LOCAL RULESUnited States District Courtfor theSouthern District of FloridaRevised December 3, 2018

UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGESChief Judge K. Michael Moore(305) 523-5160 MiamiJudge Federico A. Moreno(305) 523-5110 MiamiJudge Ursula Ungaro(305) 523-5550 MiamiJudge Donald M. Middlebrooks(561) 514-3720 West Palm BeachJudge William P. Dimitrouleas(954) 769-5650 Fort LauderdaleJudge Jose E. Martinez(305) 523-5590 MiamiJudge Cecilia M. Altonaga(305) 523-5510 MiamiJudge Marcia G. Cooke(305) 523-5150 MiamiJudge Kathleen M. Williams(305) 523-5540 MiamiJudge Robert N. Scola, Jr.(305) 523-5140 MiamiJudge Darrin P. Gayles(305) 523-5170 MiamiJudge Beth Bloom(305) 523-5690 MiamiJudge Robin L. Rosenberg(561) 803-3430 West Palm Beach

SENIOR UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGESSenior Judge James Lawrence King(305) 523-5000 MiamiSenior Judge Jose A. Gonzalez, Jr.(954) 769-5560 Fort LauderdaleSenior Judge William J. Zloch(954) 769-5480 Fort LauderdaleSenior Judge Donald L. Graham(305) 523-5130 MiamiSenior Judge Daniel T. K. Hurley(561) 803-3450 West Palm BeachSenior Judge Joan A. Lenard(305) 523-5500 MiamiSenior Judge Patricia A. Seitz(305) 523-5530 MiamiSenior Judge Paul C. Huck(305) 523-5520 MiamiSenior Judge Kenneth A. Marra(561) 514-3760 West Palm BeachSenior Judge James I. Cohn(954) 769-5490 Fort Lauderdale

UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGESChief Magistrate Judge Andrea M. Simonton(305) 523-5930 MiamiMagistrate Judge Lurana S. Snow(954) 769-5460 Fort LauderdaleMagistrate Judge Barry S. Seltzer(954) 769-5450 Fort LauderdaleMagistrate Judge John J. O’Sullivan(305) 523-5920 MiamiMagistrate Judge Patrick A. White(305) 523-5780 MiamiMagistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres(305) 523-5750 MiamiMagistrate Judge Chris M. McAliley(305) 523-5890 MiamiMagistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman(305) 523-5720 MiamiMagistrate Judge Dave Lee Brannon(561) 803-3470 West Palm BeachMagistrate Judge Alicia M. Otazo-Reyes(305) 523-5740 MiamiMagistrate Judge William Matthewman(561) 803-3440 West Palm BeachMagistrate Judge Patrick M. Hunt(954) 769-5470 Fort LauderdaleMagistrate Judge Alicia O. Valle(954) 769-5750 Fort LauderdaleMagistrate Judge Shaniek Maynard(772) 467-2320 Fort Pierce

UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGES (cont’d)Magistrate Judge Lauren Fleischer Louis(305) 523-5710 MiamiMagistrate Judge Bruce E. Reinhart(561) 514-3710 West Palm Beach

OFFICE OF THE CLERK OF COURThttp://www.flsd.uscourts.govSteven M. LarimoreCourt Administrator Clerk of Court400 North Miami Avenue, Room 8N09, Miami, Florida 33128-7716 (305) 523-5100301 North Miami Avenue, Room 389, Miami, Florida 33128-7788 (305) 523-5100299 East Broward Boulevard, Room 108, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33301 (954) 769-5400701 Clematis Street, Room 202, West Palm Beach, Florida 33401 (561) 803-3400101 South U.S. Highway 1, Fort Pierce, Florida 34950 (772) 467-2300301 Simonton Street, Room 130, Key West, Florida 33040 (305) 295-8100AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES - CLERK’S OFFICESMiami (305) 588-8662Fort Lauderdale (561) 606-9376West Palm Beach (561) 606-9376UNITED STATES ATTORNEYAriana Fajardo OrshanMiami (305) 961-9000Fort Lauderdale (954) 356-7255West Palm Beach (561) 820-8711Fort Pierce (772) 466-0899Key West (305) 294-7070UNITED STATES MARSHALGadyaces SerraltaMiami (786) 433-6340Fort Lauderdale (954) 356-7256West Palm Beach (561) 655-1827Fort Pierce (772) 293-0650Key West (305) 295-8152FEDERAL PUBLIC DEFENDERMichael CarusoMiami (305) 536-6900/(305) 530-7000Fort Lauderdale (954) 356-7436West Palm Beach (561) 833-6288Fort Pierce (772) 489-2123Key West (305) 296-9265 (unstaffed)

