What's the latest from the WRCA? Your Summer Newsletter is here!OSHA Extends Deadline for Cranes Operator CertificationOSHA announced that it will propose changes to the Subpart CC-Cranes and Derricksthat will extend the deadline for crane operator certification by one year, to November10, 2018. The following is a set of questions and answers that discuss this proposaland its effects on the construction industry.OSHA prepared the following to answer many of the industry's questions:Question #1: Why is OSHA proposing to extend the compliance date for craneoperator certification?Answer: OSHA is proposing to extend the compliance date for crane operatorcertification to ensure it has enough time to complete a rulemaking addressing twoissues raised after publication of Subpart CC - Cranes and Derricks.First, Subpart CC-Cranes and Derricks requires that operator certification be by "typeand capacity." The two largest testing organizations have issued certifications by "type"but not "capacity." These certifications are not currently valid under Subpart CC. TheAgency is concerned that this will disrupt the construction industry severely, both foremployers and crane operators who thought their certification would be valid.Second, many crane industry representatives requested that OSHA revise the cranestandard to preserve a requirement that employers assess the ability of their operatorsto run the cranes to which they are assigned.In order to address these issues, OSHA extended the compliance date for craneoperator certification by three years, until November 10, 2017. OSHA now needs oneadditional year to propose and finalize the rulemaking addressing these issues.Question #2: OSHA extended the compliance date in 2014 by three years toNovember 10, 2017. What steps has OSHA taken during this period of time to addressthe stakeholders' issues?Answer: After extending the compliance date, OSHA considered options for addressingstakeholders' concerns. The Agency decided that rulemaking would be necessary forconsideration of any revisions of the requirements in the final rule for Subpart CC. To

gather more information, OSHA spoke with over 40 industry representatives about howthey currently ensure crane operator competency. Based on this information, OSHArevised crane operator requirements and presented the draft to the AdvisoryCommittee for Construction Safety and Health at a meeting on March 31 and April 1,2015. Considering feedback from this meeting, OSHA revised the crane operator 2requirements and preamble language again for the proposed rule. Several other OSHAstandards required significant time and resources from both OSHA and the Solicitor'soffice, which delayed proposing revised crane operator requirements as early asintended. OSHA now needs the additional year to ensure that the public is permittedadequate opportunity to evaluate and respond to the proposal.Question #3: What crane operator requirements are in place right now?Answer: Currently, OSHA requires employers to:- ensure that operators of cranes covered by the standard are competent to operatethe equipment safely;- train their employee prior to operating the equipment when that employee is assignedto operate machinery and does not have the required knowledge or ability to operatethe equipment safely; and- ensure that each operator is evaluated to confirm that he/she understands theinformation provided in the training.These are the same requirements that have been implemented since publication ofSubpart CC in 2010. If the proposed rule is finalized, these requirements will remain inplace until November 10, 2018.Question #4: If a crane operator's certification now only specifies type, but not capacity,will the operator have to get another certification by November 10, 2017, if OSHA'sproposed extension takes effect?Answer: No. Certification is not currently required because of the previous extension,and OSHA is proposing to extend the compliance date for the operator certificationrequirements again to November 10, 2018. If this extension is finalized, November 10,2018, would be the earliest date on which certification would be required.Golf OutingThank you to our 2017 Golf Outing Sponsors:ABC Supply, Inc.ACH Foam TechnologiesAON Risk SolutionsCertainTeedCNADiversified Roofing Solutions

Division 7-23 Group,LLCFirestone/Spec Products IncFJA Christiansen RoofingGAFGarlock NorthGiuffre Brothers CranesGulfeagle/Weather-TekHNI Risk AdvisorsHunter PanelsJ D Newton Consulting Services, LLCJohns ManvilleKemper Systems/Spec ProductsLanger RoofingM.M. Schranz Roofing, Inc.M.W. Tighe RoofingMid-States AsphaltMRCA - CERTA ProgramNations RoofNorthern Metal and RoofingOMG Roofing ProductsPioneer RoofingPro Fastening Systems, Inc.Roofers Mart of WisconsinSecurity-Luebke Roofing, Inc.V&F Roof Consulting & ServiceWinning Foursome (-14)*Justin LemirandeRich LemirandeRandy ChristiansenTodd Kolb* The foursome of Busalacchi, Sopko, Weisensel, and Westrum also had a -14, but lostin a scorecard playoff.Last ( 7)Mark HammDan OttChris WestLarry LopezAverage Joe (-5)Jeff ButcherBrian KrimpelbeinBen NoffkeZach TrepenierFlag Events#5 - Longest Drive: Don Walter

