THEFOLLOWLEADERSpring in Our StepJOHNFITZGERALDChief ExecutiveOfficer,Inova Fair OaksHospital2 WEIGHT LOSSDEFININGNew term helpshealthcareprofessionalsdescribe anepidemicArelatively new term being used bymedical professionals underscoresthe connection between diabetes andobesity, two problems of epidemicproportion in the United States. Theterm is “diabesity,” and it is continuallyincreasing in popularity.“I think what the medical communityis trying to communicate is that obesityis not just obesity,” says Amir Moazzez,MD, Medical Director for the Inova WeightLoss Surgery Program. “It’s a commondenominator for many conditions, including diabetes, one of the most costly andfastest-growing problems in the U.S.”Dr. Moazzez thinks “diabesity” helpsreinforce the connection between the twocomplementary epidemics. “These twoconditions alone, they’re probably the twomost costly [to the healthcare system].It’s a term that needs to be addressedby physicians in their offices. It’s a realphenomenon,” he says.Nipping this epidemic in the bud willbe difficult, but it starts with individualsand their primary care providers, saysASK EXPERTThis spring brings so much tocelebrate as you will read inthis issue. We are pleased toannounce the opening of ourRadiation Oncology Departmentin our new, freestanding CancerCenter here on the Inova FairOaks Medical Campus.It is truly exciting to havethis kind of resource in thecommunity. In the past,patients in the area had togo elsewhere for radiationoncology services — thus adding driving time and additionalstress to their daily treatmentplan. Being able to deliver onour vision and commitment tobring coordinated cancer carecloser to Fair Oaks was quitea journey, and one that wecelebrate together.We have more good newsto announce this issue:Truven Health Analytics hasagain named Inova Fair OaksHospital one of the Nation’s100 Top Hospitals. It is thesecond year in a row we havereceived this recognition. It isnot a given. Top Hospitals earntheir distinction based on theirperformance across a varietyof areas, including inpatientcomplications, patient safety,patient satisfaction, and readmission rates for heart attack,heart failure and pneumonia.We are proud not only to bea hospital that offers state-ofthe-art services but also onethat is ranked in the top 100 ofhospitals in the nation.HEALTH BEATDr. Moazzez.“I would hopemore physiciansbecome involvedwith suggesting topatients in a moreserious manner to losetheir weight and gethealthier. Just asking your patient tolose weight, that’s not working,” he says.For many overweight or obese people,conservative measures like eating betterand living a healthier lifestyle will helpthem avoid diabetes. Unfortunately, formorbidly obese people, those measuresoften will not work. For people in thatsituation, Dr. Moazzez recommendsvisiting comprehensive weight losscenters like Inova Fair Oaks Hospital’sWeight Loss Services.FIGHT THE FATTo learn more about Inova Fair OaksHospital’s Weight Loss Services,call 703.348.4716 orvisit Defining an EpidemicTHEAmir Moazzez, MDBariatric SurgeonS P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 Inova Fair Oaks HospitalJoin Amir Moazzez, MD, Medical Director of the InovaWeight Loss Surgery Program, for this FREE lecture.Location: Inova Fair Oaks Medical Campus,Auditorium, 3580 Joseph Siewick Drive, Fairfax, VADate: Thursday, May 22Time: 12:30 p.m.Visit or call1.855.My.Inova (1.855.694.6682) to register.

