2016 ANNUAL REPORTEvery studentdeserves a champion2016iMentor Annual Report1

OUR IMPACTResults everyonecan celebrate2016iMentor Annual Report2

7,418students served in 2016-2017program year41OUR IMPACTHighlights from 201626,491public high school partners in the2016–2017 program yearstudents matchedwith mentorssince 199925%higher college enrollment rate foriMentor students compared totheir peers at academically anddemographically similar NYC schools49%of iMentor students who enroll incollege graduate within 6 years, 23%higher than the national average2016iMentor Annual Report3

OUR IMPACTIMENTOR STUDENTS IN COLLEGEPursuing collegeoutcomesSTUDENT COLLEGE OUTCOMES 2907,004We are currently tracking the college outcomes of4,228 students nationally from 2009-2016. Throughresearch, evaluation, and reflection we gain a holisticunderstanding of our program’s health, which isdemonstrably achieving impact at scale.2016iMentor Annual Report2,242Students84High SchoolsRepresented2492887283,082 3,4054,2281,32491317172230433

OUR IMPACTAchieving athigher rates77%66%72%52%49%26%Our work is changing how students think about collegeand their futures. As a result, iMentor students areenrolling, persisting, and graduating at higher ratesthan their peers with the support of their mentors.2016iMentor Annual ReportON-TIMEENROLLMENTPERSISTENCE TOSECOND YEARiMentorON-TIMECOMPLETIONNational Average5

OUR IMPACTNavigating the collegeapplication process91%of studentsapplied to at least one collegeNavigating the college application process iscomplicated, especially for first-generation,college-bound students. The iMentor programeffectively supports students every step ofthe way.2016iMentor Annual Report81%90%of studentssubmitted FAFSAof students whoapplied were accepted6

OUR IMPACTDeveloping afoundation for success98%developed study strategies to help improveacademic performanceStudents and mentors work together to developa foundation for success in college and beyond.2016iMentor Annual Report90%90%88%created a collegeplan and set goalsresearchedpotential collegesdevelopedinterview andworkplace skills7

OUR IMPACTBuilding strongmentoring relationships87%of students trust their mentorsBuilding strong relationships between mentors andstudents is the foundation of our program. We havehoned in on the science of building and measuringthe strength of these bonds.2016iMentor Annual Report85%78%81%of students are satisfiedwith their matchof students go totheir mentors whenthey need supportof students are openand honest withtheir mentors8

72%26%of our students will befirst-generationcollege graduatesof our mentors arefirst-generationcollege graduates88%40%of our students identifyas students of colorof our mentors identifyas people of color83%100%of our students’ familiesqualify for free andreduced lunchof our mentors arecollege graduatesOUR IMPACTOur students,our mentorsWe are committed to serving the students whoneed us most, a majority of whom will be firstgeneration college graduates. That’s why weprovide our students with a personal championto help them prepare for and succeed in college.2016iMentor Annual Report9

OUR REACHServing more studentsin more places2016iMentor Annual Report10

iMentor is growing to serve more students in New York,Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, and we’repoised to launch our direct service program in a fourthcity next year. As we expand regionally, and through ourwork with partnering nonprofits, we are demonstratingthe efficacy of the iMentor model as a scalable, nationalsolution for ensuring that every student has the supportto navigate the post-secondary pathway of her choice.What follows is a deeper look at what we’reaccomplishing in communities across the nation,introduced through the voices of our students.2016iMentor Annual ReportiMentor citiesPartner Program cities11

I am from the Mexican roots thatgrew a tree in Oakland.I am from the veins that rush joyfulblood throughout my pulses and fromthe tears streaming down from mymother’s proud eyes. I am from the brushes that get lostin paints and shades and canvases.I am from the pencil that makes lonelywords combine as a community. IMENTORBay Area2016iMentor Annual ReportI dream of a bright future that willgive back to my family’s struggles.I am Maria.—Maria, mentee, iMentor Bay Area12

269OUR WORKiMentor Bay Areacurrent pairsiMentor Bay Area’s inaugural program year launchedin 2016 with iMentor’s largest school partner to-date,James Lick High School in San Jose, as well as withAspire Lionel Wilson College Prep in Oakland. The BayArea team recruited more than 600 potential mentorsprior to kicking off year one. Our newest direct serviceprogram is primed to measurably improve collegesuccess rates in this region.2016iMentor Annual Report270%1school partnersof students will befirst-generationcollege graduatesyear in operation13

