THE LIMITED WARRANTY10 YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY FOR NEW HOMES10 Year New Home WarrantiesThis Limited Warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages. The Warrantor’s total aggregate liabilityof this Limited Warranty is limited to the Final Sales Price listed on the Application For Warranty form.The Builder makes no housing merchant implied warranty or any other warranties, express or implied, in connectionwith the attached sales contract or the warranted Home, and all such warranties are excluded, except as expresslyprovided in this Limited Warranty. There are no warranties which extend beyond the face of this Limited Warranty.Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages by the Builder so all ofthe limitations or exclusions of this Limited Warranty may not apply to you.Warranty ConfirmationYour validated Warranty consists of your Application forWarranty, the Limited Warranty book, and your WarrantyConfirmation. You can confirm your warranty has beenvalidated by RWC, and obtain your Warranty Confirmation,AFTER 60 days from your closing at If you do not have access to the Internet, pleasecontact RWC to obtain your Limited Warranty book andWarranty Confirmation.For your Limited Warranty to be in effect, you should receive the following documentation:Limited Warranty #319 Application For Warranty form #316 (Refer to I.B.3. for applicability) Warranty ConfirmationInsurer: Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention GroupWPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PA

RESIDENTIAL WARRANTY COMPANY, LLCDear Home Buyer,Congratulations on the purchase of your new Home.This is probably one of the largest, most importantinvestments you’ve ever made and we wish you manyyears of enjoyment. You’ve chosen a Home built bya leading Builder which includes the RWC LimitedWarranty, assurance that your investment is well protected. This book explains the Limited Warranty in itsentirety, and we encourage you to take time to READIT CAREFULLY.This Limited Warranty provides you with protection inaccordance with this warranty book for ten full yearsof Home ownership. During the first two years, yourBuilder is responsible for specified warranty obligations. In the unlikely event your Builder is unable orunwilling to perform, the Warranty is provided subjectto the conditions, terms and exclusions listed. Forthe remaining eight years, your Warranty applies toMajor Structural Defects as defined in this book.TABLE OF CONTENTSSection I.Definitions.1Section II. The Limited Warranty.3Section III. Warranty Standards.8Section IV. Requesting Warranty Performance.21Section V. Addenda.24A. Newark, DelawareB. State of New YorkC. State of IndianaD. Maryland AddendumThis is not a warranty service contract, but a writtenten year limited warranty which your Builder haselected to provide with your Home.Take time now to read this book. Familiarize yourselfwith the Warranty and its limitations. Contact yourBuilder regarding specific construction standards andhow they apply to your Home.Again, congratulations and enjoy your new Home!Very truly yours,Residential Warranty Company, LLCpage iWPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PAResidential Warranty Company, LLC5300 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111717-561-4480

DEFINITIONSA. IntroductionTo help you better understand your Limited Warranty, refer to the following list of definitionswhich apply in this book.B. Definitions1. Warranty Company, LLC(RWC) is the Administrator of this LimitedWarranty. RWC is neither Warrantor norInsurer.Appliances and Items of Equipment, including Attachments and AppurtenancesWater heaters, pumps, stoves, refrigerators,compactors, garbage disposals, ranges,dishwashers, washers and dryers, bathtubs,sinks, commodes, faucets, light fixtures,switches, outlets, thermostats, furnacesand oil tanks, humidifiers, oil purifiers, airconditioning materials, in-house sprinklersystems and similar items.Application For WarrantyThe form signed at closing by you, the Purchaser, and your Builder which identifies thelocation, the Effective Date Of Warranty andthe Final Sales Price of the enrolled Home.If the Builder is participating in the RWCelectronic enrollment process, the Application for Warranty form is eliminated. Thisinformation will be included on your Warranty Confirmation.ArbitratorThe person appointed by the independentarbitration service to resolve an UnresolvedWarranty Issue.BuilderThe person, corporation, partnership orother entity which participates in the RWCLimited Warranty Program and has obtained this Limited Warranty for you.Consequential DamagesAll consequential damages including, butnot limited to, damage to the Home thatis caused by a warranted Defect but is notitself a warranted Defect and costs of shelter, transportation, food, moving, storage orother incidental expenses related to relocation during repairs.Cooling, Ventilating and Heating SystemsAll ductwork, refrigerant lines, steamand water pipes, registers, convectors anddampers.8.DefectA condition of any item warranted by thisLimited Warranty which exceeds the allowable tolerance specified in this LimitedWarranty. Failure to complete constructionof the Home or any portion of the Home, inwhole or in part, is not considered a Defect.9. Effective Date Of WarrantyThe date coverage begins as specifiedon the Application for Warranty form oron your Warranty Confirmation if yourBuilder is participating in the electronicenrollment process.10. Electrical SystemsAll wiring, electrical boxes and connections up to the house side of the meter base.SECTIONI.11. HomeThe single family dwelling, identified onthe Application For Warranty form, whichmay be a townhome, condominium or duplex.12. InsurerWestern Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, a Risk Retention Group (WPMIC),located at 9265 Madras Ct, Littleton, CO80130, phone: 303-263-0311. (Refer toSection IV. for instructions on requestingwarranty performance.)13. Limited WarrantyThe terms and conditions contained in thisbook including any applicable 1WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PA 2WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PA14. Major Structural Defects (MSD)All of the following conditions must be metto constitute a Major Structural Defect:a. actual physical damage to one or moreof the following specified load-bearingcomponents of the Home;b. causing the failure of the specific majorstructural components; andc. which affects its load-bearing functionto the degree that it materially affectsthe physical safety of the occupants ofthe Home.Load-bearing components of the Homedeemed to have MSD potential:(1) roof framing members(rafters and trusses);(2) floor framing members(joists and trusses);(3) bearing walls;(4) columns;(5) lintels (other than lintelssupporting veneers);(6) girders;(7) load-bearing beams; and(8) foundation systems and footings.Examples of non-load-bearing elementsdeemed not to have Major Structural Defectpotential:(1) non-load-bearing partitions andwalls;(2) wall tile or paper, etc.;(3) plaster, laths or drywall;(4) flooring and subflooring material;(5) brick, stucco, stone, veneer, orexterior wall sheathing;(6) any type of exterior siding;(7) roof shingles, sheathing and tarpaper;(8) Heating, Cooling, Ventilating,Plumbing, Electrical andmechanical systems;(9) Appliances, fixtures or Items ofEquipment(10) doors, windows, trim, cabinets,hardware, insulation, paint andstains; and(11) drainage Systems located within oroutside the Home.15. OwnerSee Purchaser.16. Plumbing SystemsAll pipes located within the Home and theirfittings, including gas supply lines and ventpipes.17. PurchaserYou. The Purchaser includes the first buyerof the warranted Home and any and all subsequent Owners who take title within thewarranty period.18. ResidenceSee Home.19. Sewage Disposal System (Private or Public)This system includes, but is not limited to,all waste, drainage, sewer pipes and lines,cleanouts, tanks, pumps, drainfields andseepage pits, outside and beyond the exterior wall of the Home.20. Structurally AttachedAn integral part of the Home being structurally supported by footings, block walls orreinforced concrete and connected to thefoundation of the Home.21. Unresolved Warranty IssueAll requests for warranty performance,demands, disputes, controversies and differences that may arise between the partiesto this Limited Warranty that cannot beresolved among the parties. An UnresolvedWarranty Issue may be a disagreement regarding:a. the coverages in this Limited Warranty;b. an action performed or to be performedby any party pursuant to this LimitedWarranty;c. the cost to repair or replace any itemcovered by this Limited Warranty.22. WarrantorYour Builder in Years 1 and 2; the Insurer inYears 3 through 10 and in Years 1 and 2 ifyour Builder defaults.23. Warranty ConfirmationThe document you obtain by going (or by contactingRWC if you do not have access to theInternet). It includes your ValidationNumber, Effective Date of Warranty, Termof Coverage, and any applicable Addenda.24. Water Supply System (Private or Public)This system includes, but is not limited to,all supply and distribution pipes, fittings,valves, pumps and wells, outside the exterior wall of the Home, which supply waterto the Home.

