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ContentsContentsGetting StartedConnect to the internetConnect using Wi-FiConnect using the BT Mobile networkRegister online to manage your account33455Using BT Connection ManagerAnd Your Mobile Enabled Laptop8Your BT Mobile BroadbandPre-Pay AccountManage your account onlineHow to Top upTop up amountsBundlesCheck your spend and usageLow creditUsing abroadTop up from abroad999101112121414Your Mobile Broadband Laptop15FAQs16Acronyms And Abbreviations18Safety Information19Need any help with your account?Please any help with your laptop?All hardware queries should bechannelled through the reseller thatyou purchased from. This will be oneof our approved resellers below:BT Shop – Call 0800 917 0510 oruse BT Shop’s online chat facilityat you can [email protected] for – Use’s onlinereturns tool or chat facility Alternatively you canemail [email protected] for help.BT Business Direct – Use BT BusinessDirect’s online returns tool or chatfacility at you can [email protected] SIM UG [3].indd 210/11/09 11:08:16

Getting StartedStart BT Connection Manager by clicking on the desktop icon‘BT Connection Manager’.Getting StartedWhat’s BT Connection Manager?BT Connection Manager allows you to connect your laptop tothe internet using Ethernet, Wi-Fi (including your BT HomeHub, BT Openzone and BT FON) and the BT Mobile network(HSPA, 3G, GPRS).It searches for the best available network in your location andallows you to connect to the internet.Connect to the internetYou have a choice of how to make this first connection to completethe setup.i. If you’re in range of a Wi-Fi network, you can connect using Wi-Fi.ii. If you are out and about in an area with a mobile signal, you canconnect to the BT Mobile network using your starter credit.39557 SIM UG [3].indd 310/11/09 11:08:16

Either way it will only take a few minutes.Connect using Wi-FiGetting Started1. Make sure you’re in range of your BT Home Hub (or similar wirelessrouter); also ensure it’s switched on and working. Make a note of theWireless Network Name (SSID) and Wireless Key from the grey labelon the back of the BT Home Hub or on your router.2. Double click the BT Connection Manager icon on your desktop –when the circular dashboard screen appears, click on the centralbutton to connect.49557 SIM UG [3].indd 410/11/09 11:08:16

Connect using the BT Mobile network1. Make sure you’re in an area which has a mobile signal.2. Double click the BT Connection Manager icon on your desktop.When the circular dashboard screen appears, click on the mobileand select BT Mobile to connect.iconRegister online to manage your accountii. On the BT Connection Manager panel select the Your Account menu.Getting Startedi. Register to manage your account online and to receive yourWelcome Bundle.59557 SIM UG [3].indd 510/11/09 11:08:16

iii. Select the Register tab and Click here to register and you’ll bedirected to the Register your Pre-Pay page on If you havea account (which you may use to manage your existing BTaccounts online), please use this to log in. If you don’t have a bt.comaccount, please select ‘sign up’ and follow the on-screen instructions.Getting StartedIMPORTANT:During the registration process, you’ll be asked to enter yourmobile number. This is the mobile number for the SIM card whichis embedded in your laptop. This number is shown on your BTWelcome Letter that you received with your laptop, and also onthe Your Account menu of BT Connection Manager.Please don’t enter your normal mobile phone number here.After entering your number, a confirmation message will bereceived on BT Connection Manager (usually within 30-60seconds). The Alerts tab will open automatically and a messagelike this will appear:EXAMPLE69557 SIM UG [3].indd 610/11/09 11:08:17

Enter this code onto the appropriate web page during registrationon Please note that this will expire within 15 minutes.If you enter this after the PIN has expired, you will need to startthe process again.Congratulations! You’re now set up and ready to use BT MobileBroadband Pre-Pay. The Welcome Bundle means you can get goingstraight away, using your laptop on the BT Mobile network.Getting Started79557 SIM UG [3].indd 710/11/09 11:08:17

Using BT Connection Manager And Your Mobile Enabled LaptopUsing BT Connection Manager And YourMobile Enabled LaptopMobile ConnectionClick to makea connectionto the BT Mobilenetwork.HelpWi-FiClick to make aconnection to Wi-Fi.Best ConnectionClick to connect.This will connectyou to the bestavailable network.Your Account: Checkyour alerts, registeryour account and Top up.Also find yourmobile number.Wi-Fi Networks: Look at theWi-Fi networks available inyour location. To connect toa network, double click onthe name.Minimize theapplicationHide theside panelClose theapplicationEthernetClick to makea connectionto Ethernet.Hover cursorhere to check thenetwork you’reconnected to.Preferences: Configureyour preferences forBT Connection Manager.Connection Settings: Configureusage alert settings andWi-Fi passwords.Usage Log: Check your usage.89557 SIM UG [3].indd 810/11/09 11:08:17

Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay AccountManage your account onlineYou can manage your account online, which means you can: buy money saving bundles change your account PIN change your account alerts (to warn you when your balance is low) track your transaction historyHow to Top upAs you come to the end of your Welcome Bundle, you’ll need to Top up.You have the following options:1. Top up your e-wallet online via (using any computer):Go to Enter your username andpassword, then choose from the options for bundles, amounts andpayment methods. Please ensure you select your Pre-Pay accountand also keep your credit or debit card ready as you’ll be required toregister your card before topping up.Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay Account top up your account99557 SIM UG [3].indd 910/11/09 11:08:17

Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay Account2. Call our Automated Telephone Service on Freefone 0800 169 0850from a UK landline. Enter your mobile number for the SIM cardinstalled in your laptop and then follow the prompts. Anyone whoknows your number can Top up your account. You can find yourMobile Number on a sticker on the back of the laptop pack, onyour BT Welcome Letter, and also on the Your Account menu of BTConnection Manager.3. Buy an eVoucher using cash, debit card or credit card. They can bebought from many high street retailers displaying the top-up sign.You must ask for an eVoucher for BT Mobile.Denominations of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 50 are available.On payment you will be given a receipt with your BT MobileeVoucher number or PIN. Simply enter this number when youTop up online or by phone. The value of the eVoucher will becredited to your account.Top up amountsIf you use a credit or debit card, you can Top up in amounts from 10to 95. If you purchase an eVoucher this can be in denominations asdescribed above. Please note that your account can hold a maximumbalance of 100.109557 SIM UG [3].indd 1010/11/09 11:08:17

BundlesBundles are fixed amounts of data which you can buy on a one-offor on a recurring basis for a fixed price. They are paid from youraccount balance. Recurring BundlesThese are bundles that renew automatically when your currentbundle expires.They are purchased from your account balance. If you don’t haveenough credit, BT will send an alert to remind you to Top up. Untilyou Top up, you will revert to the Pre-Pay rate, provided you havecredit. You can buy a one-off bundle if you use up your recurringbundle at any time.Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay Account One offThese are bundles that can be purchased as and when you needthem. They are purchased from your account balance. The bundleslast for one calendar month (for example, if you buy one on 4thJune it will run until midnight on 3rd July) or until the data has beencompletely used up. After the bundle expires, you will revert to thePre-Pay rate, provided you have credit.119557 SIM UG [3].indd 1110/11/09 11:08:17

Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay AccountCheck your spend and usageGo online at and your balance will bedisplayed on the overview page once you log in. You can also checkyour transaction history. Alternatively, you can call the AutomatedTelephone Service on Freefone 0800 169 0850.You can also check your usage on BT Connection Manager underUsage Log.Low creditWhen you start to run out of credit, an alert will appear in the BTConnection Manager Alerts tab. If you completely run out of creditwhilst connected to the internet using the mobile network, you will becut off until you next Top up. You will still be able to use Wi-Fi.Bundles are time-based and alerts will not inform you of this. If a nonrecurring bundle expires, you will revert to the standard Pre-Pay rateprovided you have credit.129557 SIM UG [3].indd 1210/11/09 11:08:17

To set alerts on a different network select it from the drop downmenu at the bottom of the page.Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay AccountAlternatively, you can set data usage alerts on BT Connection Manager.Under the Connection Settings menu, you can choose to be alertedwhen you reach certain levels of usage e.g. at 80% of 1GB. To alterthese settings double click the value next to Usage Limit and UsageWarning %.139557 SIM UG [3].indd 1310/11/09 11:08:17

Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay AccountUsing abroadYou can use BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay abroad. To do this, youwill need to activate roaming. Please note that the cost of data issignificantly higher than in the UK. For further information andfor details of how to activate roaming, visit If you are a member of BT FON, you can use yourinclusive minutes at any FON hotspot around the world.For further details, visit addition, public Wi-Fi can be used outside the UK although theseservices may be subject to usage charges, for example in hotels. Checkwith the local operator for details. Wireless routers can also be used ifyou know the Wireless Network (SSID) and Network key.Top up from abroadYou can Top up online in the usual way when abroad. Alternatively,to Top up by phone when abroad, call the Automated TelephoneService on 44 1277 201 748.149557 SIM UG [3].indd 1410/11/09 11:08:17