THEIR STORYQ&A withSuperintendent ChrisFunk, schoolpartner and iMentor BayArea mentorEast Side High School District superintendent,Chris Funk, was instrumental in bringing our wholeschool model to James Lick High School in San Jose,and has long been an advocate of providing every studentwith the tools and support needed to achieve theirdreams. As if that wasn’t enough, Chris extended hiscommitment to iMentor by becoming one of iMentorBay Area’s first mentors and his mentee Alejandro’sChris, mentor and Alejandro, menteenewest champion.Read more about Chris on the iMentor blog.2016iMentor Annual Report14

I am from the south side of Chicago.From double dutch and hopscotch. From Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am from doing makeup andhair and dressing.I am from watching makeuptutorials and online shopping. IMENTORChicago2016iMentor Annual ReportI dream of becoming a midwifeand starting my own makeup linefor colored girls.I am Yaminah.—Yaminah, mentee, iMentor Chicago15

608OUR WORKiMentor Chicagocurrent pairsLaunched in 2015, iMentor Chicago has tripled its reachin the Windy City in just two years. Our second regionalprogram scaled 194% in record time, growing from 207pairs in year one to 608 pairs in year two.2016iMentor Annual Report388%2school partnersof students will befirst-generationcollege graduatesyears in operation16

THEIR STORYShanol and AnthonyShanol and Anthony bonded at lightning speed. Shanol“loves this guy” and looks at Anthony as the type of manhe wants to be in 10 years. Anthony, equally enamored,sees Shanol as a younger version of himself. Shanoldreams of attending UCLA and Anthony is passionateabout helping him get there.Read their story on the iMentor blog.Shanol, mentee and Anthony, mentor2016iMentor Annual Report17

I am from the country that lies on the equator.Till the age of 5 I was only from this countrybut things change - you see - life has tendencyof making us land where we least expect it,but somehow this unknown future onlypromises change. .I am now from suffering and constant battlesto reach success where many have beengranted a spot.You see, I am from where my childhoodbegan to where I first learned the meaningof friendship. .IMENTORNYC2016iMentor Annual ReportThrough the journey that life has put methrough I can’t say I am only from Ecuadorbecause at the end of the day the definitionof who I am or where I am from is stillnot written.—Jenniffer, mentee, iMentor NYC18

OUR WORKiMentor NYC3,882current pairsWith a 17-year track record in mentoring forcollege success, our founding program, iMentorNYC, began operating as an independent regionduring the 2016-2017 program year. With thesupport of their mentors, our NYC students arematriculating to college at significantly greaterrates than their peers at demographically andacademically similar schools.2016iMentor Annual Report1568%17school partnersof students will befirst-generationcollege graduatesyears in operation19

THEIR STORYKaylee and BarrieWith neither of her parents having attended college, thewhole concept felt abstract to Kaylee. She credits Barriewith having “opened her eyes to what it really is.” Kaylee’smom was always supportive of her going to college, but itjust didn’t seem real, or particularly appealing until Barriesold her on the experience.Read their story on the iMentor blog.Kaylee, mentee and Barrie, mentor2016iMentor Annual Report20

I am from a loud, six memberadventurous family.I am from a beef loving, Korean showwatching, piano playing.I am from family road tripsto campfires and pep talks.I am from a Latino heritage, andopen minded, judgmental free person.IMENTORPartnerPrograms2016iMentor Annual ReportI am from a catholic home, whomrespects others no matter what.I am from Wisconsin’s cheeseeating dairy land.I am free, happy, and always readyfor new challenges.—Janet, mentee, iMentor PartnerPrograms, BBBS Metro Milwaukee21

OUR WORKiMentor PartnerPrograms2,659current pairsTo reach young people across the country with our modelfor college success, we partner with nonprofits toimplement our mentoring program in their localcommunities. Our six-year collaboration with BigBrothers Big Sisters agencies has extended our reach to 17other cities. Together, we’re breaking down college accessbarriers and dramatically improving graduation rates.2016iMentor Annual Report1581%6partnersof students will befirst-generationcollege graduatesyears in operation22

