BECOME AGRILL MASTERWELCOME TO THEHEART OF GRILLINGThis course teaches you how to use the Weber wayof grilling to open up a world of possibilities on your barbecue.Covering the key skills such as lighting and temperature control,you will be learning how to perfectly grill, roast and bake!RECIPE CARDFAMILY CLASSICSGRILLED WAGYU MEATBALLSCHARCOAL BAKED PIZZA MARGARITAGRILLED LEMON GARLIC CHICKENCROQUE MONSIEUR

GRILLED WAGYU MEATBALLSPreparation Time:15 minutesIngredients you will need:Wagyu Ground BeefOlive OilSpice MixFresh Italian ParsleyNapoletana SauceAccessories you will need:Weber GBS GriddleWeber Premium GlovesHow to grill:Grill Method:DirectGrill Temperature:250 CHow to prepare:1. Ensure that the ground beef is chilled throughoutthe preparation process.2. Season the ground meat with olive oil, spice mixand freshly chopped Italian parsley.(Tip: Always add a little oil into the meat whenmarinating to ensure a juicy meatball.)3. Roll the ground meat into meatballs.(Tip: If you’re not planning to cook the meat ballsimmediately, store them in the chiller.)1. Place the Weber GBS Griddle into a 250 C pre-heated grill and close the lid for 5 minutes. Ensurethat all burners are on high heat.2. After 5 minutes, open the lid and add olive oil to the Weber GBS Griddle.3. Place the meatballs one by one in a clockwise formation and close the lid for 2 minutes.(Tip: Placing the ingredients in a systematic formation allows you to know which piece startedcooking first, and it should be the first to be removed to prevent overcooking.)4. After 2 minutes, rotate the meatballs to ensure other areas gets caramelized as well.5. Once done, remove from the grill and serve warm with Napoletana sauce.

CHARCOAL BAKED PIZZA MARGARITAPreparation Time:30 minutesIngredients you will need:Fresh Pizza Dough (Recipe at SauceShredded Mozzarella CheeseBuffalo Mozzarella CheeseArugula LeavesDried Oregano HerbAccessories you will need:Weber GBS Pizza StoneWeber Premium GlovesWeber Wide SpatulaHow to grill:Grill Method:IndirectGrill Temperature:250 CHow to prepare:1. First, ensure that your pizza dough has been made.(Tip: You can pre-make your pizza dough and freezefor convenience.)2. Prepare your pizza sauce, cheese on your work topwith ample space to spread the pizza dough.3. Spread out the pizza dough and add sauce, followedby cheese, then toppings. Top it off with morecheese if you desire.1. Place the Weber Pizza Stone into a cold grill and pre-heat together with the grill until 250 C.Ensure that all burners are on high heat when pre-heating.2. Once the pizza stone has been pre-heated, carefully transfer the pizza onto the hot stone.(Tip: Always put on heat proof gloves when handling the grill or hot objects.)3. Close the lid and cook the pizza for 15 minutes at 250 C or until the dough has browned andcheese has caramelized.4. Once cooked, carefully remove the pizza from the grill using the Weber Wide Spatula onto acutting board.5. Cut the pizza into 8 slices and serve warm.

GRILLED LEMON GARLIC CHICKENPreparation Time:10 minutesIngredients you will need:Bone-in Chicken LegWhole LemonGarlic ClovesFresh ThymeOlive OilCajun Spice MixAccessories you will need:Weber Instant-Read ThermometerWeber Basting Brush1.2.3.4.How to grill:Grill Method:DirectGrill Temperature:200 CHow to prepare:1. Remove the chicken from its packaging.2. Use a paper towel to pat dry excess moisture.3. Place the chicken onto a clean tray.4. Apply a layer of olive oil evenly to the chickenusing the Weber Basting Brush.5. Season generously with the spice rub and choppedgarlic, ensuring that the chicken is well coated withthe dry rub.6. Zest the lemon and squeeze half the lemon juiceonto the chicken.Ensure that your Weber grill has been pre-heated on medium heat to 200 C.Set up your grill for direct cooking by turning on all burners or arranging your charcoals.Place the chicken into the grill directly on the cooking grate, skin side down.Sear the chicken on all sides until a nice caramelized color, about 5 minutes per side until theinternal temperature reaches 75 C, check using a Weber Instant-Read Thermometer to ensure theinternal temperature has reached your desired doneness.(Tip: If the chicken leg is huge, turn off one burner or arrange your charcoals for indirect heat andplace the chicken on the indirect zone to let it cook)5. Once fully cooked, remove from the grill and serve with fresh thyme.

CROQUE MONSIEURPreparation Time:10 minutesIngredients you will need:Ciabatta BreadFresh MilkPlain FlourButterNutmeg PowderHamShredded Mozzarella CheeseAccessories you will need:Weber GBS GriddleWeber Premium GlovesHow to grill:Grill Method:IndirectGrill Temperature:220 CHow to prepare:1. Prepare your béchamel sauce by first making aroux which is half and half of plain flour and butter.In a sauce pot, melt the butter. Once melted, pour inthe flour and mix using a whisk until the flour iscooked. About 5 minutes.(Tip: Roux is used to thicken sauces or soups whichalso adds a buttery flavor. If you’re making a darksauce, make a dark roux by cooking longer until thebutter caramelizes. If making a white sauce, make awhite roux.)2. Once the roux is ready, pour cold fresh milk into asauce pot and mix well until well incorporated andthickened. Add a pinch of nutmeg powder toenhance its flavor.(Tip: Hot roux, cold liquid. Cold roux, hot liquid.)3. Make slits in the ciabatta bread but do not cut allthe way through.4. Slot ham slices into the slits in the bread.5. Place the bread onto the Weber GBS Griddle. Pourthe roux over the bread and top off with cheese.1. Place the Weber GBS Griddle into a 220 C pre-heated grill. Ensure that all burners are on high heat.2. Close the lid and bake for 8 minutes or until the cheese has caramelized.3. Once cheese has caramelized, remove from the grill and serve warm.

Prepare your pizza sauce, cheese on your work top with ample space to spread the pizza dough. Spread out the pizza dough and add sauce, followed by cheese, then toppings. Top it off with more cheese if you desire. 1. 2. 3. Accessories you will need: Weber GBS Pizza Stone Weber Premium Gloves Weber