Founded in 1964, the Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association(OIRCA) is a professional group of roofing and sheet metal contractors,product suppliers / manufacturers and buildingscience consultants / engineers.The OIRCA and its members serve the construction industry throughcommittees that specialize in roofing technology, industry occupationalhealth and safety, apprenticeship, communications and education, labourrelations and membership. This work is intended to not only enrich ourmember companies, but the industry as a whole.By specifying an OIRCA member, the purchaser of roofing services isassured of competent and competitive roofing practices. As a self-policingorganization, the OIRCA stands behind the principles and ethics of theAssociation, and expects each member to do the same.The OIRCA Vision.The only source for professional ICI roofing contractors in Ontario.The OIRCA Mission.To assure through accountability, excellence in roofing construction.Cover Photograph Courtesy of LiveRoof Ontario Inc.3

President:Ron Foran,Foran’s Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd., Whitby, OntarioFirst Vice President:John Petrachek,Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc., Toronto, OntarioPast President:Rob Kucher,Cardinal Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., Thunder Bay, OntarioTreasurer:Peter Serino,Soprema, Woodbridge, OntarioBrian BenhamYork Roofing Ltd.,Concord, OntarioRichard HuntFlynn Canada,London, OntarioDoug BrownConvoy Supply Ltd.,Etobicoke, OntarioWesley LambSimluc Contractors Ltd.,Ottawa, OntarioGreg ClarksonNedlaw Roofing Ltd.,Breslau, OntarioTony PocobeneAtlantic Roofers Ontario Ltd.,Hamilton, OntarioJoel DandeleDantech Building Technologies Inc.,Markham, OntarioNelson RitesCrawford Roofing Corporation,Toronto, OntarioBarry WarnerCovertite Eastern Ltd.,Kingston, Ontario OIRCA Staff:Executive DirectorDon MarksAdministrative AssistantLoraine LongoOntario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association940 The East Mall, Suite 301, Etobicoke, Ontario M9B 6J7Tel: (416) 695-4114 Fax: (416) 695-99201-888-33-OIRCA (336-4722)Web: E-mail: [email protected]


COMPANYREGIONPGA & G Metro RoofingAccent Building Sciences Inc.Accu-Plane Enterprises Inc.AGT SolarAll Seasons EquipmentAlliance Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Alspex Building Consultants Inc.A M Roofing SystemsAmherst Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Applewood Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Armtec / Brooklin Concrete Inc.Atlantic Roofers Ontario Ltd.Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.Atlas Roofing CorporationSarnia & WindsorConsultantsAssociatesIndustry ltonBelleville & KingstonGTAAssociatesHamiltonGTACentral 12011332111192235Beacon Roofing Supply Canada Co.Blanchfield Roofing Ltd.BML Roofing Systems Inc.Bothwell-Accurate Co. Inc.Bullock & Sons Rfg. (469135) Ont. Ltd.BUR-MET Contracting Ltd.AssociatesNorthern OntarioHamiltonGTASarnia & WindsorNorthern Ontario352621113126Canadian General-Tower Ltd.Cardinal Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.Carlisle SynTec CanadaCGC Inc.Cindott Inc.Concrecel CanadaConestoga Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Convoy Supply Ltd.Cordeiro Roofing Ltd.Covertite Eastern Ltd.Covertite Eastern Ltd.Crawford Roofing CorporationDamisona Roofing Ltd.Dantech Building TechnologiesDavroc & AssociatesDean-Chandler Roofing Ltd.Dean-Thackeray Roofing Company Ltd.D.E.L. Roofing Equipment & Supplies Ltd.Designed Roofing Inc.D.J. Peat Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Donpar Roofing Ltd.Douro Roofing & Sht. Mtl. Cont. Ltd.D.R. Devine Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Dufferin Roofing Ltd.Dycon Roofing Consultants Inc.AssociatesNorthern OntarioAssociatesAssociatesConsultantsIndustry MembersKitchener/WaterlooAssociatesGTABelleville & KingstonOttawaGTANorthern AssociatesNorthern OntarioCentral OntarioGTANorthern 126434311223726191326281343E-D Roofing Ltd.Elastizell Canada Inc.Elite Roofing & Contractors Ltd.Enterprise Fleet ManagementEverest Supply Inc.exp.Services Inc.GTAAssociatesGTAIndustry MembersAssociatesConsultants133713323744Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc.Firestone Building ProductsFishburn Bldg. Sciences Group Inc.Flynn Canada Ltd.Industry MembersAssociatesConsultantsGTA323744137

