Introduction to SoftwareDefined NetworkingIntroduction to SDNAhmed Maged@[email protected] 15 – Dubai – April 2015

Agenda What is SDN and What it is not SDN Trends Getting Ready for SDN2

What is SDN Simply, it is a new ‘approach’ to networking. Which means, it is not just one specific solution,technology or product. It is a range of advances innetworking. It is a Buzz word that is used for Marketing purposes, topresent new products. But there are interesting concepts that are emerging.

What SDN is not It is not ‘only’ decoupling of Forwarding Plane andControl Plane. It is not ‘only’ networking on white-boxes / generichardware. It is not ‘only’ programmability support on embeddednetwork devices to program the network.

What is SDN again It is a journey of transforming the networking industry, challenging theway we build and manage networks today. It is allowing us to easily control the network, in the same way wecontrol applications and operating systems. Bringing more flexibility to existing and future networking to influencedesign and operations from external applications. Providing new ways of interaction with network devices.

The Need for SDNIT : Hi SDN can you solve my network problems.SDN : what kind of problems ?Custom Traffic EngineeringConsistent Network PolicyServersAccountingData PlaneConsolidation :DC WAN LANControlPlaneNetwork Function VirtualizationAutomation and Network MgmtZero Touch fast provisioningCisco ConfidentialMore Servers6

More examples: Steering traffic and priority based on Weather/Environment changes. If a host becomes infected, re-direct their traffic to a portal that willclean their traffic and send them a warning note to their browser. i.e : Allowing granular automatic network changes and routing baseddirectly on Business Metrics and driven from IT Applications.Why cant I just tell you what I want to do, and you translate it to your languageError, Command Not Found

Existing technology is limiting us? Because the boxes speak protocols/algorithms that are not familiar toother IT personnel and only network people can comprehend i.e :BGP, OSPF, MPLS etc Because interacting with the network required a language, that a fewpeople in the organization understands i.e: Vendor specific CLI In summary, that always limited what networks can do.How do I tell you what to do exactlyLearn my CLI BGP, MPLS, OSPF J

Existing provisioning process Slow, Time consuming, Human-dependentNewService orNewEmployeeHiredEmail ITOperationsIT tocontactNetworkTeamNetworkTeam tocontactSecurityNetworkTeam tocontactSecurityTime Spent:WeeksWe forgotto addsomething

Human factor is a bottleneck in business automationHuman tion“Fast”AutomatedAPIsProgrammableSoftware Defined

SDN Addresses needs for Centralized configuration, management/control, monitoring ofnetwork devices (physical or virtual). Ability to override traditional forwarding algorithms to suite uniquebusiness or technical needs. Allowing external applications or systems to influence networkprovisioning and operation. Rapid and scalable deployment of network services with lifecyclemanagement.

Agenda What is SDN and What it is not SDN Trends Getting Ready for SDNCisco Confidential12

EvolutionWe no longer work in SilosEvolve from what started as DevOps to NetOps Programming technologies married Operations– Java, C, Python, REST, Chef, Puppet, OpenStack,Controllers, NetConf/Yang, OpenFlow That fosters innovation and automation– Automated provisioning, dynamic traffic engineering,integrated with routers and switches and continuousintegration . Combining network operations and development– IT and network operations, business application andinfrastructure developersIntegrate: Simplify & Automate & Move Fast13

Network Function VirtualizationEnablers, benefits and applicationsTransition of network infrastructure services to run on virtualised compute platforms Technology enabler Hypervisor and cloud computing technology Improving x86 h/w performance Optimised packet processing and coding techniques Network industry standardising on Ethernet SDN based orchestrationReturn on Investment Reduction in CAPEX and OPEX Shorter innovation cycle Improved service agility

Evolving The Network Software StackApplica5onSoJwareApplica5ons(End- frastructureFunc5ons(Controller- stra5onfunc5ons”“opensourceintegra5onlayer”


SDN Trends and Programmatic InterfacesApplication Frameworks, Management Systems, Controllers, tProtocolsPuppetManagement GP- ‐LS,PCEPI2RSControlOpenFlowForwardingPlug- SystemsDevice“Extend”“Operate, Configure, Integrate”17

Applica5ons(End- anagementExample : Open Source ControllerOpen DayLight nfrastructureFunc5ons(Controller- a5on)


Model Driven Controller ArchitectureController naturally exposes all APIs: Devices and Network APIsNorthbound API SUM (Device APIs) Controller-Services APIsAPIs – Device,Network, yAPIRou7ngAPIDevice- ‐ACLAPIDevice- ‐QoS Automatically generated APIs based on modelsDevice, NetworkService lNetworkRou5ngModelDevice- ‐ACLModelDevice- ‐QoSModel ControllerDevice models loaded into viceTopologyModelRou5ngModelDevice- ‐ACLModelDevice- ‐QoSModel

Application Policy Plugin ArchitectureApplica5onModelContractComposerEP DBC pplica5onInventoryNETCONF“Native”SALIDBAff. erModelModelCLI ModelOFTradi5onalNetworkElements21

Basic Use-Case of OpenDayLightBusinessBGP-LC PCEP ConnectionsLogic Step 1 : Query network topologydetails from the controller using itsnorthbound interfaceOpenDayLight ControllerNorth boundinterfaceBGP-LS Connection Step 2 : Create, update and deletepaths in the network using thecontroller southbound interfaceSouth boundinterface22PCEP Connection

Agenda What is SDN and What it is not SDN Trends Getting Ready for SDNCisco Confidential23

Get Familiar with the Industry Standards InitiativesSDN WG802.1 Overlay Networking ProjectsOpen Network ResearchCenter at StanfordUniversityTechnical Advisory Group,Working Groups:Config, Hybrid, Extensibility,Futures/FPMOD/OF2.0Open Daylight:ODL ControllerOpenStack:Neutron (a.k.a. Quantum)Open Source CloudComputing projectOverlay Working Groups:NVO3, L2VPN, TRILL, L3VPN, LISP, PWE3API Working Groups/BOFsNETCONF, ALTO, CDNI, XMPP, SDNP, I2AEXController Working Groups:PCE, FORCESNew working group:I2RS – Interface to the Routing SystemETSI SGI on“Network FunctionVirtualization”24

Early Adopters and Operational Networks l-to-sdn-ubiquity Microsoft ested-in-opendaylight/Telefonica id 10100EEF9E1CB4FAFCFD6962E824E8E1?type webcontent&articleId 1488116 Google -googles-software-defined-network/a/d-id/1234201? n/sdn-secrets-of-amazon-and-google.html Facebook promise-of-sdn-with-new-networking-tech/

Play with the Tools (Controller etc) Find out what are your top challenges that can be solved with SDN. Download the tools, build a lab, get trained, test and break things. Read tweets and blogs, attend conferences. Find out what others are doing. Take baby steps, try to automate some things, rinse and repeat.26

Get Familiar with new skills Every once in a while, engineers need to sharpen some skills. This is the time to start the path to a network engineer with softwareprogramming and networking hybrid skills. Remember the transition from Analog circuit switched networks to IPTelephone ;)27

Get on the bandwagon Linux, Sed, Awk Automation, Puppet/Chef Python, Go Lang, RegEx, Web Services Parsing, Pattern matching, JSON, XML REST, NetConf/YANG Cooperate with theOpen source community28

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Simply, it is a new ‘approach’ to networking. Which means, it is not just one specific solution, technology or product. It is a range of advances in networking. It is a Buzz word that is used for Marketing purposes, to present new products. But ther