THE LIMITED WARRANTYA. Introduction to the LimitedWarranty1. book provides specific details, conditions and limitations of the Limited Warrantyincluding procedures for requesting warrantyperformance and for binding arbitration, inaccordance with the procedures of the FederalArbitration Act. Additional information maybe received by calling RWC at 717-561-4480.Read this document in its entirety to understand the protection it affords, the exclusionsapplicable to it, the Warranty Standards whichdetermine its interpretations and operationand your responsibilities.This is NOT an insurance policy, a maintenance agreement or a service contract. It is anexplanation of what you, the Purchaser, canexpect from this Limited Warranty.Appliances and Equipment included in theHome are not warranted under this Limited Warranty, but may be covered by separatewarranties provided by the manufacturer orsupplier. These warranties are passed on toyou by your Builder at closing and are separate from this Limited Warranty.You are responsible for maintenance of yournew Home. General and preventative maintenance are required to prolong the life of yournew Home.This Limited Warranty is automaticallytransferred to subsequent Owners during theten-year term of this Limited Warranty, exceptin the case of a foreclosure that voids the warranty as provided in Section II.A.6.This Limited Warranty becomes void and allobligations on the part of Warrantor cease asof the date an Owner vacates the Home due toforeclosure proceedings.This Limited Warranty is subject to changesrequired by various regulating bodies andsome local agencies as indicated in the Addenda Section V of the Limited Warrantybook. Notations throughout indicate wherethe Addenda apply.3.4.2.SECTIONII.C. Warranty Coverage1.2.3.B. The Limited Warranty1.The Warrantor has the choice to repair, replaceor pay the reasonable cost to repair or replacewarranted items which do not meet WarrantyStandards and are not excluded in the LimitedWarranty.If a warranted MSD occurs during the appropriate coverage period, and is reported asrequired in Section IV., the Warrantor willrepair, replace or pay you the reasonable costto repair or replace the warranted MSD, limitedto actions necessary to restore the MSD to itsload-bearing capacity.Actions taken to cure Defects will NOTextend the periods of specified coverages inthis Limited Warranty.Only warranted elements which are specifically designated in the Warranty Standards arecovered by this Limited Warranty.4.ONE YEAR COVERAGE: Your Builderwarrants that for a period of one (1) year afterthe Effective Date Of Warranty, warranteditems will function and operate as presentedin the Warranty Standards of Year 1, SectionIII.A. Coverage is ONLY available where specific Standards and Actions are represented inthis Limited Warranty.TWO YEAR COVERAGE: Your Builderwarrants that for a period of two (2) yearsfrom the Effective Date Of Warranty, specifiedportions of the Heating, Cooling, Ventilating,Electrical and Plumbing Systems, as defined inthis Limited Warranty, will function and operate as presented in the Warranty Standards ofYears 1 and 2 only, Section III.B.‡TEN YEAR COVERAGE: Major StructuralDefects (MSD) are warranted for ten (10) yearsfrom the Effective Date Of Warranty.Your Builder is the Warrantor during Years 1and 2 of this Limited Warranty and the Insureris the Warrantor in Years 3 through 10.CONDOMINIUM COVERAGE: ThisLimited Warranty shall only apply towarranted common elements. Warrantedcommon elements are those portions of thedefined Electrical, Heating, Ventilating,Cooling, Plumbing and structural SystemsHomeowners in Indiana, refer to State of Indiana Addendum, Section V.C.‡page 3WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PA

THE LIMITED WARRANTYwhich serve two (2) or more residentialunits, and are contained wholly within aresidential structure. Warranty coverage forcommon elements shall be for the sameperiods and to the same extent as similar orcomparable items in individual residentialunits. Examples of common elements whichare covered by this Limited Warranty arehallways, meeting rooms and other spaceswholly within the residential structure designated for the use of two (2) or more units.Examples of common elements which arenot covered under this Limited Warrantyare club houses, recreational buildings andfacilities, exterior structures, exterior walkways, decks, balconies, arches or any othernon-residential structure which is part of thecondominium.SECTIONII.D. 4WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PAThis Limited Warranty provides coverage onlyin excess of coverage provided by other warranties or insurance, whether collectible or not.This Limited Warranty is binding on theBuilder and you and your heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns.This Limited Warranty shall be interpreted andenforced in accordance with the laws of thestate in which the Home is located.This Limited Warranty is separate and apartfrom your contract and/or other sales agreements with your Builder. It cannot be affected,altered or amended in any way by any otheragreement