AVAYA WORKFORCEOPTIMIZATION SELECTAT A GLANCEImproving the customer experiencewith every interactionBy generating relevant andNot surprisingly, consumers indicate they buy more from organizations thattimely insights into themake it easy for them to conduct business.1 It’s also no secret that effective,customer experience andintelligent contact centers are vital to meeting consumers’ growingleveraging this informationexpectation for service excellence. But how can organizations with contactto improve agent and teamperformance, AWFOS helpscenters create a differentiated and memorable customer experience if theycontact centers create thedon’t have timely visibility into their contact center operations andmost value from everyworkforce performance?customer interaction.Avaya Workforce Optimization Select(AWFOS) solves that dilemma. Bygenerating relevant and timely insightsinto the customer experience andleveraging this information to improveagent and team performance, AWFOShelps contact centers create the mostvalue from every customer interaction.Simple to deploy and use, this solutionA full-featured workforceoptimization suiteThe modular, easy-to-implement-anduse AWFOS offers you the latestworkforce optimization applications,providing robust recording, qualitymanagement, call monitoring, coaching,e-learning and full reporting capabilities.integrates seamlessly with industryleading customer engagementVoice and non-voice recordingplatforms from Avaya to deliver essentialVoice and non-voice recording andinformation about customer interactionslogging are essential for assessingand help contact centers discover newinteraction quality. This criticalways to improve customer experience.functionality has become a necessity in1“Autonomous Customer 2015: On Hold for Intelligent Customer Service,” British Telecommunications plc,commissioned by Avaya, 1

Voice and non-voicerecording and loggingare essential forassessing interactionmany enterprises for disputesite, department, extension, agent ID,resolution, fraud prevention,customer consent and more. It cancollections, emergencyalso be deployed in a variety ofcommunications, and to comply withconfigurations, scaling seamlesslyregulatory requirements such as thefrom a single site to a distributedPayment Card Industry Data Securitymultisite environment.Standard (PCI DSS), Health InsurancePortability and Accountability ActSafety and security. The Recorder(HIPPA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.module is especially effective ifquality. The AWFOSregulatory compliance and businessRecorder moduleThe AWFOS Recorder modulesecurity are top of mind for yourresponds with a scalable, flexible andorganization. Files related to voice andresponds with asecurity-oriented recording platformscreen captures can be encrypted atscalable, flexible andwith a variety of options for inboundrest. Live monitoring and interactionand outbound call recording andplayback is via Secure HTTP. Digitalsecurity-orientedscreen capture.signatures help maintain integrity ofrecording platform.the stored recordings. Pause andScalability and flexibility. Theresume can be used for voice andRecorder module enables you toscreen masking to protect sensitivedeploy robust recording capabilities,data. Audit trail information (who didincluding 100 percent recording,what, when) is also captured.random recording, event-drivenProtected access is available withrecording and on-demand recording,user-level feature permissions.based on call duration, call direction,2

Business application and processInteraction visibility. Your supervisorsimprovements. The Recorderand managers can view customermodule’s screen capture capability isinteractions from beginning to endan undetectable back-end processwhile watching and listening viathat captures desktop screen activitysynchronized screen and callduring customer interactions. Usedrecordings. This helps them gain aMODULEboth in the contact center and thebetter understanding of the entireKEY FEATURESback office, it gives you a true picturecustomer journey, including serviceof how well agents and otheroperations, business applicationemployees use Web chat, e-mail andprocesses, training opportunities andbusiness applications to serve yourbest and process improvementsthat help increase customersatisfaction, reduce costs, uncoversystem breakdowns, shorten cycletimes and expose unauthorizedpersonal activity of employees. Provides complete recordings,including call transfers, withcradle-to-grave call playback Meets PCI security andcompliance standardscustomers. Those insights, in turn, canhelp you identify opportunities forRECORDERPerformance-driven QualityManagement and LiveMonitoringEfficient, effective performance is thefoundation of successful contactcenter operations. Avaya Workforce Scales from a single site to amultisite environment Enables event-based, stationside active recording andstation-side and trunk-sidepassive recordingOptimization Select’s Quality Supports VoIP and TDMenvironments and SIP andH323 protocols Supports G.711, G.729 andG.722 Audio CodecsWith Quality Management and Live Monitoring,your team can stay involved and in control ofcontact center operations by monitoring agentinteractions from anywhere. Allows screen capture that isideal for agents located atheadquarters, branchlocations or home Enables screen capture thatsupports thin client and virtualdesktop technologies that canbe centrally deployed andmanaged Full-featured integrationsupport for Avaya Oceana,Avaya Contact Center Select,IP Office Contact Center, CallCenter Elite, Avaya AuraContact Center, ProactiveContact, Proactive OutreachManager and Avaya SessionBorder 3