COMPANYREGIONPGFlynn Canada Ltd.Flynn Canada Ltd.Flynn Canada Ltd.Flynn Canada Ltd.Flynn Canada Ltd.Foran’s Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.French Brothers (Belleville) Inc.HamiltonKitchener/WaterlooLondonNorthern OntarioOttawaGTABelleville & Kingston21222527281320GAF Canada ULCGallaway Roofers Ltd.Garland Canada Inc.Gillett Roofing Inc.Godfrey Roofing Inc.Grand Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc.GTA Roofing Systems Ltd.AssociatesSarnia & WindsorAssociatesSarnia & WindsorOttawaKitchener/WaterlooGTA37313731282215H & N Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Halsall AssociatesHenry-Bakor Inc.Horizon Roofing Ltd.LondonConsultantsAssociatesSarnia & Windsor25443931IKO Industries Ltd.Imperial Roofing (Sarnia) Ltd.Industrial Roofing Services Ltd.International Leak Detection Ltd.IRC Building Sciences Group Inc.Irvcon Ltd.AssociatesSarnia & Johns Mansville Canada Inc.J.G. Fitzgerald & Sons Ltd.J.G. Fitzgerald & Sons Ltd.AssociatesNorthern OntarioOttawa392728Keller Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.Kemper Systems Canada Inc.King Koating Roofing Inc.Kingsville Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.LondonAssociatesGTASarnia & Windsor25391531LaFleche Roofing (1992) Ltd.LaFleche Roofing (1992) Ltd.Lakehead Roofing & Metal Cladding Ltd.Lexcan Ltd.LVMCentral OntarioLondonNorthern OntarioAssociatesConsultants1925273944Maverick & Son Ext.& Consulting Srvc Inc. Northern OntarioMediaEdge Publishing Inc.Industry MembersMMM Group LimitedConsultantsModulR TS Inc.Associates27334539National Roofing AllianceNedlaw Roofing Ltd.Nortex Roofing Ltd.Industry MembersKitchener/WaterlooGTA332315Owens CorningAssociates41Patene Building Supplies Ltd.Peto MacCallum Ltd.Pinnacle Group Inc.Plasti-Fab Ltd. – Div. Of PFB Corp.Platinum Technologies Ltd.Pollard Enterprises Ltd.Pretium Anderson Toronto Inc.Pro North Roofing & Ind. Main.Provincial Ind. Rfg. & Sht. Mtl. iatesGTAConsultantsNorthern OntarioGTA414545414115452715Quinn Roofing Solutions Inc.Sarnia & Windsor32Racco Industrial Roofing Ltd.Northern Ontario278

COMPANYREGIONPGRay Cyr Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Ltd. OttawaRaymond & Associates Roofing Inc.OttawaRemy Consulting Engineers Ltd.ConsultantsRobertson & Hachfield Ltd.GTARoque Roofing Inc.HamiltonRoofmart Ontario Ltd.AssociatesRoxul Inc.Associates29294517214141Schreiber Brothers Ltd.Seeback Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Se-Ga Workplace ConsultingSemple Gooder Roofing CorporationSemple Gooder Roofing CorporationSemple Gooder Roofing CorporationSemple Gooder Roofing CorporationSemple Gooder Northern Ltd.Sika Canada Inc.Simluc Contractors Ltd.Siplast Rfg. & Waterproofing Sys.Smith-Peat Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Soprema Inc.Spar-Marathon Roofing Supplies Ltd.Specified Roofing Contractors Inc.Sproule Specialty RoofingSummit Roofing & Sheet TAIndustry MembersGTABelleville & KingstonKitchener/WaterlooLondonNorthern esAssociatesGTAGTASarnia & WindsorT. Hamilton & Son Roofing Inc.GTAThaler Metal Industries Ltd.AssociatesThermaco Engineering Srv. (1986) Ltd. ConsultantsTop-Line Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.GTAT.P. Crawford Ltd.OttawaTremco CanadaAssociatesTrinity Roofing Ltd.GTATrio Roofing Systems Inc.GTATri-Tech Weatherproofing Services Inc. ConsultantsTriumph Aluminum & Sheet Metal Inc. GTATSS Building Science Inc.Consultants1842451829421818461846Viana Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Wm. Green Roofing Ltd.GTAKitchener/Waterloo1823York Roofing Ltd.GTA199


