I N D E X Our Founders01 Message from the Chairperson02 From the desk of Special Executive Officer (SEO)03 Board of Directors04 Vision & Mission of AMF05 Our Programs06 Accomplishments20 Financial Statement21 Gratitude22 Annexure23OUR TEAM:Dr. Anjali Morris Education and Health Foundation has a skilled team of staffmembers and consultants with expertise in Specific Learning Disabilities.Dr. Uma KulkarniDr. Sushama NagarkarSpecial Executive OfficerTechnical ConsultantMs. Medha PathakMs. Tanima SarkarManager (Training, Collaborations)AdministratorEvery effort is made to provide accurate and complete information in AMF’s Annual Report. All content within this Annual Report is the property of AMF unless otherwisestated. All rights reserved. No part of the Annual Report may be reproduced, transmitted or copied in any form or by any means without the prior written consent of AMF.

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9O U RF O U N D E R SDr. Anjali MorrrisMBBS, DCH, MD, FAAP, MPHLate Mr. Umakant JoshiCA01

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handMessage from the ChairpersonMy good wishes for a more glorious next decade.Freny Tarapore02

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9From the desk of SEODr. Uma Kulkarni03

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handBoard of Directors04Mrs. Freny TaraporeB.Sc., M.SMrs. Malati KalmadiPost Graduate (English), PG Diploma(Communication Media for children),PG Diploma (School Psychology)Mrs. Harsheela MansukhaniPost Graduate, TISS(Medical Social Work)Mrs. Katayun CurrawallaB.A.,PG Diploma(Mass Communication)Sonali RaoB.E. (Computer Engineering),M.S. (Computer Science),MBA (International Marketing)Jyotsna YargopB.Sc, PG DIP( Computers), M.P.M

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9To make available to students, in India, with Specific LearningDisabilities (SLDs), specialized support and interventions so theybecome effective learners and productive members of society.05

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handOur Programs1. Bridging Over Learning Disabilities (BOLD)In the BOLD program, students struggling in academics are assessed for various academic achievement skills besides testingtheir cognitive abilities and behavior. Students are assessed to identify the risk of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) andAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD). Based on the evaluation, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is prepared foreach student and intervention services (individually or in small groups) are provided. These sessions are conducted at resourcecentres and schools. Students’ progress is regularly monitored and shared with parents and school teachers.Activities:ASSESSMENTINTERVENTIONPARENT SUPPORTGROUPSPECIAL ACTIVITIESFOR STUDENTS06

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9Work load of students:SUMMARY FOR ASSESSMENTS AND INTERVENTIONSName of the activityNumber of MF has the following assessment tools. These tests assess each student’s academic skills in the areas of reading, writing,spelling, language and math.LIST OF ASSESSMENT TOOLSParticularsAbbreviationsDevelopmental assessments:Developmental Indicators of Assessment in Learning 4DIAL 4Curriculum Based Assessment - Pre academicCBA – Pre SkillsCognitive assessments:Raven’s Standard Progressive MatricesRSPMRaven’s Colored Progressive MatricesRCPMIndian Child Intelligence TestICITUniversal Nonverbal Intelligence TestUNITWoodcock - Johnson IV Tests of Cognitive abilitiesWJ IV COGAcademic assessments:Wide Range Achievement Test - 4WRAT 4Curriculum Based Measurements - Reading and WritingCBMsWoodcock - Johnson IV Tests of AchievementWJ IV ACHTest of Word Reading Efficiency - 2TOWRE - 2Comprehensive test of Phonological Processing - 2CTOPP - 2Gray Oral Reading Test- Fifth EditionGORT - 5Test of Silent Contextual Reading Fluency – 2TOSCRF-2Curriculum Based Assessment - EnglishCBA - EnglishCurriculum Based Assessment - MarathiCBA - MarathiLearning Disability Research Programme test forEmpower Reading ProgramLDRPLanguage assessments:WIDA - Access Placement TestW-APTKindergarten - WIDA - Access Placement TestK-WAPTWoodcock - Johnson IV Tests of Oral LanguageWJ IV OLBehavioral Assessments:Vanderbilt ADHD Parent and Teacher Assessment ScaleConner’s 3rd Edition07

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handInterventionsIntervention programs at AMF:1. Standard Protocol Treatment Baseda) Empower TM Reading Program Empower Reading Program: Decoding andSpelling - Grade 2 to 5 Empower Reading Program: Comprehensionand Vocabulary - Grade 2 to 5b) Self-Regulated Strategy Development forwriting difficultyc) Jump Math for Math difficulty2. Evidence based interventions strategies basedon multi sensory techniques3. Study Skills (Learning Strategies) for secondaryschool children08

