2022WISCONSIN NORDIC SKI LEAGUEDISTANCE CHAMPIONSHIPSHigh School and Middle SchoolState Distance ChampionshipsFebruary 12 – 13, 2022 Cable, WIWISCONSINXCSKI.ORG


WELCOMESkiers, coaches and families,Welcome to the 2022 Wisconsin Nordic Ski LeagueState Championship. The league is excited to be ableto host a competition showcasing the greatest middleand high school skiers from around the state aswell as providing opportunities for those developingathletes to experience the support and camaraderieof the skiing community.It has again been a challenging year with Covid andvaried weather, however you have all shown thatthrough hard work, careful planning, and continueddedication to the sport, that the season couldcontinue on in a safe and successful way. Job welldone!Good luck as you test yourself this weekend andstrive to reach your goals after a season of hard work.Best of Luck,Ben PoppPresident, WNSLWNSL MISSIONLEAGUE OFFICERSDevelopment & Promotionof Nordic SkiingOpportunities for WisconsinYouth & Junior Skiers.Ben Popp – PresidentAndrew Johnson – Vice PresidentJasmine Wiley – SecretaryTamara Bryant – Treasurer2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS3

SCHEDULE OF EVENTSWeather conditions may dictate schedule changes.Wednesday, February 9 7:30 pm – Coaches Meeting via ZoomFriday, February 11Location: Birkie Start Area Noon – 4:30 PM – Course opens for raceinspection and practice 2:00 - 4:30 pm – Bib Pickup(Near Great Hall at the Birkie Start Area)Saturday, February 12Location: Birkie Start Area 8:30 AM – Course Open for Warm-up9:00 AM – Late Bib Pick-up Open10:45 AM – Course Closes11:00 AM – HS Boys Classic Race12:00 AM – HS Girls Classic Race1:15 AM – Course Open1:15 PM – High School Awards(outside in front of Great Hall)1:45 PM – MS Boys Classic Race2:30 PM – MS Girls Classic Race3:30 PM – Middle School Awards(outside in front of Great Hall)3:30 PM – Course Open (closes at 5PM)Races on Saturday will use an interval start with one skier released every 15seconds for both High School and Middle School races.Sunday, February 13Location: Birkie Start Area 7:30 AM – Course Opens for Warm-up9:45 AM – Course Closes10:00 AM – MS Boys Freestyle11:00 AM – MS Girls Freestyle11:45 AM – Course Open12:00 PM – Middle School Awards12:30 PM – HS Boys Freestyle1:30 PM – HS Girls Freestyle2:30 PM – High School AwardsRaces on Sunday will use a pursuit start using the finish order and times fromSaturday to determine the start order and time.2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS4

2022 WNSL State ChampionshipPredictionsKen SchovilleOne more revolution around the sun and we’re back to square one in the prediction game, oris it the predicament game? Either way, in reviewing last year’s bets, errors were made. I knewthat already because I’ve had some personal confrontations, snide comments about reliability,Previgen ads popping up, snickers in parking lots and Facebook memes that are of a denigratingnature. Luckily no major sums of cash exchanged hands. A slight wound in a changing game thatis behind us now and a fresh year brings a fresh outlook. Let’s get into it.Last year Lakeland’s Casey VanHefty emerged the champion in a spring fling, klister filled, sweatyslugfest. As a sophomore, he put it to the upperclassmen and now, with a year of training andmaturity, has the driver’s seat. Close back teammate Jakob Craig has put some injuries aside andtrades hammer and nail positions in tight races all season. As a team they’ve pulled their numberthree skier, Leo Rotar, closer to the front of the pack and he has responded well to the tutoring.Down south, Peak is leading the charge with strong skiing from Kaden Hacker, Noah Straka,Gaven Chow, and Ben Dohlby, and more, like youngster Easton Tolbert. With a large squad thereturning team champions look in shape and with an in charge attitude to get it done again.The Iola Winter Sports Club boys are young, but getting faster and with senior Owen Williamsleading the way they aim to up last year’s second place with one big leap up and onto the topstep of the podium. It could happen as Charlie Vater, Huba Bodor-Gosztony, and Bode Ericksonbattle for the two and three spots on the team.Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team, as always, has contenders. Joe Stumpf, Noah Jahnke, BenBuchmann, and Jonathon Hanson are well coached and want to improve on their 2021 thirdplace. They’ll come loaded for bear.Young, but improving and very viable to move up are teams from Chippewa Valley Nordic andBay Nordic, some boys ready to make their Nordic stamp on the world.So for the boy’s individual, barring unforeseen circumstances, I see Casey VanHefty retaining hiscrown. A classic start on Saturday gives a slight nod to his teammate, Jakob Craig, but dependingon the time gap for Sunday’s skate pursuit, Casey pulls it off. Unless Kaden Hacker,and Noah2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS5

