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DERs in the New Energy Economy PanelistsPeter Kelly-DetwilerNorthbridge PartnersTony JohnsonBob ManningRick KornfeldSo. Cal EdisonUI: An Avangrid CompanyKitu Systems, Inc.ModeratorModeratorRoss MalmeJoseph E. ChildsBowen Capital AdvisorsEaton

DERs and the New Energy EconomyPeter Kelly-DetwilerFounder

FERC Order 2222New Energy Networks are foundation to enable FERC 2222 throughout North America Recent Federal Energy Regulatory Commissionrule issued allowing DERs to participate inwholesale markets Each wholesale market operator must revisetariffs to allow DER participation Each State and/or utility must determine DERgrid interconnection rules DER interconnection rules must allow for DERshared control, utility situational awareness,topology and primacy“Order No. 2222 will help usher in theelectric grid of the future and promotecompetition in electric markets byremoving the barriers preventingdistributed energy resources (DERs) fromcompeting on a level playing field in theorganized capacity, energy, and ancillaryservices markets run by regional gridoperators.”

SCE's Next-Generation GridManagement SystemAnthony JohnsonConsulting Engineer

DERMS Integration with ADMSFrom draft IEEE 2030.11 Guide to DERMS

DERMS Functional ArchitectureRegistrationGroupingCapabilityDER device c groupingVizualizationHistorianDER/DERMS zationEstimation/forecastingDERMS operation/controlFrom draft IEEE 2030.11 Guide to DERMS7

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DERs and the New Energy EconomyOptimizEV & FICS REV Demonstration ProjectsBob ManningProgram Director,PresentersSmart Grids InnovationDate and Timeand Planning

What is OptimizEV? Charging pilot that uses an algorithm and incentives to flatten the residential EV load OptimizEV aims to answer the following questions:1. Are EV owners willing to delay the time required to charge their EV if they areoffered a discount for that delay?2. Can the utility increase network efficiency through direct load control of EVs?3. Will utility-based EV coordinated charging optimize cost to serve in the face ofincreased EV adoption?

How Does OptimizEV Work? 35 networked residential chargers with cellular connection Web-based UI on smartphone – set desired charge, time flexibility and view discount Scheduling algorithm - reduces power (kW), redistributes kWh, and replaces TOU ratesby avoiding nighttime peak:Uncoordinated ChargingCoordinated Chargingwith OptimizEV

Active Network ManagementTwo FICS control schemes are in the process of being deployed:Robinson PVSpencerport PVo 2 MWo 15 MW (3 sites @ 5 MW each)o Mason’s Corner 451o Substation 113o Constraint: Voltageo Constraint: Substation Transformer Bank Thermal Rating– 16.8 MVA

Contact InfoBob [email protected]

DERs and the New Energy EconomyThe “New Energy Network”Rick KornfeldCEO

Distributed Energy Resources Are Triggering aFundamental Shift in the Electricity GridMacro DriversDecarbonizationClean electricity programs are proliferatingacross states, cities & utilitiesDecentralizationBy 2025, Distributed Energy Resources willaccount for up to 400 GW of capacity in the U.S.DigitizationNew technologies in automation, analytics,AI and more are being added to the gridSources: 1 - Wood Mackenzie, 2 - Brattle GroupMarket GrowthNon-ResidentialInstallations28 GW94 GWResidentialInstallationsDER Installations Between 2016 and2025 will Total 122 GW of Capacity20M1.5MEstimated ElectricVehicles in the U.S. in2020 and 2030Essential Infrastructure forNew Energy NetworksUtilities, service providers, EVs and device manufacturers require aconsistent, secure way to integrate DERs and ensure data flows &transactions between market participants15