EMERGENCY SERVICESQUALITYACHIEVING Culture of CARINGMAGNETDESIGNATIONInova Fair OaksHospital honoredfor excellencein nursingER lowerswaittimesInova Fair Oaks Hospitalwas recently recognizedagain by the AmericanNurses CredentialingCenter (ANCC) through its MagnetRecognition Program . The hospitalfirst received the designation in 2009.“This was our first re-designation,”says Cheri Goll, MSN, RN, NE-BC, ChiefNursing Officer for Inova Fair OaksHospital. “So the criteria are a little morerigorous, because the ANCC doesn’twant you to just rest on your laurels.”What does being designated by theMagnet program mean? “The Magnetdesignation is the highest credentialthat a healthcare organization canachieve for nursing excellence andquality patient care,” says Goll. “Itmeans the organization is committedto creating a culture where nursescan actualize their potential and [theorganization] has the support andtools in place to deliver high-qualitypatient care.”Focusing on the optimal patientexperience allows Inova Fair OaksHospital’s Emergency Department (ED)to provide a more efficient and higherstandard of care. The ED has shortenedwait times to the point where patientswho require serious medical attentionare immediately placed in beds.Strong communication among stafftranslates to better patient care, sayED leaders. “We have a team culturein which people feel empowered toprovide the best care possible,” saysJoan Manning, Patient Care Director ofCritical Care and Emergency Services.“Here, staff work together and puta premium on effective communications. This has an impact on the patientexperience — including reducing waittimes — because they don’t have torepeat themselves and informationdoesn’t get lost in translation.”There is also an emphasis on goodcommunication between healthcareprofessionals and patients. “We striveto listen and also to communicateclearly with our patients about whatthey can expect in the ED,” says NickSutingco, MD, FACEP, Chairman of theDepartment of Emergency Medicinefor Inova Fair Oaks Hospital. “Everymember of the team desires to addressa patient’s concern or need in the bestway they can.”If you’re experiencing a life-threateningemergency, call 9-1-1 immediately or visitthe nearest Emergency Department.QUALITYTOP HOSPITALAGAINInova Fair Oaks Hospital inMarch was named one of theNation’s 100 Top Hospitals byTruven Health Analytics. It isthe second year in a row andthe third time overall that ithas earned this recognition.Truven Health 100 TopHospitals earn their distinction as a result of theirperformance across 10areas: mortality; inpatientcomplications; patientsafety; average patient stay;expenses; profitability; patientsatisfaction; adherence toclinical standards of care;and post-discharge mortality and readmission rates forheart attack, heart failure andpneumonia.“Being recognized withthis award reinforces ourdedication to serving ourcommunity by providingaffordable, high-qualityhealthcare — patient safety isour number one priority,” saysJohn Fitzgerald, CEO of InovaFair Oaks 3

TECHNOLOGYPIONEERINGMedicineda Vinci robot, complex procedures cannow be done through tiny incisions withthe highest level of safety and precision.“With robotic-assisted surgery, there arefewer infections, there’s less blood loss,there’s significantly less pain associatedwith these procedures and patients are backto work in a much shorter period of time,”says Leonard Rosen, MD, gynecologistand Chairman of Robotics at Inova FairOaks Hospital. “We can now do advancedsurgical procedures minimally invasivelythat we couldn’t have done before.”The da Vinci Robotic SurgicalSystemInnovativeapproach providessafe alternative toopen surgeryPatients who want state-of-theart technology provided in afriendly community setting cancount on Inova Fair OaksHospital to provide it. Thanks to theON THE FOREFRONTInova Fair Oaks Hospital surgeons whoare specially trained in robotic-assistedsurgery perform a wide variety ofprocedures in the areas of gynecology,gynecologic oncology, urology, colorectalsurgery and general surgery. Recognizedas a leader in both robotic-assisted andlaparoscopic procedures, Inova Fair OaksHospital is one of the first facilities in theworld to be named a Center of Excellencefor Minimally Invasive Gynecology.“We can boast a 94 to 95 percent minimally invasive gynecologic approach to allour cases with a complication rate that’s lessthan 2 percent,” says Dr. Rosen. “That’s whatsets Inova Fair Oaks Hospital apart fromother hospitals in this area and the country.”MINIMAL RECOVERYBecause robotic-assisted surgery is lessinvasive, most patients leave the hospitalshortly after their procedure.“There’s less hospitalization,” saysDr. Rosen. “From my personal experience,98 percent of all my patients go home thesame day as compared to a traditionalopen procedure where a patient ishospitalized for two to three days.”For most patients, recuperation takesjust two weeks, as opposed to six to eightweeks with open surgery.LEARN MOREIs robotic-assisted surgery right for you?Visit to learn more.In the Hands of ExpertsDuring a robotic-assistedprocedure, the surgeon isseated at a console whileviewing a magnified threedimensional image of thepatient’s anatomy. With theassistance of a speciallytrained team, the surgeoncontrols interactive roboticarms that translate his or herhand motions into precisemovement of surgical tools.Currently, Inova Fair4Oaks Hospital is the onlyfacility in the metropolitanWashington, DC, areato provide dual-consolecapability, allowing twosurgeons to operatecollaboratively. During adual-console procedure,each surgeon sits at anindividual console, and theywork in concert while viewing the same high-definitionimage of the surgical site.“The dual console providesthe ability to have a secondsurgeon operating dynamically in real time,” saysLeonard Rosen, MD. “It’salso a wonderful teachingtool because you canhave a fellow or residentsit at the second consoleand observe the surgerythrough the da Vinci eyes,providing a highly magnified, stereoscopic view.” S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 Inova Fair Oaks HospitalDuring a robotic-assisted procedure,a surgeon sits at a console and controlsinteractive robotic arms.

