RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#1018Date: 09/24/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONS(Set 2 of 2)QuestionsHow many technician users do you anticipate having when thenew system goes live? How many of these will be mobile.Do members ID’s correlate with people ID’s in TRIRIGA? In whatsystem does the master people data reside, if applicable?26Does this mean the contractor will drive the Change Managementactivities as well as define the CM program approach?53Does the current server or the Network where these 11 systemsare hosted have any data transfer limitations we need to consider?RFP Reference(Document ‐AL‐IWMS‐RFP‐Document.pdf, 1.2, page 3Alert Casts & MembersFileMaker Pro database (SeeExhibit 7: FileMaker ProDatabase: Alert Casts &Members).Exhibit 1: Statement of Work,Section C.12NA30 to 90 users all which will need mobile which might be accomplished with theUX applications configured for mobile devices.AlertCast List Member IDs do not correlate with People Record IDs. However,some members in the AlertCast list is also a user in CAFM. AlertCast ListMember is curently reside FilemakerPro DatabaseFor the "Organizational Change Management Strategy", the contractor will leadin terms of providing a structured approach. The Change Management Plandeveloped by the contractor and subject to review/approval by the Council willfurther describe areas led by the contractor and by the Council. For example, aChange Management Plan could show the contractor leading the "Analysis ofImpact on Software Users". The Council could (should) be responsible forsending out communication.The data transfer limitations to consider for JCC's CAFM/TRIRIGA on‐premiseProduction system are ftp speed constraint of 3.69 G/per hour or up to 90G perday.There are no limitations for FileMaker and Access/evision systems. There aren'tany internet bandwidth constraints for VFA per the most recent Agreement #17.57What is the current state of all of the external 11 system’s relateddata, and where is it located? Are there any known data issuesthat need to be rectified/remediated before the migrationactivities?NAPlease see Q# 32 Answers.All FileMaker applications and the Access/evision application are located (SanFrancisco, CA ‐ JCC datacenter)The VFA application location query from the JCC to the vendor did not providein time for JCC's formal response; it is a third party software, which the JCC doesnot have access to the datacenter.68How many Job Plans/PM records are we expecting to manage inthe TRIRIGA system?74Does JCC have the data setup for the FCA module includingInspection Requests for the building systems and Assets?75Are there any Lease data managed in the current TRIRIGA system?If yes, how many Leases are managed?Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements – AssetManagement tabExhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements –Project Management – PM 003Exhibit‐01a‐Business andTechnical Requirements – RE &Property PortfolioPage 1 of 6The Awardee will be provided with any information regarding open supportrequest for remediation that the JCC has with the software OEM prior tomigration activities.On average about 35000 Job Plans and 91000 PM SWOs in planned status as ofSeptember 23rd, 2021.JCC have data to migrate to FCA module from VFA application, howeverinspection request is currently not setup for building systems and assets.Yes and currently 404 active Accounts Payable leases are being managed.

