines30-90Take some time this week to return to labsthat have previously been challenging foryou to see if you can conquer them now!1830-90- William S. Burroughsyou are retaining the material you’ve learned so far!24. Create Virtual Machines16“Your mind will answer mostquestions if you learn to relaxand wait for the answer.”*Keep in mind that you’ve not completed the training yet, so you probably won’t ace this exam. This is just to help you assess how well23. Configure and ManageDeduplication30-90TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM!Use the results to drive your review and practice as you continue your study*. Transcender Microsoft Cert - 70-74022. Install Hyper-V21. Implement Data26. Manage Virtual Machines30-901730-90“I learned the value of hard workby working hard.”- Margaret Mead6

WEEK 627. Create and ConfigureHyper-V Storage20EXTRAMILE30-9028. Manage Hyper-V Storage2430-9029. Configure Hyper-VNetworking1730-9030. Optimize Hyper-VNetworking12 What’s new in Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 from the Microsoft Windows IT Center Hyper-V on Windows Server 2016 from the Microsoft Windows IT CenterWEEK 7 Hyper-V Virtual Switch from the Microsoft Windows IT Center19EXTRAMILE30-9033. Manage Containers2030-9030-901530-90- Harvey Spencer Lewis34. Implement Hyper-VReplica13Containers“I am tomorrow, or some future day,what I establish today. I am today whatI established yesterday — or someprevious day.”Hyper-V makes up 20-25% of your 70-740 exam. Take some time now to learn it well!32. Deploy Containers31. Introduction to30-9035. Implement Hyper-VMigration1830-9036. Introduction to FailoverClustering1030-90Containers represent about 5-10% of your 70-740 exam. Be intentional about learning all you can about Windows Server 2016 containers! Windows Server 2016 Feature Highlight: Containers from Tom’s IT Pro Open Source Skills for the Microsoft Master from the CBT Nuggets blog Containers from Microsoft Docs7

WEEK 837. Configure FailoverClustering20EXTRAMILE38. Maintain FailoverClusters30-9022TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM!Clustering30-9090-120TAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM!Use the results to drive your review and practice as you continue your study*. Transcender Microsoft Cert - 70-740*You should see strong improvements in your performance by now! Measure your improvement andWEEK 9let your practice exam results guide your study ahead of your certification exam.41. Implement Hyper-VClusters24EXTRAMILE30-9042. Implement StretchClusters3039. Manage Failover30-90Schedule your certification exam with an approved testingsite. Consider purchasing the Microsoft Exam Replayvoucher to help ensure your success on the 70-740certification exam!43. Implement StorageSpaces Direct221630-9040. Implement Scale-out FileServer (SoFS)1330-90Make sure you have a strong understanding of topics relatedto high availability because it makes up 30-35% of your70-740 exam. Failover Clustering in Windows Server 2016 from theMicrosoft Windows IT Center44. Implement NetworkLoad Balancing30-90Review Microsoft’s Exam Policies andFAQs to fully understand the testingconditions you’ll face on the big day!1630-9045. Maintain ServerInstallations2430-90Dedicate more time and effort to understandingissues around implementing high availability. Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2016from the Microsoft Windows IT Center8

WEEK 1046. Implement ServerBackups47. Monitor ServerTAKE THE PRACTICE EXAM!VIRTUAL LABSVIRTUAL LABS48. Good Luck!Transcender MicrosoftCert - 70-740Flashcards: They worked for youin grade school, they can workfor you now!Flashcards are an excellent wayto work on acronyms you’ll needto know for your exam.InstallationsOne last time .Return to video Nuggetsto brush up on areas ofweakness identified by yourpractice exam results.222030-9090-120Understand the value of the various skills measured by the 70-740 exam: Install Windows Servers in host and compute environments (10-15%) Implement storage solutions (10-15%) Implement Hyper-V (20-25%) Implement Windows containers (5-10%) Implement high availability (30-35%) Maintain and monitor server environments (10-15%)Spend time this week working through your flashcardsto ensure your memorization of acronyms and termsfor your exam.WEEK 11EXTRAMILE30-90THE BIG DAYTake the exam.Get a good night’s sleepahead of your exam!Brag about it! Tweet us or let us knowhow your exam went and what you’redoing to celebrate your success!9