Straka, Peak, catch fire and some good skis, with Joe Stumpf, ANST, being in the mix as well asIola’s Owen Williams.Of course Blackhawk’s Dietrich Mattison and Alex Zavadoski, Wausau United, have shownglimmers of speed and durability and could upset the pecking order.Speaking of good skis, it should be noted that the Wisconsin High School Nordic Ski Leaguehas entered into a three year contractual commitment with the ski wax company, Swix. Thecoaches voted to use only non flouro Swix product for glide zones at both the conference andstate meets. This move has leveled, somewhat, the wax part of the playing field. As manywill note, it still leaves open the doors of ski flex selection, structure, application, experiencewith the products, and kick wax options; plenty of variables there. While the international skiorganization, FIS, struggles to find a way to test and ensure compliance with non flourinatedproducts Wisconsin high school skiing has taken steps to improve the environment and safety ofwaxers. Seems positive and here’s to hoping the spirit of fair and friendly competition continuesall the way up the line.Team wise, it’s going to be tough to beat Peak. They have the numbers near the top that allowsfor an off day here and there; backup. Lakeland has the elements to give them a run for theirmoney, minus depth. They’ll need a solid two days from the three amigos to unseat the reigningchampions. ANST and Iola will duke it out for third unless they’re both holding back for the bigweekend upset.On the girls’ side two names appear repeatedly at the top of the results; Fran Peterson, CVNand Ashley Grossklaus, Peak. At the Hodag Challenge Pursuit, early January, Peterson tookthe weekend. At the CXC Cup, Houghton, end of the month, Grossklaus for the freestyle day,Peterson the classic. Add in Greta Hansen, ANST, who split the couple in the classic and you havethe proverbial flipping of the coin.But wait, there’s more! Grace Kern, Lakeland, and Anne Straka, Peak, both want their day inthe sun and Blackhawk’s Sophie Stevenson has been making her young self known. Outliersfactoring into team scoring and placement include Madyson Rosenberger, CVN, and JosephineKwazny, Iola, along with Lauren Carlton, ANST, and Eleanor Bennett, Wausau. Sylvia Meza andKiera Rotar, Lakeland, could also make a dent. All worthy competitors and certainly among thetop ten, their weekend results being decided by the final factors of fitness, ski skills, and mentaltenacity.The team scoring for girls looks pretty straightforward. Lakeland won at the Hodag, secondlargest meet in the state, they have to be considered the front runners. Typically led by GraceKern, she has strong support with senior Kiera Rotar and the Meza girls, Sylvia and Stella.They’ve all had days where they look like team leaders, not afraid to pull to the front, and that2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS6