New Energy Networks Are EmergingNew Energy Networks are fundamental to enable the transformation of the electricity grid.Qualities of New Energy Networks include:IntelligentResilientSmart meter data helps improvedistribution system operationsIncreased energy storage optionsallow for uninterrupted power flowNew computing capabilitiesprocess data in real-time toprovide actionable grid insightsMicrogrids integrated to the grid oroperating independently providesresilienceAdaptiveDERs able to provide systemwide load reduction andvoltage regulationAutomatically reactive toenvironment changesEfficientSeamless integration of newvariable energy resourcesUnified interaction betweenall types of energy gridassetsScalableMillions of BTM devices ableto integrate with the grid16

Building a Service-Based EcosystemDelivery of cloud based closedloop automationExpand from Monitoring &Analytics to Integrated Control Data Center Renewable Industrial3rd Party Operators& Networks BESSMgmtTelematicsDRUtilitiesOpenADR New EnergyNetwork CloudRule21DERMSIEEE 2030.5Closed loop automationConnect to all relevant ontrolOrchestrationPrimacyEV MgmtAggregationCloud native control andautomation applicationsLoad ManagementDistributed GenerationFault Detection andOutage ManagementSubstation MonitoringConservation VoltageReductionIEEE 2030.5OpenADROCPPData from anydeviceMicrogridsEV/Solar networksSmart DevicesFuel CellsBatteriesSolar/InverterEV Charging StationGeneratorsEV chargingThermostatHeaterConnect to more devices17

DERs in the New Energy Economy

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Appendix A: Acronym ListAcronymDefinitionADMSAdvanced Distribution Management SystemAPIApplication Programming InterfaceCAISOCalifornia Independent System OperatorCPUCCalifornia Public Utilities CommissionCSPCommunication Service ProviderDERDistributed Energy ResourcesDERMSDistributed Energy Resources Management SystemDMSDistribution Management SystemDNPDistributed Network ProtocolDRPEPDistribution Resources Plan External PortalDxDistribution SCADAEMSEnergy Management SystemFANField Area NetworkFLISRFault Line Location Service & Restoration22

Appendix A: Acronym List (continued)AcronymDefinitionGAAGate All AroundGIPTGrid Interconnection Processing ToolGMSGrid Management SystemHMIHuman Machine InterfacesIEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronic EngineersMPLSMultiprotocol Label SwitchingOMSOutage Management SystemPVPhotovoltaicRFIRemote Fault IndicatorRISRemote IntelligenceSASystem AdministratorSCADASupervisory Control and Data AcquisitionTxTransmission SCADAULUnderwriters Laboratories23

Peter Kelly-Detwiler has 30 years of experience in the electricenergy arena. He writes for and other publicationson topics related to disruptive innovation and its impact on theelectricity infrastructure. He provides strategic advice to clientsand investors, helping them to navigate this transitional period.Peter Kelly-DetwilerNorthbridge [email protected]. Kelly-Detwiler has spent much of his career in various areasof competitive power markets. As Senior Vice President atConstellation Energy, he oversaw creation of VirtuWatt – amarket leading platform to facilitate real-time awareness ofelectricity pricing and consumption and bidding of assets intocompetitive markets. He is currently writing a book on the globaltransformation of electric power markets.

Bob Manning is a Smart Grids Innovation & Planning ProgramDirector at AVANGRID and has been with the company formore than 30 years. Throughout his career, he has heldvarious positions in the areas of grid modernization,Distributed Generation, operations, planning and reliability.Bob ManningUI: An Avangrid [email protected]. Manning is a member of IEEE and is a registeredProfessional Engineer in the State of CT. He received his B. in Electrical Engineering from Worcester PolytechnicInstitute, Worcester, MA and an MBA degree from theUniversity of New Haven, New Haven, CT.

