Microsoft HyperV 3 versus Vmware vSphere 5Erik Scholten & Alex MuetstegeVMUG.BE - 1 June 2012

Who Are We? 5 years 5 guys2

Who Are We?Erik Scholten 37 years old Solution Architect 15 years professionalexperience VMware vExpert2009/2010/2011/20123Alex Muetstege 38 years old Solution Architect 15 years professionalexperience VMware vExpert2011/2012

Who Are WeEmployees700 ICT experts in the Netherlands.LocationsAlphen aan den Rijn, Amersfoort, Capelle aan den IJssel, Zaltbommel and Eindhoven.ServicesManagement & Consultancy, Infrastructuur & Communicatie, Software & Services.PartnersAvaya, Cisco, HP, IBM, Microsoft & VMware.CustomersIndustry, Distribution & Transport (IDT), Education and Healthcare.4

Server virtualization landscape is changing5

Where are we now?versus6

VMware: a little history 7VMware was founded in 1998Located in Palo Alto, California (Silicon Valley)First virtualization product (VMware Workstation) in 1999First server virtualization product (VMware GSX and ESX) in 2001Acquired by EMC in 2004About 11.200 employees

Microsoft (and HyperV): a little history 8Microsoft was founded in 1975Located in Redmond, Washington92.000 EmployeesMicrosoft is in Virtualization since 2004First product: Virtual PC from takeover of ConnectixHyper-V as first bare metal hypervisor since (Windows) 2008

Current situation9

But what’s has MS announcedNew placement policies10

But what’s has MS announcedCluster Aware Updating (CAU)11

But what’s has MS announcedHyper-V replicanot native – Add-on12

But what’s has MS announcedSMB Live MigrationHost 1Host 2SMB File ServerNo SMB support with VMwareConcern: SMB performance is not that great!Nice for SMB or less demanding environments13

But what’s has MS announcedShared nothing Live MigrationHost 1Blue NetworkingHost 2No Shared StorageNo VMware alternativeConcern: performance depends on network throughputLAN : 1GbE 93MB/sec (eff. 75%), 50GB VM 10 minutesWAN : 100MbE 9MB/sec (eff. 75%), 50GB VM 1,5 hours14

But what’s has MS announcedOffloaded Data Transfer (ODX)VMware Array Intergration TokenActual Data TransferIntelligentStorage ArrayVirtualDiskNo support from any storage vendor yet.15

Warning!About Windows 8 and Hyper-V v3 Statements about capabilities or benefits are subject to change Packaging and licensing have not yet been determined Any concepts shown are for illustration purposes onlyDisclaimer:This presentation contains preliminary information that may be changed substantially prior to final commercial release of the software described herein.The information contained in this presentation represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation on the issues discussed as of the date of the presentation. Because Microsoft mustrespond to changing market conditions, it should not interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of the informationpresented after the date of the presentation. This presentation is for informational purposes only.MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED, IMPLIED ,OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.Microsoft may have patents, patent applications, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual property rights , covering subject matter in this presentation. Except as expresslyprovided in any written license agreement from Microsoft, the furnishing of this information does not give you any license to these patents , trademarks, copyrights or other intellectualproperty rights.16


Hyper-V 3 – New Scalability featuresScalability: Support for up to 63 nodes per cluster and 4000 VM’s Up to 32 virtual CPU’s in 1 VMUp to 160 logical CPU’s in one hostUp to 1024 VM’s and 2048 virtual processors per host Max 512 GB RAM per VMMax 2TB RAM per host No more limits on Live (Storage) Migration (limited by hardware only)Live Storage Migration to SAS, iSCSI, Fiber Channel or SMB shareExtensible virtual switch (plugin model for 3rd parties)VHDX Format now supports up to 16 TB disksOfficial Support for NIC Teaming on hardware in the boxCluster Services inside VMs can run on FC or iSCSIODX Support (Offloaded Data Transfer) on storageEnhanced PowerShell integration18

Hyper-V 3 – New Availability featuresAvailability: Virtual Machine Boot Priority Priority Workloads (low, medium, high) Intelligent placing of VMs on hosts Bitlocker support on clustered disks (Encrypted Cluster Volumes) Anti-Affinity VM rules VM Health monitoring support (in VM support) In Box Maintenance Support (Cluster Aware Updating) Hyper-V Replica (High availability for single VMs on another host) New virtual ‘Fiber Channel Adapter’ 4 virtual FC cards can be attached to 1 physical card 2 virtual FC cards in 1 VM can point to 2 different physical cards Share Nothing Migration (move VM from stand alone host 1 to host 2)19

Wow!Apparently .Steve had a lot of catching up to do 20

Let’s compare Scalability32 hosts/cluster40 hosts/cluster3000 virtual machines/cluster4000 virtual machines/cluster32 vCPU virtual machines32 vCPU virtual machines160 logical CPU’s/host160 logical CPU’s/host1TB memory/virtual machine512GB memory/virtual machine2TB memory/host2TB memory/host21

Let’s compare AvailabilityVM boot priorityWorkload priorityIntelligent placement of VM’s(Anti-) Affinity rulesCluster aware updatingGuest clustering22

Let’s compare Storage featuresFC supportiSCSI supportFCoE supportNFS supportSMB supportVAAI / VASASAN integrationEMC/NetApp/IBM/Dell supported byShare nothing live migrationNative VM replicaLive storage migration23ODX

Let’s compare I/O featuresNIC teaming supportPort ID virtualization3rd Party switchDistributed virtual switchStorage I/O controlNetwork I/O control24

It’s not all about the featuresAvoid the discussion based on features alone27

What to do.1. Sell VMware strengths2. Avoid the Hyper-V 3 trap3. Ace the pricing discussion28

What to do.29

VMware strengths30

More choice for the Cloud31

Better security32

What to do.1. Sell VMware strengths2. Avoid the Hyper-V 3 trap3. Ace the pricing discussion33

Avoid the Hyper-V 3 trap34

MS Marketing quotes35

3 key selling points36

Promises, promises37

Waiting costs 2012Q1Q2Q3Wait for WindowsServer 8 to ship2013Q4Q1Q2Q32014Q412-15 month maturation period*(Test application compatibility,Build system images,Train IT staff, Run pilots)You areHereFunctionality that meets needs today and tomorrow*Source: Gartner in the “Evolving Your Windows Server Environment” presentation at the 2011 Datacenter Conference38Q1-Q4Beginmigration

Customers prefer VMware39

What to do.1. Sell VMware strengths2. Avoid the Hyper-V 3 trap3. Ace the pricing discussion40

It’s not all about features, TCO/ROI matters41

VMware more expensive?Basic consolidation: 3 hosts, no SAN44

VMware more expensive?No planned downtime: 3 hosts, with aVSASAN45

What’s in it for me?46

ConclusionSo are we all going to migrate to Microsoft?HyperV 3 improvements Scalability: huge Availability: impressiveUnique features: Share nothing Migration Hyper-V Replica SMB supportBut is it enough to compete?Scalability: same as othersAvailability: same as othersAnd. It’s still not here yet And. How about the cloud?Hyper-V 3 is vSphere 4 ( )But we’re already waiting for vSphere 6!We think: SMB market will be very interested in Hyper-V3Competition is good for business47

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