THEIR STORYU’Quanla and LisaAfter being matched for two years, Lisa’s job moved hertwo hours away. Rather than end her match, Lisa decidedto go the extra mile, literally. The gas money and drivingtime to attend monthly events with her mentee U’Quanlapales in comparison to continuing to show up forU’Quanla. Lisa’s actions have demonstrated to U’Quanlamore than her words ever could the extent to which shebelieves in U’Quanla and that she is committed to being achampion every step of U’Quanla’s college journey.Read their story on the iMentor blog.Lisa, mentor and U’Quanla, mentee2016iMentor Annual Report23

OUR FINANCIAL REPORTA snapshot of 20162016iMentor Annual Report24

2016Income and expensePUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUESpecial EventsEXPENSES Growth Capital Campaign1,051,017Program Fees1,890,850Individual1,063,223CHANGE IN ANNUAL REVENUECorporate1,070,275 15MOther281,168Total Public Support and Revenue 11,252,29071%1296EXPENSESProgramNon-ProgramTotal Expenses3 11,316,5634,581,285 15,897,84820122013201420152016In 2013, iMentor launched a growth capital campaign to support its 2013-2018strategic plan. In addition to annual revenue, this capital will be used between2013-2018 to support iMentor’s expansion and national infrastructure.2016iMentor Annual Report25

OUR CHAMPIONSWe couldn’t havedone this without you2016iMentor Annual Report26

OUR THANKSSuccess for every student is within reach. Through thegenerosity of our dedicated community of supporters,year after year, the gap between our students’ dreams andreality becomes smaller and smaller. We’re growing toserve more students in more places; none of which wouldbe possible without the commitment and partnership oflike-minded people. Your investment in our expansionand sustainability is an investment in the infinite potentialof thousands of students. You are our champions, and wecannot thank you enough.2016iMentor Annual Report27

OUR CHAMPIONSExtending theircommitment 450Kraised throughmentoring givingAaron and Natasha Holiday’s AnnualHoliday Fundraiser benefited iMentor NYCin 2016.Whether they’re crowdfunding, recruiting amongst theirnetwork, hosting fundraising events, or giving directly,our mentor community’s support of our mission extendsbeyond their one-on-one mentoring relationships. Aschampions of our work, our mentors know that every dollarthey raise and every mentor they recruit places one morestudent on the path toward college success. This proudcommunity of educational advocates have helped sustainiMentor through the years and we’re forever grateful.2016iMentor Annual Report28

OUR CHAMPIONSAT&T, CorporateCollaboratorMentor-mentee communication and engagement arecornerstones to our success. With a contribution of 150,000 toward the development and piloting of amobile app, AT&T is helping our pairs connect in newways. AT&T believes every student deserves a mentor andstrives to provide students access to technology and other21st century tools to prepare them for college success.Read more about AT&T on the iMentor blog.2016iMentor Annual Report29

OUR CHAMPIONSDonor EngagementStrategic growthfunders2015–2016 ProgramYear SupportersTOTAL RAISED: 27MILLION 1,000,000 AND ABOVE 100,000– 499,999Mentor Board MembersAnonymousAvis Family FoundationBezos Family FoundationStephanie and Chase ColemanSloan and David GreenspanYvette and Rafael MayerMorgan StanleyRobertson FoundationThe Samberg Family FoundationSoros Fund Charitable FoundationYellow Chair FoundationBezos Family Foundation*Bloomberg Philanthropies*John and Amy Griffin FoundationNew Profit, Inc.*Social Innovation Fund (SIF)*Altman Foundation*AnonymousLynn and Richard BelloLisa and Mark BezosStephanie and Chase ColemanThe Crown Family*Fiona and Stanley DruckenmillerECMC Foundation*Cheryl and Alex EhrlichRick GersonGoldman SachsGives Grace & Mercy Foundation*Sonia and Paul T. Jones IIThe Kresge Foundation*Brigette Lau and Chamath PalihapitiyaJoella and John LykouretzosJulian RobertsonThe Samberg Family FoundationTiger FoundationJessica and Jason Wulf*2016iMentor Annual Report 500,000– 999,999Carnegie Corporation of New York*Citi Foundation*Robertson FoundationRobin Hood FoundationSoros Fund Charitable FoundationYellow Chair FoundationZell Family Foundation*30

