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Angeles Institute College Catalog2021Table of ContentsSchool Information . 5Mission and Vision Statements . 5Statement of Philosophy . 5Campus Location and Facilities . 5Hours of Operation . 6Owner . 6Corporate and School Administration . 6Faculty and Qualifications . 6AI Staff . 7Accreditations, Approvals, and Memberships. 7Admissions . 7Admissions Procedures . 7Admissions Policy . 8Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements . 10Entrance Exam .10Credit for Previous Training (Vocational Nursing only) . 11Acceptance to the Institute . 12Transfer of Credit Between Programs . 12Transfer of Credit to Other Schools . 12Student Information and Services . 13Code of Conduct . 13Academic Dishonesty . 14Dress Code and Personal Appearance . 15Tutoring & Advising Assistance. 17Grievance Procedures . 17Orientation . 19Housing . 19Parking . 19Library & Computer Lab . 19Client Relations Department . 19Student Affairs Department . 19Career Development (i.e., Placement) Department . 21Registrar Department . 22Statement of Non-Discrimination . 22Reasonable Accommodations . 22Field Trips and Guest Lectures . 23Health, Security, and Safety . 23Personal Property . 24Holiday Schedule and In-service Days (Subject to change). 24Student ID card . 24Transcripts, Paperwork & Other Documents . 25Student Records . 26Academic Policies . 262

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021Leave of Absence . 26Assigned Homework . 27Required Study Time . 27Class Size . 27Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act . 27Attendance Policy . 29Tardiness/Early Departure . 30Make-up Work Assignments . 31Withdrawal from Institute . 33Student Appeal Process . 33Reentering Students . 33Academic Probation . 34Remediation and Repeats. 35Satisfactory Academic Progress . 36Grading . 38Incomplete Grades . 39English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) Instruction. 39Pregnancy . 39Suspension/Dismissal from the Institute . 39Standardized Examinations and Exit Examination(s) . 40Graduation Requirements . 41Graduation . 42Diploma/Certificate . 42Maximum Program Completion Time . 42Changes in Programs or Policies . 42Financial Information . 42Tuition and Fees. 42Additional Nursing Department Fees (nonrefundable) . 43Student Tuition Recovery Fund . 44Tuition Payments . 45Past Due Account . 46Student’s (Buyer’s) Right to Cancel. 46Right to Withdraw and Refund Information . 47Refund Policy . 47Calculation of Amount of Refund . 48Financial Assistance . 49Return of Title IV Funds Policy . 49Programs/Courses – Descriptions and Start Dates . 50Vocational Nursing (VN) Program . 50VN Program Course Descriptions .52VN Program Start Dates .55Nurse Assistant Training Program (CNA program) . 55CNA program (Full-time) Start Dates: . 56CNA program (Part-time) Start Dates:. 57Home Health Aide (HHA) Program . 573

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021HHA Program (Full-time) Start Dates: . 58HHA Program (Part-time) Start Dates: . 59Catalog Certification . 594

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021School InformationMission and Vision StatementsThe mission of Angeles Institute is to provide each student a professional, ethical,and stimulating educational experience in healthcare.The vision of Angeles Institute is a community where healthcare needs are metby competent professionals.The goal of Angeles Institute is to prepare students to meet their goal in ahealthcare profession or education. A graduate from Angeles Institute will beable to enter the healthcare field as a safe and competent practitioner. Thegraduate will be able to enhance health and wellness in individuals, families,and/or communities.The Mission, Vision, and Goals work together in reflecting the core values ofAngeles Institute (Respect, Integrity, and Responsibility). Angeles Institute offers adiploma program in Vocational Nursing and certificate programs in NurseAssistant Training (CNA) and Home Health Aide.Statement of PhilosophyThe faculty recognizes the learning is a lifelong, self-initiated process by whichknowledge, skills, attitudes, and values are acquired. Learning occursindependently through perception, assimilation, formulation, and synthesis. Thefaculty member functions as a facilitator by establishing a learning climate ofmutual respect and by providing learning opportunities and guidance. Learningexperiences are designed to facilitate personal and professional growth withinthe student’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. The ultimateresponsibility for learning rests with the learner.The learning experiences are organized for an orderly progression through anincreasing complexity of situations. It requires participation and group discussionin the classroom, skills laboratory, computer labs and varied clinical/satellitesettings. The curriculum is designed to prepare the student for basic practice, tobe competent, and to be safe. The faculty envisions its graduates in theirchosen career, continuing developing their knowledge/skills as well asbroadening educational and personal horizons.Campus Location and FacilitiesAngeles Institute, moved to its location 17100 Pioneer Blvd., Suite 170, Artesia, CA90701 from its previous location of 11688 South Street, Artesia, California 90701 in2015. Angeles Institute’s original location (2005-2010) was 4931 Paramount Blvd.,Lakewood, California 90712. The Pioneer Blvd. site was chosen due to its locationin south Los Angeles County. This location can serve the needs of Los Angeles &Orange County residents as well as other counties. The Institute is nearby to the405, 710, 91 and 605 freeways, making it an accessible location for all students.The campus occupies approximately 14,784 sq. ft. of classroom and office5

