Research and Internship Experiences forBiomedical Engineering StudentsDetails and Deadlines 2010Research and Internship ExperiencesThe American Physiological Society - Undergraduate Summer Research FellowshipThe program will fund up to 24 fellowships during the summer. These fellowships are tosupport full-time undergraduate students to work in the laboratory of an established investigator.The intent of this program is to encourage students to pursue a career as a basic research Deadline: February 1,2010Battelle Memorial InstituteBattelle serves industry and government in developing new technologies and products. They inserttechnology into systems and processes for manufacturers; pharmaceutical and agrochemicalindustries; trade associations; and government agencies supporting energy, the environment, health,national security, and transportation.htt :// .battelle.or /careers/ xDeadline: Depends on internship of choiceCase Western Reserve UniversityThe Department of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University is pleased toannounce the 2008 summer program in Biomedical Engineering research for undergraduates,funded by the National Science Foundation. Project areas in biomaterials, tissue engineering, drugdelivery, imaging, and neural engineering March 1,2010Cleveland Clinic FoundationUndergraduate Engineering in Medical Research, sponsored by the National Science Foundationand the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Research opportunities include five to six month on-sitecooperative engineering positions in an international research group in order to develop researchskills, leadership and collaboration skills, and technical knowledge.http://www .lerner.ccf.oraibme/education/reu/Deadline: Applications will be continuously reviewed and offers will be extended fourtimes per yearEngineering World Health OrganizationThe Summer Institute is an opportunity for engineering students to gain hands on repair and designexperience while simultaneously helping disadvantaged hospitals and patients in a developingnation. Open to students of engineering, physics and chemistry, the Summer Institute begins with aone-month stay in Costa Rica or Tanzania in which students live with a host family. Mornings arespent learning Spanish or Swahili, while in the afternoons students receive three hours of technical

training in the operation and repair of medical equipment. Day trips to the country's breathtakingnatural features punctuate the experience and give volunteers a time to bond.After the one-month training, each student travels to his or her target hospital. Students workrepairing and installing badly needed equipment. Whether they're working on an infusion pumpthat helps treat a tiny infant, or an ECG that will aid in diagnosing someone's grandfather, eachstudent-engineer makes a difference in patients' esDeadline: Visit website for more information.Harbor Branch Oceanographic InstituteThe areas of study include: aquaculture, biomedical marine research, marine biology, marinemammal research, marine natural product chemistry, marine microbiology, ocean engineering, internshivs/index.vhvDeadline: March 1,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)Harvard UniversityWe are pleased to announce summer research opportunities for K-12 teachers and undergraduatesthrough our NSF REUIRET Site Materials for Bioengineering Research Internships Dedicated toGateway Experiences (BRIDGE). Our program provides undergraduates with hands-on experiencesin research at the interface of biology and materials science and engineering, along with a programthat includes faculty seminars, professional development workshops, and community activities. Weare seeking undergraduates from chemistry, physics, biology, applied math, and engineering.Students without prior research experience, including freshman and sophomore students, areespecially encouraged to apply.http://reusite.seas.harvard.eduDeadline: February 28,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)Illinois Institute of TechnologyThe Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at the Illinois Institute forTechnology is a 10 week program for undergraduate students fiom around the country who havecompleted at least their 2nd year in a science or engineering field. The program is sponsored by theBiomedical Engineering Program at IIT and The Engineering Center for Diabetes Research andEducation (ECDRE). Each student chooses a project relating to diabetes and will be guided by anengineering mentor at IIT. The objectives of the program are to train undergraduates in basicresearch through challenging diabetes-related engineering projects performed with research mentorsfrom ITT, expose them to the broader health implications of their research with lectures fromclinical experts and tours of clinical facilities and integrate ethics discussion and training into allaspects of the student : February 22,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)Iowa State UniversityThe Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Iowa State University hosts a summerresearch experience for undergraduate students. The program will create novel research experiencesfor undergraduate students in the areas of biological materials and processes (BioMaP). Thestudents will be active members of interdisciplinary groups and will interact with faculty, postdocs,