Table of RulesGENERAL RULES . 12INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT .12RULE 1.1 SCOPE OF THE LOCAL RULES .12RULE 3.1 DOCKETING AND TRIAL .12RULE 3.3 CIVIL COVER SHEET .13RULE 3.8 NOTICE OF TRANSFER OF REFILED AND SIMILAR ACTIONS AND PROCEDURES .13RULE 5.1 FILING AND COPIES.14(a) Form of Conventionally Filed Documents .14(b) Service and Filing of Documents Via CM/ECF .15(c) Restriction on Courtesy Copies .15(d) Notices of Filing; Form and Content.15(e) Consent to Service .15RULE 5.2 PROOF OF SERVICE AND SERVICE BY PUBLICATION.16(a) Certification of Service .16(b) Multiple Copies Unnecessary .16(c) Publication.16RULE 5.3 FILES AND EXHIBITS .16(a) Removal of Original Papers .16(b) Exhibits .16(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)Delivery to and Retention by Clerk. 16Mandatory Electronic Filing . 17Exemptions from Mandatory Electronic Filing . 17Certification of Compliance Requirement . 18Attorney Responsibility and Failure to Comply . 18Dismissals, Acquittals, and Voluntary Dismissals . 18(c) Removal of Exhibits .18RULE 5.4 FILINGS UNDER SEAL; DISPOSAL OF SEALED MATERIALS .19(a) General Policy .19(b) Procedure for Filing Under Seal in Civil Cases .19(c) Procedure for Filing Under Seal in Criminal Cases .20(d) Procedure for Filing Ex Parte.20(e) Court Ruling .20RULE 7.1 MOTIONS, GENERAL .21(a) Filing .21(b) Hearings .22(c) Memorandum of Law .23(d) Emergency Motions and Expedited Motions .24(e) Applications Previously Refused.25RULE 7.2 MOTIONS PENDING ON REMOVAL OR TRANSFER TO THIS COURT .25RULE 7.3 ATTORNEYS FEES AND COSTS .25(a) Motions for Attorneys’ Fees and/or Non-Taxable Expenses and Costs .25(b) Good Faith Effort to Resolve Issues by Agreement .27(c) Bill of Costs .27RULE 7.6 CONTINUANCES OF TRIALS AND HEARINGS .27RULE 7.7 CORRESPONDENCE TO THE COURT .28RULE 11.1 ATTORNEYS .28(a) Roll of Attorneys .28(b) Contempt of Court .28(c) Professional Conduct .28(d) Appearance by Attorney .28

(e) Relations with Jury .29(f) Relation to Other Rules .29(g) Responsibility to Maintain Current Contact Information .30RULE 15.1 FORM OF A MOTION TO AMEND AND ITS SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION.30RULE 16.1 PRETRIAL PROCEDURE IN CIVIL ACTIONS .30(a) Differentiated Case Management in Civil Actions .30(b) Scheduling Conference and Order.31(c) Pretrial Conference Mandatory .33(d) Pretrial Disclosures and Meeting of Counsel .33(e) Pretrial Stipulation Must Be Filed .34(f) Unilateral Filing of Pretrial Stipulation Where Counsel Do Not Agree.35(g) Record of Pretrial Conference Is Part of Trial Record .35(h) Discovery Proceedings .35(i) Newly Discovered Evidence or Witnesses .36(j) Memoranda of Law.36(k) Proposed Jury Instructions or Proposed Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law .36(l) Penalty for Failure to Comply .36RULE 16.2 COURT ANNEXED MEDIATION .36(a) General Provisions .36(b) Certification; Qualification of Certified Mediators; Compensation of Mediators .37(c) Types of Cases Subject to Mediation .38(d) Procedures to Refer a Case or Claim to Mediation .39(e) Party Attendance Required .40(f) Mediation Report; Notice of Settlement; Judgment .40(g) Trial upon Failure to Settle.40RULE 16.3 CALENDAR CONFLICTS.41RULE 16.4 NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT .41RULE 23.1 CLASS ACTIONS .41RULE 24.1 CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE TO ACT OF CONGRESS OR STATE STATUTE .42(a) Act of Congress .42(b) State Statute .43(c) No Waiver .43RULE 26.1 DISCOVERY AND DISCOVERY MATERIAL (CIVIL).43(a) Generally .43(b) Service and Filing of Discovery Material .43(c) Discovery Material to Be Filed at Outset of Trial or at Filing of Pre-trial or Post-trial Motions .43(d) Completion of Discovery .43(e) Interrogatories and Production Requests .44(f) Invocation of Privilege during Depositions .46(g) Discovery Motions.46(h) Reasonable Notice of Taking Depositions .47(i) Subpoenas; Cooperation .47RULE 47.1 TAXATION OF COSTS FOR UNDUE INCONVENIENCE TO JURIES .48RULE 56.1 MOTIONS FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT.48(a) Statement of Material Facts .48(b) Effect of Failure to Controvert Statement of Undisputed Facts .48RULE 62.1 APPEAL BONDS OR OTHER SECURITY .49RULE 67.1 COURT REGISTRY AND WRITS OF GARNISHMENT .49RULE 77.1 PHOTOGRAPHING, BROADCASTING, TELEVISING .50RULE 77.2 RELEASE OF INFORMATION IN CRIMINAL AND CIVIL PROCEEDINGS .51RULE 87.1 AUTHORITY OF BANKRUPTCY JUDGES TO MAKE LOCAL RULES .53RULE 87.2 REFERENCE OF BANKRUPTCY MATTERS .53