The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification puts you on the path to a career in system administration, but also opens up other pathways as well, includingnetworking, virtualization, security, cloud computing, system administration, and more. Consider these pathways as you move beyond your MCSA:ENTRY LEVELINTERMEDIATEADVANCEDNETWORKINGCompTIANetwork Cisco CCENTJuniperJNCIA-JunosCCNA Routingand SwitchingCCNP Routingand SwitchingJuniperJNCIS-ENTPalo AltoNetworksFirewallCisco CCIERouting andSwitchingCCNASecurityCCNP SecurityPenetrationTesting withLinux ToolsEC-CouncilCertified EthicalHacker(ISC)2 CISSPVMwareVCP6.5-DCV(VCP6.5-DCV)Cisco CCNPData CenterMCSE: CloudPlatform andInfrastructureMCSA: Linuxon AzureMCSE: CloudPlatform andInfrastructureVMwarevSphere 6.5(VCP6.5-DCV)MCSE: CloudPlatform andInfrastructureSECURITYCompTIASecurity Cisco CCENTCisco icrosoftMCSA:WindowsServer 2012CompTIANetwork CCNA DataCenterCLOUD COMPUTINGLPI Linux LPIC-1and CompTIALinux AWS: TechnicalEssentialsAWS: CertifiedSolutionsArchitect AssociateAWS: CertifiedSysOpsAdministrator AssociateMCSA: CloudPlatformMicrosoftMCSA:Windows 10Microsoft MCSA:Office 365MCSA:WindowsServer 2012SYSTEM ADMINISTRATIONCompTIA A LPI LinuxLPIC-1 andCompTIALinux VMwarevSphereFoundationPowershell 4Foundations(no associatedcertification)10

CAREER PATHWAYSTHE NEXT STEPCBT Nuggets is committed to providing you with theThe MCSA is a building block to allow learners to earn a variety of other certifications fromresources necessary to plan your training, certification, andMicrosoft. After earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification, most learners take the nextcareer pathway effectively and efficiently. Reviewstep by earning an MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) certification. The MCSE allowsour Career Pathway blog posts to learn more.learners to select from a variety of elective exams, effectively customizing the certification to meet Mapping Your IT Networking Career Pathwaytheir unique needs. The expert-level certification aligned with the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 is Mapping Your IT Networking Career Pathway Infographic Unlocking Your IT Security Career Pathwaythe MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification. To earn the MCSE, learners must chooseone elective exam from a pool of exam options: Decoding Your IT SysAdmin Career Pathway 70-532 70-534 70-475 70-413 70-246 Charting Your IT Cloud and Virtualization Career Pathway 70-533 70-473 70-744 70-414 70-247 Engineering Your IT DevOps Career PathwaySome learners may choose to diversify their certification resumes by pursuing certifications outsidethe Microsoft universe. Those who choose this path often consider the following certifications: Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching (made up of two exams: ICND1 and ICND2) AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate (made up of one exam: AWS Certified SysOpsRoadmap to Success:MCSA: Windows Server 2016Administrator – Associate) VMware vSphere 6.5 (made up of one exam: VCP6.5-DCV)Learn more about the MCSA certification from theCBT Nuggets blog. The Roadmap to Success: MCSA:Windows Server 2016 is part of a series of blogposts designed to help learners better understandcertification pathways, career opportunities associatedwith those certifications, and next steps beyondcertification.11

The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification is made up of three exams, all of which are covered by CBT Nuggets training. 70-740: Installation, Storage, and Computer with Windows Server 2016 70-741: