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MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Contents1. Course Objective2. Pre-Assessment3. Exercises, Quizzes, Flashcards & GlossaryNumber of Questions4. Expert Instructor-Led Training5. ADA Compliant & JAWS Compatible Platform6. State of the Art Educator Tools7. Award Winning Learning Platform (LMS)8. Chapter & LessonsSyllabusChapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Installing Active DirectoryChapter 3: Administer Active DirectoryChapter 4: Maintaining Active DirectoryChapter 5: Implementing GPOsChapter 6: Understanding CertificatesChapter 7: Configure Access and Information Protection SolutionsChapter 8: AppendixVideos and How To9. Practice TestHere's what you getFeatures10. Performance Based LabsLab TasksHere's what you get11. [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-7421.Course ObjectivePrepare for the Microsoft 70-742 exam with the MCSA Windows Server 2016 course and lab. Thelab provides a hands-on learning experience in a safe, online environment. The MCSA 70-742 courseand lab contain interactive learning resources and completely covers the Microsoft 70-742 examobjectives. The course and lab teach you how to install, administer, and maintain Active Directory;implement GPOs, understand certificates, configure access and information protection solutions; andmore.2.Pre-AssessmentPre-Assessment lets you identify the areas for improvement before you start your prep. It determineswhat students know about a topic before it is taught and identifies areas for improvement withquestion assessment before beginning the course.3.QuizzesQuizzes test your knowledge on the topics of the exam when you go through the course material.There is no limit to the number of times you can attempt [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Flashcards are effective memory-aiding tools that help you learn complex topics easily. The flashcardwill help you in memorizing definitions, terminologies, key concepts, and more. There is no limit tothe number of times learners can attempt these. Flashcards help master the key concepts.50FLASHCARDS5.Glossary of termsuCertify provides detailed explanations of concepts relevant to the course through Glossary. Itcontains a list of frequently used terminologies along with its detailed explanation. Glossary definesthe key terms.60GLOSSARY OFTERMS6.Expert Instructor-Led TraininguCertify uses the content from the finest publishers and only the IT industry's finest instructors. Theyhave a minimum of 15 years real-world experience and are subject matter experts in their fields.Unlike a live class, you can study at your own pace. This creates a personal learning experience andgives you all the benefit of hands-on training with the flexibility of doing it around your schedule24/7.7.ADA Compliant & JAWS Compatible PlatformuCertify course and labs are ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant. It is now [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742accessible to students with features such as:Change the font, size, and color of the content of the courseText-to-speech, reads the text into spoken wordsInteractive videos, how-tos videos come with transcripts and voice-overInteractive transcripts, each word is clickable. Students can clip a specific part of the video byclicking on a word or a portion of the text.JAWS (Job Access with Speech) is a computer screen reader program for Microsoft Windows thatreads the screen either with a text-to-speech output or by a Refreshable Braille display. Student caneasily navigate uCertify course using JAWS shortcut keys.8.State of the Art Educator ToolsuCertify knows the importance of instructors and provide tools to help them do their job effectively.Instructors are able to clone and customize course. Do ability grouping. Create sections. Design gradescale and grade formula. Create and schedule assignments. Educators can also move a student fromself-paced to mentor-guided to instructor-led mode in three clicks.9.Award Winning Learning Platform (LMS)uCertify has developed an award winning, highly interactive yet simple to use platform. The SIIACODiE Awards is the only peer-reviewed program to showcase business and education technology'sfinest products and services. Since 1986, thousands of products, services and solutions have beenrecognized for achieving excellence. uCertify has won CODiE awards consecutively for last 7 years:20141. Best Postsecondary Learning Solution20151. Best Education Solution2. Best Virtual Learning [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-7423. Best Student Assessment Solution4. Best Postsecondary Learning Solution5. Best Career and Workforce Readiness Solution6. Best Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas7. Best Corporate Learning/Workforce Development Solution20161. Best Virtual Learning Solution2. Best Education Cloud-based Solution3. Best College and Career Readiness Solution4. Best Corporate / Workforce Learning Solution5. Best Postsecondary Learning Content Solution6. Best Postsecondary LMS or Learning Platform7. Best Learning Relationship Management Solution20171. Best Overall Education Solution2. Best Student Assessment Solution3. Best Corporate/Workforce Learning Solution4. Best Higher Education LMS or Learning Platform20181. Best Higher Education LMS or Learning Platform2. Best Instructional Solution in Other Curriculum Areas3. Best Learning Relationship Management Solution20191. Best Virtual Learning Solution2. Best Content Authoring Development or Curation Solution3. Best Higher Education Learning Management Solution (LMS)20201. Best College and Career Readiness [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-7422. Best Cross-Curricular Solution3. Best Virtual Learning Solution10.Chapter & LessonsuCertify brings these textbooks to life. It is full of interactive activities that keeps the learnerengaged. uCertify brings all available learning resources for a topic in one place so that the learnercan efficiently learn without going to multiple places. Challenge questions are also embedded in thechapters so learners can attempt those while they are learning about that particular topic. This helpsthem grasp the concepts better because they can go over it again right away which improves learning.Learners can do Flashcards, Exercises, Quizzes and Labs related to each chapter. At the end of everylesson, uCertify courses guide the learners on the path they should follow.SyllabusChapter 1: IntroductionThe Microsoft Certification ProgramWho Should Read This Book?What’s Inside?What’s Included with the Book?Recommended Home Lab SetupCertification Objectives MapsChapter 2: Installing Active [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Verifying the File SystemVerifying Network ConnectivityUnderstanding Domain and Forest FunctionalityPlanning the Domain StructureInstalling Active DirectoryVerifying Active Directory InstallationCreating and Configuring Application Data PartitionsConfiguring DNS Integration with Active DirectorySummaryExam EssentialsChapter 3: Administer Active DirectoryActive Directory OverviewAn Overview of OUsPlanning the OU StructureCreating OUsManaging [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Troubleshooting OUsCreating and Managing Active Directory ObjectsUsing Group Policy for SecurityPublishing Active Directory ObjectsUsing the Command Prompt for Active Directory ConfigurationPowerShell for Active DirectorySummaryExam EssentialsChapter 4: Maintaining Active DirectoryOverview of Network PlanningOverview of Active Directory Replication and SitesImplementing Sites and SubnetsConfiguring ReplicationMonitoring and Troubleshooting Active Directory ReplicationReasons for Creating Multiple DomainsCreating Domain Trees and ForestsDemoting a Domain [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Managing Multiple DomainsMaintain Active DirectorySummaryExam EssentialsChapter 5: Implementing GPOsIntroducing Group PolicyPlanning a Group Policy StrategyImplementing Group PolicyManaging Group PolicyDeploying Software Through a GPOImplementing Software DeploymentConfiguring Software Deployment SettingsTroubleshooting Group PoliciesSummaryExam EssentialsChapter 6: Understanding CertificatesFeatures of Windows Server 2016 Certificate [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742PowerShell for AD CSSummaryExam EssentialsChapter 7: Configure Access and Information Protection SolutionsImplement Active Directory Federation ServicesWorkplace JoinActive Directory Rights Management ServicesConfiguring a Web Application ProxyPowerShell CommandsSummaryExam EssentialsChapter 8: AppendixVideo TutorialsVideos and How [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742uCertify course includes videos to help understand concepts. It also includes How Tos that helplearners in accomplishing certain tasks.11.7620:54VIDEOSHOURSPractice TestuCertify provides full length practice tests. These tests closely follow the exam objectives and aredesigned to simulate real exam conditions. Each course has a number of test sets consisting ofhundreds of items to ensure that learners are prepared for the certification exam.Here's what you get7060PRE-ASSESSMENTS QUESTIONSPOST-ASSESSMENTS QUESTIONSFeaturesFull RemediationEach question comes with detailed remediation explaining not only why an answer option is [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742but also why it is incorrect.Unlimited PracticeEach test can be taken unlimited number of times until the learner feels they are prepared. Learnercan review the test and read detailed remediation. Detailed test history is also available.Learn, Test and Review ModeEach test set comes with learn, test and review modes. In learn mode, learners will attempt a questionand will get immediate feedback and complete remediation as they move on to the next question. Intest mode, learners can take a timed test simulating the actual exam conditions. In review mode,learners can read through one item at a time without attempting it.12.Performance Based LabsuCertify's performance-based labs are Live Labs. Learn the real world skills using Live Labs.uCertify Labs are cloud-based, device-enabled and can be easily integrated with an LMS. Features ofuCertify labs:Provide hands-on experience in a safe, online environmentLabs simulate real world, hardware, software & CLI environmentFlexible and inexpensive alternative to physical LabsComes with well-organized component library for every taskHighly interactive - learn by doingExplanations and remediation availableVideos on how to performLab TasksPromoting a Domain ControllerInstalling AD DS on Server Core Using PowerShellCreating a RODC ServerViewing the Active Directory Event [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Joining a Computer to an Active Directory DomainInstalling the DFS Namespace ServiceCreating an Organizational Unit (OU) StructureModifying an Organizational Unit (OU) StructureUsing the Delegation of Control WizardDelegating Custom TasksCreating Active Directory ObjectsCreating a User TemplateManaging Object PropertiesMoving Active Directory ObjectsResetting an Existing Computer AccountApplying Security Policies by Using Group PolicyEnabling Fine-Grained Password PolicyAdding a PrinterCreating and Publishing a Shared FolderFinding Objects in Active DirectoryCreating a PSO Using the Active Directory Administrative CenterCreating SitesCreating SubnetsCreating Site Links and Site Link BridgesMoving Server Objects Between SitesConfiguring DHCP FilteringInstalling the Remote Access RoleConfiguring User Class OptionsAdding a UPN SuffixManaging GC ServersManaging Universal Group Membership CachingConfiguring the NFS Data StoreCreating a Group Policy Object Using Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)Configuring BranchCache Firewall ExceptionsEnabling the Auditing of Active Directory ObjectsRestricting a User Profile for Dial-In AccessEnabling DHCP Name ProtectionDelegating Administrative Control of Group PolicyConfiguring Automatic Certificate Enrollment in Group [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742Generating and Viewing Audit LogsConfiguring Role-based Access ControlInstalling AD CS Through Server ManagerConfiguring the Audit Object Access PolicyBacking Up the Certificate Authority ServerRemoving the Database FilesEnabling DHCP-DNS IntegrationInstalling the DHCP ServiceCreating DNS RRsPerforming Simple DNS TestingInstalling AD FS Role on a Computer Using Server ManagerUsing the nslookup CommandPerforming the DNS Aging and ScavengingConfiguring the iSCSI Storage ConnectionInstalling the iSNS Feature on Windows Server 2016Installing NLB NodesUsing the Dependency ViewerInstalling Hyper-V in Full Installation ModeCreating an Internal Virtual NetworkCreating a Differencing Hard DiskHere's what you get59PERFORMANCE BASEDLAB13.5906VIDEO [email protected]

MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742After completion of the uCertify course Post-Assessments are given to students and often used inconjunction with a Pre-Assessment to measure their achievement and the effectiveness of the exam.Have Any Query? We Are Happy To Help! [email protected]

24/7. 7. ADA Compliant & JAWS Compatible Platform uCertify course and labs are ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant. It is now more MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742 bitt