Transcription 29, 2020TABLE OF CONTENTHISTORY . 5ABOUT EDISON STATE . 5Mission Statement . 5Vision Statement . 5Student Learning Core Values . 6Brand Promise. 7Employee Core Value Statements . 7STRATEGIC DIRECTION FOR 2019-2022 . 7Academic & Co-Curricular Programming. 7College credit Plus. 7Faculty. 7Marketing . 7Partnerships. 7BOARD OF TRUSTEES . 8THE EDISON FOUNDATION. 8PRESIDENT’S CABINET . 8COLLEGE GOVERNANCE . 8ACCREDITATION . 9LOCATIONS. 9FOOD SERVICES . 9CAMPUS NURSE/HEALTH AND WELLNESS SERVICES . 10INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT) . 10Rave/Edison State Alerts . 10Electronic Credentials/Account logins . 10Changing password using SSRPM . 10Email: Internal outlook . 11Email: External outlook or Outlook Web Access . 11Accessing Network off campus . 12WebAdvisor . 121

Datatel/Ellucian/Colleague . 12SharePoint . 12Blackboard Online courses and web enhanced . 13Technology in Classroom/Reserving A/V equipment Faculty . 13Telephone features . 13To access your voice mail remotely . 13Maintenance Request. 13IT Helpdesk . 14How to Spot an Email Phishing Scam . 14How to Log in Remotely to Your Edison State Desktop. 15GENERAL OFFICE PROCEDURES . 19Answering Internal Calls . 19Answering Outside Calls . 19Placing Phone Calls. 19Transferring Phone Calls . 19Facilities Use Request Form . 20Media Communications/Marketing . 20Marketing Request. 20“Out of Office” for Email . 20GENERAL HR INFORMATION . 20Accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) . 20Adjunct Teaching for Employees . 21Benefit Eligible Positions . 21Campus Mail Service . 21College Closings/Delays . 21College ID Badges . 21Court Appearance Leave . 21EAP (Employee Assistance Program) . 22Family and Medical Leave Act . 22Fiscal Year vs Academic Year vs Calendar vs Financial Aid Year . 22403(b) Opportunity . 22Grading a Position (Non-Faculty) . 22Health Club Membership . 23Holidays . 232

Injury on Campus . 24Life Event. 24Lunch Hours . 24Non-Exempt vs Exempt Status . 24Occupational Health and Safety . 24Overtime/Comp Time . 24Parking/Parking Permits. 25Performance Management . 25Personal Appearance . 25Preventing Discrimination and Harassment . 25Public Records. 26Retirement Fund . 26Sick Leave . 26Sick Leave Balance Transfer . 26Sick Leave Donation Program . 27Staff Phone Directory . 27Supervising a Relative . 27Tuition Remission . 27Tuition Waiver . 27Travel Procedure . 28Vacation . 28Work Schedule . 28Work Week . 28Worksite Lactation . 28PAYROLL . 28Changing your Bank Accounts . 29Direct Deposit and Bank Accounts . 29Garnishment of Pay . 29Leave Balance, Pay Advices, and W-2 Location . 29Pay Dates . 29Payroll Deductions . 29Time Sheets . 30Updating or Changing Tax, Banking, Address, or Other Personal Information. 303