#6 - Longest Putt: Chris Busalacchi#8 - Closest to Pin: Dave Tilsen#10 - Short Drive: Paul Deheck#12 - Closest to Pin: Fred Petersen#14 - Longest Drive: John Trudeau#18 - Longest Putt: Jim WiessBe Careful In the Summer HeatThe OSHA office in Madison recently shared this quiz:1. TRUE or FALSE: The National Weather Service heat index indicates that thelikelihood of heat disorders with prolonged exposure or strenuous activity begins with acombined outdoor temperature of 80 F and a relative humidity of 40%.2.TRUE or FALSE: Antihistamines can impair the ability to sweat.3.TRUE or FALSE: Individuals with diabetes are at increased risk of heat illness.4. TRUE or FALSE: Studies show that coffee is an acceptable drink for thoseexerting themselves in hot environments.5. TRUE or FALSE: The month of July had the highest rate of hospitalizations forwork-related heat illness in 2015, followed by August and June/September (thesemonths tied for third).

6. TRUE or FALSE: In 2015, workers were hospitalized for work-related heatillnesses in 2015 starting in March and continuing through November.7. TRUE or FALSE: Wisconsin experienced a work-related heat illness fatality in2016.It's important to remember that communication in the workplace is reallyimportant. Employees may not feel comfortable complaining to their employers aboutheat in the workplace, but many of them feel free to contact their local OSHA office.Get ahead of the game and communicate to your employees all that you are doing toaddress the heat, so OSHA does not have to intervene for them.For construction, OSHA standard 1926.51 requires that you make water available toemployees. OSHA has issued citations under our general duty clause for employers' nothaving programs to prevent heat illness in the workplace when it is reasonableto anticipate they might have hazardous exposures to heat.OSHA's campaign to prevent heat illness recommends WATER, SHADE, andREST, especially for the first few weeks of hotter weather.And the answers to the questions above? They're all TRUE!Upcoming EventsMRCA To Hold Annual Convention in St.Louis

The 68th Annual MRCA Conference and Expo will be held October 16 - 18, 2017 in St.Louis, Missouri.This event will be held at the America's Center Convention Complex located in theheart of a revitalized downtown St. Louis. MRCA will be your guide to celebratingthe Pride in our Profession as we discover St. Louis at this year's event!Current city renovations, including the 380 million CityArchRiver Project and anadditional 5 billion investment, has transformed the Gateway Arch grounds toseamlessly connect it to the Mississippi River, restaurants, museums, entertainmentvenues and a new hospitality district that continues to grow.Don't miss the great new Conference format, the excitement of the Expo floor, and allthe MRCA tradition and camaraderie that you've come to know and love! St. Louis is avibrant, growing city and we can't wait to see you in Missouri!For more information, click HERE.

After the great feedback from last year's event, the WRCA Christmas Party will makebe returning to the Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan! Also returning will be the band The Polar Project - and an opportunity to use the evening to raise funds for a generousdonation to a worthy charity. New for this year, we're extending the time for the openbar, music, and dancing. We hope you'll join us on Saturday, December 2!Conveniently located about an hour from the Milwaukee area and the Fox Valley, theBlue Harbor is one of Wisconsin's premier resort destinations. And winter or not, itslocation on the shores of Lake Michigan will make this one of the most picturesquesettings ever for our event!The Blue Harbor features a spa and a waterpark and is easy driving distance fromunique shopping areas in Sheboygan, Sheboygan Falls, Elkhart Lake, andKohler. The Resort features a lounge bar where you can plan for your pre-event andpost-event gatherings. Our rate is an incredible value of 129.00 taxes.Find out more about the Blue Harbor Resort at www.blueharborresort.comRoom Reservations Open NOW*P: 866/701-2583Group #7AT6P0Registration/Sponsorship Opens September 2017* Reservation deadline is November 3, 2017.Help Us Select a Charity! Do you know of a local charity that serves youngpeople? We're looking for a deserving charity that might benefit from funds raised atthis year's Christmas Party. Once again, Spec Products will match what we raise, up