which you may have.5.This Limited Warranty cannot be modified,altered or amended in any way except by aformal written instrument signed by you, yourBuilder and the Administrator.6. If any provision of this Limited Warranty isdetermined by a court of competent jurisdictionto be unenforceable, that determination will notaffect the validity of the remaining provisions.7. All notices required under this Limited Warranty must be in writing and sent by email orcertified mail, return receipt requested. If yousend your written notice by email, your writtennotice must be sent to [email protected]. The written notice will not beconsidered received without a valid confirmation of receipt number. If you do not receive aconfirmation of receipt number within 48 hoursof emailing your written notice, contact RWCby calling 717-561-4480 and request to speakwith the Warranty Resolution Department'sCustomer Service. If sending your written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested,it must be postage prepaid, to the recipient'saddress shown on the Application for Warrantyform, or to whatever address the recipient maydesignate in writing.8. If actions by the Warrantor on any obligationsunder this Limited Warranty are delayed byan event beyond its control, such performancewill be excused until the delaying effects ofthe event are remedied. Such events include,but are not limited to, acts of God, acts of thecommon enemy, war, riot, civil commotion orsovereign conduct, epidemic, pandemic, or actsor omissions by you or any other person not aparty of this Limited Warranty.9. If your Builder fails to complete any part of theHome that is reasonably foreseeable to causedamage to the Home, then it is your responsibility to complete such parts of the Home to avoidthe damage. If you fail to complete the work,then any resulting damage is not covered underthis Limited Warranty. The warranty period forany item completed after the Effective Date ofWarranty shall be deemed to have commencedon the Effective Date of Warranty.10. Costs incurred for unauthorized repairs towarranted items are not reimbursable. Writtenauthorization prior to incurring expenses mustbe obtained from the Administrator.

THE LIMITED WARRANTY11. Whenever appropriate, the use of one genderincludes all genders and the use of the singular includes the plural.f.g.h.12. Under this Limited Warranty, the Warrantor isnot responsible for exact color, texture or finish matches in situations where materials arereplaced or repaired, or for areas repainted orwhen original materials are discontinued.13. Your Builder must assign to you all manufacturers’ warranties on products included in theFinal Sales Price of your Home. Neither theInsurer nor the Administrator shall be liablefor your Builder’s failure to do so.14. You are responsible for establishing a written,final walk-through inspection list of items inneed of service prior to occupancy or closing,whichever is first. This list must be signed anddated by you and your Builder. Keep a copyfor your records.i.j.k.E. ExclusionsThe following are NOT covered under this Limited Warranty:1. Loss or damage:a. to land.b. to the Home, persons or property directlyor indirectly caused by insects, birds,vermin, rodents, or wild or domestic animals.c. which arises while the Home is used primarily for non-residential purposes.d. which is covered by any other insuranceor for which compensation is granted bylegislation.e. resulting directly or indirectly from flood,surface water, waves, tidal water, overflow of a body of water, or spray fromany of these (whether or not driven bywind), water which backs up from sewers or drains, changes in the water tablel.which were not reasonably foreseeable,water below the surface of the ground(including water which exerts pressure onor seeps or leaks through a building, sidewalk, driveway, foundation, swimmingpool, or other structure), wetlands, springsor aquifers.from normal deterioration or wear and tear.caused by material or work supplied byanyone other than your Builder or its employees, agents or subcontractors.from your or the condominium association’s failure to perform routinemaintenance on the Home, commonareas, common elements or your or thecondominium association’s grounds.after Year 1, to, resulting from, or madeworse by all components of structurallyattached decks, balconies, patios, porches,stoops, porch roofs and porticos.after Year 1, to, resulting from, or madeworse by elements of the Home whichare constructed separate from foundationwalls or other structural elements of theHome such as, but not limited to, chimneys and concrete floors of basements andattached wiring, to and between communication devices from the source of power,whether or not connected to the interiorwiring system of the Home. Such devicesshall include, but not be limited to, telephone systems, television cable systems,intercom systems, computer systems andsecurity systems. Sources of power shallinclude, but not be limited to, serviceentrance conductors, switches, outlets,receptacles and junction, or caused by, recreational facilities;driveways; walkways; patios, porches andstoops not structurally attached; decks andbalconies which are not bolted to or cantilevered from the main structure of theHome; boundary and/or retaining walls;bulkheads; fences; landscaping, sodding,seeding, shrubs, trees and plantings;subsurface drainage systems (other thanfooter drains); lawn sprinkler systems;off-site improvements, including streets,sidewalks, adjacent property and the like;or any other improvements not part of theHome 5WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PA

