AC Schnitzer ACS1Efficient Performance by AC Schnitzer.

A partnership of dynamics and exclusivityAs the top of the compact class, the standardfrom motorsport to the road at an exclusivemodel has already taken a leading our automotive street picture. An idealstarting point for the ambitious engineersThe trend towards innovation and individualityand designers at AC Schnitzer to optimiseis constantly growing, especially amongstthe standard model further. With theirthe younger generation. Here at AC Schnitzer,legendary passion for technical details andsophisticated representatives of the moversaesthetic perfection, they have developedand shakers can find the right product rangean extensive range of special accessorieswhich elegantly combines exclusive drivingwhich transfer the performance conceptdynamics with individual design.AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW 116i with N13B16U0 Engine160180Performance (kW)AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW 114i with N13B16K0 Engine140120113kW/154PS @ 4800min-1160150kW/204PS @ 5900min-114012010075kW/102PS@ 4000min-180235 Nm@ 3000min-160180 Nm@ 1100min-110050000100020003000 4000500060007000250601503503008020020290 Nm@ 3000min-130025040100kW/136PS@ 4400min-1100200220 Nm@ 1350min-1401501002050000100020003000 400050006000rpmrpm1.4i by AC Schnitzer1.6i by AC SchnitzerN13B16K0, Standard with 75kW/102PSN13B16U0, Standard with 100kW/136PS7000Torque (Nm)350Torque (Nm)Performance (kW)The 1-series with Type VIII forged alloy wheels in 19", front spoiler, emblemfilm for the side sills and design stripes in black-red by AC Schnitzer

At one with pure power developmentThe AC Schnitzer rear roof wing - a perfect fit andaerodynamically effectivePush the power boundaries, conquer newWith innovative technologies, the experiencedhorizons - that‘s the guiding concept ofengineers from Aachen know how to combinethe specialists at Aachen. AC Schnitzerthe precision and reliability of the standardgives almost all standard power plants acar with the motorsport genes of their ownperceptible boost in performance of up tobrand in all fields. A glance at the energy360 horsepower in the case of the M 135i.balance - essential today - shows that theSo the perfect overall concept of engine,gain in power, dynamics and driving pleasuresuspension and bodystyling can play to itsneed not entail an increase in consumptionfull strengths.and emissions values. Lower CO2 per hp isthe new solution. Efficient Performance byAC Schnitzer.120265kW/360PS @ 5800min-1260240220600235kW/320PS@ 5800min-1200125kW/170PS@ 4800min-1100300 Nm@ 3200min-180180160300140400120350100300250 Nm@ 1500min-4500-140202001501005000100020003000 4000500060007000450 Nm @ 1300–5000min-112011010045030401502010050365 Nm @ 1900min-1502001000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 80004006060045070400105kW/143PS@ 4000min-18025080126kW/171PS @ 4000min-11309050035025060520 Nm@ 3700min-155014030025020320 Nm @ 1750min-1200150100350100010002000rpmrpmrpm1.8i by AC Schnitzer35i/40i by AC Schnitzer1.8d by AC SchnitzerN13B16M0, Standard with 125kW/170PSN55B30O0, Standard with 235kW/320PSN47D20U1, Standard3000400050006000Torque (Nm)140280Performance (kW)150kW/204PS @ 5800min-1300Torque (Nm)160Performance (kW)180The 1-series saloon with alloy wheels TypeIV in BiColor Black, rear roof wing, rear skirtfilm and tailpipe trims by AC SchnitzerAC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW 118d with N47D20U1 EngineAC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW M 135i/xDrive with N55B30O0 EngineTorque (Nm)Performance (kW)AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW 118i with N13B16M0 Engine