graduate students, and industry. The students will participate in cohort experiences such asshort courses, joint seminars/meetings, workshops, tours of research facilities, and field trips. Aunique component of the program is a partnership with the Department of Chemical Engineering atthe Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Mexico. As part of thisinternational component, some students will participate in research projects at m.asvDeadline: March 15,2010Johns Hopkins UniversityThe Institute for NanoBioTechnology at Johns Hopkins University offers undergraduate studentsfrom colleges and universities around the country a chance to participate in research projects in theexciting and rapidly growing area of nanobiotechnology, a place where biology, medicine, andnanotech meet. February 14,2010Keck Graduate InstituteThe REU program for undergraduate research in biotechnology and bioengineering at KeckGraduate Institute provides undergraduate students the opportunity for cutting-edge,interdisciplinary research in the areas of bioengineering, computational biology, and appliedmolecular and cellular biology, as well as exposure to related ethics and business topics.http://www.k Program on hiatus until Summer of 2011Lehigh UniversityUndergraduate physics and engineering majors currently in their sophomore or junior year are invitedto apply to the Lehigh University Summer Undergraduate Research Participation Program in Physics.This year the Department of Physics at Lehigh University has again been selected by the NationalScience Foundation as a "Research Experiences for Undergraduates" (REU) site. In addition, anumber of Sherman Fairchild Scholarships for research in solid state studies and electricalengineering are also available. The Lehigh REU program is intended for students who plan to pursuegraduate study in physics or related fields. Participants will receive 475 per week for a 10 weekprogram in one of a variety of current research areas at Lehigh. The work will be supervised byLehigh faculty and will begin around June 1,2010. Free housing is also available to participants.http://www.lehi March 8,2010The Lerner Research InstituteThe Cleveland Clinic's REU Program is located in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, acomponent of the Lerner Research Institute, which is one of the major divisions of the ClevelandClinic. The Cleveland Clinic provides a somewhat different experience than that offered throughthe usual National Science Foundation REU Site, in that it is organized as a nominally six monthslong co-operative engineering position. Development of the student's research leadership skillsalong with technical training are highly emphasized.http:// .lerner.ccf.orrrhme/ed ication reu/nsf/Deadline: Applications will be continuously reviewed and offers will be extended fourtimes per year

Marquette UniversityThe Department of Biomedical Engineering at Marquette University, with the support of agrant from the National Science Foundation, is pleased to announce its Summer ResearchProgram for 2007. The department seeks undergraduates in biomedical engineering toparticipate in innovative and interdisciplinary biomedical research aimed to improve thequality of life of individuals with neurological dysfunction or disease. The focus of the 9week summer project is imaging, modeling and rehabilitation of neurosystems, drawing onfaculty strengths at Marquette University and The Medical College of Wisconsin.httv://www.rnar es/AliYouNeed/Biomedical/Pro ams/Su nmerExperience.htmlDeadline: UnspecifiedMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyThe Department of i o l o i cEngineeringal(BE) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) is presently seeking outstanding current junior-year undergraduates to participate inthe Research Experience for Undergraduates Program during the summer term of 2009. TheREU Program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, provides non-MIT studentswith the opportunity to participate in the research happening in the Department of ion/reu.htmDeadline: February 15,2010Mayo Graduate School Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program.Conduct your own small research project or work on part of an ongoing research investigation for10 weeks, develop your technical skills and participate in a special weekly seminar series thatintroduces you to rapidly progressing research areas.http://w February 1,2010Mote Marine Laboratory (MML)Research internship programs include biomedical, Invertabrae Zoology and Benthic Ecology,Aquaculture, and Marine Mammal Research. The four different centers include the Center forShark Research, Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research, Coastal and Tropical Ecology, andFisheries Enhancement.http://www.rnote.or /-iimg/reu.htmDeadline: Not yet accepting applications for 2010. Check website for updates.National Institute of Health Biomedical Engineering Summer Internship Program (BESIP).This ten week summer program allows undergraduate biomedical engineering students toparticipate, under the mentorship of scientists on various biomedical research projects in NIHlaboratories in Bethesda, Maryland.htto:// w.nibib.nih. ov/Trainin ndergradGradhesi homeDeadline: February 10,2010Neuroscience Institute Summer Research Program.Selected applicants will come to the Morehouse School of Medicine for ten weeks, where they willjoin a single laboratory, attend lectures on the neurobiology of degenerative disorders, undertake a

