RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#1234567Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSQuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Answers8.1.a.ii states that "The Proposer shall have been in business for five (5) yearsor longer." If a proposer has been in business less than 5 years but is proposinga project team with a wealth of experience, can the proposer be eligible forfurther evaluation? For example, would a company that has been in businessfor 3 years and is proposing a project team with multiple members with 10 years experience be eligible for consideration?Is there any way to apply for an exception/waiver of the minimum requirementthat the proposer shall have been in business for five (5) years or cument.pdf, 8.1.a.ii, page 11No, the minimum requirement is that a business has been in business 5 years or cument.pdf, 8.1.a.ii, page 11Duplicate, See #1.Does the JCC keep a list of DVBE vendors with whom they already work? If so,would the JCC be willing to share that list?Does the JCC keep a list of preferred DVBE vendors? If so, would the JCC bewilling to share that list?Is there a target date for retiring Dude Solutions? Does licensing expire/meet arenewal deadline in the next 12 months?Is there a target date for retiring Dude Solutions? Does licensing expire/meet arenewal deadline in the next 12 months?Is there a target date for retiring VFA? Does licensing expire/meet a renewaldeadline in the next 12 cument.pdf, 13.0, page t.pdf, 13.0, page t.pdf, 1.2, page .pdf, 1.2, page .pdf, 1.2, page 3The Judicial Council does not retain a list of DVBE vendorsPage 1 of 12Duplicate, to #3Dude Solutions Energy Manager license is planned to be renewed until 6/30/2023Duplicate from question #5The target date for retiring VFA is December 31, 2022. This is one of the reasons forrequesting a Phase 1 completion on or before December 4, 2022. The VFA retirement datecorresponds to the expiration date of our current agreement.

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSQuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)The RFP states that "There are currently approximately 900 CAFM registeredusers"? Could you provide a breakdown of these users by type of user Document.pdf, 1.2, page 3Current CAFM ROLES and User counts:AOC AssetManager : 1AOC Budget Analyst : 6AOC Court Liason : 351AOC DI Upload External : 23AOC Environmental Compliance : 6AOC Finance Portal : 7AOC FMU MANAGER : 3AOC FMUCSC : 35AOC GeneralUser : 14AOC Portfolio Admin Analyst : 8AOC Regional Staff : 73AOC Report Monitoring Portal : 1AOC Service Provider ‐ Asset Manager DM2 : 14AOC Service Provider ‐ JOC : 16AOC Service Provider Technician ‐ DM2 : 24AOC SP Court Delegation : 47AOC SP Court Delegation Tech : 23AOC SP CSC DM2 : 52AOC SP MGR DM2 : 20AOC SP SUP DM2 : 4JCC Appellate Court Liaison : 19JCC Executive Manage : 1JCC IDIQ Vendor : 137JCC Quality Compliance : 6JCC Risk Management ‐ EH&S : 6JCC SecOps : 6Please see Q# 42 Answers for CAFM 2.0 IBM SaaS user types.How many users do you anticipate acting in just a requestor role when the newsystem goes ment.pdf, 1.2, page 3How many maintenance supervisors do you anticipate having in the systemwhen the new system goes live?How many project managers do you an cipate having in the system when thenew system goes live?How many real estate users do you an cipate having in the system when thenew system goes live?How many Facility Condition Assessment users do you anticipate having in thesystem when the new system goes live?How many Energy/Sustainability Manager users do you anticipate having in thesystem when the new system goes ment.pdf, 1.2, page .pdf, 1.2, page .pdf, 1.2, page .pdf, 1.2, page .pdf, 1.2, page 3There will be an estimated 375 Court users who are typically just using the Requestor Rolefor entering Requests (usually for Facility Maintenance). There are other requestorsincluding Council and service provider staff that have additional functions.6 to 10 users as the supervisors for the Service Providers.891112131415AnswersPage 2 of 12110 to 150 users (includes internal and external)Anticipating 8 real estate users when CAFM goes live.5 usersJCC would like to match our current user provision “an unlimited number of users"