Management and Live Monitoringmanagers continually promote a morehelp accomplish this goal byconsistent and reliable customerassisting you in identifying processexperience by identifying top-and performance deficiencies so youperforming agents and agents whocan take corrective action and honeneed more training while remainingagent skills.compliant with internal and externalpolicies and regulations. AuthorizedQUALITYMANAGEMENTQuality Management and Liveusers can listen to agent calls, look atMonitoring capabilities enable you tothe agent desktop in real time,review individual interactions andrecord calls on demand if needed,gather other vital information so youadd comments and flag calls forcan evaluate agent performance,further evaluation.identifying performance deviations,skill gaps and deficiencies in serviceWith Quality Management and LiveAND LIVEprocesses that can be addressedMonitoring, your team can stayMONITORINGthrough coaching, training andinvolved and in control of contactprocess improvement. Withcenter operations by monitoring agentmultichannel capabilities, Qualityinteractions from anywhere.KEY FEATURES Craft quality evaluationforms with flexible criteria Define quality plans andauto-distribute callsManagement lets you evaluate voice,e-mail and Web chat interactions,scoring them against organizational orindustry standards so your agentsobtain both positive reinforcement Calibrate evaluators andallow agents to appeal scores View and evaluate completecustomer interactions and allcall segmentsand constructive feedback to elevateperformance.AWFOS Integrated Coaching ande-Learning tools create a collaborativefeedback loop between your contactcenter agents and supervisors,delivering training content to agentsReal-time, Web-based silent LiveMonitoring and on-demand call Monitor live calls and agentdesktops from any browserIntegrated Coaching ande-Learningto improve their knowledge, efficiencyand productivity.recording capabilities help yourcontact center supervisors and Auto-assign coaching andquizzes based onperformance scoresAWFOS Integrated Coaching and e-Learning toolsdeliver training content to agents to improve theirknowledge, efficiency and productivity.4

The Coaching tool provides aframework for supervisors to buildpersonalized agent training programsWorkforce Management(WFM)AWFOS provides an optional WFMusing quality and performance dataapplication that provides all the toolsfrom AWFOS and other call centeryou need to effectively manage yourapplications. The tool tracks specificstaff, accurately forecast demand,agent performance issues acrossand automatically schedule andmultiple KPIs, identifies underlyingreport to improve operations.root causes, assembles a performanceimprovement plan and addressesThe feature-rich WFM applicationfollow-up.leverages an advanced forecastalgorithm to help contact centersThe e-Learning tool serves as aaccurately forecast and optimizerepository for e-learning andstaffing not only for the day, butcoaching content through a library ofalso for the week, month, quarter,files, including audio, video, callseason or year across allsnippets, documents, e-supportinteraction channels.transactions and more. Content caninclude call segments captured fromIncrease agent collaboration,AWFOS or uploaded data fromcommunication, loyalty and serviceexternal systems. Voice and textby generating staffing schedules thatcomments can be provided for eachconsider agents’ skill sets, workcourse created, and the e-learningschedules and preferences such ascourses can easily be uploaded andworking hours to plan the best, mosttracked. The e-Learning tool alsoefficient staffing schedule for thesupports creation, delivery andneeds of customers and those of thescoring of quizzes.overall business.Avaya Coaching and e-Learning key features Personalized agent training programs, built using quality andperformance data from AWFOS and other call center applications Easy creation of quizzes that can be tied to courses Random delivery of quizzes whereby questions are selected at randomfrom a predefined set Agent-level or group-level coaching Development of personal coaching plans for staff On-time follow-up through alerts and 5