RULE 87.3 MOTIONS FOR WITHDRAWAL OF REFERENCE OF CASE OR PROCEEDING FROM THE BANKRUPTCYCOURT .54RULE 87.4 BANKRUPTCY APPEALS .54(a) Assignment .54(b) Docketing of Notice of Appeal in District Court .54(c) Limited Authority of Bankruptcy Court to Enter Orders Prior to Transmittal of Record to District Court .54(d) Motions for Stay and Other Intermediate Requests for Relief .55(e) Motions for Leave to Appeal .55(f) Briefs .55(g) Oral Argument .55(h) Judgment .56(i) Appeal .56(j) Notice .56(k) Court Discretion .56(l) Sealed Documents.56RULE 87.5 DESIGNATION OF BANKRUPTCY JUDGES TO CONDUCT JURY TRIALS .56RULE 88.1 APPOINTMENT OF COUNSEL FOR INDIGENT DEFENDANTS IN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS .57RULE 88.2. POST CONVICTION, HABEAS CORPUS, AND CIVIL RIGHTS PROCEEDINGS .57RULE 88.3. PETTY AND CERTAIN MISDEMEANOR OFFENSES.58(a) Covered Offenses .58(b) Collateral and Mandatory Appearance .58(c) Forfeiture of Collateral .58(d) Failure to Post Collateral.58(e) Arrest .59RULE 88.5 SPEEDY TRIAL REPORTS .59RULE 88.7 RETAINED CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS .60RULE 88.8 PRESENTENCE INVESTIGATIONS .61RULE 88.9 MOTIONS IN CRIMINAL CASES.62RULE 88.10 CRIMINAL DISCOVERY .62RULE 88.11 AFTER HOURS CRIMINAL DUTY PROCEDURES .65TABLE OF REPEALED AND RELOCATED LOCAL RULES . 66ADMIRALTY AND MARITIME RULES . 68RULE A. GENERAL PROVISIONS .68(1) Scope of the Local Admiralty and Maritime Rules .68(2) Citation Format .68(3) Application of Local Admiralty and Maritime Rules.68(4) Designation of “In Admiralty” Proceedings .68(5) Verification of Pleadings, Claims and Answers to Interrogatories .68(6) Issuance of Process .68(7) Publication of Notices .69(8) Form and Return of Process in In Personam Actions .69(9) Judicial Officer Defined .69(10) Forms .69RULE B. ATTACHMENT AND GARNISHMENT: SPECIAL PROVISIONS .71(1) Definition of “Not Found Within the District.” .71(2) Verification of Complaint Required .71(3) Pre-seizure Requirements .71(4) Notification of Seizure to Defendant.72(5) Post-attachment Review Proceedings .72(6) Procedural Requirement for the Entry of Default .73(7) Procedural Requirements for the Entry of Default Judgment .73

RULE C. ACTION IN REM .75(1)Verification Requirements .75(2) Pre-seizure Requirements .75(3) Special Requirements for Actions Involving Freight, Proceeds and/or Intangible Property.76(4) Publishing Notice of the Arrest as Required by Supplemental Rule C(4) .77(5) Undertaking in Lieu of Arrest .77(6) Time for Filing Claim or Answer .77(7) Post-arrest Proceedings .77(8) Procedural Requirements Prior to the Entry of Default .77(9) Procedural Requirements for the Entry of Default Judgment .78RULE D. POSSESSORY, PETITORY, AND PARTITION ACTIONS .81(1) Establishing Dates for the Return of Process .81RULE E. ACTIONS IN REM AND QUASI IN REM: GENERAL PROVISIONS .81(1) Statement of Itemized Damages and Expenses Required .81(2) Requirements and Procedures for Effecting Intervention .81(3) Special Requirements for Salvage Actions .83(4) Form of Stipulation or Bonds .83(5) Deposit of Marshal’s Fees and Expenses Required Prior to Effecting Arrest, Attachment and/orGarnishment.83(6) Property in Possession of a United States Officer .85(7) Process Held in Abeyance .85(8) Release of Property in Accordance With Supplemental Rule E(5).86(9) Application to Modify Security for Value and Interest .87(10) Custody and Safekeeping .87(11) Preservation, Humanitarian and Repatriation Expenses .89

United States District Court . for the . Southern District of Florida . Revised December 3, 2018. UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGES . Chief Judge K. Michael Moore (305) 523-5160 Miami . Judge Federico A. Moreno (305) 523-5110 Miami . Judge Ursula Ungaro (305) 523-5550 Miami . File Size: 1MB