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSQuestionsIs the current implementation using the same SSO implementation as expectedwith SaaS environment?RFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Exhibit 1: Statement of Work,Section G.3Do location (building, room), geography (region, county), and asset (system,assembly) data in VFA database align with corresponding data in TRIRIGA? Dothe ID’s or Names for these records align between the two systems to ensureeasy cross‐mapping between data sets?Do corresponding Customer records currently exist in TRIRIGA? If so, do therecord ID’s align between the two systems?19Do corresponding vehicle assets currently exist in TRIRIGA?2021In ERD the phones seem to be associated to Facilities\Buildings only, will thesame hold true in TRIRIGA or are other associations required?Is this the only integration required?VFA Facility (See Exhibit 6: VFAFacility Data), Phase 1The data in VFA does not align with corresponding TRIRIGA data. Id's and Names do notnecessarily map between data sets.Customer ID FileMaker Prodatabase (See Exhibit 8:FileMaker Pro Database:Customer ID File).48 of 50 of the FileMaker customer records do exist in TRIRIGA. The Fi cal Customer IDnumber is not currently in TRIRIGA, they will need to be mapped by name and can be foundwithin External Organization Types as: Tenants, Landlords, blank, external and other. Someof the names differ slightly and the SME can help validate matches.Fleet File Maker Pro database(See Exhibit 9: FileMaker ProDatabase: Fleet File).Operation Phones FileMaker Prodatabase (See Exhibit 11:FileMaker Pro Database:Operation Phones File).The vehicle assets are not currently in TRIRIGA.Operational phones are associated to the Building in TRIRIGA and can and often areassociated to a Building Equipment Asset, via an asset name or JCC Asset Tag number.Phones do not always need to be associated to an asset and can be associated to more thanone asset.Exhibit 1: Statement of Work,Section G IDMS IntegrationThe Judicial Branch identity management system (IDMS)/Active Directory (AD) Services is theprimary integration requirement.There may be other integration work as identified by the RFP Awardee's solution foraddressing the VFA migration requirements (e.g. integrating RSMeans data with TRIRIGA),and/or Awardee's solution for address the SFTP requirements (e.g. integrating with JCC'sAxway EMFT).222324252728SSO is not currently enabled in JCC's current on‐premise environments, but is a requirementfor this RFP.JCC's current on‐premise environment is utilizing Siteminder (with SiteMinder Web Agent forTRIRIGA for authentication. JCC's Active Directory source data is feed intoSiteminder. Login IDs for TRIRIGA are manually entered using JCC's Active Directory LoginIDs. Siteminder is not in‐scope for this RFP. The authentication requirement will be throughJCC's Azure AD/IDMS.1617AnswersFor the references, you have stated: “The number of users for each of theIWMS implementations must be 900 or more.” Are you asking forimplementations with at least 900 people records or 900 actual activeTRIRIGA licensed users?IF the SaaS negotiation with IBM is delayed, will we need to provide 4environments: DEV, TEST, TRAINING and PRODUCTION or will this be providedby the state?Assume this means project team members as they engage with theimplementation project or does it mean user training post Go Live?What is the expectation from the vendor for Platform upgrade, as the TRIRIGAon premise is moving to IBM SAS, as far as we know IBM SAS platformupgrades are completed by IBM team?Is there any plan to implement other modules (Like Lease Admin/ Accounting ,Capital Project etc ) as part of this upgrade? (filemaker refers to Lease hencethis question)Attachment 12 QualificationsReference SheetDuplicate see Q# 42 AnswersExhibit 1: Statement of Work,Section BJCC will have an IBM SaaS license by the end of this year with Dev, Stage/Test, andProduction environment. If there is not a JCC SaaS environment available, the JCC willentertain a Vendor SaaS environment.Exhibit 1: Statement of Work,Section ent, 1.1 (a), Page #3Correct, as they engage.JCC's expectations are that the awardee will participate and be responsible for managingand/or executing the implementation, migration, integration, and upgrades ocument, 1.1 (d), Page #3Yes, please see irements" to discern whichmodules will need to be implemented.Page 3 of 12

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#29Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)QuestionsDoes the existing system have Rent run process?What different integration feed the CAFM cument, 1.1 (d), Page #3General30AnswersYes, the current system has a monthly rent roll run process.There are NO direct automated integration feeds to JCC's on‐premise CAFM system.There is however a feed of JCC's Active Directory data to the SiteMinder authenticationserver.Please see Q# 16 Answers31Is there any outbound integration feed/api etc, this might include any dataout of the CAFM system to external systems , like payment feed to Financesystem?GeneralYes, there is an automated outbound integration feed from JCC's on‐premise CAFM system.The integration is with JCC's Axway/EMFT (SFTP) service. The JCC's on‐premise CAFM systemhas a daily scheduled cron which outputs Facilities Project data in a delimited file which isSFTP to JCC's Axway/EMFT server, which then sends the file to third party SFTP server forprocessing for JCC Sharepoint JPIC.Data migration fromWhat is the data volume from three systems, how many records and wherewould that data lie in cument, 1.1 (d), Page #3Please see irements.xlsx' [Migration & Integrat'nReq] worksheet RQM‐IDs "MI‐001" and "MI‐008", and 'Exhibit‐05‐TRIRIGA‐Data.xlsx'[Summary Page] worksheet which references that 'Customer Data Entry Began:' "September2008".The data volume form JCC's on‐premise Production system can be found in 'Exhibit‐05‐TRIRIGA‐Data.xlsx' worksheets [3.Documents], [4.ASM Disk Report], [5.Segment Size], and[6.Lob Segment Size]32All other file size for Exhibits 6 through 15, can be found on the [File Summary Page]worksheet.33Perform migration from Oracle’s WebLogic to IBM’s WebSphere, and fromOracle Database to IBM’s DB2 database ‐ This would again depend on IBM SASimplementation and the governing principles of SAS application. So Does thecouncil know if IBM SAS would allow external vendor to perform this operation?What is the current and target Tririga App Version for ocument, 1.1 (f) , Page #3The expectation is that this would be a collaborative effort with IBM SaaS/cloud team, theContractor and the JCC team. The implementation Contractor will be responsible formanaging the cument, 1.1 (a) , Page #3The Judicial Council of California (JCC) CAFM Production system is currently running: SiteMinder Web Agent for TRIRIGA Apache 2.4.41 Oracle Weblogic Server IBM TRIRIGA Platform IBM TRIRIGA Application 10.2 Oracle RAC Database Business Objects XI (Crystal Rpt) 4.2 SP7 Patch 134JCC CAFM Production system upgrade on track for GoLive December 2021: TRIRIGA Platform Oracle RAC Database 19c ('s requirements for CAFM/IWMS SaaS solution would be the latest version of TRIRIGA (atthe time of this answer, e.g. 10.8.0 Application/3.8.0 Platform), DB2 and WebSphere.Page 4 of 12

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#3536Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)QuestionsAnswersIDMS ‐ in case of the SAAS solution ‐ would Contractor would have theappropriate access to develop and deploy this. In our experience this ismaintained by the IBM cloud team. We would be able to coordinate and assistwherever cument, 1.1 (e) , Page #3Yes, the Contractor would have appropriate access to develop and deploy the integrationwith JCC's Azure Active Directory/IDMS. The expectation is that this would be a collaborativeeffort with IBM SaaS/cloud team, the Contractor and the JCC team.What is current and target Tririga Platform version for upgrade?Duplicate see Q# 34 AnswersMay I know the anticipated cument, 1.1 (a) , Page #3GeneralWhat are the top JCC risks and concerns to be addressed as part of this project?NA1. The timeline to be migrated from the current JCC CCTC is Dec 2022. The project strategy,approach, and timeline must meet that deadline.2. VFA migration must be completed by stated deadline in order to avoid additional licenseexpenses. VFA requirements are currently being gathered. The timeline, strategy, andapproach should consider this deadline.How many TRIRIGA Environments does the agency currently have? How manywill be needed with the move to SaaS?a.How many servers do you currently have for each environment?Please include App, Process, and Reports servers.b.Do we have the current TRIRIGA version Out of the box environmentavailable?NAJCC's currently has five (5) TRIRIGA on‐premise environments:1. Production2. STAGE/Test/Disaster Recovery.3. Proto4. Development5. SandboxCouncil is not providing budget information.3738Three (3) environments are expected as part of the SaaS solution: One (1) 'Production', one(1) 'STAGE/Test' and one (1) 'Development' environment.JCC's current on‐premise Production environment consist of seven (7) physical servers:1. Web server 01 (load balancer)2. Web server 02 (load balancer)3. Application server 01 (TRIRIGA application server)4. Application server 02 (TRIRIGA processor and BIRT report servers)5. Database 01 (Oracle Database server)6. Database 02 (clustered Oracle Database server)7. Report server (SAP BOE/Crystal Reports server)39The SaaS solution will be a TRIRIGA Out of the box version prior to migration. (Please seerelated Q# 34 Answers to TRIRIGA versions)40Once you move to SaaS, do you know how many users will be using the system?NADuplicate see Q# 42 AnswersIs JCC looking to sunset VFA and build that functionality within TRIRIGA?NAYes, the JCC is planning to sunset VFA in December 2022 and use the facility conditionassessment functionality and capital forecasting in the TRIRIGA (CAFM 2.0). Please seeBusiness Requirements PM003 ‐ PM007. PM019 is also very important for replacing VFAfunctionality.41Page 5 of 12