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9LDRP40Scores35302520151050Letter SoundSoundIdentification Task CombinationRaw ScoreRaw ScoreKeyword TestRaw ScoreTransfer Word Challenge WordTest Raw Score Test Raw ScorePrePostPrePostPrePostSubtests of LDRPOutcome of InterventionsComprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (SS)Scaled Scores5443322110PrePostBlending Words Subtesta) Empower TM Reading Program: Decoding andSpelling Grade 2 to 5:Scaled ScoresWoodcock - Johnson IV Tests of Achivement (SS)1009080706050403020100Wj4 Letter Word ID SSWj4 Letter Attack SSSubtests of Woodcock - Johnson IV09

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handb) Individualized Interventions: Marathi medium students:Outcome:DescriptionReadingWrittenReading ComprehensionSpellings ExpressionMathAdequate rateof improvement85 %78 %65 %50 %95 %Inadequate rateof improvement15 %22 %35 %50 %5%WrittenComprehensionReadingSpellings English-medium students:22%15%In reading, spellings, written expression and Math,student progress during intervention was measuredusing either CBMs or CBAs.35%78%85%Outcome:5%DescriptionWrittenReading Spellings ExpressionMath50%50%95%Adequate rateof improvement68 %75 %69 %90 %Inadequate rateof improvement33 %25 %31 %10 %WrittenExpressionAdequate rate of improvementInadequate rate of improvementReadingSpellings25%33%68%Written Expression75%Math10%31%69%Adequate rate of improvementInadequate rate of improvement1065%90%Math

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9Parent Support Group (PSG)The PSG named ‘Nischay’ is formed for parents to learndifferent strategies to help and cope with the challenges facedby their children who are at risk of SLD. The group meets oncein three months. 8 PSG meetings were held in this year at PRC& CRC and 162 parents attended the same.This is what one of the parents shared:Special Activities for StudentsDiwali Mela:Christmas Party:

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping hand2. Training ProgramsTo overcome the limitation of reaching out to students directly, training teachers from schools helps AMF to expand the reachindirectly. AMF helps students, schools and the community by sensitizing and training them through various RENESSPROGRAMSCERTIFICATE COURSEFOR SKILL DEVELOPMENTIN SPECIAL EDUCATIONTEACHER TRAININGPROGRAMSWORKSHOP12

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9Technically Assisted Projects (TAP) Vidya Valley School (Sus Road), Pune Vidya Valley School (North Point), Pune Tomoae School, Amaravati Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bhugaon, Pune Shiva Valley School, Pune Vatsalya Hospital, Pimpri Priyadarshani School, ChakanCompleted Projects till 2018-19 Disha Learning Centre, Ichalkaranji KHS Primary Section, Erandwane KHS Secondary School, Ganeshnagar Umang Learning Centre, PanvelSummary for 2018-19: Ongoing number of schools under TAP12 No. of teachers trained from schools under TAP41 No. of assessments done by AMF teachers198Ongoing projects Priyadarshani School, Indrayani Nagar, Bhosari No. of assessment done by teachers trainedfrom schools under TAP Sindphana Public School, Majalgaon No. of students who received interventions41202 KHS Aundh/Banner, Pune Dr. Erin N. Nagarwala School, Pune Jai Hind Primary School, Pimpri13

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handWoodcock - Johnson IV Tests of Achivement (SS)a) Empower Reading: Grades 2 to 5, Decoding andSpelling program:In the year 2018-19, Total 126 students began availing ofEmpower, 67 completed the program. 20 students, enrolledScaled ScoresOutcome of Interventions at TAP1009080706050403020100Letter Word IDWord Attackin Empower, had some difficulties and opted out in the middlePreSubtests of Woodcock - Johnson IVof the year. These students thus could not complete the entirePostprogram. Data for 39 students who were not able to be testedpost-intervention is not included in this analysis. Presentedb) Individualized Interventions:here is the pre and post intervention data for 67 studentsusing the Learning Disabilities Research Program (LDRP) testthat has also been developed by The Hospital for SickChildren, a selected subtest of the Comprehensive Test ofPhonological Processing (CTOPP, 2nd edition), and selectedsubtests of the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement, 4thEdition (WJ-IV).LDRP454020Description151050Letter SoundSoundIdentification Task CombinationKeyword TestTransfer Word Challenge WordTestTestWrittenReading Spellings ExpressionMathAdequate rateof improvement92 %100 %92 %89 %Inadequate rateof improvement8%0%8%11 %Subtests of LDRPPrePostReadingWritten Expression8%8%Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (SS)92 %54Scaled ScoresScores35302592 %Math43311%2211089%PrePostPreBlending Words Subtest14PostAdequate rate of improvementInadequate rate of improvement