Applewood Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.459 Garyray Dr.Tel: 416-745-2599Toronto, ON M9L 1P6Fax: 416-745-9190Joe [email protected] Roofing Inc.65 Disco Rd.Toronto, ON M9W 1M2John PetrachekTel: 416-421-6244Toll Free: 1-877-221-7663Fax: .comBothwell-Accurate Co. Inc.6675 Rexwood Rd.Mississauga, ON L4V 1V1George VassalloTel: 905-673-0615Toll Free: 800-762-9682Fax: iro Roofing Ltd.343 Olivewood Rd.Toronto, ON M8Z 2Z6Saul CordeiroTel: 416-234-9901Fax: ofing.comCrawford Roofing Corporation87 Bakersfield St.Tel: 416-787-0649Toronto, ON M3J 1Z4Fax: 416-787-0640Nelson [email protected] Roofing Ltd.275 Comstock Rd.Scarborough, ON M1L 2H2Steve Tinling11Tel: 416-751-7840Fax:


Donpar Roofing Limited101 Freshway Dr., Unit 64Concord, ON L4K 1R9Angelo ParravanoTel: 905-660-2454Fax: g.comDufferin Roofing Ltd.65 Milvan Dr.Toronto, ON M9L 1Y8Armando IaconoTel: 416-749-6120Fax: [email protected] Roofing Ltd.1766 Mattawa Ave.Mississauga, ON L4X 1K1Murray LordTel: 905-273-3190Fax: [email protected] Roofing & Contractors Ltd.216 Rivermede Rd., Unit 7Tel: 416-743-1908Vaughan, ON L4K 3M6Fax: 416-743-1971Howard omFlynn Canada Ltd.6435 Northwest Dr.Mississauga, ON L4V 1K2Jeff AvissTel: 905-671-3971Fax: s Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Tel: 905-668-3244400 Hopkins St.Fax: 905-668-8205Whitby, ON L1N [email protected] Foranwww.foransroofing.com13


GTA Roofing Systems Ltd.50 Viceroy Rd., Unit 15Concord, ON L4K 3A7Joe HomemTel: 905-760-8701Fax: [email protected] Roofing Services Ltd.582 Rivermede Rd., Unit 16Tel: 905-760-0735Concord, ON L4K 2H5Fax: 905-760-0737Jeff fing.caKing Koating Roofing Inc.41 Peelar Rd.Concord, ON L4K 1A3Kevin McConnellTel: 905-669-1771Fax: omNortex Roofing Ltd.66 Six Points Rd.Toronto, ON M8Z 2X2Mark DovaleTel: 416-236-6090Fax: g.comPollard Enterprises Ltd.1795 Ironstone Dr.Burlington, ON L7L 5T8Leo PedraTel: 905-332-6660Fax: droofing.caProvincial Industrial Roofing & Sheet Metal Company166 Bowes Rd.Tel: 905-669-2569Concord, ON L4K 1J6Fax: 905-669-6118David fing.com15

Robertson & Hachfield Ltd.11A Belvia Rd.Toronto, ON M8W 3R2George HachfeldTel: 416-259-2955Fax: [email protected] Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.220 Norseman St.Tel: 416-239-3594Toronto, ON M8Z 2R4Fax: 416-239-9891John [email protected] Gooder Roofing Corporation1365 Martin Grove Rd.Tel: 416-743-5370Toronto, ON M9W 4X7Fax: 416-743-4257Mark Solar Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.3 Miller St.Toronto, ON M6N 2Z6Paul FranciscoTel: 416-658-6045Fax: [email protected] Roofing Contractors Inc.80 Dunning Ave.Tel: 905-727-0079Aurora, ON L4G 0R2Toll Free: 1-855-727-0079Todd GouettFax: roofing.comSproule Specialty Roofing107 Judson St.Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1A4Gordon SprouleTel: 416-503-1887Fax: 7