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021space. The campus has ample parking. The classrooms are furnishedappropriately with laboratory and instructional furniture for the type of workperformed. There are COVID-19 policy, protocols and procedures in placefollowing CDC guidelines. Campus is cleansed regularly using CDC COVID-19guidelines (CDC Referenced 7/2020: /disinfecting-buildingfacility.html?CDC AA refVal . Hand Sanitizing unitsare on campus for student and staff use and well as hand washing stations thatare available in the skills and simulation labs. Temperature checks are requiredprior to entry to the campus at the beginning of the day and at lunch.Hours of OperationOffice:8:00 AM to 5:00 PMMonday through FridayOwnerAngeles Institute, LLC – A California limited liability corporationCorporate and School AdministrationBrandy Coward – Director of Nursing/President/Veterans Record Clerk/VA Certifying OfficialScott Coward – Campus Director/Treasurer/Veterans Record Clerk/VA Certifying OfficialAlicia Robinson – Director of Student Affairs/MarketingKelvin Solomon – Chief Financial Officer/Secretary/Veterans Record Clerk/VA Certifying OfficialKennith Solomon – Director Business Operations/Veterans Record Clerk/VA Certifying OfficialVeronika Solomon – Campus Operations DirectorFaculty and QualificationsFull-time Faculty:Patricia Abrahams, RN, AA, ADN – Broward Community CollegeBrandy Coward, RN, PHN, BSN, MA – California State University, Long BeachScott Coward, RN, BSN – United States UniversityLori Ann DuFrene, LVN, AS – Long Beach City CollegeMary Franklin, LVN, Teaching Credential – Long Beach City CollegeJay Frietze, RN, FNP, MSN – California State University, Long BeachMeri-Margaret Halvorsen, RN, ADN, BA – Purdue CollegeElisabeth Henderson, LVN – American Career CollegeAdrienne Johnson, LVN, BA – University of Southern CaliforniaHector Lacson, LVN – Long Beach City CollegeJona Mendoza, LVN – Everest CollegeEugenia Quismundo-Tiu, LVN – Cerritos CollegePart-time/Substitute Faculty:Kristine Bustos, MSN, NP – Charles Drew UniversityLisa Delacirna, LVN – Angeles InstituteBrandi Fry, LVN – Angeles InstituteMichael Sumague, LVN, BA – California State University, Long Beach6

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021AI StaffTrevor Coward – Supplies Manager/Assistant Registrar/Placement AssistantSamantha Delaney – Assistant Registrar/Graphics Design Developer/IllustratorLouie Garcia – Financial Aid Advisor/VA Certifying OfficialLuis Figueroa – Financial ClerkJoselyn Lopez Santillan – Student Affairs OfficerLaura Monay – ReceptionAlicia Scannapieco – Admissions ClerkKlay Solomon – Financial ClerkAccreditations, Approvals, and MembershipsAngeles Institute has been granted institutional Approval to Operate by Meansof Accreditation from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education pursuantof the California Education Code Section 94890. Approval means compliancewith the minimum state standards as set forth in the California Education s Institute has obtained provisional approval by the Board of VocationalNursing and Psychiatric ols/vn schools.shtmlAngeles Institute has obtained Accreditation by the Commission of the Councilon Occupational utions/Angeles Institute is an education agency member with the National League ols.cfmAngeles Institute has obtained approval by the California Department of ning/Documents/CNA.pdfAdmissionsAdmissions ProceduresThe following are the requirements for admission to Angeles Institute Diplomaand Certificate programs:A.Required Interviews and appointments that must be completed.1. Interview with Recruitment Specialist.2. Interview with the Academic Department.3. Schedule appointment with the Financial Coordinator toarrange payment.B.Required documentation that must be submitted (Transcripts andother documents submitted become the property of AngelesInstitute and they are not returned to you or forwarded in any formto another college/university).7

