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SUTTER WEST BAYHOSPITALSBOARD OF DIRECTORS2014OFFICERSHeal a Patient, Heal a CommunityBy Lily Tung CrystalAnn Wathen has made it her life’s work tohelp others. As the program manager ofcommunity and partner relationships, shehelps ensure that The Ceres CommunityProject of Marin achieves its extraordinarymission—teaching local teens how to cookand delivering their healthy meals at no costto cancer patients every week. To keepthis work alive, the 61-year-old San Rafaelresident goes into her neighborhood andreaches out to farmers, grocers and otherlocal businesses that may want to be partnerswith Ceres. But last year, osteoarthritis in herright hip kept her from doing the jobshe loves.“I was in so much pain that I couldn’t evenwalk seven houses down the street,” Annrecalls. Her doctor recommended that shehave hip replacement surgery and toldher that the best person for the job wasorthopedic surgeon Robert Mayle, M.D. “He’sa kind doctor who makes time for you,” saysAnn. “He cares about you as a person.”Comprehensive, Holistic CareDr. Mayle practices at NCH’s Total JointReplacement Program—a comprehensiveservice that follows every patient not onlythrough surgery, but also through recoveryand physical therapy.Once Ann set foot in NCH’s beautiful facility,she knew that it was the hospital for her.“I had never experienced anything like itbefore—it felt holistic, patient-centered,”she says. “Since I’m in social services, I’mall about relating to people and making theworld a better place, and NCH has that vibe.Everybody without exception was lovely,and I wasn’t the only one who had a goodexperience.”Ann’s husband Wally was concerned aboutAnn’s surgery, and the staff took care of himas well, making sure that he understoodher treatment every step of the way. “Werecognize that it’s not just the patient that’sgoing through surgery. It’s also husbands,parents, children ” says Jennifer Lehr,director of NCH’s orthopedic service line.From Surgery Through RecoveryAnn’s surgery took just a few hours and wentmore smoothly than she ever expected. “Itwas incredible that on the day of my surgeryI was up on my feet and walking,” she says.Two days later, Ann was discharged, but hercare didn’t stop there.Through Sutter Care at Home, NCH ensuresthat patients can start in-home physicaltherapy (PT) on the day of their discharge.After a few weeks of recovery at home,patients then transition seamlessly to NCH’soutpatient department Physical Therapy andSports Fitness.There, Ann bonded quickly with physicaltherapist Susanne De Costerd, but partwaythrough, she needed to go out of town tocare for her ailing mother. As a result, herPT occurred sporadically. Yet Susanne wasalways there for her. “I love that lady,” saysSusanne. “It was a tough time for Ann notonly physically but also emotionally. Yet shealways remained positive and made a lot ofprogress with her rehab.”Full CircleNow 10 months after her surgery, Ann isfeeling like her old self again—hiking,walking, and going out into the communityso that people in need can get the food thatheals them.“If you look at Ann now, you’d never knowshe had surgery,” marvels Jennifer Lehr.“What goes around comes around. She hasall this goodwill in the work she does, andin turn she receives goodwill.”“It’s incredible how I’m feeling,” says Ann.“My surgery was a miracle.” Michael J. Cohill, Regional PresidentAnthony G. Wagner, ChairRobert A. Rosenfeld, Vice ChairTheodore Deikel, Chair, Finance and PlanningJohn B. Gates, CPA,Regional Chief Financial OfficerMichael Duncheon, SecretaryMEMBERSWilliam L. BrunettiMichael J. CohillDorothy Coleman-Riese, M.D.Susan H. Day, M.D.Theodore DeikelThomas J. Dietz, Ph.D.Roy EisenhardtKatherine T. Hsiao, M.D.Peter JacobiFrederick Johnson, M.D.Steven Katznelson, M.D.Sarah KrevansSteven E. Levenberg, D.O.Alastair A. MactaggartTimothy Murphy, M.D.Dennis J. O’ConnellSteven H. OliverRobert A. RosenfeldLeo C.H. SoongMichael N. Valan, M.D.Anthony G. WagnerRichard C. WattsDeborah D. Wyatt, M.D.MARKETING DEPARTMENTJim Macksood, Director of MarketingChristina Szeto, EditorLisa Oliver, Graphic DesignerCONTRIBUTORSKermit Cantwell, Kimberly Carlisle,Penny Cleary, Lily Tung Crystal,Bobbi J. Fagone, Sarah Goldberg,Laura Miyashita, George Nevin,Tiffany J. Ortega, Gary Quackenbush,Shaun Ralston, Rebecca Southwick,Mary StrebigPHOTOGRAPHYEd Aiona, Alain McLaughlin, Nick Otto, Bob MinkinCOPY EDITORJohn MayburyCopyright 2014 Sutter HealthAll rights reserved.

