GCIC Security Awareness TrainingClick here and follow the instructions. tmEnter you user name in the space indicated below; click “I Am A New User”LorineLPeckEnter your username here(i.e. LorineLPeck)Click I AmA New UserEducation and TrainingJanuary 20151

Review the screen and follow the directions. Click the arrow button and scroll to the letter “D”; clickthe arrow button at Please Select Your Organization and choose “DHS (Formerly DHR)”Click the ArrowButton and scrollto the letter “D”Click the ArrowButton and scrollto “DHS(Formerly DHR)”Education and TrainingJanuary 20152

Complete the registration form. Enter your User Name, (use a minimum of 8 characters – no spacesor symbols; choose your password; click the arrow to choose a Password Retrieval Question;enter your Secret Answer; enter your First Name and Last Name; enter your Email address, twice;click Submit Information.Enter yourUser NameLorineLPeckoriLlChoose YourPasswordEnter YourNameClick the arrow tochoose aPasswordRetrievalQuestionGreenvilleLorine LPeckEnter [email protected] yourAnswerClick SubmitInformationEducation and TrainingJanuary 20153

At the top of this page you will see your User Name and your Password, please record your UserName and Password for future visits. To begin training follow these steps: Review and followeach step below.ReviewLorineLPeckAtlanta1Your User Nameand YourPasswordClickUniversityLoginEducation and TrainingJanuary 20154

Within minutes of completing registration you will receive the following email. Follow the instructions.After reviewing instructions 1- 13; click on The Georgia Bureau of Investigation Training Center.Click here onyour email or usethe link providedat the top of page1Atlanta1Education and TrainingJanuary 20155

Enter your User Name; click SubmitEnter YOUR UserNameClick SubmitEducation and TrainingJanuary 20156

Click on Security Awareness Training box, first box lower levelClick SecurityAwarenessTrainingEducation and TrainingJanuary 20157

Click on Security Awareness on the left side of page (see below)ClickSecurityAwarenessEducation and TrainingJanuary 20158

Review the page and follow the instructions. Click on Library and download the training materials“BEFORE” clicking on Request Enrollment.Click LibraryEducation and TrainingJanuary 20159

Click the Request Enrollment buttonClick RequestEnrollmentEducation and TrainingJanuary 201510

Thank you page. Use the center column and follow the directions to select how to continue to course.Choose method tocontinue to SecurityAwareness TrainingEducation and TrainingJanuary 201511

Select Security Awareness and follow the directionsSelect SecurityAwarenessTrainingEducation and TrainingJanuary 201512

Click on Security Awareness Training box, first box lower level. Click Security . Awareness. Training . Education and Training January 2015 8 Click on Security Awareness on the left side of page (see below) Click Security Awareness. Education and Training Januar