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/24/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONS(Set 2 of 2)QuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Answers77How the Site/Building/Floor/Spaces are created in Tririgacurrently? Does the JCC use CAD Integrator to create spaces inTRIRIGA?General120For the Non‐Cost portion of the response, is the Judicial Council ofCalifornia expecting all the relevant certificates, exhibits andattachments to be embedded in Response Template in Exhibit‐04‐Proposer‐Response‐Template?Do we need to submit proof of good standing in California duringRFP phase or can it be submitted later during contract phase?Functionality requirements are categorized in three types, canmore detail be provided on the differences between ExistingFunctionality, Exiting Functionality – New Enhancement, NewFunctionality type and their scope? e.g. For Existing FunctionalityRequirement, is any other action to be performed by the TRIRIGAImplementation team or Post upgrade, only we are supposed tomake sure that existing functionality is working as Document Section 7.2.1 PageNo: t Section 8 Page No: uirements AssetManagement Tab Column B [Functionality Requirement]Proof that the Contractor is in good standing in California must be included inthe non‐cost portion of the proposal.Yes, your observations is correct. The Council needs the existing functionality tocontinue to work as expected.123Can Read‐Only access to the current TRIRIGA dev or demoenvironments be provided to check the complexity for converting68 Crystal reports to BIRT during application ements Reports AndQueries TabBidders who have been approved for CAFM STAGE access during 9/22 ‐10/5/2021, will be provided access to run Crystal Reports from the front endwhich should provide sufficient view/insight of the component in use.1241. There are some Queries/Reports that are prefixed with “tri”which should be an Out of the Box Report but the result seemscontradictory. Should queries prefixed with “copy of” shouldthese be considered as Custom Reports?2. There is a query prefixed with “*” ‐ what response is expectedfor this ents Reports AndQueries Tab121122The Site/Building/Floor records are typically manually created in CAFM. This isacceptable as only a handful of new courthouses or buildings would be createdin a typical year. Spaces are not currently created. The CAD Integrator is notused for creating Spaces in TRIRIGA currently.All relevant Non‐Cost response attachment (e.g. certificates, exhibits, etc.) canbe sent as separate files (preferred *.pdf format and *.zip for multiple files), andreferences in the Please see Q# 49 Answers.Answer 1. The [3. ReportsAndQueries] worksheet purpose (in the xlsx' file) is to provide additional in site to usageinformation 'Access w/in 6 months (Jan21‐Jun21)' column, to queries, reports,and BOE Crystal Report/BIRT; and the 'ID' columns should correlate back to the[1. Crystal ConvertToBIRT] worksheet. All reports in the [3. ReportsAndQueries]worksheet, should be considered altered/custom.Answer 2. The '*aocSupport Tickets ‐ Project Administration Tool ‐ ActiveSupport Tix Management ‐ Editable', was a query built to address CAFM relatedincident support tickets. This can be omitted for a response.Page 2 of 6

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/24/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONS(Set 2 of 2)QuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Answers125As an IT services provider, we are not subject to sales and use taxin the State of California. Hence, the certificates below might notapply to us. We are certified with the California Secretary of Stateto do business in the state of California and can provide acertificate for this. Can the State clarify if the following permitsand registrations are mandatory for this RFP?(a) a California seller’s permit issued under Revenue and TaxationCode section 6066 et seq. or(b) a certificate of registration issued under Revenue and TaxationCode section ment Section 8.1.A PageNo: 11If the referenced certificates are not applicable to your firm, please state so on awritten document included with the other required certifications in your firm'snon‐cost portion of the proposal.126How many touch points are there for integrations between thesolution each external application?Does managed services need to be included in the estimate? If so,for what?In the Pre‐Proposal meeting there was mention that you were notusing mobile. Would there be any interest in seeing how mobilecould benefit your operation?Exhibit 01‐a,TR‐14,TR‐15Please see Q# 105 Answers.Exhibit 01‐cYes, to meet the Exhibit‐01c‐Managed‐Services‐Requirements. The awardee willprovide managed services to maintain the SaaS environments.The Council is expecting to see the UX Framework/Applications support ourmobile clients. There is a little bit of interest in the tetherless mobile client.Time