Scorecards and ReportingAWFOS’ powerful analytics engineseamlessly integrates with the QualityManagement module so you candefine KPIs and create customizable,role-based scorecards, dashboardsand reports to measure theperformance of agents, queues,teams, groups, sites and lines ofbusiness supported by your contactcenter. Balanced scorecards displaytop and bottom-performing agentsand enable drill-down from scorecardsso you can immediately address skillgaps with coaching and e-learning.Take advantage of built-in reportReal-Time Adherence monitors agenttemplates or create your own reportsadherence to schedules and sendsusing data from AWFOS or third-partyalarms to supervisors whenapplications. You can export results tononcompliance occurs. Intradaymultiple formats, including XLS, PDF,management allows supervisors toCSV and HTML.effortlessly adjust schedules withdrag-and-drop capabilities based onAWFOS’ easy-to-use analytics enablereal-time agent to save valuable time, track criticalcustomer experience metrics andThe extensive reporting package — indrive performance improvementsaddition to that provided by AWFOSacross your sales, collections and(described below) — tracks KPIs andcustomer service processes to realizeagent scorecards for metrics such ascross-functional alignment withabsenteeism and adherence.strategic goals.AWFOS’ easy-to-use analytics enable you tosave valuable time, track critical customerexperience metrics and drive performanceimprovements across your sales, collectionsand customer service processes.6

Innovation that savesyou time and moneyLearn moreWith every passing month, consumerinformation such as white papers andpreferences and buying habits studies about the Avaya CustomerDemand for excellent customer serviceEngagement and Workforceand support continues to grow as theOptimization solutions, contact yourpace of business continuallyAvaya Account Manager or Avayaaccelerates. In such a high-pressureAuthorized Partner. Or visit us online atenvironment, shouldn’t you give center resources everysolutions/#Customer Engagement.To learn more and to obtain additionalopportunity to excel as they strive tocreate memorable customerexperiences?AWFOS delivers robust capabilities tohelp you develop the operationalintelligence you need to improve agentperformance and customerinteractions. These capabilities set thebenchmark for how workforceoptimization fosters world-classperformance in the contact center.With low hardware and storage costs,flexible seat-based pricing, andminimal installation and trainingrequirements, AWFOS also helps yousave valuable time as you deploy thesolution and preserve your investmentover time as your contact center gainsproficiency in using its rich features.AWFOS delivers robust capabilities to help you developthe operational intelligence you need to improve agentperformance and customer 7

About AvayaAvaya enables themission critical, realtime applicationsof the world’s mostimportant operations.As the global leaderin delivering superiorcommunicationsexperiences, Avayaprovides the mostcomplete portfolioof software andservices for contactcenter and unifiedcommunications—offered on premises,in the cloud, ora hybrid. Today’sdigital world requirescommunicationsenablement, and noother company isbetter positioned todo this than Avaya.8 avaya.comNotice: While reasonable efforts were made to provide information that is complete and accurateat the time of printing, Avaya can assume no liability for any errors. Changes and corrections to theinformation in this document may be incorporated in future releases. 2018 Avaya Inc. All rights reserved.Avaya and the Avaya logo are trademarks of Avaya Inc. and are registered in theUnited States and other countries. All other trademarks identified by , TM , or SMare registered marks, trademarks, and service marks, respectively, of Avaya Inc.04/18 CC7815-2Provide feedbackfor this document

security-oriented recording platform with a variety of options for inbound and outbound call recording and screen capture. Scalability and flexibility. The Recorder module enables you to deploy robust recording capabilities, including 100 percent recording, random recording, event-driven rec