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9 Priyadarshani School, Indrayani Nagar:Testimonial: Sindaphana Public School, Majalgaon, Beed:’Steps’15

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handTestimonial:Pleasure of teaching It gives me immense pleasure to share that the childrenattending intervention and specifically, empower TM ReadingProgram are showing improvement in reading and writing inEnglish. Some of the students scored good marks in theexams, which is an amazing experience for me and theschool. I have learnt different techniques from Anjali MorrisFoundation. AMF trainers are a source of inspiration for me.Students are showing interest in EMPOWER Reading Session,too. Really it is a wonderful and valuable experience to workwith AMF. Mrs.Gayatri Ghawalkar (Resource teacher,Sindaphana Public School) Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala School , Pune:16

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9 Umang Learning Centre, Panvel:Certificate Course for Skill Developmentin Special EducationTeacher Training Programs (TTP)17

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handWorkshopsAwareness ProgramsAMF conducts Awareness Programs to heighten awareness inthe community by sensitizing participants about SLD andADHD. This year, 543 participants were sensitized through 18awareness programs.SUMMARY OF TRAINING PROGRAMSNo. of ProgramsNo. of beneficiaries18543Workshops5134One Year Certificate Course for SkillDevelopment in Special Education(Specific Learning Disabilities,Autism and Intellectual warenessStaff Training: Continuous Quality ImprovementAMF understands the value of ongoing development for every individual and organization. Training its staff and keeping theirskills and knowledge up to date is necessary to remain relevant in this fast-paced and evolving world. The staff is trained for alltechnical processes specific to AMF in order to upgrade technical knowledge about current practices in the field. Trainingsessions were conducted on administrating standardized assessments such as Woodcock - Johnson IV Tests of Achievement andDevelopmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning (DIAL – 4th Editions). The staff was also given training in using the testresults to formulate further action plans for the student. Some of the staff members attended the international conference“READ” organized by Maharashtra Dyslexia Association (MDA) on Literacy Instructions. The international conference onInclusive Education organized by SNDT College, Dept. of Special Education was also attended by one of the teachers. It focusedon the need for changes in the present education system and how to develop an action plan to promote equality and equity ineducation. Non-technical Session: A session on systemic investment planning was delivered by C.A. Ashutosh Dabake, for theAMF staff. He explained the importance of saving money rightly and apprised the audience about the various investmentschemes, including mutual funds.18

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 93. ResearchThe pilot project to develop standardized Curriculum-Based Measures (CBMs) in Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) for students fromthe Marathi medium was launched in 2017-18. Primary data analysis of CBMs 1st grade was done by Dr. Roland Good,President, Acadience Learning Inc., Eugene, the results of which were promising. Phase two of the project was rolled out in year2018-19. Data was collected from a total of 373 students from grades 1 and 2. Students who were part of the 2017-18 cohortswere also tested in 2018-19 on Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) grade 2 passages once they went to the next grade. This data wasgathered to explore predictive validity of the measures. The data has been sent to Dr. Roland Good for further analysis. Thestatistical analysis is awaited.In the upcoming academic year, AMF will receive from “Aapanach” organization the 3rd grade ORF passages developed on setcriterion. AMF plans to assess students from 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade at PMC and private schools during 2019-2020.19

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handAccomplishmentsa) Institutional accreditation by InternationalDyslexia Association(IDA): First in Indiab) Association for Reading and Writing in Asia (ARWA)20

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9c) READ ConferenceFinancial StatementCurrent year (Rs.)Previous Year -Opening balance carried forwardfrom previous year92,28,965.701,15,68,473.73Closing balance carried over tothe Balance sheet89,67,606.0392,28,965.70ParticularsExcess of expenditure overIncomeExcess of Income overExpenditure21

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handGratitude.AMF is thankful to the parents, school management and teachers, members of the AMF general body, donors,well-wishers who have helped us to assist children with SLD and ADHD.We would not have been able to reach this far without the support of donors.We are thankful to: Morris Family Fund Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co. Ltd. Sir Dorabji Tata Trust Forbes Marshall Foundation Sleepwell Foundation Dharmendra Mulji Daiya Foundation The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Mrs. Freny Tarapore Ms. Sayali Deo Mrs. Jyotsna Yargop22

