Self-ContainedReverse Cycle Air ConditionersModels MAB 07-10-12-16-24AR-410 ntre aRefrigGeneral DescriptionMarvair's water source self-contained reversecycle air conditioners are designed for usein either fresh or salt water. These units arebuilt in capacities of 7,000; 10,000; 12,000;16,000; and 24,000 BTUH. The self-containedunits are complete packaged units, factorycharged and wired.A Marvair Marine first - a universal controlboard for all products - makes replacementquicker and easier and reduces the stockingrequirements of service centers.MAB16RCLess Watts: High efficiency Tecumseh and Copeland compressors More heat transfer with the cupronickel, eight volute, multi-lead inner tube. Theconvolutions increase heat transfer and refrigerant turbulence further enhancing thethermal performance, while inhibiting the accumulation of deposits in the water tubing. Powerful, backward inclined impeller moves the conditioned air effortlessly throughduct.More Air Flow with Marvair’s Unique Box Blower : Three duct outlets eliminate the need to rotate the blower, saving installation time. No air distribution box required on the unit. Two to three dBA quieter than conventional centrifugal blowers.Less Space – Our Most Compact Unit Stainless steel condensate pan – no flimsy condensate connections. Baked polyester coil rated to 1,000 hours in salt spray test. Rolled and embossed base pan adds structural support to all componentsUnits are available for operation on 115V, 60 Hz; 208/230V, 60 Hz and 220/240V, 50 Hz.The units are built using R410A refrigerant. R410A is environmentally friendly, non-ozonedepleting and accepted for use throughout the European Community.The reverse cycle air conditioners feature rotary and scroll compressors with a suctionline accumulator and high and low refrigerant pressure switches. The coaxial tube-intube condenser is constructed of corrosion resistant cupronickel water tubing and copperrefrigerant tubing.To ensure years of dependable performance, the units feature: A stainless steel base pan with multiple condensate drain openings allows the rapiddisposal of condensate. The base pan is embossed to add rigidity and to keep thecomponents out of the condensate. An insulated pad minimizes movement and sound. Structural supports, blower housing and control box constructed of superior corrosionresistant aluminum. The aluminum is primed and then a white heat cured polyesterfinish is applied for the optimum in durability and aesthetics.MAB Selfself Containedcontained PDS 1/2011MAB1

A five foot long (151 cm), heavy duty multiwire cable harness facilitates the remote mounting of the controlbox. This complete cable assembly seals all the wires into the harness to minimize the chance of corrosion. The evaporator coil is constructed of lanced fins and rifled copper tubing for optimum heat transfer. The coilhas a baked polyester enamel finish - no paint - and is rated to 1,000 hours when tested to ASTM B117. A compact, motorized impeller type blower moves the conditioned air quietly and efficiently through duct work.Backward curved, corrosion resistant centrifugal fans feature extremely long blades for high efficiency and lownoise. Maintenance free ball bearings never need oiling.All units are built to the requirements of UL standard 484, 7th Edition. Marvair is an ISO 9001-2008 registeredcompany. All self contained and split systems units (unless designated otherwise) meet applicable ABYC andUS Coast Guard regulations, CE directives, and all applicable Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerationstandards.InstallationInstallation of units is simplified with a readily accessible terminal strip for both the power and control (lowvoltage) wiring. The control box is located on the side of the self contained units. However, the control box canbe easily mounted on the opposite side or remotely mounted on a bulkhead. A five foot (151 cm) multiwire cableharness provides a durable and quick electrical connection between the unit and the control box. Condensateline ports (5/8” nylon tube) on both ends and both sides of the base pan facilitate the drain line connections.Factory provided hold-down clamps are included.ThermostatsAll units can be controlled by either the o-Touch, o-LED or the MachAir I thermostat/controller. The o-Touch,o-LED and the MachAir I thermostat/controller display shows whether the unit is in the heating or cooling or fanonly or dehumidification mode, set point temperature ( F or C), cabin temperature ( F or C) and fan indicator.The cooling or heating can be selected manually or the Auto mode selects whichever is required automatically.The fan speed can be controlled automatically or manually. Includes wall mounted controller/display. See theProduct Data Sheet for complete information on the thermostat/controllers.AccessoriesAccessories are required and ordered separately. Sea Water Pump Kit. Air duct, supply grille(s) and return grille. Plumbing fittings. Thermostat/controller.Model Identification - Self-Contained UnitsMM MarineARefrigerantA R410AMAB self contained PDS 1/2011BControllerB ElectronicControlBoard Nominal Capacity07 7,000 BTUH10 10,000 BTUH12 12,000 BTUH16 16,000 BTUH24 24,000 BTUHRCSystem TypeRC ReverseCycle2 VoltageA 208/230V, 1ø, 60 HzB 115V, 1ø, 60 HzW 220/240V, 1ø, 50 Hz Electronic Thermostat/ControllerM2 o-Touch oro-LED Board

