HFS Highlight: TCS Cognix could be just whatyour organization needs to develop “CognitiveOperations” across IT AND businessJULY 2021Reetika Fleming , Vice President, Research 2021, HFS ResearchExcerpt for TCSExcerpt for TCS1

Our research consistently shows thatglobal enterprises plan to continue theirinvestments in digital technologies, andhave strong short and long-termambitions of modernizing how they runoperations. The devil, as always, is in thedetails, and we often find persistent,structural challenges that limit the impactthese technology investments are able tohave on the business. These challengesrange from siloed, piecemeal initiatives, tolack of good quality data, lack ofcollaboration between IT and business,technology transformation fatigue, andlack of digital talent and skillsets, to namea few.As a leading global IT and businessservices provider, TCS is vowing to help itsclients work through these challenges bylaunching TCS Cognix, a collaborationsuite for IT and BPS clients alike acrosstechnology, business and industries. In ourview, TCS Cognix could help enterprisesboth kick-start and make significantprogress on their cognitive operationsjourney. Best of all, TCS recognizes itcannot do this alone, and is bringing itsecosystem partners along for the ride.What is TCS Cognix? Think of it asthe service provider’s workorchestration and collaborationsuite that contextualizes andintegrates solutions aligned toclients’ key business outcomesIn TCS’ words, “Cognix is an AI-drivenhuman-machine collaboration suitepowered by MFDM (Machine First DeliveryModel) that accelerates digitaltransformation using an ecosystem ofpre-built and configurable solutions.Cognix unlocks the immense value thatlies at the intersection of business process,applications, and IT Infrastructure layer. Itorchestrates the digital technologyecosystem in an innovative and modularmanner. It also contextualizes solutions byharnessing knowhow from the vastexpanse of customer operations.”Exhibit 1TCS Cognix is built to support integrated operations across industries and businessfunctionsSource: TCS, 2021 2021, HFS ResearchExcerpt for TCS2

TCS has decades of experience running IToperations, and core business processesfor a number of industry verticals such astelecom, utilities, banking, healthcare andinsurance, and enterprise functions suchas finance and accounting, supply chain,marketing operations, customerexperience HR. During HFS’ interactionswith the Cognix leadership team, itbecame evident to us that TCS isproactively pulling together the domainknowledge and subject matter expertise ithas gained, and pouring it into Cognix.Think of Cognix as the culmination of TCS’decades of experience, the conduit ofbringing best practices in technology andprocess know-how, and emergingtechnology application, to realize thebusiness outcomes that matter.How is it doing this? TCS has ecosystem ofprebuilt solutions that address specificbusiness challenges, aligned by CXOstakeholders. If you’re not sure where tostart (or what needs fixing in youroperations), Cognix features anOperations Maturity Assessment that canbenchmark you against your peers, andfigure out if, for example, what part of youraccounts payable process needs totransform and how to get you to yourfinance goals.Cognix has a suite of assets, categorizedby technologies, business functions andindustries, including BFSI, communications,media and information services, retail,CPG, energy and resources, utilities,manufacturing, hi-tech, life sciences,public services, and travel, transportation,and hospitality. The business functionsinclude finance and accounting, humanresource, supply chain, customerexperience, and marketing. Thetechnologies covered are data center/hybrid cloud, network and workspace andthe applications layer cover SAP andOracle operations.Exhibit 2An example of TCS Cognix being applied to the Digital F&A business functionSource: TCS, 2021 2021, HFS ResearchExcerpt for TCS3

What stands out to HFS about TCSCognix: Tons of potential for a true access and consume specific analyticsand automation modules called “valuebuilders”, including the use of inhouse IP(such as Ignio) and external partners(automation vendors, processintelligence, platforms, etc.). Thesevalue builders are contextualized fordifferent CXO stakeholders to solvespecific business problems. Forexample, in F&A, value builders includepredictive journal entry, intelligentreconciliation, month-end cockpit, andcash-flow command center. Thesebring together multiple digital levers toaddress specific business KPIs, and aremodular and scalable to speed upclient enablementecosystem that works across ITand businessHere are the key reasons why TCS Cognixis “Highlight-worthy” to our analyst team: Creating a single view across IT, infra,and business: TCS’ Cognitive BusinessOperations (CBO) Unit is a uniqueconcept that integrates TCS’s BusinessProcess Services, Intelligent Automation,ERP Application Services and ITInfrastructure Services. With Cognix, theservice provider’s goal is to leveragethe synergies across the businessprocess, IT infrastructure, andapplications and potentially unlockvalue at the intersection of these layers. Helping assess and progress towardscognitive operations: Cognix helpsclients benchmark their operationsmaturity by industry and businessfunction, using Operations MaturityAssessment and Metrics Centralcomparing key operational parametersand what actions to take to enhanceperformance. This includes anonymizedclient benchmarks on KPIs and canshow each client how good they’reperforming vs, best-in-class and howto progress towards cognitiveoperations. 2021, HFS ResearchUsing the power of AND: TCS Cognix isan ecosystem play, bringing overnumerous external partners’technology IP to play alongside its ownassets, ultimately smoothening theconsumption experience for clients.Technology partners include thecategories of RPA, OCR and machinevision, virtual agents, NLP, processintelligence, speech analytics, MLplatforms, BPM, low code/no codeplatforms, and cloud data platforms.Built on MFDM framework to bring inemerging technologies: TCS Cognix isleveraging the ‘MFDM’ framework thathas been in place for a few years nowas the way in which the service providerorchestrates man-machineinteractions. TCS’ Machine-First DeliverModel (MFDM) provides atransformation framework usingemerging technologies includinganalytics, automation, and AI.Creating easy-to-deploy, modular“value builders”: Clients can rapidly Tracking and minimizing technicaldebt with Cognix’ TDAF (TechnologyDebt Assessment Framework)- Thewidening gap between the emergingtechnology curve and technologyadoption curve constitutes technologydebt for an enterprise. TDAF enablesenterprises to take stock of their ITlandscape across application andinfrastructure that are running the riskof becoming obsolete and becoming apotential bottleneck for business agility.TDAF deploys a matrix to assess andhelp CXOs determine the immediateinvestment required to minimize andstay on top of technical debt.Excerpt for TCS4

The Bottom-line: With Cognix, TCS is investing in anintegrated technology architecture that can helpenterprise clients get beyond their patchwork oftechnologies and collaborate on businessoutcomesHFS sees TCS Cognix as a progressive approach by the service provider to solve its clients’business problems, using capabilities that truly go across the company. Gone are the dayswhen a client comes and asks for apps modernization in isolation – as the global IT andbusiness services industry gets more mature, the nature of engagements are getting morenuanced. Service providers need to operate at the intersection of technology, process, domainand functional knowledge, data, and change management. For TCS, Cognix could just be theglue that binds these capabilities together to help it move to the next level of business valuedelivery. 2021, HFS ResearchExcerpt for TCS5

HFS Research authorReetika Fleming Vice President, ResearchReetika Fleming is Vice President, Insurance & Smart Analytics atHFS Research. Her research extends into defining future businessoperations for property and casualty, life, and annuities andreinsurance companies. She studies the broad use of data andanalytics within enterprises, with a new research focus onmachine learning and AI techniques to improve businessdecision making. 2021, HFS ResearchExcerpt for TCS6

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intelligence, speech analytics, ML platforms, BPM, low code/no code platforms, and cloud data platforms. Tracking and minimizing technical debt with Cognix’ TDAF (Technology Debt Assessment Framework)-The widening gap between the emerging technology curve and technology adoption curv