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Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineContents1.Introduction to QuickBooks Online . 7Which QuickBooks Online is right for me?. 7QuickBooks Online Packages Available . 7To find an expert in QuickBooks Online . 7Benefits of using QuickBooks Online . 8Mobile devices and QuickBooks Online . 8Our case study for today’s training . 92.Navigating QuickBooks Online . 10Navigating the QuickBooks Online Home Page . 103.Company File Setup . 14GST Setup . 15Using the Tax Centre . 16Accounts . 17Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPARS) . 18Managing Users. 20Multi-Currency . 24Importing Data . 25Customers Import . 26Products and Services . 274.Online Banking . 29Linking Bank Accounts & Importing Bank transactions . 29Linking Bank Accounts or Credit Cards for Automatic Bank Feeds . 30Importing Bank Transactions . 32How to Add Transactions . 33How to Match Transactions . 33Processing Transactions - Debits . 33Processing Transactions - Credits. 34 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 3 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineHow to accept multiple transactions in batches . 34Adding Attachments to Transactions . 34Setting up Bank Rules . 355.Transactions . 36Creating and Managing Quotes . 36Creating and Managing Invoices . 38Receiving Payment of Invoices . 39Customising Invoices . 40Attachments . 41Expense Transactions . 41Bills . 43Paying Bills. 43Recurring transactions . 44Class and Location Tracking . 45Turning on Class Tracking and/or Location Tracking . 45Partial Purchase Orders. 46Create a Partial Purchase Order . 466.Budgets . 51Budget vs. Actuals . 52Set up Budget Report . 527.Projects . 53Turn on Projects in Settings . 55Create and track your projects. 56Add a transaction to a project outside of Projects . 57Move existing transactions into Projects . 578.Payroll. 58To Setup Payroll . 58Pay Run Settings . 62 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 4 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineSetup Employees . 64Setup a Pay Run. 65Payroll Reports . 67Important Reports to note . 679.Superannuation & ClickSuper. 68Accessing Super Payments within QuickBooks Online . 6810.Bank Reconciliation . 70Banking Reconciliation Tools. 7111.Managing GST and BAS . 74QuickBooks Online Helps You to Manage Your GST. . 74BAS Reports Used to Review . 75Revision of BAS . 75Completing the BAS. 76GST Exception Detail . 77Processing GST in the New Tax Centre . 7812.Running Reports . 81Profit & Loss / Balance Sheet . 81Customising Reports . 82Report Groups . 83Automated Reports . 8413.Mobile Apps – Take the Ipad / Iphone Tour . 85Download the QuickBooks Online Mobile App . 85Creating and Sending Quotes on an iPad/iPhone . 88Capturing Expenses on an iPad/iPhone . 91Run reports on an iPad/iPhone . 9114.Help & Support . 92In-product support . 92QB Assistant . 92Customer Care telephone support . 94 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 5 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineOnline support . 94Get connected socially . 9415.Next Steps . 95Providing Feedback . 95 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 6 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks Online1. Introduction to QuickBooks OnlineWhich QuickBooks Online is right for me?Every small business has different needs. We find the industries most suited to cloud software and productlike QuickBooks Online include:Appointment based businesses that offer services by appointment, such as a doctor’s office, salon or drivingschool.Retail and eCommerce businesses that sell or resell products, such as food trucks, eBay sellers or coffeeshops.Professional and field service businesses that get paid by the project, job or gig, such as contractors,photographers or wedding planners.QuickBooks Online Packages AvailableThere are three versions of QuickBooks Online. A plan can be chosen to suit the requirements of the business.Each offering provides features relevant to the selected plan. Further details on the features availableunder each product version can be found at number of business users allowed varies per plan.Simple StartEssentialsPlus1 user3 users5 usersYou can also invite in your Accounting or Bookkeeping professional. These invites are not included in theBusiness user allowance. Accountant/Bookkeeper Firms allowed are 2 users across ALL plans.To find an expert in QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Online ProAdvisors have the training and experience to help you with QuickBooks Online. Tofind a Certified ProAdvisor in your area, simply go or/and enter your postcode. This will show a list of ProAdvisor s near you, which can also be filtered for theservices they offer, industries they regularly work with, and which products they support. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 7 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineBenefits of using QuickBooks OnlineWhen you work online you will both have access to everything the cloud can offer and the benefits that comewith it. These include:Mobile devices and QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Online is available via browser across several mobile devices including iOS and Android.We encourage you to download QuickBooks Online from the app stores listed below. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 8 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineOur case study for today’s trainingJack Gordon, North Shore LocksmithJack Gordon is the new owner of North Shore Locksmiths. For the past5 years he has honed his skills working for others.He has always dreamed of starting his own business.After months of planning, Jack has decided that now is the right timeto start. Jack has done his research and there aren’t many locksmithsproviding services in the North Shore. It is a great place to start abusiness.Jack has asked around about how he could manage his bookwork andhis previous boss suggested he sign up to QuickBooks Online.Jack is looking for the following in a software package: Ease of use Free payroll Build for use on mobile device Extensive reportingToday Jack will feature in our demonstration and training exercise throughout the course of this class. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 9 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks Online2. Navigating QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Online has been designed to be intuitive, fast and simple to use. The user interface is simple andunified, which results in fewer clicks to find the desired information or functions.You can sign into your QuickBooks Online file from the website.Navigating the QuickBooks Online Home Page1. Open your preferred browser and type Click on the Sign In button located in the top right hand corner and select QuickBooks Online3. Enter your QuickBooks Online User ID and password and select Sign In. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 10 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineThe Home Page displays a summary of key information. A new file setup would display as below with notransactions.Company settings are in the top right corner of your QuickBooks Online screen, accessed by clicking on theGear icon. We will cover this in Company File Setup.To access the Help function, click on the question mark icon next to the company menu in the top rightcorner. This is covered in the final chapter Help and Support. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 11 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineThe Create button in the top right corner of the screen gives quick access to create new transactions andother records:Search – Use this feature to quickly look up QuickBooks Online transactions by number, date, or dollaramount. The Advanced Search feature provides additional filter options.Recent Transactions – Use this feature to display a list of recently recorded transactions, each of which canbe opened by clicking into the search box.Show less - The Create window also has a simplified view accessed via the show less option.The left-hand navigation bar provides access to:Dashboard displays a summarised view of relevant information in a graphic mode. This view can changedepending on your dataBanking displays your linked bank feeds and bank rulesInvoicing shows transactions including Invoices, All Sales, Customers and Products and ServicesExpenses shows all purchase related transactions and supplier detailsEmployees provides access to the Payroll CentreReports provides access to the reports available in QuickBooks Online.GST provides access to preparing BAS and includes tools, settings and reports.Accounting includes the Chart of Accounts and tools to reconcile your relevant bank accounts.My Accountant provides you access to manage your ProAdvisor relationshipsWhen signed in as an Administrator the Apps menu will access featured applications and add-ons toQuickBooks Online from this page.The Learning Centre provides video tutorials to help with common tasks 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 12 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineClicking the Hamburger icon will collapse the left menu, which is handy if you need some more screen realestate.The rest of the Dashboard can display:Bank Accounts – Connect and review accounts and balancesActivities – Transactional activity can be reviewed and filteredPanels – will give you an overview of key metrics in your businessPrivacy – In a public location, the Privacy option can be turned on to hide financial information 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 13 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks Online3. Company File SetupMany options for customising QuickBooks Online can be accessed by clicking on the Gear icon in the topright corner.You can customise the options regarding how QuickBooks Online operates based on the best fit for yourbusiness in Company Settings. To access this area, click Gear icon Settings Company Settings.You will also find many other tool and customisations options from the Gear icon. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 14 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineGST SetupLodging your Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) on time is animportant part of operating an Australian business. When cash flow is tight, no-one wants to pay Failure toLodge (FTL) penalties in addition to other expenses.In this section we will cover setup, how to use tax centre and reporting.Important:If you are not registered for GST – do not use this feature as many settings are permanent changes to your file. When setting up anew company file, attention should be paid to the settings for GST as these settings cannot be modified once established as part ofthe company set up. Make sure the GST period beginning is correct as THIS CANNOT BE CHANGED.Here are the steps to setup your clients Tax Centre.1. Select the GST option from the left hand navigation menu.2. Click Get startedThis will display the Set up BAS screen.3. Select the correct BAS, PAYG Withholding and PAYG Instalments frequenciesIf you require other tax reporting options, click the Show other taxes button and tick the relevant tax4. Click Save and Finish5. Click Done 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 15 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineUsing the Tax CentreIf you need to make changes to the setup information, there is an Edit settings button available in the nextscreen.Here you can change any of the time frames or include other Taxes.In this example we will change GST to Monthly and click Save.Note: Where changes would have impacts, this option will give a warning and inform you of any automatic adjustments.Once the settings are saved, the GST screen will display the GST due, the amount collected and paid for thecurrent period, and the Prepare BAS button. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 16 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineAccountsTo track the transactions and balances for key reports like the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss,QuickBooks online uses a list of accounts, or Chart of Accounts. The setup process will create a genericChart of Accounts which can be customised.Manually add an AccountLocate the Chart of Accounts, select the Gear Icon Your Company Chart of Accounts.Select New from the top right hand corner. This opens a new screen where the account can be configured.Category Type - specifies the account type.Note: Cash and cash equivalents is used for setting up Bank Accounts. Credit Cards are set up as Category Type - Credit Card.Typically, Expenses are coded as ‘non-capital’ and Asset purchases are coded ‘capital’. Out of Scope refers to accounts andtransactions that are not reportable on a BAS. e.g. Owner’s Drawings. In other accounting systems ‘GST’ or ‘GST free’ arecommonly used.Detail Type - provides more detail on the Category type selected. It is a compulsory field although it doesnot affect any financial reporting. Select the detail type closest to the account being set up.Name - this is the name of the Account being set up. It is what is seen in the Chart of Accounts List.Number – An optional account number.Description - allows greater detail of the name to be added and is optional.Is sub-account - place a tick in the sub-account selection field to make the account being set up a sub-accountof another account.Default GST Code - select the appropriate GST coding for the account being set up.To update the Chart of Accounts you would click Save and Close.Note: An alternative way to navigate to the Chart of Account is via the Accounting tab from the left hand navigation bar. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 17 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineTaxable Payments Annual Report (TPARS)If you are in the building and construction industry need to report the total payments they make to eachcontractor for building and construction services each year.These payments need to be reported to the Australian Taxation Office by the 28th of August. QuickBooksOnline enables each relevant transaction to be highlighted to be included in the TPAR report, ready forelectronic export to the ATO.Select Account and Settings Expenses Suppliers. Tick the Show TPAR options for suppliers box to turnthe option on.The next step is to enable each Supplier that is required to be included in TPAR reporting.Click on Expenses from the left hand navigation menu and then click the Suppliers tab, locate the Supplierand click on the supplier nameClick on the Edit button in the top right corner and tick the box to Include this Supplier in my annual TPAR.When a Supplier has been enabled for TPAR, all existing transactions and new transactions for that supplierwill now be marked as included for TPAR. Should an entry not be reportable for TPAR, the tick box to Includethe transaction in my annual TPAR, can be unticked. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 18 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineTo generate the TPAR report;1. Open Reports from the left hand navigation menu and type ‘taxable’ into the Enter report namefield.Note: turning on a Supplier for TPAR will retrospectively tick transactions (for the financial year) for TPAR.2. Then select Taxable Payments Annual Report which will display;The report generated will display a summary of the totals reportable for each supplier. This a good time toreview the supplier details to update any missing fields. Once satisfied that the details are all correct, clickon Download TPAR.Note: QuickBooks Online will check for errors. Any errors in the report will need to be fixed prior to being able to generate theelectronic lodgement report. Exit out of the report and fix any errors. Then rerun again to Download TPAR. Save and then lodge thereport through your preferred lodgement portal. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 19 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineManaging UsersThe number of business users allowed varies per QuickBooks Online subscription selected.Simple Start1 userEssentials3 usersPlus5 usersYou can also invite two Accounting or Bookkeeping professionals. These invitations are not included in theBusiness user allowance and are available for all subscription plans.Note: A company file created by Accounting Firms on behalf of the business owner, has UNLIMITED business user allowance.Accountant/Bookkeeper Firms allowance remains at 2 users across ALL plans.To manage users, select the Gear icon Your Company Manage Users.There are two sections to managing users. Manage Users which allows creation, modification or deletion of business users in the QuickBooksOnline file and; Accountant Firms which allow accountants and bookkeepers to be invited to or removed from the file. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 20 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineUser rolesWhen creating or editing a user, assign one of the following types of access rights:CompanyAdministratorCompany Administrators have access to all features and capabilities inQuickBooks.Regular or customuserThis is an ordinary user. The person may have access to all QuickBooksfeatures, or you can limit access to:Customers and SalesVendors and PurchasesYou can also choose to give this user some administrative capabilities.AdministratorYou are the Master Administrator. There is only one Master Administrator.Initially, it is the user who created your company. This user has all the accessrights of a Company Administrator. You cannot delete or change the accessrights for the Master Administrator. However, you can transfer the MasterAdministrator role to another user and then edit or delete this user.Time Tracking OnlyWhen Time Tracking Only users log into QuickBooks, they see a specialversion that has only timesheets for themselves and time reports. This userdoesn't count toward your current user limit.Reports OnlyWhen Reports Only users log into QuickBooks, they see a special version thatshows only reports. They can access virtually all reports, except payrollreports and any others that list contact information of employees,customers, or vendors. This user doesn't count toward your current userlimit.Accountant userYou can also identify one user as your accountant. The accountant does notcount toward your current user limit.The accountant user can have any of the access rights, but you probablywant to give your accountant regular or custom access.You can have only one user identified as your accountant, but you can inviteanother accountant to access your company. To do this, under AccountingFirms, click Invite Accountant. This user does not count toward your userlimit. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 21 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineA Regular or Custom user can have access to all features, or access can be limited by: Customers and Sales Suppliers and PurchasesFor example, a Custom User with restricted access to Sales Centre is set up as below:1. In the Manage Users window, select New2. Select Regular or custom user3. Select Next.Set this new user’s access rights as Limited for Customer & SalesSet the user’s administrative rights 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 22 of 95

Starting Out with QuickBooks OnlineNote: The Regular or Custom user role is the only user access role where you can set restrictions on to the billing, user managementand settings section of the product.To complete the user invitation setup, enter user’s email address and select NextAn email will be sent out to the new user to enable the activation of their account. 2018 Intuit Australia Pty LimitedPage 23 of 95

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Professional and field service businesses that get paid by the project, job or gig, such as contractors, photographers or wedding planners. QuickBooks Online Packages Available There