Water Flow ChartMinimum Water Flow* for Reverse Cycle SystemsModel (BTUH)Minimum Water Flow at the Unit7,0002.0 GPM / 7.6 LPM10,0002.9 GPM / 11.0 LPM12,0003.5 GPM / 13.3 LPM16,0004.7 GPM / 17.8 LPM24,0007.0 GPM / 26.5 LPM* Based upon 85 F (29.5 C) inlet water measured at the inlet of the unit.Air Flow and Grille ChartModelNumberIncmInchescm512.791565b26 x 2½15.2 x 6.4717.89156718¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 8.6512.791565b26 x 2½15.2 x 6.4408717.89156718¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 8.6215365615.291566b27½ x 2¾19.1 x 722.2 x 8.6CFM WMinimumMinimumMinimumOpeningOpeningHosefor Return for SupplySizeaAir Grille Air Grille(s)Marvair P/Nof BlowerBox toOval HoseAdapterNominalAir m2645In240cm2260Qty ofOvalHoseAdaptersOutsideDimensions of HoseAdapter717.89156718¾ x 3-3/8615.291566b27½ x 2¾19.1 x 7323717.89156718¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 8.6552615.291566b27½ x 2¾19.1 x 7717.89156718¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 8.6615.291566b27½ x 2¾19.1 x 7717.89156718¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 17.891567b28¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 8.6305518820.391568110 x 425.4 x 10.2275467717.891567b28¾ x 3-3/822.2 x 8.6290493820.391568110 x 425.4 x b210 x 425.4 x 1240The blower box on all MAB units has openings for three duct adapters. For optimum performance and air flow, two ductadapters should be used.aUse larger size hose if hose run is greater than 10 ft. (3 meters).bTwo oval hose adapters are shipped with each MAB unit.3MAB self contained PDS 1/2011

Performance & Electrical Data for MAB self-contained units,208-230v, 60 Hz.ModelNumberNominal Capacity(BTUH)Volts / Ph / RCA16,000MAB24RCA24,000Unit Run .03.3432.51.2208-230/1/6029.0208-230/1/6058.31LRA Locked Rotor amps (compressor only)2KVA Kilo volt amps3Cool 45 F evaporator and 100 F condenser4Heat 45 F evaporator and 130 F condenser.5MCA Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Wire size amps)6MFS Maximum Fuse or HACR breaker sizePerformance & Electrical Data for MAB self-contained units,115v, 60 Hz.ModelNumberNominal Capacity(BTUH)Volts / Ph / /1/60Unit Run .2463.01.621LRA Locked Rotor amps (compressor only) Kilo volt amps3Cool 45 F evaporator and 100 F condenser4Heat 45 F evaporator and 130 F condenser.5MCA Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Wire size amps)6MFS Maximum Fuse or HACR breaker size2KVAPerformance & Electrical Data for MAB self-contained units,220-240v. 50 Hz.ModelNumberNominal Capacity(BTUH)Volts / Ph / 1/5061.02.88.261LRA Locked Rotor amps (compressor only)2KVA Kilo volt amps3Cool 45 F evaporator and 100 F condenser4Heat 45 F evaporator and 130 F condenser.5MCA Minimum Circuit Ampacity (Wire size amps)6MFS Maximum Fuse or HACR breaker sizeMAB self contained PDS 1/2011Unit Run Amps4