T. Hamilton & Son Roofing Inc.42 Crockford Blvd.Tel: 416-755-5522Scarborough, ON M1R 3C2Fax: 416-755-4185Tom hamiltonroofing.comTop-Line Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.1325 Fewster Dr.Tel: 905-602-0760Fax: 905-602-4667Mississauga, ON L4W [email protected] Roofing Ltd.50 Rossdean Dr.Toronto, ON M9L 2S1Robin SinghTel: 416-630-9213Fax: ofingltd.comTrio Roofing Systems Inc.243 Advance Blvd.Brampton, ON L6T 4J2Doug MaikawaTel: 905-456-1688Fax: riumph Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.1 Connie St.Tel: 416-534-8877Toronto, ON M6L 2H8Fax: 416-534-8863Mario [email protected] Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.74 Advance Rd.Toronto, ON M8Z 2T7Manuel DaCosta18Tel: 416-763-2664Fax: com

York Roofing Ltd.110 Maplecrete Rd.Concord, ON L4K 1A4Brian BenhamTel: 416-661-1883Fax: [email protected] Roofing Inc.122 Saunders Rd., Unit 2Barrie, ON L4N 9A8John McDowellTel: 705-719-7663Fax: .comD.J. Peat Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.P.O. Box 11Tel: 519-371-3888Owen Sound, ON N4K 5P1 Collingwood: 705-444-6335Andrea RedlichFax: .caLaFleche Roofing (1992) Ltd.R.R. #1, 144 Forestplain Rd.Orillia, ON L3V 6H1Mark Garland19Tel: 705-329-4485Fax:

Amherst Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.P.O. Box 176Tel: 613-542-0779Kingston, ON K7L 4V8Fax: 613-542-9268Peter [email protected] Eastern Ltd.192 Hagerman Ave.Kingston, ON K7K 5B8Barry WarnerTel: 613-536-2223Fax: h Brothers Roofing (Belleville) Inc.109 – A Parks DriveTel: 613-968-4991Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5Fax: 613-968-3752P. Colleen le.comSemple Gooder Roofing Corporation300 Maitland Dr.Tel: 613-966-7854Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5Fax: 613-966-7488Shaun .com20

A M Roofing Systems Inc.260 Burlington St. E.Hamilton, ON L8L 4H4Mike FlemingTel: 905-529-5111Fax: 905- ems.caAtlantic Roofers Ontario Ltd.151 Brockley Dr.Tel: 905-573-6202Hamilton, ON L8E 3C4Toll Free: 1-800-648-8135Antonio PocobeneFax: rs.caBML Roofing Systems Inc.15 Ryan Place, Unit 3Brantford, ON N3S 7S1William StratfordTel: 519-751-0953Fax: nn Canada Ltd.890 Arvin Ave.Stoney Creek, ON L8E 5Y8Bruce MerstorfTel: 905-643-9515Fax: [email protected] Roofing Inc.3 Clark Ave.Hamilton, ON L8L 5J7Danny RoqueSchreiber Brothers Ltd.50 Brockley Dr.Hamilton, ON L8E 3P1Dan SchmidtTel: 905-525-9689Fax: g.comTel: 905-561-7780Fax: hreiberroofing.com21

Alliance Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.25 Cope Crt.Tel: 519-763-1442Guelph, ON N1K 0A4Fax: 519-763-1147Glenn g.caAtlas-Apex Roofing (Kitchener) Inc.390 Trillium Dr.Tel: 519-894-4422Kitchener, ON N3E 3J3Fax: 519-894-4487James Conestoga Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.331 Sheldon Dr.Tel: 519-623-7411Cambridge, ON N1T 1B1Toll Free: 1-888-518-7663Mark MollisonFax: roofing.comDean-Thackeray Roofing Company Ltd.199 Riverbend Dr.Tel: 519-745-7386Kitchener, ON N2B 2E8Fax: 519-578-1372Patrick [email protected] Canada Ltd.135 Fleming Dr.Cambridge, ON N1T 2B8Bruce MerstorfTel: 519-624-8797Fax: [email protected] Valley Roofing & Coatings Inc.1139 Industrial Rd., Unit 6Tel: 519-650-1231Cambridge, ON N3H 4W3Fax: 519-650-7428Keith rvices.ca22