intra team rivalry builds speed, a good thing and helpful for championship peaking, even atconference, where they swept.However, several teams will keep Lakeland from a free ride in. Peak was a mere two points backat Hodag, they’ll be looking for revenge and they have a pack of girls to put the big hurt on. Did Imention that CVN was another point back with Fran Peterson and friends also needing to feel thelove of a top podium spot?OK, maybe not the straight line, clear cut predictions that I started with but it’s going to be adog fight, cat fight, raining cats and dogs, or any other mixed metaphors conglomeration youwant to apply when skiers gather for the February 12-13, 41st running of the Wisconsin HighSchool Nordic Championship at the “Mount Telemark Villages”, Cable, WI, formerly known as theBirkie Start. It should take me another 41 years to get that straight, but given my social media/influencer status, that’s just fine.Course/Venue InformationPLEASE BE SURE TO ACCESS THE VENUE VIA TELEMARK RD AND NOT MCNAUGHTThe 2022 state meet courses start in the Birkie Stadium. Skiers for both days, Middle School and HighSchool, will enter the course by walking past the Timing/Warming Hut and proceed through to thestart area or tracks headed south towards the Birkie Skate Trail. The race course proceeds from thestart up to the left hand turn onto Snowmaker, climbs onto the old Korteloppet trail which climbs upto “The Rock” at 1 kilometer.Skiers then take a sharp right hand turn and descend on the Birkie Classic trail, reverse of normalflow, and then left onto the Birkie Skate trail. This continues past the 2k mark until it meets with thesection of the World Cup Trail that we’ve previously skied in the opposite direction. A hard left at thatpoint takes you 600 meters back to “The Rock” and just past the 3k marker.A right hand turn at The Rock takes you onto the Birkie Classic Trail, reverse direction from whatwe’ve skied past years. This continues back to the Birkie Skate Trail for a very brief section before another left hand turn feeds skiers onto The Birkie Roller at around the 4K mark.This trail will essentially lead us past 5 and 6 kilometers coming into the final downhill and approach2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS7

to the stadium and finish, 6.50 kilometers. Skiers will enter the stadium by going over the tunnel, aswooping right hand turn, and another gentle left hand turn to lead them on to the finish straightaway as we have in the past.Warmups will be conducted on the Birkie Skate Trail behind the finish area and extend to where theBirkie Classic and Skate trails separate. Also groomed and open for testing and warmups will be thetrails to the east of the Great Hall, climbing up to Telemark Condo Rd.Middle School Course DescriptionThe Middle School course and high school course are the same up to “The Rock”. At that point MS willturn left for a short way and then a right for about 400m to the high point on the course for them. Asharp left will take them onto the Birkie Roller, part of the high school course where they will ski forthe remainder of their course entering the finish stadium as the high school course described for 3ktotal.VENUE MAPWisconsin Nordic Ski LeagueChampionshipsMount Telemark Village Cable, WIUp NorthWaxingAreaSpectaator AreeRac eicO ffWarm Up &Wax TestWarm Up &Wax TestSpectatorAreaVenue ZonesParkingWaxing AreaWarm up & Wax TestingRace CourseSki Trails2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS8Driving Route -ONE WAY

COURSE MAP2 km3 km1 km1 km5 km2 km6 km3 kmRace CourseMiddle School 3 .1 kmHigh School 6.5 kmLength 3162 mHD 43 mMC 20 mTC 95 m 6564 m 46 m 18 m 184 m9Wisconsin Nordic Ski League ChampionshipsMt Telemark Village, Cable WIFebruary 12-13, 20224 kmUpNorthLengthHDMCTC2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS

2022 Coach of the YearTed TheyerlTed Theyerl's extraordinary legacy in the Wisconsin skicommunity will continue to impact skiers, coaches, andparents for years to come.First and foremost, Ted, along with the help of a smallhandful of dedicated parents, started Chippewa ValleyNordic (CVN), one of the newer ski clubs in Wisconsin. CVNattended races around the state with 4 skiers in its firstyear (2007). Due to Ted's dedication over the course of 15years, CVN has grown tremendously. Today, CVN has 58 (!)registered skiers.In addition to his contributions with CVN, Ted has alsovolunteered on the board of the local club - the Eau ClaireSki Striders - and has played a major role in countlessprojects including building the ski chalet at Tower Ridge,and growing the clubs' youth ski program 'Kick'n Kids',which now has over 200 skiers registered.Ted also served as WNSL President for a very important term, and currently serves as the leaderof the US Club Skiing Association in the midwest, where he has worked tirelessly to promotecollegiate ski racing opportunities in the wake of many schools dropping their NCAA ski teams.While Ted's accomplishments are impressive, anyone who knows Ted will agree that he is simplyone of the kindest humans you will meet. He seemingly knows everybody, and will take the timeto shake hands and shoot the breeze with other coaches, parents, old skiing buddies, and alumni.His kindness has had a profound contribution on our ski community, and his influence shines onrace days when competing coaches cheer for each other's teams, share wax tips, and celebrateeach other's successes. For these reasons and many more, we are incredibly grateful to Ted for hisservice over the years, and are proud to name him the 2022 WNSL Hall of Fame Coach of the Year.WNSL COACHES' HALL OF FAME:WISCONSINXCSKI.ORG/ABOUT/HALL-OF-FAME/2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS10