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9ANNEXURE – ANumber of students assessed by AMF at all locations – 439 (241 in BOLD and 198 in TAP)INTERVENTIONS PROVIDED BY AMFSr. No.LocationEmpower:Empower:DecodingComprehension Study JUMP Individualizedandand Vocabulary Skills Maths interventionsSpelling(C&V)(D&S)Total1Pune Resource Centre (PRC)338219352Chinchwad Resource Centre (CRC)470029403KEM Hospital2000464Don Bosco School70007145St. Clares Girls High School3000586Abhinava English Medium School1000011217New India School150000158Sharada Vidya Mandir0000339Darode Marathi School0000111144108289153Grand totalPERIODIC ACTIVITIES AT AMF RESOURCE CENTRESSr. No.ActivityDateStudents121/04/2018Summer Camp (PRC & CRC)62230/06/2018Healthy Habits (PRC)05325/07/2018Origami (CRC)22428/07/2018Origami (PRC)15522/08/2019Know Your Emotions (CRC)26631/08/2019Know Your Emotions (PRC)10720/09/2019Flower Rangoli (CRC)28822/09/2018Ganapati Decoration (PRC)12903/11/2018Diwali Mela (PRC)301003/11/2018Diwali Mela (CRC)311124/11/2018Best From Waste (CRC)221230/11/2018Fancy Dress Competition (PRC)051322/12/2018Christmas Party (PRC)291422/12/2018Christmas Party (CRC)301513/02/2019Painting Using Finger Printing (CRC)251616/02/2019Painting Using Finger Printing (PRC)1623

DR. ANJALI MORRIS EDUCATION &HEALTH FOUNDATIONAll it takes is a helping handPARENT SUPPORT GROUPTopicDateSr. No.Participants128/07/2018Parenting Styles (PRC)14230/07/2018Parenting Styles (CRC)32325/09/2018Vocational guidance (CRC)28417/11/2018Specific Learning Disorders (PRC)22524/11/2018Mom and Me (CRC)15606/03/2019Positive Experiences Sharing (CRC)26ANNEXURE – BAWARENESSName of the School / CentreSr. No.Date107/07/2018St. Arnold School, Pune204/07/2018Tomoae School, AmravatiNo. of Participants3250nd304/08/201845D. Y. Patil College (Dept. of Education) M.Ed. 2 yr students, PuneSt. Sebastian High school, Daund2529/09/201804/10/2018Rotary Club, Pune6706/10/2018M.S.S High School, Chinchwad222913/10/2018M.S.S High School, Chinchwad36801/12/2018Saraswati Vishwa Vidyalaya, Talawade24906/12/2018MIT World Peace University (Kothrud), Pune261031/01/2019Ramrajya Marathi Madhyam school, Pune111131/01/2019SNDT B.Ed. College, Pune231231/01/2019Innovera School, Pune2030341302/02/2019141525/02/2019Karve Institute of Social Services, PuneSNDT Human Development Dept., Pune08/03/2019Tomoae School, Amaravati33161723/03/20195623/03/2019Sanskriti School, UndriSanskriti School, Wagholi1823/03/2019KHS Primary Section, ErandwaneTotal24255611543

ANNUAL REPORT 2 0 1 8 - 1 9WORKSHOPSParticipantsName of the TopicSr. No.Date112/04/2018Writing Strategy - Part 1 - Sindphana Public School30213/04/2018Writing Strategy - Part 2 - Sindphana Public School30301/04/2018Classroom Accommodations Technique –Chetan Dattaji Gayakwad English Medium School29404/04/2018Classroom Accommodations and modifications –Chetan Dattaji Gayakwad English Medium School17516/02/2019Reading and Writing Skills - for parents - Prism Foundation28Total134INTERVENTIONS AT TAPSr. No.LocationEmpower:Empower:Decoding dySkillsRegularInterventionTotal1Priyadarshani School,Indrayani Nagar230015382Sindphana Public School, Majalgaon1802114533Umang Learning Centre, Panvel000884KHS (Aundh), Pune4006105Erin N. Nagarwala School, Pune14006206Jai Hind Primary School, Pimpri900097Vidya Valley School, Sus700078Vidya Valley School, Nigdi400049Tomoae School, 310SSRVM, Bhugaon, Pune11Shiva Valley School, Pune12Vatsalya Hospital, Pune13Priyadarshani School, ChakanTotal25

REGISTERED OFFICE:nd301, 2 Floor, Gopur Apartment,Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar,Pune 411005, Maharashtra, IndiaLOCATIONS:Pune and ChinchwadWeb.: www.morrisfoundation.inAUDITORS:SNJ & Co. Chartered AccountantsWeb.:

Work load of students: SUMMARY FOR ASSESSMENTS AND INTERVENTIONS Interventions 153 Name of the activity Number of students Assessments 241 AMF has the following assessment tools. These tests assess each student’s academic skills in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, language and math