Icons of dynamic driving pleasureThe 2-piece AC Schnitzer front flippers optimise the aerodynamics of the standard front spoiler and emphasise thesporting lines of the entire front endMaximum performance, dynamics andWith engine styling by AC Schnitzerexclusivity - the three central indicators(picture page 7), even in the engine bayof the AC Schnitzer brand world open newit is clear that the performance has beenhorizons of experience even to vehicles withraised beyond doubt. Strikingly formedM-pack. Transferring the generous perfor-aerodynamic components of high strengthmance figures of the standard power plantPU-Rim, tailored for a perfect fi t, give thesafely to the road, and combining this withbody lines a decisive styling touch.a striking look, are the core tasks of furthertuning concepts.AC Schnitzer ACS1 with M-pack, 2-piecefront flippers and Type VIII alloy wheelsAC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW 125d with N47D20T1 Engine160kW/218PS @ 4000min-1160140120135kW/184PS@ 4000min-110050080455 Nm @ 2200min-16045040035040300380 Nm @ 0190kW/258PS @ 4400min-1600160kW/218PS@ 4400min-1520 Nm@ 2500min-1550500450400350300450 Nm @ rpm2.0d by AC Schnitzer2.5d by AC SchnitzerN47D20O1, Standard with 135kW/184PSN47D20T1, Standard with 160kW/218PS6000Torque (Nm)Performance (kW)180Torque (Nm)Performance (kW)AC Schnitzer Performance Upgrade forBMW 120d/xDrive with N47D20O1 Engine

Ideal lines of powerful extravagancePower is not just a matter for the engineFor example, the height-adjustable racingbay. To be able to achieve perceptiblesuspension was painstakingly tailored to theimprovements, the entire concept of powerneeds of the vehicle in countless test lapsplant, suspension and body engineeringon the Nürburgring and endless test milesmust fuse together into a harmonious workon the motorways and country roads. Drivingof art. The experienced development teamcomfort and dynamics here find their idealat AC Schnitzer fulfils these parametersline in all conceivable driving situations.AC Schnitzer racing suspension, height-adjustable, formany 1-series models with and without M-packwith particular enthusiasm in the 1-series.The AC Schnitzer ACS1 based on the M 135i with rear roof wing,rear skirt protective film and chromed tailpipe trims in Racing designAC Schnitzer aerodynamic components with perfectlyfitting, highly efficient, rear roof wing

Upgrade to guaranteed dynamicsand exclusivityInnovative wheel design must fulfil severalIn the characteristic 5-star design, thedemands simultaneously. Technology loversAC Schnitzer alloy rims and forged alloywant wheel weights to be as low as possible,wheels perfectly fulfil all parameters withwhile aesthetic connoisseurs demand strikingclassic elegance. As Type IV or Type VIII, inlines and a wide-open spoke window. And aBiColor design, black or silver - AC Schnitzerlarge diameter is important for everyone aswheels all combine striking edge forms withan indicator of dynamic elegant rim well. In sizes 18", 19" and20", every nuance of an exclusive dynamiceffect can be presented with precisely adapted individual styling.AC Schnitzer Type VIII forged alloy wheel inBiColor black, available in 19"AC Schnitzer Type IV alloy wheel in BiColor black,available in 18" and 19"AC Schnitzer Type IV alloy wheel in silver, alsoavailable in 18" and 19"AC Schnitzer Type VIII forged alloy wheel in BiColorblack, available in 18", 19" and 20"AC Schnitzer Type VIII alloy in BiColor silver,in 18" 19" and 20"AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit available for all1-series models

True motorsport feeling to handTo experience the high performance technologyExquisite finishes and subtly placed logosfrom motorsport just once is the wish ofcelebrate a special, authentic motorsportmany 1-series drivers with sporting ambitions.atmosphere. Whether in silver or in “BlackNow this wish is one decisive step closerLine”, the AC Schnitzer components for thethanks to the exclusive components fromgear knob, handbrake handle, and iDriveAC Schnitzer for the interior. Materials suchsystem controller provide the true fingertipas aluminium and leather refine the sportingfeeling which is essential for true high per-ambience.formance in motorsport.The AC Schnitzer brand world allows you to experience close up the fascination of maximum performance in design and technologyAC Schnitzer i-Drive cover, gear knob with digitalgear display or illumination, velours mats andaluminium pedal set - the motorsport roots areunmistakeable

St a nd : 201 3-09, 9710 20 650Our partners are the best :AC Schnitzer Showroom Neuenhofstraße 160 D-52078 Aachen Tel. 49/(0) 241/56 88 [email protected] AC Schnitzer is a division Kohl Automobile GmbHFax 49/(0) 241/56 88 135

BMW 114i with N13B16K0 Engine rpm Performance (kW) Torque (Nm) 1.4i by AC Schnitzer N13B16K0, Standard with 75kW/102PS 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 75kW/102PS @ 4000min-1 235 Nm @ 3000min-1 180 Nm @ 1100min-1 113kW