Nedlaw Roofing Ltd.232B Woolwich St. S.Breslau, ON N0B 1M0Greg ClarksonTel: 519-648-2218Fax: ple Gooder Roofing Corporation309 Darrell Dr.Tel: 519-623-3300Ayr, ON N0B 1E0Toll Free: 1-888-535-6920John SottileFax: der.comWm. Green Roofing Ltd.45 Dawson Rd.Guelph, ON N1H 1B1Bill GreenTel: 519-822-6414Toll Free: 1-800-263-3204Fax: ng.ca23


Flynn Canada Ltd.550 Sovereign Rd.London, ON N5V 4K5Stephen PattiTel: 519-681-0200Fax: [email protected] & N Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.29 Bayview Crt.Tel: 519-453-1720London, ON N5W 5W5Fax: 519-453-8817Manny Goncalves, [email protected] Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.206 Victoria St.Exeter, ON N0M 1S2Jeff KellerLaFleche Roofing (1992) Ltd.1100 Progress Dr.London, ON N6N 1B8Chris LaFlecheTel: 519-235-3643Fax: g.caTel: 519-681-7610Fax: oofing.comSemple Gooder Roofing Corporation30 Micro Court, Unit 2 & 4Tel: 519-681-1100London, ON N6E 2T5Fax: 519-681-1199Mike h-Peat Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.Tel: 519-235-2802152 Thames Rd. W.Fax:519-235-1532Exeter, ON N0M [email protected] Watson25

Blanchfield Roofing Ltd.34 Venture Cres., P.O. Box 873Tel: 705-472-5973North Bay, ON P1B 8K1Fax: 705-472-0343David Blanchfieldblanchfield [email protected] Contracting Ltd.169 MacDougall St.Thunder Bay, ON P7A 2K2Vic DanieleTel: 807-626-1950Fax: [email protected] Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc.1670 Rosslyn Rd.Tel: 807-473-3600Thunder Bay, ON P7K 1J3Fax: 807-577-1021Rob Damisona Roofing Ltd.2758 White St.Val Caron, ON P3N 1B2Nuno ValentimTel: 705-897-8884Fax: [email protected] Roofing Inc.137 Ferris Dr.R.R. #2, Site 12, Box 2North Bay, ON P1B 8Z4Mike ValentiTel: 705-495-8881Fax: ofing.comDouro Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Ltd.2601 Belisle Dr.Tel: 705-897-4917Val Caron, ON P3N 0A7Fax: 705-897-4153Serafin [email protected]

Flynn Canada Ltd.21 Regional Rd. 84Capreol, ON P0M 1H0Michael LumleyTel: 705-858-8000Fax: [email protected] Fitzgerald & Sons Ltd.55 Exeter St.North Bay, ON P1B 8G5Barry FitzgeraldTel: 705-472-2820Fax: caLakehead Roofing & Metal Cladding Ltd.1450 Rosslyn Rd.Tel: 807-577-6476Thunder Bay, ON P7E 6W1Fax: 807-577-7629Joe fing.comMaverick & Son Exterior & Consulting Services Inc.15 Third Line W.Tel: 705-945-9001Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6C 3B5Fax: 705-945-9070Chris [email protected] North Roofing & Industrial Maintenance428 Sherbourne St.Tel: 705-256-1514Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6C 3X3Fax: 705-256-2098Scott [email protected] Industrial Roofing Ltd. - Div. of Rugged Air710 Norah Cres.Tel: 807-623-7232Thunder Bay, ON P7C 4T8Fax: 807-623-0675Tony [email protected]