well-defined research project with Institute faculty, and make scientific presentations at the end ofthe program. March 31,2010Neural EngineeringSummer interns work on Neural Engineering projects at the Biomedical and MechanicalEngineering Departments at Northwestern University and the Sensory Motor Performance Programat the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago for a period of 10 weeks. Junior or senior undergraduate,and junior graduate students are eligible to apply for the internships. 4000 Stipend for 10 weeks February 27,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)Northeastern UniversityThe Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systems (GordonCenSSIS), provides the opportunity for science or engineering undergraduate students towork at CenSSIS laboratories on research projects related to the emerging technology ofsubsurface sensing and imaging systems. These REU students have the opportunity to workat CenSSIS testbed facilities in the areas of hyperspectral underwater imaging, medicalultrasound and optical imaging, 3D biological imaging, and imaging of underground objectsor environmental conditions by ground-penetrating radar or electromagnetic /index.htmlDeadline: February 27,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)Northwestern UniversityActive hands-on research infuses the traditional undergraduate curriculum with excitement.These experiences provide a glimpse into the life of a scientific researcher and opportunitiesto meet and work with world-renowned scientists. The center offers the Research Experiencefor Undergraduates (REU) program, under the leadership of Professor Mark Hersam, eachsummer. The REU program is held for a 9-week period over the summer. Participants engage infulltime research on a nanotechnology-related topic. Regular group meetings give studentsopportunities to share their progress along the way, and gain a broad overview of a widearray of scientific projects. Additional activities include special lectures, field trips, a publicspeaking seminar, technical writing workshops, summer picnic, and tours of facilities andlaboratories.htt :// .n ec.northwestern.eddREU.htmDeadline: February 15Rehabilitation Institute Research CorporationThe Summer Internship in Neural Engineering (SINE) provides undergraduate students with anintense experience in cutting edge research in neural engineering. The goal of the program is toidentify, train, and nurture the development of future investigators who plan on using engineeringapplications to study neurologic disorders. We believe that early exposure to interdisciplinaryresearch will provide tomorrow's scientists with the skills they need to help end the devastation ofneurologic injury.!bme/sineDeadline: February 27,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)University of California, RiversideBRITE scientific and engineering research is based on recent advances in recognizingand exploiting genomic, proteomic, and metabolic patterns in cells. Research emphasiswill be conducted with the framework of an emerging field known as BioCellularEngineering. BioCellular Engineering proposes to understand, identify and utilize patternsof cellular organization as expressed in such structures as mitochondria, ribosomes,perioxisomes, and the Golgi apparatus to provide coded instructions or blueprints of biologicalcontrols for new generations of bio-machines and bioprocesses. Other related bioengineeringproblems will also be addressed. BRITE disciplines and departments within this field includeBioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemistry.http://www.enp; April 17,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)University of California, San DiegoThe Department of Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego is pleased toannounce a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU)program in Regenerative Medicine, Multi-Scale Bioengineering, and Systems Biology.This exciting summer program provides undergraduate students access to state-of-the-art facilities,the opportunity to work with accomplished and experienced faculty mentors, and to participate inhighly collaborative, cutting-edge research projects. In addition to the training students receive inindividual research laboratories, extensive professional development opportunities will be providedthrough weekly workshops, an undergraduate research conference, panel discussions, and GREpreparation courses. April 18,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)University of Illinois - ChicagoThe Departments of Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, andMechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago are pleased to announce theirSummer Research Fellowship Program for 2009. Eleven fellowships are sponsored by theNational Science Foundation (NSF) Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) and theDepartment of Defense (DoD) ASSURE (Awards to Stimulate and Support UndergraduateResearch Experiences) programs. Summer fellows will have the opportunity to conductresearch in Novel Advanced Materials and Processing with applications in biomedical,electrical and chemical engineering in an academic setting. This program welcomes studentsin Science and Engineering.http://w .ui .edullabslAMReL/NSF-REU.htmDeadline: February 28,2009 (Not yet updated for 2010)University of Maryland Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering Research Experiencesfor UndergraduatesThe Molecular & Cellular Bioengineering REU program focuses on the investigation offundamental bioengineering questions using techniques that elucidate the roles of elementalparticipants. The University of Maryland, and specifically the new Fischell Department of