to 5,000.00! In just two years, we've given more than 21,000.00 to charity. Let'skeep it going!NRCA Announces Future ConferencesNRCA's Annual Convention is held in conjunction with Informa Exhibitions U.S.'sInternational Roofing Expo (IRE ). The convention gives attendees the opportunity tonetwork with fellow roofing professionals from around the world; see the newestindustry products, equipment and services; and learn from the industry's leadingexperts. By participating, you'll acquire vital, practical information you can put to useimmediately when you return to your office.Here is the date for the next conference, with registration opening soon:NRCA's Annual Convention and International Roofing Expo 2018Feb. 4-8, 2018Ernest N. Morial Convention CenterNew Orleans, LAMore information HERE.Other dates for upcoming conventions:Feb. 9-13, 2019NRCA's Annual Convention and International Roofing Expo 2019Nashville Convention CenterNashville, TNFeb. 10-14, 2020NRCA's Annual Convention and International Roofing Expo 2020Orange County Convention CenterOrlando, FLUpcoming WRCA MeetingsSeptember TBA - Annual Bowling Event with Sports Personality PresentationNovember TBA - NRCA's Reid Ribble (Invited)December 2 - WRCA Christmas PartyDecember 12 - WRCA Annual MeetingJanuary 18 - WRCA "Road Trip" to CRCA Trade Show in Oak Brook, IL

More News.WC and UC Rates Projected to FallRates for Worker's Compensation insurance and Unemployment Insurance areexpected to fall for contractors effective October 1, 2017. According to the Worker'sCompensation Rating Bureau, construction companies in Wisconsin can expect ratesto fall by an average of 8.28 percent. The actual rate change varies by trade and isalso affected by a company's overall safety/injury performance. Across all industries inWisconsin, the lower rates for Worker's Compensation will result in premium savings inexcess of 170 million. You can find rates for each worker classification by clickingHERE.Meanwhile, the State's Unemployment Trust Fund balance has reached a level that willtrigger a change that results in most employers paying UI taxes at a lower rate. Theoverall change is expected to result in a savings of 30 million to Wisconsinemployers. Over the past few years, the UI fund has moved from a negative balanceof 1.7 billion (2011) to a positive balance of 1.33 billion (2017), resulting in threestraight years of lower rates.By The Numbers350According to OSHA, the number of fatal falls in the construction industry in the mostrecently reported year. The number is up 5 from the previous year and marks theeighth consecutive year that the number has either remained the same or increased.57According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of the roofing workforcethat is Hispanic.160,000According the Bureau of Labor Statistic, the number of roofing workers in the UnitedStates.30According the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards, the average starting age for aroofing apprentice is about 30.3.9The projected rate of growth in U.S. demand for roofing through 2019. A total of 252million squares is expected to be installed in 2019.

47The percentage of construction fatalities occurring at companies with fewer than 10employees. (These companies employ just 25 percent of the industry's workers, so thenumbers are disproportionately high). The most common time for an industryworkplace fatality, by the way, is between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., with the peakfatality rate right around noon, which for most workers is the time they are returning towork following lunch.107Need another reason to love Wisconsin? In New York City, drivers spend an averageof 107 hours per year looking for parking spots!QuotableIf licenses are unnecessary, eliminate them. If they are needed, streamline them. And,if they are honored by one state, consider honoring them in your own state. Americanslooking to enter the workforce deserve no less than our most ardent efforts to removeregulatory barriers so that they can have a job. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta (7/21/17)Go the extra mile. It's never crowded. Nancy McDonaldIdealism increases in direct proportion to one's distance from the problem. UnknownWisconsin Roofing Contractors Association 888/782-6815

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