SPINESAVINGYour NeckSpine specialists offer solutionsWhether you have painand numbness in yourfingers or just slightneck and back pain, thestaff at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital canhelp you. The doctors and specialistsoffer high-quality care for spinalissues including physical medicine,rehabilitation and surgery.Pain, numbness, tingling and weakness radiating down your extremitiesare signs of serious spinal issues thatcould require surgery. “Neck pain inand of itself is not a reason to see aspecialist,” says Tushar Patel, MD, spinesurgeon at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.“Most cases will resolve in the firstthree to four weeks. Once [the pain,numbness and tingling] goes beyondyour back or neck, then you shouldsee a specialist.”Dr. Patel stresses that people withpain don’t necessarily require surgery.Besides physical therapy and rehabilitation, non-surgical treatments includesteroid injections and anti-inflammatorymedicine. For those people who experience nerve compression, however,LECTURETHEASKEXPERTTreatment Options forNeck and Back PainTushar Patel, MDOrthopedic SurgeonJoin Tushar Patel, MD, for this FREElecture.Date: Thursday, July 17Time: 6 p.m.Location: Inova Fair Oaks Medical Campus,Auditorium, 3580 Joseph Siewick Drive,Fairfax, VAsurgery will often improve their standardof living and, according to Dr. Patel, thesuccess rate is high.THE RIGHT QUESTIONSWhen you need surgery, it’s importantto pick the right doctor. Dr. Patelrecommends finding a surgeon whospecializes exclusively in spine surgeryand who understands the importanceof shared decision-making betweenthe patient and surgeon. “You wantsomeone who will explain to you whatis going on with you,” he says. “Youshould be able to state in your ownwords why the doctor is recommendingwhat he’s recommending.”Here are some questions to ask whenlooking for a surgeon: How many of these operationsdo you do? What is the evidence basis for yourrecommendations? What are my possible options? What problems would you anticipaterunning into with this procedure? Am I at a higher risk for anycomplications? What is your infection rate? What steps have you taken recentlyto improve your outcomes? 5

CANCERCARECENT ALCANCERRadiation Oncology Departmentopens at Inova Fair Oaks HospitalPatients can now receivecomprehensive cancertreatment closer to home.Radiation oncology servicesare available in the new, freestandingfive-story Inova Comprehensive Cancer &Research Institute – Fair Oaks. The InovaBreast Care Center and remainder of theinstitute will open later this year.“One of our primary goals for buildinga Cancer Center is to offer a place wherepatients can come and experience a higherlevel of coordinated care, which is notonly better from the patient experiencestandpoint, but is actually proven to resultin better outcomes for patients,” saysAnn Miner, Director of Cancer Services atASK EXPERTSTHE6Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.Robert Ahmed, MD, notes that one of themost attractive aspects of the center will bethat all the services will be centralized onone campus. “They can see me in my officeand I can send them off for an X-ray ormammogram,” he says. “I can then sendthem across a parking lot to a radiationoncologist or to the hospital to havesurgery. They won’t have to travel too far,and it makes it very convenient for themto be on the same campus to really getalmost all that they need done.”The cancer care team bringstogether the highest level of expertise and medical technology with asupportive, compassionate approachLECTUREAdvancesin CancerPreventionand EarlyDetectionMichael Hardy, MDUrologistDaniel Otchy, MDColorectal SurgeonHernan Vargas, MDBreast SurgicalOncologistJoin Michael Hardy, MD, Daniel Otchy, MD, and Hernan Vargas, MD,for this FREE lecture.Date: Wednesday, June 18Time: 5 p.m.Location: Inova Fair Oaks Medical Campus, Auditorium, 3580 JosephSiewick Drive, Fairfax, VATo register, visit or call 1.855.694.6682. S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 