NORTHERNCONFERENCE TEAMS4-H CANSKI Middle SchoolHigh School CANSKI4591 Sports DevelopmentChippewa Valley Nordic Ski TeamHayward Hurricanes Nordic Ski TeamLakeland Nordic Ski TeamSpooner Nordic Ski TeamDrummond Nordic Ski TeamRhinelander High School NordicBlue Collar Nordic2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS11

4-H CANSKI MIDDLE SCHOOLRoland Weispfenning, Owen Markin, Will Vasser, Axel Swan, Neve O'Laughlin, Nola Tulowitzky, Annabelle Fischbach and Linnea FischbaABOUTThe mission of 4H-CANSKI is to promote fun, fitness, safety and excellence in the lifelongsport of cross country skiing. 4H-CANSKI provides ongoing instruction, social opportunities and leadership development for skiers of all levels. We will emphasize technique,conditioning, safety and provide leadership opportunities all in a fun filled atmosphere inthe great outdoors.COACHESIan [email protected] [email protected] WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS12

HIGH SCHOOL CANSKI(CHEQUAMEGON AREA NORDIC SKI)Left to right: Coach Beth Reed, Sean Meeker, Victor Hart, Colin Hinson, Stasz Kuszuba, Coach Levi Illick.ABOUTThe mission of 4H-CANSKI is to promote fun, fitness, safety and excellence in the lifelongsport of cross country skiing. 4H-CANSKI provides ongoing instruction, social opportunities and leadership development for skiers of all levels. We will emphasize technique,conditioning, safety and provide leadership opportunities all in a fun filled atmosphere inthe great outdoors.COACHESBeth ReedAshland High [email protected](715)-371-0812Levi IllickBayfield High School2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS13

4591 SPORTS DEVELOPMENTABOUT4591 Sports Development, a 501c3, was established in the fall of 2016 as a SportsDevelopment Club for the Greater Barron County Area. 4591 Sports Developmentconsists of a Board of Directors overseeing Nordic, TRAIL KIDS, Jumping and other sports.The shared board assists in fundraising, promotion and organizational activities. Themission of 4591 Sports Development is to combine resources to allow for athletes fromdifferent sports to work and train together.4591 Nordic offers skiing options for development, regional and state (WNSL) racing toJunior National Qualifiers (JNQ’s). Programming is available for athletes in 5th through12th grades. Beginning in the 2017/18 Season 4591 Nordic will begin competing as aTeam. The Team will utilize the Barron Area Nordic Trails (BANTA) for training along withother trail systems within Barron County.2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS14

CHIPPEWA VALLEY NORDIC SKI TEAMABOUTChippewa Valley Nordic Ski Team (CVN) is a Cross Country ski club for middle and high school students from theChippewa Valley / Eau Claire area interested in cross country ski racing as part of a competitive team. CVN is a clubprogram, self-governed and funded, and while not associated with any area school, we welcome skiers from any areaschools that can practice with our team.The team evolved from the youth Kickin’ Kids Learn to Ski program held Mondays during the winter at Tower Ridge skiarea since the early 1990’s. The primary age group for the Kickin’ Kids youth program is ages 5-12, with over 140 participating skiers. CVN started back in about 2006 to provide an organized option for skiers older then the Kickin’ Kidsprogram, and has gradually grown ever since to about 40 HS and MS skiers. A unique aspect of CVN is that we have anumber of Eau Claire Flying Eagle ski jumpers on our team that practice and race with us to prepare for Nordic Combined competitions. We are a charter group connected to the Eau Claire Ski Striders, a local cross country ski club.CVN provides volunteer coaching support at practices and races, some race waxing support as well as supplementingrace registration fees for the skiers.Mission Statement: to provide an opportunity for middle and high school age students to learn, train, compete, andhave fun cross country skiing. The focus is on improving technique and training for competition in the Wisconsin Nordic Ski League and regional ski races.2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS15