5DMAB16MAB12MAB10MAB07JIn24A242525MM 635InMM 635InMM 610InMM 610EGFICB11411411435211413 7/8 4 1/235213 7/8 4 1/234613 5/8 4 1/234613 5/8 4 31195 1/2 2 7/8 4 11/161405 1/2 2 7/8 4 11/161405 1/2 2 7/8 4 11/161405 1/2 2 7/8 4 11/16EL1526152615261526HM1405 1/2J682.66KC1917 5/9L1406819114068191763763672 5/8M1847 1/41847 1/41566 1/8N6714068191872222 5/8 5 1/2 2 11/16 7 5/9 3 7/16 8 3/4672 5/8 5 1/2 2 11/16 7 5/9672 5/8 5 1/2 2 11/16 7 N7’’ OVAL RING6’’ OVAL RING6’’ OVAL RING5’’ OVAL RINGDescriptionDimensional Data - Self-Contained Models 07-10-12-16 (inches & mm)MAB self contained PDS 1/2011

Dimensional Data - Self-Contained Model 24 (inches & mm)CONTROL BOX5-7/8 [149]2-11/16 [68]MARVAIRAAB10-1/8[256]BBBLEFT SIDEVIEWFRONT VIEWRIGHT SIDEVIEWRIGHT HANDUNITBUSHING SCHEDULEMK QTYID15/16” (25 mm)11/16” (20 mm)TOP VIEWFILTERRIGHT SIDE VIEW10" x 4 " (254mm x 102 mm) ODOVAL ADAPTER (TYP.)CONTROL BOX10" x 4 "(254mm x 102 mm) ODOVAL ADAPTER (TYP.)16-13/16[427]COILBLOWER BOXCOMPRESSORWRAPCOIL18[457]29-3/16 [741]BACK VIEWLEFT SIDE VIEWWATER OUT5/8" O.D.(15.8 MM)14-9/16[370]MARVAIR16-13/16[427]1 [26]CONDENSATE FITTING.563 O.D. (14.2 MM)(TYP.)CONTROLBOXFor 5/8" (14.2mm) condensate tubingWATER IN5/8" O.D.(15.8 MM)CONTROLBOX14 [356]WEIGHT: 111 LBS / 50 KGThere are two conditioned air outlet openings, one on the top and one on the right side. Each opening is a 9-7/8" x 4" (251mm x102mm) oval opening. An oval adapter, Marvair part number 91568, should be used as a transition to duct on each opening. Thisadapter has an outside diameter of 10" x 4" ( 254 mm x 102 mm). For optimum performance, both openings must be used. Insufficientair flow can cause ice to form on the evaporator coil in the cooling mode and premature activation of the circuit breaker in the heatingmode.MAB self contained PDS 1/20116

Notes7MAB self contained PDS 1/2011

NotesPlease consult the Marvair website at for the latest product literature. Complete installation instructions are in theSeaMach Installation and Service Manual. Detailed dimensional data is available upon request. A complete warranty statement can befound in each product’s Owner's Manual, on our website or by contacting Marvair at 229-273-3636. As part of the Marvair continuousimprovement program, specifications are subject to change without notice.Marvair Marine UKUnit 6 Benridge Park Holyrood ClosePoole, Dorset BH17 7BD. 44 1202 Box 400 Cordele, Georgia 31010156 Seedling Drive Cordele, Georgia 31015Ph: 229-273-3636 Fax: 229-273-5154Email: [email protected] self contained PDS 1/20118 Marvair , Division of AIRXCEL , Inc. 1/2011

Marvair's water source self-contained reverse cycle air conditioners are designed for use in either fresh or salt water. These units are built in capacities of 7,000; 10,000; 12,000; 16,000; and 24,000 BTUH. The self-contained units are complete packaged units, factory charged and wired. A