Semple Gooder Northern Ltd.2409 Crown Ridge Rd.Sudbury, ON P3G 0A3Gerri SheaTel: 705-522-5250Fax: [email protected] Eastern Ltd.2330 Stevenage Dr.Ottawa, ON K1G 3W3Bruce WarnerTel: 613-736-1133Fax: D.R. Devine Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.182 Spruce Ridge Rd.Tel: 613-836-3040Carp, ON K0A 1L0Fax: 613-836-8361David g.comFlynn Canada Ltd.2780 Sheffield Rd.Ottawa, ON K1B 3V9Bob QuesnelTel: 613-696-0086Fax: [email protected] Roofing Inc.4542 Southclark PlaceOttawa, ON K1T 3V1Bill GodfreyTel: 613-822-7663Fax: ing.comIrvcon Ltd.1145 Pembroke St. E.Pembroke, ON K8A 7R4Chris MellishTel: 613-732-7311Fax: [email protected]

J.G. Fitzgerald & Sons Ltd.1570 Greenwood Rd.Pembroke, ON L8A 6W3Claude FortinTel: 613-638-5800Fax: g.caRay Cyr Roofing & Sheet Metal Co. Ltd.2709 Stevenage Dr., Unit 2Tel: 613-749-0245Ottawa, ON K1G 3N2Fax: 613-744-2413Pierre [email protected] & Associates Roofing Inc.3091 Albion Rd. N., Unit 5BTel: 613-233-4833Ottawa, ON K1V 9V9Fax: 613-248-2645Pierre droofing.caSimluc Contractors Ltd.2550 Blackwell St.Ottawa, ON K1B 5R1Martin LanguedocTel: 613-748-0066Fax: [email protected] Crawford Ltd.4549 South Clark PlaceGloucester, ON K1T 3V2Robert CrawfordTel: 613-822-2312Fax: [email protected] & G Metro Roofing Ltd.1190 Walker Rd.Windsor, ON N8Y 2N7Spiro GovasTel: 519-256-7652Fax: [email protected]


Bullock & Sons Roofing (469135) Ont. Ltd.542 McGregor Rd.Tel: 519-383-6462Sarnia, ON N7S 4T1Fax: 519-383-1358James [email protected] Bullockwww.bullockroofing.caGallaway Roofers Ltd.5350 Brigden Rd.Sarnia, ON N7T 7H3Mark BarneveldTel: 519-337-2912Fax: [email protected] Roofing Inc.1916 Setterington Dr., R.R. #2Kingsville, ON N9Y 2E5Wayne GillettHorizon Roofing Ltd.3735 County Rd. 42Windsor, ON N9A 6J3Mark PopkeyTel: 519-326-6301Fax: [email protected]: 519-969-5152Fax: [email protected] Roofing (Sarnia) Ltd.1336 Gladwish Dr.Tel: 519-336-6146Sarnia, ON N7T 7H3Fax: 519-336-6254Wayne ng.comKingsville Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.12 County Rd. 27 W, Box 129Tel: 519-839-5130Cottam, ON N0R 1B0Fax: 519-839-5334John [email protected]

Quinn Roofing Solutions Inc.6625 Hawthorne Dr.Windsor, ON N8T 3G6Ken QuinnTel: 519-256-8474Fax: [email protected] Roofing & Sheet Metal23 Graham St., P.O. Box 1256Blenheim, ON N0P 1A0Brian HoldawayAGT Solar171 East Liberty St., Unit 221Toronto, ON M6K 3P6Graham SmithConcrecel Canada307 Berring Ave.Toronto, ON M8Z 3A5David GembalaTel: 519-676-2456Fax: Tel: 416-583-2298Fax: [email protected] Free: 1-877-987-5942Fax: recelcanada.netEnterprise Fleet Management709 Milner Ave.Toronto, ON M1B 6B6David TrottTel: Fenn & Fenn Insurance Practice Inc.70 Main St. S.Tel: 905-836-6066Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Y6Toll Free: 1-866-269-8799Simon FennFax: ce.com32