50,000– 99,999Avis Family FoundationBarclaysBloomberg L.P.Katie CouricFinnegan Family FoundationGoldman SachsJohn KirtleyYvette and Rafael MayerMorgan Stanley PwC 25,000– 49,999Elizabeth and Lee AinslieAllen & Company LLCAnonymousAnonymousMichelle and Jonathan AuerbachCindy and Rob CitroneCredit Suisse Deutsche BankDTCCEinhorn Family Charitable TrustErnst & YoungFirst Eagle Investment ManagementSuzanne and Bob KarrElaine and Ken LangoneMargaret & Daniel Loeb—Third Point FoundationNGP Energy Technology PartnersShelly and Tony MalkinSonnet and Ian McKinnonAllison and Roberto MignoneDara and Timothy O’Hara2016iMentor Annual ReportPine River Capital ManagementSarahmay and Larry Robbins of theRobbins Family FoundationLori and Zachary SchreiberUBSCaroline and Tiger Williams 10,000– 24,999Coach FoundationMiriam and Peter DanekerDeloitte & ToucheDiana and Joseph DiMennaEquinixChristopher FongGlobal AtlanticThe Gordon FundErin and Christopher HagstromDiane and Andreas HalvorsenHealthcor Foundation TrustHSBCJeremy IsaacsLinkedInYen LiowMarsh & McLennan CompaniesThe Neuberger Berman FoundationNewmark Grubb Knight FrankShawn PattisonFiona and Eric RudinRebecca and Arthur SambergCarolyn and Curtis SchenkerMimi and Barry SternlichtSMET FoundationTwo Creeks CapitalXerox Foundation 5,000– 9,999The Abernathy MacGregor GroupAcquavella GalleriesBank of America CharitableFoundationNancy BrinkerRomy and David CoquilletteEva and Glenn DubinFriedman, Kaplan, Seiler& Adelman LLPGoogleChristine and Lawrence GriffAnne Dias GriffinKimberley Hatchettand Tracy MaitlandKatie and Aaron HoodMalcolm Gibbs FoundationAlexandra and Steve MarksMaverick Capital CharitiesMorrison & Foerster LLPThomas and Marina PurcellFamily FoundationDawn and Homer SmithPatricia StevensTrimble Family FoundationElizabeth Wang and John DelaneyThe Weininger Foundation, Inc.*Multi-year gift31

OUR CHAMPIONSBoard of DirectorsCharles BestDonorsChoose.orgJohn GriffinBlue Ridge CapitalMark BezosBezos Family FoundationKimberley HatchettMorgan StanleyDoug BorchardNew ProfitMatthew KleinMayor’s Officeof OperationsKatie CouricYahoo NewsJohn DelaneyMorrison & FoersterAlex EhrlichMorgan Stanley2016iMentor Annual ReportJohn T. LykouretzosHoplite CapitalManagement, LLCKaren PavlinXerox GlobalBianca GottesmanJulian RobertsonTiger Management CorpLawrence GriffGrant ThorntonDavid Saltzman32

OUR CHAMPIONSRegional AdvisoryBoardsiMentor New York CityiMentor ChicagoiMentor Bay Area(founded in 2016)(founded in 2015)(founded in 2016)Sahra DalfenReed Smith LLPDick BurkeEnvoyPhilip DeutchNGP ETP/Social CapitalJoyee DebYale School ofManagementAarti DhupeliaNational Louis UniversityShelby BonnieAllen & CompanyChristopher HagstromUBSLisa ShalettMorgan StanleyEmma Rodriguez-AyalaMesirow FinancialBritt TrukenbrodWilliam Blair & Co.Kristina Van LiewGraystone Consulting,Morgan StanleyTony WilkinsBNY Mellon2016iMentor Annual Report33

Caps off to 20162016iMentor Annual Report34

Aspire Lionel Wilson College Prep in Oakland. The Bay Area team recruited more than 600 potential mentors prior to kicking oŠ year one. Our newest direct service program is primed to measurably improve college success rates in this region. 269 current pairs 2 school partners 1 year in operation 70 % of stude