HAYWARD HURRICANESNORDIC SKI TEAMABOUTThe Hayward Hurricanes Nordic Ski Team boasts over 35 years of commitment to Nordicskiing that began as a club team under the guidance of Steve Morales, founder of theNew Moon Bike and Ski Shop. Currently, the Hayward Hurricane Nordic Ski Team is aschool-based high school and middle school Nordic program based within the HaywardCommunity Schools Athletic Department.The high school program is open to all area high school students; although no skiingexperience is necessary, this is a competitive varsity cross-country skiing program. Theteam will travel to snow for early season training, and will travel throughout the Midwestfor competitions, culminating at the Wisconsin State Distance and Sprint Championships.The team will consist of three groups: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and a C-Team. The HaywardMiddle School program is open to all area 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students. No skiing experience is necessary to join. This program offers the opportunity to experience and compete at races. The MS team is divided into three skiing level groups, to better promoteNordic skill development.Mission Statement: to provide a fun, safe, and challenging environment for athletes of allabilities to strive for racing excellence.Team Goals: to develop a passion for the sport of Nordic skiing, to develop fitness in ateam atmosphere, to foster a spirit of pride, unity, and respect, and to promote skiing inour school, community, and state.Hayward Nordic Kids Mission Statement: to promote the sport of cross country skiing byproviding a fun and organized teaching program for all area youth. We encourage children, ages 3-14, to develop skills in cross country skiing in a non-competitive atmosphere.COACHESDarrell MorseHead [email protected] WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS16

LAKELAND NORDIC SKI TEAMMiddle School TeamElementary TeamABOUTHigh School TeamCOACHESThe Lakeland Nordic Ski Team was started in 1980 with the intent of bringingErich Kernhigh school skiers along to citizen races and starting them out in the sport. ItHigh School Head Coachwas aligned with the adult oriented Lakeland Ski Club and traveled to races in thekern [email protected] Wisconsin area. Eventually those young skiers decided to try their skiingat a higher level and began competing in Michigan and Minnesota in the hopes ofChristel Kernmaking the Midwest/Central Junior National Team. Within two years, the team hadMiddle School Head Coachbecome a part of the Lakeland High School and was accepted as a club team, [email protected] supported by the ski club, and in 1982 Lakeland hosted the first ever WisconsinHigh School X-C Race, Saturday, January 10, 1982 at Minocqua Winter Park. The girlsHeather Van Heftywon and the boys placed second on a weather shortened course with -19 at raceSki Team Managerstart and high [email protected] the club continues to operate as a school sponsored club that functions likeHigh School Assistant Coaches:a varsity sport. Schedules are set by the head coach, who is hired and approved byAzael Meza, Stephanie Balas, Jake Vanthe volunteer governing board, grades and customary paperwork are monitoredHeftyby the school, uniforms are paid for through club fund raisers, athletes are excusedfrom school as per other sports, vans for travel and insurance are paid for by theMiddle School Assistant Coaches:district, while entry fees, coaching salaries, wax, and travel expenses are absorbedSara Keuler & Zeke Fashingbauerby the club through a combination of athlete fees and fund raising efforts. The clubhas expanded to include elementary from fourth grade into the Middle School yearsand usually has about 50 members in the three areas with a number of coaches,both paid and volunteer that support at each level. The goals of the team includefriendship, fun, and skiing fast!2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS17

SPOONER NORDIC SKI TEAMABOUTCOACHESKatie EichtenSpooner Middle/High School Ski Team is a club based team with support from the [email protected] District. The team has a variety of programs to accommodate beginners to motivatedathletes wanting to win the state meet Fortunate to have 7 km of ski trails on the school proper-715-416-1846ty, along with a dedicated ski room, daily training is logistically easy with no bus travel or transRandy Larsonport needed. The team is active in helping maintain the trails and often hosts 2-3 ski races [email protected] as part of the league schedule.715-651-4764ROSTERBen [email protected] Snarski12Benjamin Eichten7Lily Paulson 6Andrew Smith9Brody Garrett8Miles Temple6Brooke Asleson9Charles Smith7Natalie Eichten4Garret LaRue10Clare Paulson8Nathan Whitmore8Megan PoppGrant Popp 10Daniel Rongner8Oliver [email protected] ThornleyDavid Solveson8Rachel Morlock8715-558-8355Luke Popp 10Emmett Smith5Rees Whitmore6Peter Hampe9Jaeden Asleson6Reid Hagen 7Severin Undem10Joe Eichten 6Simon HedlundAnnalie Lindgren7Johnny UndemTheo Kohl 7Archer Schultz8Kurt Riedell 6Trenton GullicksonArianna Frederickson6Liam Russell 6Zander Walt 8962022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS1886715-558-3091