MediaEdge Publishing Inc.33 South Station St.North York, ON M9N 2B2Robert ThompsonTel: 866-480-4717Fax: shing.comNational Roofing Alliance Inc.Tel: 877-672-532553 Wellington St. E.Fax: 905-726-2218Aurora, ON L4G [email protected] Gaffneywww.nationalroofingalliance.comSe-Ga Workplace ConsultingTel: 416-463-73423 - 1750 The Queensway,Suite 1287Toll Free: 1-866-973-7342Toronto, ON M9C 5H5Fax: 647-349-8927Charles g.comAccu-Plane Enterprises Inc.329 Deerhide Cres.Tel: 416-747-7071Toll Free: 1-877-827-3733Toronto, ON M9M 2Z2Fax: 416-747-8229Chris [email protected] Seasons Equipment Div. of Esko Mfg. Ltd.2170 Winston Park Dr.Tel: 905-829-2990Oakville, ON L6H 5R1Toll Free: 1-888-308-4763Barry ParsonsFax: c / Brooklin Concrete Inc.P.O. Box 370Tel: 905-655-3311Brooklin, ON L1M 1B5Toll Free: 1-800-655-3430Brad ForderFax: om33

Atlas Roofing Corporation55 Akron Rd.Etobicoke, ON M8W 1T3Paul KondraciukTel: 416-201-8975Fax: ing.comBeacon Roofing Supply Canada Company8400 Keele St., Unit 1Tel: 905-761-1762Concord, ON L4K 2A6Toll Free: 1-800-387-3195Robert YuleFax: comCanadian General-Tower Ltd.52 Middleton St., P.O. Box 160Cambridge, ON N1R 5T6Paul YurcichCarlisle SynTec Canada2910 South Sheridan Way,Unit 107Oakville, ON L6J 7J8John AustinTel: 519-623-1630Fax: mTel: 905-829-1116Toll Free: 1-800-387-4990Fax: lisle-syntec.comCGC Inc.350 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W., 5th Flr. Tel: 416-302-2625Fax: 905-803-5682Mississauga, ON L5B [email protected] Quirionwww.cgcinc.comConvoy Supply Ltd.180 Bethridge Rd.Etobicoke, ON M9W 1N3Doug BrownTel: 416-741-5402Fax: ply.com35


D.E.L Roofing Equipment & Supplies Ltd.625 Rowntree Dairy Rd., #2Tel: 905-856-0333Woodbridge, ON L4L 5T9Fax: 905-856-0343Linda ll Canada Inc.116 Simcoe St., 3rd FloorToronto, ON M5H 4E1Katharine SpavinsTel: 416-217-0222Fax: izellcanada.comEverest Supply Inc.3275 Orlando Dr.Mississauga, ON L4V 1C5Richard SmithTel: 905-671-0111Fax: ply.comFirestone Building Products2835 Argentia Rd., Unit 2Tel: 905-363-3130Mississauga, ON L5N 8G6Fax: 1-877-666-3022Mary bpco.caGAF Canada ULC3300 Highway 7, Suite 806Vaughan, ON L4K 4M3Adam PrestwichTel: [email protected] Canada Inc.209 Carrier Dr.Toronto, ON M9W 5Y8Marisa ReaTel: 416-747-7995Toll Free: 1-800-387-5991Fax: .com37


Henry-Bakor Inc.15 Wallsend Dr.Scarborough, ON M1E 3X6Peter SaundersIKO Industries Ltd.71 Orenda Rd.Brampton, ON L6W 1V8Dave MillerTel: 416-523-0596Toll Free: 1-800-387-9598Fax: [email protected]: 905-457-2880Toll Free: 1-800-361-5836Fax: [email protected] Manville Canada Inc.3330 Marleau Ave.Cornwall, ON K6H 6B5Pierre ProvostTel: 450-445-7998Fax: [email protected] System Canada Inc.5200 Dixie Rd., Unit 13Mississauga, ON L4W 1E4Chris HunterLexcan Ltd.52 Bramwin CourtBrampton, ON L6T 5G2Mike EikermannTel: 647-522-6958Fax: em.netTel: 905-792-8300Toll Free: 1-800-268-2889Fax: ulR TS Inc.50 Scott Ave., P.O. Box 248Paris, ON N3L 3G2Camille JohnsonTel: 519-442-5017Toll Free: 1-866-211-9884Fax: ts.com39


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