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021C.1. Completed Admission application.2. Proof of age by official documentation (must be at least 17years of age at time of course completion; 16 years of age forthe Nurse Assistant Training Program – CNA).3. Proof of successful completion of any of the following withtranscripts or documentation (For Vocational Nursing & MedicalAssistant programs only):a. 12th grade U.S. education from an accredited school.b. General Education Development test (GED).c. California High School Proficiency Examination (e.g.,CHSPE, HiSet, TASC).d. Foreign equivalency of 12th grade U.S. education asevaluated by an approved professional service(information on service provided).e. School District letter with seal/letterhead documentinggraduation from U.S. High School, if transcripts or diplomanot available.Required testing1. Passing score on the Wonderlic examination.a. Wonderlic score of 12 is required.2. An additional examination or program will be required (i.e., HESI)if the qualifying assessment score for a VN student is 16.a. An HESI score is required of 70% orb. Completion of the Angeles Institute CNA/HHA program or3. Successful completion of a clear Background check, needed forclinical placement (information on service provided).4. Drug testing may be required during the program due to clinicalsite specifications. Students demonstrating a positive result on thedrug testing will be dismissed from the vocational nursing program.Admissions PolicyA.B.Completion of all admission procedure steps.Additional procedures:a. Approval of admission by the Academic Team.b. Completion of the Enrollment agreement with requirednonrefundable fee. Enrollment agreement must be signed by aparent or guardian if the applicant is under 18 years of age.c. Completion of all financial arrangements during enrollment.d. Transfer students (Vocational Nursing):i. Must complete all admission procedures/policy steps.ii. Provide official transcripts of previous coursework forevaluation (completed within the last 5 years).iii. Grades of “C” or better or its equivalent are required to beconsidered for credit (school must be accredited).8

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021iv. All documentation and admission procedures must becompleted at least two weeks prior to start of expected startdate.v. Recognition of credits earned at another institution is limited tono more than 292 hours of the total hours required forcompletion of the program (approximately 18.136%). Atransfer student must complete a minimum of 1318 hours ofthe program at Angeles Institute (approximately 81.863%). Atransfer student with the appropriate transfer credit (e.g.,hours completed and content completed at previous nursingschool, etc.) would enter into VN 100B.Acceptance into the program is granted after successful completion ofall components of admission as well as the availability of space withinthe classroom and clinical settings.ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTSA.The academic & attendance requirements as well as stamina demandsrequires the nursing student to be in good physical and mental health.In order to provide safe and effective patient care in the program, thestudent must be able to demonstrate, with or without reasonableaccommodation, physical, cognitive, and behavioral abilities requiredfor satisfactory completion of all aspects of the program curriculumrequirements.B.All students are required to meet the following health policies:1. Pass a general physical examination with a physician release withintwo weeks into the program.2. Provide titers or if titers are negative provide proof of immunization for:a. Measles, Mumps, Rubellab. Hepatitis B, Varicellac. PPD and/or CXR if positived. Influenzae. COVID-193. Provide a negative COVID-19 testC.The completed health record which includes the physician release,physician opinion of overall health, results of titers, PPD and CXR andimmunization record is kept in the student file.D.Students may be required to get multiple COVID-19 testing todemonstrate their negative status during the course of their education.Student Affairs will have resources to obtain the testing.9

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021NOTE:IT IS IMPORTANT FOR THE STUDENT TO DISCLOSE TO NURSING ADMINISTRATION ANYCHANGES IN HEALTH. IF A CHANGE IN HEALTH HAS OCCURRED THE STUDENT ISREQUIRED TO OBTAIN A FULL MEDICAL RELEASE FROM THEIR PHYSICIAN AND SUBMIT ITTO NURSING ADMINISTRATION. THE FULL MEDICAL RELEASE FROM THE STUDENT’SPHYSICIAN MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO ATTENDING THE NEXT CLINICAL. A STUDENTMAY NOT ATTEND CLINICAL WITHOUT FULL MEDICAL RELEASE AND COULD BE SUBJECTTO DROP FROM THE PROGRAM WITHOUT IT. IF REASONABLE ACCOMODATION ISNEEDED, CONTACT THE STUDENT AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT FOR THE APPROPRIATEDOCUMENTATION AND DIRECTIONS.Financial Aid Eligibility RequirementsTo be eligible for financial aid, a student must:1. Be a citizen of the United States or an eligible permanent resident;2. Be enrolled in an eligible program;3. Be making Satisfactory Academic Progress toward graduation;4. Be a high school graduate or its equivalent;5. Be enrolled at least half-time;6. Have a valid Social Security Number;7. Not be in default on a financial aid loan nor owe a refund to a financialaid grant received at any postsecondary college or institution;8. Not been convicted of a drug-related offense that occurred whileenrolled in school and receiving Title IV aid;9. And have completed the United States Selective Service requirements, ifapplicable.Entrance ExamThe Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam is a short form measure of cognitive ability.Cognitive ability is used to describe the level at which an individual learns,understands instructions and solves problems.Each Wonderlic test form consists of 50 questions and incorporates a widevariety of problem types. The questions include word comparison, disarrangedsentences, sentence parallelism, following directions, number comparisons,number series, analysis of geometry figures and story problems requiring eithermathematics or logic solutions. The test questions are arranged in order ofdifficulty, beginning at a modest level and gradually increasing.Successful applicants will demonstrate a suitable level of learning ability and amastery of fundamental basic skills.The applicant can take the examination a maximum of three times in a 6-monthperiod and only once per day. The acceptable score for all programs is a scoreof 12. These applicants are eligible for an interview with the academicdepartment.Applicants that do not meet the above score for their program do not qualify toenter the certificate or diploma programs.10