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#42434445464748Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)QuestionsAnswersIn section 1.2 Background Information, you state there are approximately 900CAFM registered users. The IBM TRIRIGA Cloud solution is licensed by user,and there are multiple license types – can you please break down those usersby type, as follows:‐Enterprise User – full‐time user with access to all areas of the solution,unlimited use‐Occasional User – may access all areas of the solution, for up to 60 hoursper month‐Approvals and Reporting User – views reports, participates in approvalprocesses‐Field Services User – meant for Service Technicians who create and updatework tasks and view reports‐Self‐service user – this person submits requests, and searches locations,assets, people.Is your current version of TRIRIGA Application and Platform 10.2/ Areyou still on track to upgrade the platform to 3.6 in 4Q2021? Do you have adate for this?Section 1.2 BackgroundInformation (page 3)IBM TRIRIGA S D43tion Types (Projected)Enterprise Authorized Users ‐ 12Occasional Enterprise Users ‐ 300Approvals and Repor ng Users ‐40Field Services Users ‐ 300Self Service Users ‐225NADuplicate see Q# 34 AnswersIs your current version of Oracle RAC is your current Oracle database size?Will you need a Single Sign‐On in the SaaS Cloud Environment for Phase 1?NANANADuplicate see Q# 34 AnswersDuplicate see Q# 32 AnswersJCC's IDMS can be enabled as part of a Phase 2 effort, but JCC's Azure Active Directory andSSO integration requirement is a Phase 1 effort.Is JCC looking to integrate the CAFM 2.0 system to only the IDMS/AD system?NADuplicate see Q# 22 AnswersAre the systems that need to be migrated to CAFM 2.0 currently integratedwith CAFM 1.0 or have any references to CAFM 1.0?NAThe listed Exhibits 6 to 15 for the FileMaker, Access eVision and VFA are not integrated withCAFM 1.0.Can you provide samples of each of the 68 Crystal Reports that need to beconverted to BIRT? Will this be part of Phase 1, or can part or all be moved toPhase 2? (See Exhibit 18: Council Reports Requirements) ‐ Bring it to theagency's attention that Exhibit is missing as of 10:30 AM EST ‐ Aug 25NAPlease see mple‐'The Crystal Reports that need to be converted to BIRT should be part of the Phase 1 delivery.Any reports recommendation to move to Phase 2, will need JCC's approval as part of thePhase 1 planning efforts.49See Exhibit 1B: Council Reports Requirements.The Awardee will be provided more details of the Crystal Reports to migrate to BIRT atcontract start.There is no Exhibit 18, it is Exhibit 1B.5051Are the current CAFM 1.0 System and Technical design document in sync withthe implementation?Will the vendor, get access to the 11 other systems (Filemaker Pro Database,eVision, and VFA) and the required documentation to develop a Data migrationplan?NAYes, we have documentation with the versions mention in Q# 34 Answers.NAThe Awardee will be granted access to the Exhibits 6 through 15 systems/data.What is the current size of each database and data volume?NADuplicate see Q# 32 Answers52Page 6 of 12

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#54Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)QuestionsAnswersWhat type of data will be migrated from the mentioned systems (setup,transactional, etc.)?NADuplicate see Q# 32 AnswersIf transactional data is to be migrated, how many years should be considered?NAPlease refer rements ‐ Migration & Integrat'n Reqtab and RQM‐ID ‐ "MI‐008".Do we have attachments that need to be migrated into CAFM 2.0? If yes, whatare the different types of attachments?NAPlease see Q# 32 Answers.5556For attachment types, please see 'Exhibit‐05‐TRIRIGA‐Data.xlsx' worksheets [3.Documents]Is it safe to assume JCC will Manage the User Acceptance Testing and createthe required test cases as per JCC’s plan?NAThe Contractor shall produce the User Acceptance Testing Scripts. Please see the Statementof Work, Section J Testing Services, Table 8. The Contractor is responsible for "Develop UATScripts" and the Council is responsible for "Execute UAT". The reason for the Contractordeveloping the UAT scripts is that this assignment would probably lengthen the projectschedule if performed by Council staff. This is a lessons learned from past projects.The training environment listed on pg 5 of the SOW should be done with JCC’sdesign and data. The recommendation would be to use SaaS Dev or TEST/QAenvironment for training. Would this be acceptable?Statement of Work Pg. 5Yes5960Can the vendor execute