DRUMMOND NORDIC SKI TEAMLily Arvidson, Devan Arthur, Sam TuttleABOUTThe Drummond Nordic Ski Team is composed of members from the Drummond AreaSchool District and take up the Telemark Trails as their home course.2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS19

RHINELANDER HIGH SCHOOL NORDICRhinelander MSL to R front row: Head Coach Dave Slette, Noelle Mayo, Kali Skubal, AustenSlette, Aaron Calhoun, Douglas Hartman, Kayla Skubal, Samuel LoomisRhinelander HSL to R: Front Row – Callie Threlkeld, Luna Grage; Middle Row – Assistant CoachEmily Krulc, Iain Rumney, Evelyn Simonsen, Maria Hubler, Brynn Teter, LianaTeter;L to R back row – Coach Shane Teter, Lucy Eddy, Mya Gillen, Violet Biolo, OlinSlette, Oceana Patulski, Calvin Loomis, Jonathan Calhoun, Coach John GillenBack Row – Assistant Coach Jason Lowry, Charlie Loomis, Gavin Hackbarth,Travis White, Olivia Gillen, Anna Wood, Hannah Rumney, Emma Mankus, HeadCoach Charil Reis. Missing: Juliana Smith.ABOUTWe are a club-sponsored team that has seen its numbers grow in recent years to a highof 30 skiers. Based in Rhinelander, the Hodags have a handful of trail systems to trainon, including the newly homologated course at C.A.V.O.C., as well as the Northwood GolfCourse and Washburn Silent Sports Area. The team has some support from the Rhinelander School District as well.COACHESCharil im [email protected] WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS20

BLUE COLLAR NORDICMason Shinners, Ryan Morien, Kyle Morien2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS21


CENTRALCONFERENCE TEAMSBay NordicWausau East/West Ski TeamWausau Night GlidersIola Winter Sports ClubWausau Nordic UnitedAshwaubenon Nordic Ski TeamWaupaca CometsAntigo Area Nordic2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS23

BAY NORDICBay Nordic HS teamFront: Andalyn J., Gracie V., Milana V., Emma D., Claire B., Ella K., Dana L., ShaeR., Julia V., Coach JasmineBack: Coach Mark, Beckett C., Isaac N., Nicholas P., Garrison W., Griffin N.,Brock B., Caleb M., Lachlan C., Franklin R., Hunter K., Hannah S., Zita L., Anna G.Not pictured: Emily B., Camille B., Virginia H., Mary P., Brandon R., Mia M.,Kinsey G.Bay Nordic MS teamBack row: Eyelyn S, Carly S, Elliana S, Charlie B, Lillian E, Drew G, Oliver H,Walter L, Paul, G, Gabe HMiddle row: Onika C, Eddie L, Ashley D, Julia G, Zeeten T, Katelyn R, Eleanore N,Jojo B, Charlie PFront row: Emily D, Andrew M, Connor R, James D, Baden P, Ellie M, Brody HNot pictured: Chloe K.ABOUTBay Nordic began in 2009 as a youth program, and expanded in 2013 to include a HighSchool and Middle School component, along with and a Masters/Family program. Ourclub offers opportunities for families and individuals, age of 3 and up, to learn andenjoy Nordic skiing. The Bay Nordic mission is to support the collective interests of theNortheast Wisconsin ski community by emphasizing an active lifestyle for youth, families,and individuals through Nordic skiing within the community.Our high school and middle school program serves students in grades 5-12; skiers ofall abilities are welcome to participate, includes individuals from beginners seekinga new adventure to those competing for podium positions. The team offers yearround programming and rental equipment; the objective is to foster a positive trainingenvironment for athletes who wish to compete in Nordic skiing and develop core valuesof life-long fitness habits.2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS24