Your Mobile Broadband LaptopWi-Fi, HSDPA, 3G and GPRS explainedThe table below summarises the speed and availability ofthe connection methods available.HSDPA3GGPRSFixed Broadband Speeds(Up to 8 Mbps – dependenton line and location1)up to 7.2Mbps2up to 1.8Mbpsup to64KbpsAvailabilityYour BT Home Hub/router,plus tens of thousands of BT FONand BT Openzone hotspotsSelectedareas280% UKcoverage99.7% UKcoverage1. Other factors include site’s distance from exchange and contention sharing (the number of active users nearby).2. Up to 7.2Mbps download speeds are subject to contention sharing, user’s computer equipment and HSDPAconnection. Current HSDPA areas: London districts: E1, E1W, E14, EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, NW1, SW1, W1, W2, W8,W9, W10, W11, W14, WC1, WC2. Airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, London City, Southampton, Bristol,Birmingham, East Midlands, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast City, Belfast Int., Cardiff, and Norwich.BT Connection Manager network icons explainedIndicator is this means Your Mobile Broadband LaptopWi-FiSpeedConnection unavailableConnection initialising or finding connectionConnection available159557 SIM UG [3].indd 1510/11/09 11:08:17

FAQs1. How do I start installation manually?Windows XP – Navigate to the desktop, select the BTCM iconand double click.FAQs2. How can I check how much data I’ve used?You can check your data usage in two places: on BT ConnectionManager under Usage Log and also on You can accessthis from How does the Mobile Broadband connect?Your laptop has an embedded SIM which enables the BT ConnectionManager to connect to the BT Mobile network. We have pre-installedthis in your laptop.169557 SIM UG [3].indd 1610/11/09 11:08:17

4. How do I find my SIM’s mobile number?You can find your SIM mobile number on your BT Welcome Letter,and also on the Your Account menu of BT Connection Manager.5. Where is my SIM located in the laptop in case I want to remove it?You can locate the position of the SIM card by referring to your laptopuser guide.6. What if there is a problem with my laptop?Please direct all queries regarding hardware faults directly to thereseller from whom you made your purchase. This will be one of ourapproved resellers as below:FAQsBT Shop: Call 0800 917 0510 or use BT Shop’s online chatfacility at Alternatively you can [email protected] for Use’s online returns tool or chat facility Alternatively you can email [email protected] help.BT Business Direct: Use BT Business Direct’s online returns tool or chatfacility at Alternatively you can [email protected] SIM UG [3].indd 1710/11/09 11:08:17

Acronyms And AbbreviationsAcronyms And MUMTSUSBUSIMWCDMAThe Third Generation mobile networkCentral Processing UnitGeneral Packet Radio ServiceGlobal System for Mobile CommunicationsHigh Speed Packet AccessInternational Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation ProtectionOperating SystemPersonal Identification NumberRandom-Access MemoryRadiofrequency (RF) RadiationSpecific Absorption RateSubscriber Identity ModuleUniversal Mobile Telecommunications SystemUniversal Serial BusUMTS Subscriber Identity ModuleWideband Code Division Multiple Access189557 SIM UG [3].indd 1810/11/09 11:08:18

Safety InformationFor Safety information please refer to your laptopmanufacturer’s user guide.Safety Information199557 SIM UG [3].indd 1910/11/09 11:08:18

Offices worldwideThe services described in this publication are subject to availability andmay be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are suppliedsubject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standard conditionsof contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of a contract.BT and the ‘Connected World’ logo and ‘Bringing it all together’ aretrade marks of British Telecommunications plc. British Telecommunications plc 2009.Registered Office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ.Registered in England No. 1800000.No part of this document may be reproduced or transmittedin any form or by any means without prior written consentof British Telecommunications plc.Designed by The Art & Design Partnership Ltd. V1.0PHME: 59026Available in alternative formats including braille, large print,audio or text CD. Please call 0800 800 150.9557 SIM UG [3].indd 2010/11/09 11:08:18

Your BT Mobile Broadband Pre-Pay Account Alternatively, you can set data usage alerts on BT Connection Manager. Under t