the project with an Onshore and Offshore deliverymodel with Travel to Onsite as needed?NANo61How important is mobile enablement for the current CAFM 1.0 use cases orVFA’s functionality?NAMobile enablement is a requirement, yet lower priority, to the current CAFM 1.0 or VFAfunctionality. Improved mobile enablement is a requirement for CAFM 2.0.What is the current JCC’s incident management process and SLA’s for Firstresponse and resolution?NAPlease see 'Attachment 2: D63Judicial Council’s Master Agreement.docx', irements.xlsx' and .xlsx' for Service Level requirements as they are aligned with the current JCC'sService Level standards.In the call last Thursday, there was mention that you were not using mobile.Would there be any interest in seeing how mobile could benefit youroperation?N/A – GeneralWhat number of customizations have been made in the JCC’s TRIRIGAenvironment?RFP – Page 2 – Section 1.1.b586263Please see the 'JCC CAFM Incident Process.pdf'The Council is interested in seeing the usage of mobile on the TRIRIGA UXframework/applications. It is low priority to see the tetherless client, a la the formerTRIRIGA Anywhere product.64Page 7 of 12Please see 'RFP‐FS‐2021‐11‐AL‐JCC CAFM 1.0 Customized Objects.xlsx'

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)QuestionsWhat is the availability and type of detail of system developmentdocumentation? EG: Functional, technical design, Change logsRFP – Page 2 – Section 1.1.b65AnswersPlease see irements.xlsx' [Introduction] worksheetand other worksheets designated as 'Req Type' "Business". Each of the Businessrequirements worksheets are designated with 'Functionality Requirements' "ExistingFunctionality" or "Existing Functionality‐Enhancement" or "New Requirement".Any CAFM 1.0 "Existing Functionality" system development documentation can be madeavailable to the Awardee.Please see Q# 64 Answers for more information.How many existing integrations are currently in use? Is there a middleware forthe integrations?RFP – Page 2 – Section 1.1.d6667Please refer to IBM's Websphere for TRIRIGA documentation, and Microsoft's Azure ActiveDirectory for TRIRIGA documentation for middleware integration.How many Assets (building equipment) and Asset Specifications are maintainedin the current TRIRIGA system?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements – AssetManagement tab16320 active building equipment assetsIs the JCC using the existing Self Help Request class available OOB?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Maintenance ManagementYesWhat’s the amount of configuration made to the Self‐Help Portal functionality?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Maintenance ManagementApproximate 50% of configuration made to the Self‐Help Portal functionality.What is the source of Metadata such as People, Location, Geography,Organization and Asset? Are integrations with source systems outside TRIRIGArequired?GeneralThe source data is manually entered by CAFM Users into the CAFM system.Does the JCC have any preferred solution for Service Request?Generalwhat project management tool does JCC use?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Project Management697071Please see Q# 30 AnswersFor AD integration with SiteMinder, the source data is JCC AD, TRIRIGA login ID are manuallyentered, using the JCC AD source data.Please see Q#16, 22 and 32 AnswersJCC's chosen ITSM tool is ServiceNow(R) and is currently in‐place.72Project Management, which we understand to mean management of capitaland/or construction projects within the JCC’s real estate and facilitiesmanagement department.73The JCC depending on the division, departments and/or business unit utilizes one or moreproject management tools for example: Microsoft O365 Office suite Microsoft Project Microsoft Sharepoint etc.For TRIRIGA's project management component, please see the [DB Table Counts] worksheetin the 'RFP‐FS‐2021‐11‐AL‐JCC CAFM 1.0 Customized Objects.xlsx' file.Are there any external reporting/BI platforms such as SAP Analytics Cloud/BI?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Reporting and AnalyticsVFA (Accruent)JCC's CAFM 1.0 system does not have any external Business Intelligence (BI) technologiesintegrated. Although the JCC is looking at enterprise level BI technology and there ispotential at looking at CAFM 2.0/IWMS utilizing BI post the Phase 2 effort.Are there any SSO configurations enabled for TRIRIGA currently?GeneralDuplicate see Q# 16 Answers7678Page 8 of 12