THE LIMITED 6WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PAm. caused by any item listed as an additionalexclusion on the Application for Warrantyform.Loss or damage resulting from, or made worse by:a. changes in the grading of the property surrounding the Home by anyone except yourBuilder or its employees, agents or subcontractors.b. changes in grading caused by erosion.c. modifications or additions to the Home, orproperty under or around the Home, madeafter the Effective Date Of Warranty (otherthan changes made in order to meet the obligations of this Limited Warranty).d. intrusion of water into crawl spaces.e. the weight and/or performance of any typeof waterbed or any other furnishing whichexceeds the load-bearing design of theHome.f. the presence or consequence of unacceptable levels of radon, formaldehyde,carcinogenic substances or other pollutants and contaminants; or the presence ofhazardous or toxic materials resulting inuninhabitability or health risk within theHome.g. acts or omissions by you, your agents,employees, licensees, invitees; accidents,riots, civil commotion, nuclear hazards,acts of God or nature, fire, explosion,blasting, smoke, drought, water escape,windstorms, tropical storms, hurricanes,hail, lightning, ice, snow, falling trees,aircraft, vehicles, flood, mud slides, sinkholes, mine subsidence, faults, crevices,earthquake, land shock waves or tremorsoccurring before, during or after a volcaniceruption, or manmade events such as war,terrorism or vandalism.h. your failure to perform routine maintenance.i. your failure to minimize or prevent suchloss or damage in a timely manner.j. defects in, but not limited to: recreationalfacilities; driveways; walkways; patios,porches and stoops not structurally attached;decks and balconies which are not bolted toor cantilevered from the main structure ofthe Home; boundary and/or retaining walls;k.l.m.n.o.p.bulkheads; fences; landscaping, sodding,seeding, shrubs, trees and plantings; subsurface drainage systems (other than footerdrains); lawn sprinkler systems; off-siteimprovements, including streets, sidewalks,adjacent property and the like; or any otherimprovements not part of the Home itself.defects in detached garages or outbuildings(except those which contain Plumbing,Electrical, Heating, Cooling or Ventilating Systems serving the Home, and thenonly to the extent where Defects wouldaffect these systems). A detached garageis one which is constructed on its ownfoundation, separate and apart from thefoundation of the Home. A breezeway,fence, utility line or similar union shall notcause a garage or outbuilding to be considered attached.negligent maintenance or operation of theHome and its systems by anyone otherthan your Builder or its agents, employeesor subcontractors.any portion of a Water Supply System,private or public, including volume andpressure of water flow.quality and potability of water.any portion of a Sewage Disposal System,private or public, including design.dampness, condensation or heat build-upcaused by your failure to maintain properventilation.

THE LIMITED WARRANTY3. of your Builder to complete construction of the Home or any part of the Home onor before the Effective Date Of Warranty ordamages arising from such failure. An incomplete item is not considered a Defect, althoughyour Builder may be obligated to completesuch items under separate agreements betweenyou and your Builder.Any deficiency which does not result in actualphysical damage or loss to the Home.Any Consequential Damages.Personal property damage or bodily injury.Violation of applicable Building Codes or ordinances unless such violation results in a Defectwhich is otherwise covered under this LimitedWarranty. Under such circumstances, the obligation of the Warrantor under this LimitedWarranty shall only be to repair the defectivewarranted portion of the Home, but not to restore or bring the Home to conform to code.Any request for warranty performance submitted to the Administrator after an unreasonabledelay or later than 30 days after the expirationof the applicable warranty period.Warranted Defects that you repair without priorwritten authorization of the Administrator.Any damage to or resulting from the use, construction, placement, equipment, components,maintenance, etc., whether inside or outsidethe Home, of the following: swimming pools,elevators, or solar panels.The removal and/or replacement of itemsspecifically excluded from coverage underthis Limited Warranty, such as landscapingor personal property, and items not originallyinstalled by your Builder, such as wallpaper,where