Bioengineering, is engaged in a number of bioengineering research activities that bringtogether the University's traditional strength in engineering with recent advances in biologicalsciences as well as collaborations with surrounding national laboratories, including the NIH,NIST, and FDA. As a result, major research initiatives are underway in topics includingbiomicroelectromechanicalsystems, biomechanics, biomolecular engineering, cardiovascularmechanics, cellular and metabolic engineering, drug delivery, biomedical imaging,nanobiotechnology, neuroengineering, systems biology, and tissue engineering. Unspecified (Not yet updated for 2010)University of Massachusetts, College of EngineeringSummer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)Each summer the College of Engineering sponsors a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)program. This is a great way to find out if graduate study is right for you and an opportunity to learnmore about the broad range of interdisciplinary research being conducted in the College. 3629Deadline: February 16,2010University of Massachusetts, The Institute for Cellular Engineering (ICE)The Institute for Cellular Engineering (ICE) hosts a Research Experience for Undergraduates forU.S. citizens or permanent residents interested in pursuing graduate studies in bioengineering orbiological sciences. Cellular engineering is a new frontier of applied biology. Understanding cellularfiction and manipulating cells/tissues to perform in a particular manner is the basis for manyventures in the biomedical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, including drug productionfrom cell culture, generation of artificial organs for replacement of diseased tissues, and design ofbioremediation processes for waste water clean-up. Our faculty and research are at the forefront ofcellular engineering innovation, performing cutting-edge work in biosensor development, cell anddrug delivery, metabolic engineering and protein engineering.http:// February 15,2010University of WashingtonIn summer 2010 (June 14 - August 20), UWEB will sponsor a 10-week research program forundergraduates on the university's Seattle campus. Participants will be involved in ongoingresearch projects with investigators, and will have the opportunity to take part in workshoptraining sessions in ethics, communication skills, and scientific presentation skills designed toprovide the undergraduate scientist with a solid foundation for graduate study. UWEB has astrong commitment to undergraduate education and has a particularly strong commitment toincreasing diversity in the field of engineering. The UWEB REU, a National Science Foundationhnded program, will take advantage of the uniquely interdisciplinary research environment atthe biology and engineering interface to provide high quality summer research experiences forundergraduates from around the country. We strongly encourage women, under-representedminorities, and students with disabilities to submit ducation/reuDeadline: February 1,2010

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University - Macromolecules and Interfaces InstituteThanks to the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) grants (funding pending) - withfocuses on the Design and Delivery of Polymer-Drug Complexes - the twenty-first consecutivesummer of research opportunities is being made available for undergraduates who wish an excitinglaboratory adline: February, 1,2010Wayne State UniversityThe SSIM sponsored REU - Research Experiences for Undergraduates - program integratesongoing research efforts in our Smart Sensors and Integrated Microsystem (SSIM) Programinto a cooperative traineeship program for undergraduate students. This program builds uponexisting sensor-related projects to develop a concerted thrust in the area of sensor integrationwith VLSI circuitry, a growing research strength at Wayne State University. Active programsin wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, graded pyroelectrics, photonic systems, thin-filmmagnetic devices, organic film devices, and integrated (intelligent) technology will form thecore research here at SSIM.http://www .ssim.eng;.wayne.eduDeadline: Visit website for more information.Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars ProgramThe Whitaker International Program is a grant that sends emerging leaders in biomedicalengineering (or bioengineering) overseas to increase international collaboration in the field. TheWhitaker Program was funded by The Whitaker Foundation (now closed), and is administered bythe Institute of International Education. Funding for awards will exist until around 2020.Whitaker International Program grants are awarded based on an activitylproject proposal that isrelevant to biomedical engineering. We can offer about 30-45 grants annually, but only thehighestquality applicants are awarded. In the last three competition cycles, 15, 12, and 20 grants havebeen awarded. This year, we are looking for at least 100 qualified applications this year, so allhighquality students are encouraged to apply.Recent awards have included research in heart blood flow, improved prosthetic leg design, anddevelopment of affordable oral cancer screening tools. Projects occur worldwide, including farflungcountries like the United Kingdom, Denmark, India, and South Africa.httv:// January 25,2010Worcester Polytechnic InstituteFaculty members from Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Chemistry &Biochemistry have created a diverse array of projects for students to choose from. Eachstudent conducts research in the laboratory with the faculty mentor on a project specificallydesigned for his or her abilities and also participates in professional development activities.A novel component of this REU is that each undergraduate will receive training in mentoring,and will become a mentor to a middle-school ://www.w : UnspecifiedBiology, Biotechnology, and Pre-Medical Engineering Internships