WAUSAU NIGHT GLIDERSFront Row: Jimmy Peck, Jackson Stubb, Ingrid Bennett, Charlie StubbMiddle Row: Olivia Schmidt, Owen Eisele, Dakota Myers, Cade Jensen, Rowan Ballard, Emmett French, Eva Rose FrenchBack Row: Head Coach Jon Oestreich, Margaret Bennett, Emily Jahns, Anja Oestreich, Elsa Oestreich, Milana Hanson, Nicholas Johnkoski, Alex Hanson,Asst. Coach Greg KresseNot Present: Athletes: Lucy Wright, Michael Hanson, Mollie Meshak, Assistant Coaches Mike Cavenaugh & Maddie Busig, Manager Rachel KresseABOUTCOACHESThe Wausau Night Gliders (ages 9 to 14 &/or 8th grade) are just one of the many ski programsHead Coachsupported by the Wausau Nordic Ski Club. Other programs are the Snow Striders (ages 4-9),Jon Oestreichand the High School Team Wausau Nordic United. The Night Gliders have been in [email protected] 1998 and have grown in number each year. The program is open to anyone in thegreater Wausau//Central WI area. Night Glider coaches are volunteers from our ski club andAssistant Coachesprovide coaching twice a week as well as race day coaching/support. We have four LevelsGreg Kresseof Proficiency that are defined within the NG program with written criteria for each [email protected] need to meet the proficiencies before moving on to the next group. We provide ahigh quality program at a very low cost to encourage entry into Nordic skiing. Our philosophyMike Cavenaughis to promote an inclusive sport environment for all youth to develop a love of the outdoors, [email protected] lifestyle, excellent technical Nordic ski skills, and a good level of physical fitness for life.ManagerRachel [email protected] WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS25

IOLA WINTER SPORTS CLUBHigh School TeamMiddle School TeamABOUTCOACHESNordic skiing in Iola has a history that goes back to 1910 when the first ski jumping competitionJake Barneswas held there. The present day site of the Iola Winter Sports Club (IWSC) was established [email protected] Today there are 11 miles of cross country ski trails with 4 miles of lit trails, making it thelargest lit trail network in the lower 48 states. The IWSC has ski jumps ranging from 5 to 60Kristin Barnesmeters and hosts jumping and Nordic Combined competitions. The IWSC Ski Team is now [email protected] 21st year. The IWSC Ski Team is a club organization that draws skiers from five local schooldistricts some of which offer Nordic Skiing as a club level varsity sport.Todd [email protected] School GirlsBen HoppJosie KwasnyHuba Bodor-GosztonyIvy DickmanDash KvatekAnna MeilhanEric BoettcherLyla JamesOliver PetersonElla MillerBode EricksonViolet KrenzAiden WinnJenn OmernikAloysius FranzenAdeline LinzmeierCarson WoodJosie ReeveSamuel GroeschlTara ThompsonOliver HyllaRae WillisonOdin KubishMegan YangHigh School GirlsMiddle School BoysMeta CibaricSandor CibaricGreta DickmanHigh School BoysBrett StrohbuschCooper EricksonEdith FranzenCole AndersonCharlie VaderZach HinchcliffeMargaret FrieseIan AndersonOwen WilliamsLogan Stout2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS26

WAUSAU NORDIC UNITEDFront: Alek Zavadoski, Francesca Angiulli, Eleanor Bennett, Elizabeth Burger, Claire Butalla, Tori MyersBack: Cole Lozon, Evan Lozon, Will Hagedorn, Jack Lackman, Luke Brown, Parker Faust2022 WNSL STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS27

ASHWAUBENON NORDIC SKI TEAMMiddle School Team 2021-22Ell

Ashwaubenon Nordic Ski Team, as always, has contenders. Joe Stumpf, Noah Jahnke, Ben Buchmann, and Jonathon Hanson are well coached and want to improve on their 2021 third place. They’ll come loaded for bear. Young, but improving and very viable to move up a