HISTORYEdison State Community College was chartered in 1973 under provisions of the Ohio RevisedCode as the first general and technical college in Ohio. The College thus emerged without speciallocal taxation as a two-year, public, co-educational, state-supported institution of higher learning.Under its charter, Edison State was authorized to offer studies in the arts and sciences, technicaleducation, and continuing education.The College’s main campus, which has grown in stages, is located across 1-75 from the historiccity of Piqua, Ohio, sits on a 131-acre rural plain among agricultural fields and neighboringeducational institutions. The latest construction of the Robinson Student Career Center added5,200 square feet to the West Hall entrance and serves as a catalyst for students by helping tobridge the gap in the employment process.A second campus location was opened in Greenville, Ohio, shortly after the college’s inception in1979, and in early 2019, a third campus was opened in Eaton, Ohio. A fourth campus located inTroy, Ohio, opened in the fall of 2019 featuring allied health studies and general education classes.Each campus location presents the opportunity for credit and non-credit programs, includingCollege Credit Plus coursework, continuing coursework designed to result in the awarding ofdegrees or certificates, university transfer opportunities to both in- and out-of-state four-yearinstitutions, expanded articulation agreements, and support to regional businesses with responseto workforce training and apprenticeship opportunities.Enrollment and offerings at Edison State have continued to increase over a relatively short history,from 309 student enrolled in 30 courses in 1973 to almost 4,000 students enrolled today in over40 technical fields, a broad range of baccalaureate transfer programs, developmental course work,and continuing education offerings.Today, the College Credit Plus program for high school students continues to thrive at Edison Statewith twenty-nine area high schools hosting collegiate level courses and students from thirty-ninehigh schools attending classes on campus.Now in its fifth decade of providing high-quality, affordable education, Edison State CommunityCollege is committed today and, in the future, to being a valuable resource, responding to the needsof students and broader communities served.ABOUT EDISON STATEMission StatementEdison State Community College provides the learning opportunities support services, andcommitment that enable students to complete their educational goals and realize their dreams.Vision StatementEdison State Community College will be the region’s premier resource for higher education byemploying our core values, commitment to student success, strategic initiatives, and communitycollaboration.5

Student Learning Core ValuesThe core values are a set of principles that guide Edison State Community College in creating itseducational programs and environment. They will be reflected in every aspect of the College.Students' educational experiences will incorporate the core values at all levels, so that a studentwho completes a degree program at Edison State Community College will not only have beenintroduced to each value, but will have had them reinforced and refined at every opportunity.Communication: Communication, a skill basic to all college students, involves listening,speaking and writing for the purpose of understanding and of being understood. A lifetimeprocess, communication also involves the ability to use appropriate and reasonablelanguage and dialects, acknowledging that audiences are diverse.Ethics: The ethics core value is defined in terms of decision making. A distinction is madebetween values and ethics. Values are either "good" or "bad." Ethics either exist or don'texist. They are decisions and behaviors that are based on values. Thus, the faculty willendeavor to present material across the curriculum in a manner that will cause students toconsider the decision-making process in terms of ethics.Critical Thinking: Critical thinking is the ability to apply internalized standards ofthought: clarity, relevance, analysis, organization, recognition, evaluation, accuracy, depthand breadth. Critical thinking requires detachment, the ability to examine critically one'sown ideas and thoughts, as well as examining the ideas and thoughts of others.Possessing the fundamentals of critical thinking enables an individual to reason across avariety of disciplines and domains and to critique one's own thinking from manyperspectives. The development and use of critical thinking is a lifelong activity whichenables us to continually improve our thought and the consequent products of our thoughtin our lives and society.Human Diversity: Diversity describes the coexistence of many cultures in society. Bymaking the broadest range of human differences acceptable to the largest number of people,multiculturalism, as a function of cultural diversity, seeks to overcome racism, sexism andother forms of discrimination. Historically marginalized groups within society include butare not limited to, Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, HispanicAmericans, Appalachian Americans, physically/mentally challenged, women and peoplewith alternative life-styles.Inquiry Respect for Learning: Inquiry is the information gathering process throughwhich the learner formulates essential questions, locates appropriate resources andevaluates the applicability of the data for a particular situation. Students at Edison Statewill learn how to apply these learning processes in each field of study.Interpersonal Skills Teamwork: Interpersonal skills promote personal effectivenesswhen interacting with others, whether the interaction is one-on-one, in a small group, in anorganization or with an audience. To be skilled interpersonally, a person must first assess6