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)QuestionsHow many Roles are required for the JCC to manage or access the system data?79What are all the expected clean‐up activities on the data coming from theFileMaker Pro databases/Access database/VFA database?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Security & Encrypt ’n ReqRFP – Page 4 – Section 2.080What would be the success criteria and KPIs for this implementation?RFP – Page 4 – Section 2.08182AnswersDuplicate see Q# 8 and 92 AnswersThe Awarded Implementor will be responsible for providing the data format requirementsand migration mapping into the CAFM 2.0/IWMS SaaS solution. The JCC will work with theImplementor who will be responsible for formatting/cleansing the data. The Implementorwill be responsible for migrations into the Saas solution. The JCC will be responsible fordecommissioning the FileMaker Pro databases/Access database/VFA database.All deliverables, quality, and timelines are the critical KPIs.Please refer Exhibit‐01‐Statement‐of‐Work ‐ Section M ‐ Post‐Implementation Support/FinalAcceptance for more information.Are all users accessing TRIRIGA via the classic user interface? Are TRIRIGAPerceptive Apps in use?RFP – General1) Yes (web view only, no UX/mobile). All Portals are custom.2) Perceptive Apps NOT in useWhat is the average number of active projects managed in the system?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Project ManagementExhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Maintenance Management –MM001Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements – AppTechnical Req – TR012774 active facility modification projects on averagePlease see Q# 64 Answers83What is the average number of service work orders submitted per month?848586878889Are there any IBM or third‐party mobile solutions currently in use with TRIRIGA(e.g., FieldFLEX, TRIRIGA Anywhere)?From January ‐ August of 2021, the average number of Service Work Orders per month is:8279. Of the 8279 Service Work Orders, 4393 have the Work Type of Planned Maintenance.There are NO IBM/third‐party mobile solutions or perceptive applications currently usedwith the JCC's on‐premise TRIRIGA environments. Internet browsers on mobile devices arecurrently used as oppose to mobile apps.What is budget for the phase1 of the project?GeneralCouncil is not providing budget information.In order to give the State the best value, will the JCC consider biddersleveraging a global delivery network for project delivery?Do new integrations need to be developed as part of theupgrade/implementation?If so, please list the systems to be integrated with and the type of data to besent (e.g.: financial, portfolio etc.)GeneralNoRFP – Page 2 – Section 1.1.dDuplicate see Q# 22 AnswersGeneral1630002323 8 26 2021‐RFP‐FS‐2021‐15‐AL.pdf, Page No: 6Council is not providing budget information.Please refer Exhibit‐01‐Statement‐of‐Work ‐ Page 5 for the timelines.What is budget for the phase 2 of the project?Is CA DOJ looking for some specific timelines for this project to be delivered?Are there any dependencies on other projects or applications for the deliveryof this project?There are dependencies if it’s not delivered on a specified timeline. JCC will end up paying anadditional cost for hosting the current system, VFA (Accruent) license, and SAP‐BusinessObject Enterprise license. JCC will have to pay for SaaS licensing, and maintenance, andsupport for the current system.90Migrating to the SaaS environment with all the requested deliverables is a high priority.Please see Q# 38 AnswersPage 9 of 12

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#91929394959697Date: 09/17/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONSQuestionsWhat is the current user authentication mechanism to TRIRIGA application(SSO or Native)? (Is the access management system being used forauthentication already)?How many users, security groups are currently configured in TRIRIGAapplication and what is the current process to manage application accessmanagement?What TRIRIGA licenses are maintained in the environments to be upgraded?Also,how many languages are configured in TRIRIGA?Please provide details of all customizations (modules‐BO’s, forms, reports andworkflows customized)Is there documentation available for technical details of customization andrelated functional use cases?Please provide details of the existing system (application integrations) anddeployment architecture (i.e. Architecture diagram covering Cluster setup,Process Servers, Report Servers, JVMs etc.)Please indicate the size of existing TRIRIGA application (Production) databaseRFP Reference(Document and‐Technical‐Requirements, l‐Requirements, SEC‐003Exhibit‐0

Sep 17, 2021 · server. Please see Q# 16 Answers 31 Is there any outbound integration feed/api etc, this might include any data out of the CAFM system to external systems , like payment feed to Finance system? General Yes, there is an automated outbound integration