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021At the discretion of the Director of Nursing applicants may also have tocomplete additional content (e.g., testing for International students).An additional examination (i.e., HESI) or program (CNA/HHA) will be required byVocational Nursing Students who score less than 16 on the qualifyingassessment. A score of 70% on the HESI A2 will be required for entrance into theVN program or successful completion of either the Angeles Institute CNA/HHA.An applicant may use a previously completed HESI examination within one yearof administration. The HESI A2 may be taken a maximum of three times in a 6month period and only once per day. The student fee for the examination if 50.The Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) entrance examination is amultiple-choice assessment measuring basic academic preparedness in Englishand Math. The objectives assessed are those that nursing and allied healtheducators deem most relevant for measuring entry level skills and abilities ofprogram applicants.Credit for Previous Training (Vocational Nursing only)Nursing applicants can receive credit for education successfully completedwithin the last five years. Courses that qualify for evaluation are:oooooAccredited vocational or practical nursing coursesAccredited registered nursing courseAccredited psychiatric technician courseArmed services nursing courseCertified nurse assistant coursesRecognition of credits earned at another institution is limited to no more than292 hours of the total hours required for completion of the program(approximately 18.863%). A transfer student must complete a minimum of 1318hours of the program at Angeles Institute (approximately 81.395%).A transfer student with the appropriate transfer credit (e.g., hours completedand content completed at previous nursing school, or other approvedexperience, etc.) could enter into VN 100B.Applicants may be required to demonstrate competence in areas requested forevaluation for credit.Transfer of credit for nursing courses is subject to the discretion of the Director ofNursing. Other courses may be considered for transfer credit if the schooldetermines the courses are equivalent to courses in the program.Nurse Assistant Training Program (CNA) Student may have their creditsevaluated from a school with an articulation agreement with Angeles Institute.The CNA Student must complete a total of 190 hours. Home Health Aide11

Angeles Institute College Catalog2021Students must complete the entirety of the program and do not qualify fortransfer credit.Experiential Learning CreditA student who has prior experience that contributes to learning relevant to thehealthcare curriculum may petition for academic credit. The amount of credit(hours awarded) is determined by an assessment of the experiences anddocumentation provided. Experiential learning materials will be evaluated bythe Program Director and Student Affairs Department. A resume, supportmaterials and a letter for the reason for requesting credit must be turned in atthe time of the petition to the Student Affairs Department. Experiential learningthat is granted is listed as credit or transfer. Students may be awarded amaximum amount of 50 hours (Vocational Nursing) through prior experientiallearning. The Certified Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide programs are noteligible due to minimum amount of hours required to be completed for theseprograms. The fee for experiential learning evaluation is 50.00. Student mayappeal the decision made by filing a request to appeal with the Student AffairsDepartment.Acceptance to the InstituteUpon completion of the required documents, testing andadmission, the administration will review the informationdetermination will be made. If accepted the applicant willcontract for enrollment. If an applicant is not accepted, allrefunded except the nonrefundable application fee and otherfees (see additional course fees).interviews forand a finalbe offered afees paid arenonrefundableTransfer of Credit Between ProgramsNursing applicants can receive credit for education successfully completedwithin the last five years. Refer to Credit for Previous Training for furtherinformation.Transfer of Credit to Other SchoolsIt is the responsibility of students who plan to transfer to other postsecondaryinstitutions to acquaint themselves with the requirements of any selectedcollege, university, or institution. Angeles Institute does not guaranteetransferability of credits and it should not be assumed that any courses orprograms described in this catalog c

Jan 01, 2021 · Patricia Abrahams, RN, AA, ADN – Broward Community College . Brandy Coward, RN, PHN, BSN, MA –California State University, Long Beach . Scott Coward, RN, BSN – United States University . Lori Ann DuFrene, LVN, AS – Long Beach City College . Mary Franklin, LVN, Teach