any situation to determine the expectations of others involved, and then adapt to thoseexpectations.Brand Promise"A personal experience, a rewarding education."What can our students expect? This question is the core of the "brand promise"—our definition ofwhat our students expect to receive in their time with us.Edison State's brand promise has two parts. The first, "a personal experience", acknowledges thateach student is a unique individual, and the faculty and staff will endeavor to create a collegeexperience that is memorable and personal for each student.The second part of the brand promise, "a rewarding education", encompasses the broad spectrumof reasons why students attend college. "Rewards" of higher education may range from a selfimage to financial security and Edison State's brand promise ensures that we all strive to empowereach individual to reach his or her personal and educational life goals.Employee Core Value Statements We are accountable to ourselves and to each other to strive for excellence. I will maintain integrity to promote trust and cooperation. My interactions will express respect for equality and diversity of all. I will be adaptable and responsive in an ever-changing world. My actions will promote a positive environment. We will be responsible stewards of our resources.STRATEGIC DIRECTION FOR 2019-2022Academic & Co-Curricular ProgrammingMoving FROM limited options in co-curricular programming TO embedded experiencesfor all students.College credit PlusMoving FROM a course by course CCP approach TO applying the Guided Pathwayssuccess model to all CCP students.FacultyMoving FROM a large variation in instructional quality TO a consistently high qualityexperience.MarketingMoving FROM a phase of building the department TO a plan for long term, sustainedinitiatives.Partnerships7

Moving FROM dispersed learning partnerships TO integrated implementation andassessment of partnershipsEdison State’s Strategic Plan document can be found at:2019-2022 Strategic PlanBOARD OF TRUSTEESDarke County: Dr. Philip E. Dubbs, Mrs. Marvella Fletcher, and Mr. Darryl D. MehaffieMiami County: Mrs. Tami Baird Ganley, Mrs. Elizabeth Simms Gutmann, and Mr. James C. OdaShelby County: Mr. Gary J. Bensman, Mr. Gary V. Heitmeyer, and Mr. Thomas P. es/THE EDISON FOUNDATIONIt is the mission of The Edison Foundation to assist Edison State Community College in meetingits educational and community service goals. The Foundation shall accomplish this through theidentification, cultivation and solicitation of corporate, foundation and individual donors, and bycommunicating the goals and needs of the College to communities of Darke, Miami and oundation/PRESIDENT’S CABINETDr. Doreen Larson, PresidentChad Beanblossom, Vice President of Regional CampusesRick Hanes, Vice President for Business and Community PartnershipsHeather Lanham, Senior Executive Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board of TrusteesJohn Shishoff, Vice President of Administration and FinanceChris Spradlin, ProvostMona Walters, Associate Provost of Institutional Planning, Effectiveness and -Cabinet/COLLEGE GOVERNANCEAcademic SenateEdison State Education Association (ESEA)President’s CouncilStaff SenateStudent Government8

ACCREDITATIONEdison State is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Statement of AffiliationStatus, Organizational Profile, and program accreditation affiliations may be reviewed ONSPiqua: 1973 Edison Drive, Piqua, OH 45356, 937-778-8600Monday – Thursday: 7:00 AM – 10:00 PMFriday: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PMSaturday: 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Summer: Closed)Sunday: ClosedGreenville: 601 Wagner Avenue, Greenville, OH 45331, 937-548-5546Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Summer: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM)Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM (Summer: Closed)Saturday and Sunday: ClosedEaton: 450 Washington Jackson Road, Suite E, Eaton, OH 45320, 937-683-8169Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PMFriday – Sunday: ClosedTroy: 859 W. Market Street, Troy, OH 45373, 937-381-1525Monday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PMFriday: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PMSaturday and Sunday: ClosedCampus Map/Parking Lot Map/Disc Golf Course Map: SERVICESThe Cafeteria is located in Room 070 at the Piqua Campus and can be contacted at 937-778-8600,ext. 7838.Hours of operation:Fall and Spring Semesters:Monday – Thursday: 7:30 AM – 1:00 PMFriday: 7:30 AM – 1:00 PMSaturday and Sunday: ClosedSummer Semester: ClosedThe Internet Café is located outside of the Library at the Piqua Campus.9