is perhaps better spent on building appealing UX Applications for thesmart phone that will have the widest impact. The tetherless mobile clientwould only benefit a small number of users that work for our vendors.Can resources be utilized from outside the U.S.?What type of data and how many records of each type arecontained in the nine (9) FileMaker Pro Databases that must bemigrated?What type of data and how many records of each type arecontained in the one (1) eVision Access database that must bemigrated?What type of data (i.e., estimates for repairing/replacing buildingequipment, estimate for potential project for repairing/replacingall building equipment in a building, etc.), and how many recordsof each type are contained in the one (1) VFA Facility CapitalForecasting database that must be migrated?GeneralRFP Document, Section 1.0, 1.1,d). Page 2No.Duplicate see Q# 32 AnswersRFP Document, Section 1.0, 1.1,d). Page 2Duplicate see Q# 32 AnswersRFP Document, Section 1.0, 1.1,d). Page 2Here is a count of all records based on category of the type of repair:Accessibility 789, Air and Water Quality 145, Appearance 639, Asbestos 28,Beyond Useful Life 49055, Building Code 611, Capacity/Design 348, CodeCompliance 58, Energy 177, Environmental 59, Functionality 23012,Grandfathered Code 226, Integrity 1127, Lead 2, Life Safety 1089, Maintenance281, Miscellaneous 56, Mission 81, Modernization 217, Obsolescence 72,Operations 145, Plant Adaption 59, Reliability 1183, Security 272, Uncategorized354. Please reference Exhibit 6: VFA Facility Data for data migration information133Does the data needed to be migrated contain documents?Yes134What type and how much historical data needs to be migrated?RFP Document, Section 1.0, 1.1,d). Page 2RFP Document, Section 2.0, C.Page 4127128129130131132GeneralPage 3 of 6Duplicate see Q# 32 Answers

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/24/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONS(Set 2 of 2)QuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Answers135How is the 5% Small Business Preference allocated?RFP Document, Section 14.0,Page 16136In Exhibit 4, Proposal Response Template, section 6.1.1, Statementof Work Overview (Exhibit 1, 2.0), calls for offerors to “provide arecommended approach and a Project Schedule (i.e., projecttimeline in Gantt or WBS format) for implementation of theincluded Statement of Work (SOW).” However, unlike the othersections of Exhibit 4, there is no place designated for us to insertour response. Please clarify how and where we should provide ourresponse.Exhibit 4, Proposal ResponseTemplate, section 6.1.1,Statement of Work Overview(Exhibit 1, 2.0)If the Proposer receives the small business preference, the score assigned to itsproposal will be increased by an amount equal to 5% of the points assigned tothe highest‐scored proposal. If a DVBE incentive is also offered in connectionwith this solicitation, additional rules regarding the interaction between thesmall business preference and the DVBE incentive apply. For additionalinformation, see the Judicial Council’s Small Business Preference Procedures forthe Procurement of Information Technology Goods and Services.Please see Q# 120 Answers.In the x', you may uses thetemplate and provide a response below the appropriate sections, For example:'6.1 Statement of Work, Exhibit 1The Proposer must include its response to Exhibit 1.[Add your response under this section ]6.1.1 Statement of Work Overview (Exhibit 1, 2.0)The Proposer shall provide a recommended approach and a Project Schedule(i.e., project timeline in Gantt or WBS format) for implementation of theincluded Statement of Work (SOW). '[Add your response under this section ]It is preferred to see a Project timeline in both Gantt and WBS formats. This canbe provided as a separate *.mpp file or *.pdf file as a separate file attachmentinclude with the response submission and reference the file in the x'.137Can you please provide the current state architecture diagram?General138Is 24/7 postproduction support needed for help desk level 1, 2,and 3?General139Can a historical support ticket summary be shared for last 12months (e.g., volumes, categories, and priority levels)?How many resources currently support level 1, 2, and 3 activities?General140Duplicate see Q# 39 AnswersThe Awardee will be provided with any information (e.g. architecture diagramsof existing on‐premise environment on contract start date.Yes. Please refer ment and rements ‐ tab Service Level Req to meet theService Level Agreement.Yes. Please see 'RFP‐FS‐2021‐15‐AL‐CAFM Support‐from‐01‐01‐2020 metrics.xlsx'CCTC/SAIC manages the JCC data center, which governs the resourcesallocation.GeneralPlease refer the JCC‐CAFM‐Incident‐Process for the application support tier.CSC ‐ JCC Facilities Services (FS) Customer Support ‐ 7 StaffFMIS ‐ JCC Facilities Management Information Services ‐ 4 StaffJCIT ‐ Judicial Council Information Technology ‐ 5 Staff and 3 Vacant.Page 4 of 6