removal and replacement are requiredto execute a repair.Any Defect consisting of, caused by, contributed to, or aggravated by moisture, wet or dryrot, mold, mildew, fungus or rust, regardless ofthe originating cause of any moisture or waterpenetration that leads to the Defect.Sound transmission and sound proofing between rooms or floor levels.Appliances and Equipment included in theHome are not warranted under this Limited Warranty, but may be covered by separatewarranties provided by the manufacturer orsupplier. These warranties are passed on toyou by your Builder at closing and are separatefrom this Limited Warranty. Damage causedby improper maintenance or operation, negligence, or improper service of these items byyou or your agent will not be covered underthis Limited Warranty. †15. Modifications or additions to the Home, orproperty under or around the Home, made after the Effective Date of Warranty (other thanchanges made in order to meet the obligationsof this Limited Warranty).SECTIONII.F. Limitation of Liability1.2.The Warrantor’s liability and obligationsare limited to the repair, replacement or thepayment of the reasonable cost of repair orreplacement of warranted items not to exceedan aggregate equal to the Final Sales Price ofthe Home as listed on the Application for Warranty form or in the absence of an Applicationfor Warranty form, as otherwise provided tothe Administrator by the Builder. The choice torepair, replace or make payment is the Warrantor’s.All other warranties, express or implied,including, but not limited to, all impliedwarranties of fitness, merchantability or habitability, are disclaimed and excluded to theextent allowed by law.† Homeowners in the State of New York, refer to State of New York Addendum, Section 7WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PA

WARRANTY STANDARDS A. YEAR 1 COVERAGE ONLYThe following Warranty Standards are applicable only to warranted items stated in Section II of thisLimited Warranty. Read Section II to determine if the following Warranty Standards apply. †A. YEAR 1 STANDARDS ONLY1. 8WPMIC #319 Rev. 8/21 1996 Harrisburg, PAACTION REQUIREDCOMMENTSBASEMENT1.1 Cracks appear in controljoints.No action required.The expansion/contraction joint isplaced to control cracking. This is not adeficiency.1.2 Uneven concrete floors infinished areas of a basement.Builder will correct those areasin which Defect exceeds 3/8 in.within a 32 in. measurement.In rooms not initially finished as livingareas or where a floor or a portion ofa floor surface has been designed forspecific drainage purposes, a slope whichexceeds 3/8 in. within a 32 in. measurement is not a deficiency.1.3 Cracks in poured concretefoundation walls.Builder will correct any crackwhich exceeds 1/4 in. in width.Shrinkage cracks are common and shouldbe expected. Surface patching and epoxyinjections are examples of acceptablerepair methods.1.4 Cracks in block or veneerwall.Builder will correct crackswhich exceed 1/4 in. in width.Some cracks are common throughmasonry and mortar joints. Cracks 1/4in. or less are considered routine Ownermaintenance.1.5 Leaks resulting in actualflow or trickling of waterthrough wall or floor,causing an accumulation.Builder will correct.A one-time occurrence may not indicatea Defect. Owner must maintain propergrading around the Home and maintainany surface water control systemsinstalled by Builder. Dampness and condensation are normal conditions and arenot covered by this Limited Warranty.1.6 Disintegration of theconcrete floor surface.Builder will correct disintegrated surfaces caused by improperplacement of concrete.Disintegration caused by erosion due tosalt, chemicals, implements used andother factors beyond Builder’s control isnot a warranted deficiency.1.7 Cracks in concrete floorwhich rupture or significantly impair performanceof floor covering.Builder will correct so Defectis not readily noticeable whenfloor covering is in place.Minor impressions in floor covering arenot considered significant imperfections.1.8 Cracks in concrete floor ofunfinished area (no floorcovering) or in areas notdesigned for living.Builder will correct crackswhich exceed 1/4 in. in widthor vertical displacement.Surface patching and epoxy injectionsare examples of acceptable repairmethods. Shrinkage cracks are commonand should be expected.1.9 Condensation on walls,joists, support columnsand other componentsof basement area.No action required.Maintaining adequate ventilation andmoisture control is considered Ownermaintenance.† Homeowners in the State of New York, refer to State of New York Addendum, Section V.B.

WARRANTY STANDARDS A. YEAR 1 COVERAGE ONLYThe following Warranty Standards are applicable only to warranted items stated in Section II of thisLimited Warranty. Read Section II to determine if the followin

10 YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY FOR NEW HOMES THE LIMITED WARRANTY Insurer: Western Pacific Mutual Insurance Company, A Risk Retention Group For your Limited Warranty to be in effect, you should receive the following documentation: Limited Warranty #319 Application For Warranty form #316 (R