Anthony P. Johnson, P.E.So. Cal [email protected] Johnson is a Consulting Engineer in the Asset Management,Strategy, and Engineering Group in the Transmission and DistributionBusiness Unit of Southern California Edison Company (SCE). He hasbeen working at SCE for more than 29 years and is currently leading thedevelopment and implementation of SCE’s next-generation GridManagement System. He also provides technical expertise for thedevelopment of advanced technologies across the company. He haspreviously held positions as a responsible engineer, area engineer, testtechnician supervisor, and as a project manager. He is also an activeparticipant in IEEE Power System Relaying Committee and the PowerSystem Communications and Cybersecurity Committee.Mr. Johnson received his Engineering degree in Electrical Engineeringfrom Montana State University in 1986, and MS in electrical engineeringfrom Montana State University in 1988. Mr. Johnson is a SeniorMember of IEEE, and registered professional electrical engineer in theState of California.

Rick Kornfeld has worked for some of the Southern California’s most notable techcompanies, including M/A-Com Linkabit, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. Currentlyhe served as President and CEO of Kitu Systems.Rick KornfeldPresident & CEOKitu Systems, [email protected], Mr. Kornfeld was vice president and general manager of TexasInstruments’ Wireless Chipset Business Unit where he managed a 750MM business.He joined TI through their 475MM acquisition of Dot Wireless, where he was cofounder, chairman, and CEO. Prior to founding Dot Wireless, he was a foundingmember of NextWave Telecom, Inc. where he was the senior vice president andgeneral manager of the Consumer Products division. Previously, Mr. Kornfeld was vicepresident of engineering at Qualcomm, where he led the development of the world’sfirst commercial CDMA-based cellular phones. Prior to joining Qualcomm, Rick heldtechnical positions at M/A-Com Linkabit focusing on RF Systems for commercial andgovernment customers.Mr. Kornfeld holds a B.S. from the University of California, San Diego where he wasalso named the Alumni of the Year in 2001. He continues his affiliation with UCSD byserving on the Engineering School’s Council of Advisors. He also serves on thenational board of AIPAC and is involved in numerous philanthropic actives. He hadserved as the vice Chairman of San Diego’s Telecom Council, CommNexus, and wasthe founding Chair of San Diego’s incubator EvoNexus.

Ross Malme is Senior Advisor with Bowen Advisors, a Boston based investment bankingfirm where he co-manages the Energy Technology Practice. Previously he was a Partnerwith Skipping Stone, an energy consulting company, where he led the Skipping StoneSmart Grid and international practice focusing on exports of US Smart Grid technologyprimarily though U.S. Trade and Development Agency, United Nations and work bankingRoss Malmeorganizations. He has served on the Advisory Committee to the Secretary of the USBowen Capital Advisors Department of Commerce on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, as well [email protected] Executive Committee of the Retail Gas Quadrant of the National Energy StandardsBoard.Previously, Mr. Malme was Director of Schneider Electric's Demand Response ResourceCenter and prior to that, he was the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer ofRETX Energy Services Inc., a leading provider of application services and technology tothe restructuring energy industry which was sold to Schneider Electric in 2008.Additionally, he is the past Chair of the Peak Load Management Alliance (PLMA), 2001through 2005.Mr. Malme is also the inventor of the first commercially successful wireless automaticmeter reading (AMR) technology which was sold to Itron and became the utility industrystandard for over two decades.

Joseph E. ChildsSenior Manager, DR Strategy & Business RelationsJoseph E. [email protected]. Childs’ primary responsibility at Eaton is to ensure that itssolutions meet utility requirements and provide maximum lifecycleROI. He has worked the last 35 years on the design, development,delivery, training, and operation of utility control systems as asupplier and user. He worked at Western Area Power Administration’sLoveland Office as Manager of Software for the SCADA/EMS and wasthe Technical Manager for the Replacement of BPA’s RODS andSCADA systems.Mr. Childs began work in DR in 1999. He joined Eaton in 2002 and hasprovided leadership roles in the organization with variousresponsibilities since that time. He holds a B.S. in Computer Scienceand an M.S. in Bioclimatology from Colorado State University. He hasbeen awarded two patents in the fields of DR and EE. In addition, Mr.Childs is the Secretary of PLMA.

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