Fall and Spring Semesters:Monday – Thursday: 12:30 PM – 6:30 PMFriday – Sunday: ClosedCAMPUS NURSE/HEALTH AND WELLNESS SERVICESThe Campus Nurse is located in Room 060 at the Piqua Campus and can be contact at 937-7787840 or ext. 7840.Office Hours:Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 3:30 PMFriday, Saturday, and Sunday: ClosedINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (IT)Most information or locations for information can be located on the Edison State CommunityCollege website.From homepageResources will open tools options i.e.Blackboard, WebAdvisor, Email, IT HelpdeskI Am will allow you to choose Faculty/StaffThis area allows you access to SharePoint, Colleague, Maintenance and Marketing. These alongwith many of the policies and procedures are there for your convenience.Rave/Edison State AlertsRave/Edison State Alerts is a free emergency and college information text messaging service. Inthe event an emergency or severe weather conditions affect the campus or classes, a text messagewill be sent to the mobile number and/or your e-mail address that you specify. Sign up forEdison State Alerts at: all students and employees automatically signed up for Edison State alerts with their email.Electronic Credentials/Account loginsusername password (IT is given your start date and it’s created automatically)Changing password using SSRPMThis can be done from any computer that has internet capabilities even from home:Resources/IT Helpdesk/Password Reset (SSRPM) answer all the questions.10

On campus computer systems you can change your password the following way:Hold down (Ctrl, Alt & Delete)Note: Passwords must be at least 6 characters – must be alpha numericEmail: Internal outlookStart Programs Microsoft Office Microsoft Office OutlookThis can be done on every computer you log in to on campus.Email: External outlook or Outlook Web AccessOutlook Web Access (OWA) – light version of outlookCan be accessed by resources emailWhat to do to set up email on AndroidOpen your phone’s email application.Select your Menu function to add a new account.You may be asked the following information:Mail server addressmail.edisonohio.eduDomain nameedisonohio.eduSelect to Microsoft Exchange ServerSelect to use Secure Encryption (SSL) or Corporate accountInput your information (Edison username and Password)What to do add email on iPhone or iPadGo to SettingsOn the settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts, calendarsTap Add AccountTap Microsoft ExchangeTap Add Mail AccountEnter your Name, Edison email address, Password and a short descriptionTap NextYou will also need to fill in the following:11

Mail server address:mail.edisonohio.eduDomain name:edisonohio.eduPlease make sure to use Secure Encryption (SSL)Accessing Network off campusInstructions can be located at I am Faculty or Staff RemoteConnection: /.You will use You will not be connected to your direct desktop butyou will have access to our network and network drive/z: drive.Network Drive (often referred to as the NAS6000, z: drive or shared folder)Use network drive to store all files.*This drive is backed up to prevent data loss.Access Network DriveClick on StartClick on computerThen Click z: driveEmployee Resources WebAdvisorWebAdvisorPay advices, leave records, and W-2 statements are found or/WebAdvisor?TYPE M&PID COREWBMAIN&TOKENIDX 2907484338.Log in with your username and password then click on employee.Datatel/Ellucian/ColleagueNormal username and password within a few days of starting. (Must be on Edison network, offcampus see terminal server/remote access first.)SharePointEdison uses SharePoint in many areas of the campus to share files etc. SharePoint can only beaccessed on campus/network at /.The files are permissions based and you will receive more access to areas slowly as thosepermissions are granted.Atomic Learning Brief online tutorials of various software.12

Click on www.edisonohio.eduResources/Library/Audio Video/Click Atomic LearningRead instructions to locate the software for which you needassistance.Blackboard Online courses and web enhancedLog in with your same credentials as computer login.Questions contact helpdesk and training will be arranged.Technology in Classroom/Reserving A/V equipment FacultyDemonstrated by appointment please contact Helpdesk at [email protected] (full-timeand adjunct only no student workers).Telephone featuresYour phone is directly connected to Edison’s Exchange server. This means if you receive a voicemail, your email box will also have a message that you can listen to.If you are away from the office you can check your voice mail from your inbox.Normal password the first time is 12345 or your ext. #Press the messages button and follow prompts to set up voice mail.Many features can be handled directly from the screen on the phone such as redial, call forwardetc.To access your voice mail remotelyDial your phone number, when it goes to the greeting.Press *It will ask for your ID (extension number is ID), enter ID.It will ask for your password, enter password.Retrieve voicemail as usual.Maintenance RequestClick on I am/Faculty/Staff Located on left side (yellow button) found er/1. The easiest access to

Parking/Parking Permits . Edison State Community College was chartered in 1973 under provisions of the Ohio Revised Code as the first general and technical college in Ohio. The College thus emerged without special local taxation as a two-year, public, co-educational, sta