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/24/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONS(Set 2 of 2)QuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Answers141Are there any preferred tools for data modelling, scheduling, andautomation?General142RFP section 8.1(d) and (e) indicate that evidence of financialsolvency or stability is required in both Company Overview andFinancial Information as well as the Executive Summary. However,Exhibit‐04, Proposal Response Template, indicates that thisinformation is only required in section 3, Company Overview andFinancial Information and not in section 4, Executive Summary.Please clarify where we should respond to this requirement.RFP, Section 8.1 (d) and (e)Exhibit‐04, Proposal ResponseTemplate, section 3There are no preferred tools for data modelling as long as it can be easilyupdated and can output: Logical Data Model/schema diagram Physical Data Model/schema diagram(e.g. IDEF1X notation)and, there is no additional cost for software licenses.Exhibit‐04 provided a check list in order to assist vendors in ensuring alldocuments are provided in their responses. Please use the guidance in 8.1 andfollow that structure.143The RFP mentions there are 900 CAFM registered users currently.Please clarify if this remains the same for the new IBM SaaS modelas well. Do you foresee an increase or decrease to this userbase infuture?Based on the details provided in the RFP, we understand thescope for ongoing maintenance and operations support will be theIBM SaaS Tririga application, IBM Websphere and IBM DB2. Willthe rest of the applications (FileMaker Pro, VFA Db, Access Db,Oracle WebLogic,.) be decommissioned?Are there any specific monitoring tools currently used? If yes,please provide details.RFP, Section 1.2Duplicate see Q# 42 Answers.RFP, Section 1.2The Facilities Services will manage the user base based on added functionality ordemand to the CAFM 2.0 SaaS application.The JCC will be responsible for any decommissions (e.g. FileMaker Pro, VFA Db,Access Db, Oracle WebLogic,.) outside of the CAFM 2.0/IWMS SaaS solution(IBM TRIRIGA SaaS).144145146147Do you have any automation or RPA tools that are currentlyleveraged for Operations / Maintenance support? If yes, pleaseprovide details.What is your current ITSM tool used to log tickets? Are there anySLAs, if so, please provide details.Please see Q# 105 Answers regarding outbound messaging for monitoring.JCC's current Managed Services provider (CCTC/SAIC) utilizes Nimsoftmonitoring tool.NoGeneralGeneralGeneralJCC's chosen ITSM tool is ServiceNow(R) and is currently in‐place. Please Requirements ‐ tab Service Level Req and ment for SLAs.Assuming you're asking CAFM 1.0 application SLA's not for the ITSM tool.148Who is currently supporting Level 1 Service Desk requests?Current CCTC/SAIC SLA's (Datacenter)P1 – Resolve in 4hrs (regardless of day/night/weekend/holiday)P2 – Resolve in 8 hours (regardless of day/night/weekend/holiday)P3 – Resolve by next Business DayP4 – Resolved next Business Day or as prioritized (meaning if the team is triagingP1‐3 tickets, the P4 is going to wait)CCTC/SAIC and JCC manages the CAFM Production and Stage environments.GeneralPage 5 of 6

RFP-FS-2021-15-ALIntegrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) ProjectQ#Date: 09/24/2021ANSWERS TO SUBMITTED QUESTIONS(Set 2 of 2)QuestionsRFP Reference(Document &Page‐Section‐Item)Answers149What tools are being used for Level 1 support?General150Are infrastructure services out of scope for this RFP?General151The costing sheet requests for ongoing ‘Cost for Future upgrades’as part of the Costing sheet. Can you please provide a view on anyplanned upgrades in future years?Can you please share any additional middleware integrations thatwill be in scope for this opportunity?Is Level 1 support in scope for the Operations and Maintenance?Or is it only Level 2 and beyond?Exhibit‐03‐Cost‐Workbook ‐ 2.Maintenance & Operational Supt152153GeneralPhone, Email, ServiceNow and CAFM's SWO update request are the tools usedfor support.IBM will provide the infrastructure as part of the SaaS licenses.The awardee must meet the Exhibit‐01c‐Managed‐Services‐Requirements tomanage and support the SaaS environments.As this is SaaS, the Council will adhere to IBM TRIRIGA upgrade schedules.Please provide estimates according to that frequency.Other than IBM WebSphere for the CAFM 2.0/IWMS solution;Please see Q# 105 Answers.Yes, Level 1 and beyond for the Operations and Maintenance. Please Requirements ‐ tab Service Level Req forSLAs.GeneralEND OF QUESTIONS AND ANSWERSPage 6 of 6

Sep 24, 2021 · 53 Does the current server or the Network where these 11 systems are hosted have any data transfer limitations we need to consider? NA The data transfer limitations to consider for JCC's CAFM/TRIRIGA on‐premise Production system are ftp