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NCH’s Emergency Department StaffHeal Patients While Giving BackBy George NevinThe man in his 40s appeared dazed as he wandered intoNovato Community Hospital by a back door. He barelymade it to the Emergency Department before collapsingin full cardiac arrest. The medical team swarmedaround him, restarting his heart and prepping him to betransported to a specialty cardiac center.Emergency Department staff and physicians feel sostrongly about their mission that they are donors aswell as employees. For the past two years, physiciansand staff have given generously to help purchase 33advanced patient monitors for the ED, Intensive CareUnit and Medical-Surgical Unit.“He was a father with young kids, and he’d been playingsoccer that day,” says Dennis O’Leary, director of theNCH Emergency Department. “He should not havesurvived – but he did. We frequently get thank-you cardsfrom people like him.”Dr. Thompson ticks off the new equipment’s advantages:“They’re portable, easier to use than the monitors theyreplaced, and add another level of patient safety.”The NCH ED is an unusual place to work, and a vitalresource for the community, according to Dennis and toDavid Thompson, M.D., co-medical director of the ED.Dr. Thompson says, “I’ve worked at several emergencydepartments, and Novato is unique in how well the staffand physicians get along and collaborate. Everyoneworks together and has the patients’ best interests inmind.”NCH has unusually robust emergency capabilities fora community hospital. Dennis points to the hospital’sstroke care accreditation by the Joint Commission,which certifies hospitals nationwide. Within a year ofestablishing its stroke program, NCH was awarded aStroke Bronze Achievement Award by the AmericanHeart Association.Other recognitions include a Guardian of Excellenceaward from hospital patient satisfaction surveyor PressGaney for reaching the 95th percentile in satisfaction.4Without support from community donors, “it would betough to maintain a top-notch hospital and EmergencyDepartment,” says Dr. Thompson. “Donations fromthe community are critically important. It’s expensiveto deliver high-quality care, and we constantly need toupgrade equipment.”But the cost of upgrades can seem low when they helpNCH’s medical professionals achieve “a really goodsave,” Dr. Thompson says. “I can’t help but rememberthe woman who came into the ED and went into cardiacarrest. Everyone descended on her and resuscitated her.She survived, but if she’d collapsed in the parking lot,she would not have made it.”For information on giving to NovatoCommunity Hospital, please visit our websiteat or [email protected].

Sutter’s Family MedicinePractice in Marin is a Resourcefor Back-to-School PreparednessBy Gary QuackenbushShe works with specialists, including OB/GYN,psychiatry, breast surgery, cardiac electrophysiologyand integrative medicine. Together they focus onfamily wellness from infancy to the elderly.“Many believe physical exams are all kids needbefore school begins, but home environment andparental involvement also impact student health,”Dr. Glatt says. “Here are some tips that can supportschool success.”Eating meals together positively impacts scholasticachievement and helps reduce child obesity anddelinquency. Family mealtime leads to positiveinteractions and improved psychological wellbeing. If it is challenging to get the family togetherat dinnertime, try sharing breakfasts, or any activitywhen family can gather regularly.Overscheduling can drain inner resources kids needfor healthy adjustment and development. Schoolage children need 9-10 hours of sleep nightly.Quality sleep builds brainpower, improves attentionspan and stimulates mental alertness.Keep the TV, computer and cell phone out of thebedroom to make it conducive to study and qualitysleep. More than two hours of “screen time” canincrease anxiety and reduce social and academicsuccess. Monitor social media usage and educatetweens and teens about the dangers of cyberbullying, “sexting” and posting personal informationon public networks.Exercise (45-60 minutes a day) improves health,mood, learning and academic performance. Walkingthe dog, biking to school and group sports aregood sources of exercise. Place a greater emphasison active play instead of competition and winning.“In all matters, it is consistent effort, not theoutcome, that is important,” Dr. Glatt stresses.Expect your child to participate in age-appropriatefamily chores – setting the table, putting awaytoys, feeding pets, cleaning rooms. This instillsconfidence and teaches self-reliance that carriesover into school competency. Helping to preparehealthy meals develops good attitudes towardfood and better nutritional choices that supportmental acuity.Preparing to return to school involveslifestyle choices that affect a child’s academicperformance, according to Patty Glatt, M.D.,a family physician in the Sutter satellite officeat 1350 South Eliseo Drive, Suite 220, inGreenbrae, California.Properly illuminated, uncluttered study areasfoster better retention when learning is engaged,and inviting school friends over to study together ismore fun.“Our practitioners cover the most common medicalissues and other factors that affect family health —including school success. At Sutter, we address thewhole person at each stage of life,” says Dr. Glatt.Greenbrae is accepting new patients.Call 415-464-0411 to make an appointment. 17