Inova Fair Oaks Hospitalwhere each patient’s physical,emotional and spiritual needs areaddressed from diagnosis throughtreatment and follow-up care.Each individual patient who walksthrough the doors of the new centerwill have the support of a wide arrayof specialists including medical andsurgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, patient carenavigators, dietitians, social workersand genetic counselors. The centeralso provides Life with Cancer , a freeprogram dedicated to supportingpatients and their families throughouttheir cancer journey and beyond.LIGHTING THE WAYThe hallmark of the new Cancer Centeris a state-of-the-art Radiation OncologyDepartment, which opened in March.“In the past, patients in the Fair Oakscommunity have had to go to InovaFairfax Hospital or elsewhere for their dailyradiation therapy,” says radiation oncologistStella Hetelekidis, MD. “With the newRadiation Oncology Department at InovaFair Oaks Hospital, patients will be able tohave their treatment closer to home.”The Radiation Oncology Departmentfeatures the Varian TrueBeam linearaccelerator, ensuring the highest levelof accuracy and precision. The systemallows for the treatment of manydifferent sites throughout the body whileproviding shorter treatment times andutmost comfort for the patient.The Cancer Center’s experiencedradiation oncology group works in closeconcert with a team of cancer specialists

to treat all types of adult cancer, includingbreast, prostate, colorectal, head andneck, gynecologic, lung, gastrointestinal,brain and lymphomas.“We work very closely with patients’surgeons and medical oncologists toprovide patients with the best multidisciplinary care,” says Dr. Hetelekidis.INTEGRATED CAREA team approach is at the heart of thecenter’s care philosophy. “Our levelof knowledge of cancer care and thetechnology involved has become verycomplex to the point where care cannotbe delivered by only one person or onephysician,” says Hernan Vargas, MD, abreast surgeon at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital.“By integrating the patient’s care wecan provide better care, which not onlyproduces better medical outcomes butalso supports the entire person.”A team approach means the entire cancerteam works closely with referring colleagues.“What we are doing is bringing thehighest technology and the newestconcepts of cancer care to the setting ofa community hospital,” says Dr. Vargas.“When a patient comes in we will beable to have input from all the providerscaring for the patient.”COMPASSIONATE CARETo promote the well-being of patients andtheir families, all services at the centerwill be delivered in a soothing environment featuring nature-inspired themes.“The design of the spaces and the waywe deliver service in our cancer center isplanned to make the patient feel as if theexperience is designed just for him or hertoday,” says Miner. “The center has a modern feel to it but at the same time is with awarm, nature-infused environment.”Calming spaces in the new center aredesigned to make patients and theirfamilies feel welcome and comfortable.Visitors will be able to partake in amenities such as a café, a coffee bar, soothingoutdoor healing garden and a peacefulmeditation room.AT YOUR DOORSTEPFor information on cancer careservices at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital,call 703.391.4250 or visit JourneyCenter, patient carenavigators are availableto assist patients everyHaving a cancer diagnosis step of the way by coordinating the specialistsis hard enough; havinginvolved in diagnosis andto arrange for medicaltreatment is an enormous treatment. Patients canalso seek the navigator astask that involvescontacting many different a resource for schedulingappointments, joiningspecialists. At Inova Fairsupport groups, accessingOaks Hospital’s Cancerthe center’s resourcesand obtaining financialand insurance guidance.“Patient care navigatorsare an all-encompassingsupport system for thepatient,” says Ann Miner,Director of Cancer Services.