Homepages and web-links to over 590 paid co-oplinternship and summer undergraduate researchpostings listed alphabetically by organization name and listed by Complete List of Research Experiences for Undergraduateshttp://www.nsf.aov/crss r m/reu/reusearch.cfmIndustrial Internship ExperiencesAbbott LabsResearch focuses include Analytical chemistry; Analytical services; Biochemistry; Chemicalprocess development; Clinical-related areas; Immunology; Microbiology; Molecular biology;Pathology; Pharmacology; Pharmacy; Physiology; Polymer chemistry; Product development;Research data management; Statistical analysis; Synthetic organic chemistry; Toxicology; andVirology.htt : 1Olgeneral contentJCienera1 Content 00166.htmDeadline: Electronic resumes are accepted between September 1 and March 1.BaxterThree-month summer internship program in a highly professional, fast-paced environment,opportunities in engineering and biochemistry.http:/ baxter/careers/collee;e relations/summer.htm1Deadline: Depends on the positionBayerBayer offers paid internships in almost 20 professional areas, including engineering and researchand development.http:ll /index.htmlDeadline: Depends on position of choiceBiogenInterns must be available to start in June and continue for 10-12 weeks through August. Thisprogram includes lab positions but you must have completed either basic or advanced sciencecourses and have developed experience in laboratory practices.http:// For summer internships, submit resumes by the end of MarchBoston ScientificBoston Scientific Corporation is the world's largest medical device company dedicated tolessinvasivetherapies. Summer internship and year round Co-op opportunities are bsci/,navRe111000.1007/seo.serveDeadline: No specific deadline, but internships typically start in May.Columbia Industries InternshipsA variety of engineering internships are available for 10 to 16 weeks in the spring and summerwith Energy Northwest, Flour Federal Services, Flour Hanford Inc., or Protection TechnologyHanford. The internship carries a weekly stipend paid bi-weekly.

httv://www.ciintern.comDeadline: Internship opportunities are available year-round, depending upon the business. Whencompleting your application, please specify which term(s) you are applying for.G.E. Medical SystemsAssignments range from Engineering Design, either Software, Hardware, or Systems to Six Sigmaand Quality to Manufacturing, Operations, and Inventory management, to Sourcing and SupplierManagement to Service Engineering and nships.htmlDeadline: No specific deadline given.GenetechThe Genentech Internship Program is an intensive 10-12 week program during the summer. Internshave the opportunity to assist in the development, manufacturing and marketing of recombinantDNA products. Some projects include developing assays in support of pharmokinetic studies usingreal-time immuno-PCR, assisting in the design of therapeutic molecules for the treatment ofdiabetes, and developing nutrient feeding strategies to optimize cell growth and :// .htmlDeadline: Depends on position of choiceGenzymeInterns can work in any life science field and typically begin their internships in May or June andcontinue throughout August.http://www.gen me.codcomlcareers/internpositions.aspDeadline: Summer positions posted from February to AprilJohnson and JohnsonThe Co-op and Internship program places qualified students in full- and part-time internshippositions within Johnson & Johnson companies, three times a year, during the spring, summer andfall raduate/inte&sco-ops/index.htmDeadline: No specific deadline givenMedradMedrad has internships, co-ops, and full-time opportunities for undergraduate and graduatestudents. Their products are focused on medical imaging.htt a es/InternsAndCoovs.asuxDeadline: Check with companyMedtronicThe Summer Associates program is an eleven week programhttv:// ment/summerassoc.htm1Deadline: No specific deadline given.St. Jude MedicalSome St Jude Medical locations offer high-caliber students the opportunity to apply theirknowledge in practical business settings through internship and co-op programs. These programscombine academic study and practical experience-a learning and training partnership between thestudent, St. Jude Medical, colleges and universities. The internship and co-op programs give you

the opportunity to work in a corporate environment where you are treated as a professional withresponsibilities and accountability.http://www.sin .com careers/infomationforcolle estudents.aspx?section IntemshipsAndCoOpOp o nitiesDeadline: No specific deadline

completed at least their 2nd year in a science or engineering field. The program is sponsored by the Biomedical Engineering Program at IIT and The Engineering Center for Diabetes Research and Education (ECDRE). Each student chooses a project relating to diabetes and will be