in Marin CountySutter HealthPETALUMA1234Sutter MedicalCampus37NOVATOLUCAS VALLEY RD.MANUELT. FREITASPKWY.1015VD.E BLRAKSDNCIFRASIR.DRERNTCEICCIV8LASGALLINAS AVE.4THST.Sutter Terra LindaHealth PlazaRD.ROPEDNAN. SSANRAFAELOur Network of Care includes doctors,*M a p n o t t o s ca le .urgent care centers, and hospitals throughoutworking together to meet your complete healthcare needs. Call 1-888-699-DOCS (3627) to find adoctor near you.BON AIR RD.MAGNOLIA AVE.Sonoma, Lake, Marin, and San Francisco countiesGREENBRAE5806DR.ISEOS. ELY DR.LUCK7CORTE MADERA9TAMAL VISTABLVD.PHYSICIANPRACTICES6611350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-923-65006101 Rowland WayNovato415-878-7200INTEGRATIVE MEDICINEInstitute for Health &Healing1350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-461-900018101 Rowland WayNovato415-878-72006 OB/GYN240 Tamal Vista BoulevardCorte Madera415-600-36366ENDOCRINE SURGERY101 Rowland WayNovato415-923-3200SERVICES5PEDIATRICS4000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-479-7244HOSPITAL4NOVATO COMMUNITYHOSPITAL180 Rowland WayNovato415-209-1300URGENT CARE5 URGENT CARE CENTER(For non-emergencymedical care)4000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-492-48004 JOINT REPLACEMENT &SPORTS SURGERY180 Rowland WayNovato415-209-13481LABORATORY SERVICES101 Rowland WayNovato415-878-7208CT, MRI, NUCLEAR MEDICINE, PET,BONE DENSITY, MAMMOGRAPHY,ULTRASOUND180 Rowland WayNovato415-209-15223165 Rowland WayNovato415-209-13373165 Rowland WayNovato415-209-133754000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-492-484054000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-492-484061350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-464-04121SUTTER CARE AT HOME2OUTPATIENT SURGERY1 WEIGHT LOSS, GI, AND7 PEDIATRIC SPECIALTY1100 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-600-07701350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-464-0411SUPPORT SERVICESIMAGING9 PSYCHIATRY1350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-464-0411INTERNAL MEDICINE1350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-464-0411114Genetics & Ultrasound1100 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-600-64001350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-464-0411ENDOCRINOLOGY &DIABETES101 Rowland WayNovato415-878-720066 NEUROLOGYCARDIACELECTROPHYSIOLOGY101 Rowland WayNovato415-923-65007 PRENATAL DIAGNOSISManagement & Transplant101 Rowland WayNovato415-600-3414BREAST SURGERY1350 South Eliseo DriveGreenbrae415-600-181711 LIVER DISEASENorth Bay RegionalSurgery Center100 Rowland WayNovato415-209-2500100 Rowland WayNovato415-209-77005KALMANOVITZ CHILDDEVELOPMENT CENTERSpeech/LanguageTherapy Occupational Therapy Psychology 4000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-600-62005PHYSICAL THERAPY &SPORTS FITNESS4000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-492-48602100 Rowland WayNovato415-209-14605X-RAY4000 Civic Center DriveSan Rafael415-492-4840165 Rowland WayNovato415-209-1522

Minimally invasive so youcan be maximally yourself.At Sutter Health, our leading orthopedic specialists andstate-of-the-art technology get you back to leading yourlife. From customized knee surgery to hip replacementswith shorter recovery times, we’re dedicated to makingyou better, faster. It’s another way we plus

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Through Sutter Care at Home, NCH ensures that patients can start in-home physical therapy (PT) on the day of their discharge. After a few weeks of recovery at home, patients then transition seamlessly to NCH’s outpatient department Physical Therapy an