“They work in an integrativefashion to make sure thepatient’s needs are met.”The Spiral GardenQuiet SpacesIn addition to attending to the physicalneeds of each individual receivingcare, the Cancer Center will providea healing garden where patients andtheir families can relax and rejuvenate.“The healing garden is going to havea real sense of movement and flow witha lot of curved lines and walkingpaths,” says Ann Miner, Director ofCancer Services at Inova Fair OaksHospital. “It will have pockets of privatespace so if a family needs to comeand sit, and they want to have privacy,they can retire to one of the smallergroupings of seating. Or there’s a morepublic area with tables where you canenjoy a cup of coffee and be in nature.”Attached to the healing garden willbe a meditation room where patientsand families can spend time reflectingin a nurturing environment.“We really want the meditation roomto be a resource to help people deal withwhat can be a very stressful time,” saysMiner. “It will be a beautiful, calming space.”The Varian TrueBeamlinear accelerator is akey piece of technologyat the Cancer Center.It allows doctors to targetcancer cells throughoutthe body while providingshorter treatment timesand the utmost comfortto the 7

Inova is a not-for-profit healthcare system located inNorthern Virginia in the Washington, DC, metropolitanarea, serving over 2 million people with over 1,700licensed beds. It consists of five hospitals includingthe area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center and Level 3Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Inova encompasses manyhealth services including the internationally recognizedInova Heart and Vascular Institute, Inova TranslationalMedicine Institute on genomics, Inova NeuroscienceInstitute and Inova Children’s Hospital. Inova’s missionis to improve the health of the diverse community itserves through excellence in patient care, education andresearch. More information about Inova is at you do not wish to receive future mailingsfrom Inova, please contact us at 1.855.My.Inova(1.855.694.6682) or POSTAGEPAIDINOVA HEALTHSYSTEM8110 Gatehouse RoadFalls Church, VA 22042inova.orgIHS-052-IF0HWELCOME, NEW PROVIDERS!Here are new healthcare professionals who have joined theInova Fair Oaks Hospital medical staff in the last few months:NAMEDEPT/SECTIONJames Armstrong, MDMedicine/NeurologyDeborah Bear, MDPediatricsAngela Bosjolie, DOSurgery/OphthalmologyAsad Chaudhry, MDMedicine/CardiologyKathleen Cleland, MDSurgeryCostanza Cocilovo, MDSurgeryGloria Duda, MDSurgery/PlasticsMarwa El-Menshawi, MDFamily MedicineJohanna Hernaiz-Baez, MDMedicineAndrew Holt, MDMedicine/eICUShirisha Janumpally, MDMedicine/NeurologyMiriam Lender, MDPediatricsAshlei Lowery, MDMedicine/Palliative CareAdina Maniu, MDObstetrics & GynecologyHiral Patel, MDSurgery/General SurgeryLarry Quate, MDMedicine/Pulmonary MedicineShadi Tabba, MDPediatricsEric Thomson, MDFamily MedicineKathy Tieu, MDMedicine/DermatologyShalini Varshney, MDObstetrics & GynecologySithu Win, MDPediatricsYi Zhang, MDSurgery/OphthalmologyFind a PhysicianLooking for a doctor?Visit call our 24/7, bilingualphysician-referral service at1.855.My.Inova (1.855.694.6682)to find one close to home or work.SYMPOSIUMCOMEJOIN US!(Stay Tuned for Details)What: Youth SportsSafety SymposiumWhen: Saturday, July 26Who: Parents, coachesand trainers. Activitieswill be held for kids.Why: Learn about youthsports safety, includingconcussions andorthopedic injuries.INFORMATIONVisit orscan theQR codeHEREto find out more.SubscribeNow!Ask theExpertBabyTimeSign up toreceive e-newslettersabout health topicsand programs a FREEAsk the Expert lectureon a health topic thatinterests you at a tour orcomplete onlineregistration for yourOB admission

in nursing Inova Fair Oaks Hospital was recently recognized again by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) through its Magnet Recognition Program . The hospital first received the designation in 2009. “This was our first re-designation,” says Cheri Goll, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chief Nursing