TRUE PASSWORDLESS MFA Solve Your Desktop MFA Gap Eliminate Phishing & Password Reuse Save Thousands of Hours in Productivity

Welcome toThe Passwordless CompanyHYPR is the leader in Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication.The HYPR Cloud Platform makes it easy to eliminate passwords anddeliver lightning-fast login experiences that users love.With HYPR, businesses are finally able to stop phishing, reduce fraud, andenable unrivaled security for employees and customers across the globe.02 WELCOME TO THE PASSWORDLESS COMPANY

72M Capital Raised50M Users Deployed6 YearsBuilt by IAM Experts FromWELCOME TO THE PASSWRODLESS COMPANY 03

The Problem - Password-Based MFAHackers aren’t just trying to crack your passwords — they’re weaponizingmillions of known passwords against your users. Hackers attempt to findaccounts that reuse passwords across websites for Account Takeover(ATO) fraud. Thanks to passwords and shared secrets, large-scale attackslike credential stuffing and password spraying now make up a majority ofwebsite traffic. And despite millions invested in multi-factor authentication,businesses continue to rely on password-based MFA.What Are Shared Secrets?Passwords, PINs, 2-Factor SMS codes, One Time Passwords (OTP), even creditcard numbers. Any digital key posessed by both a user and a centralizeddatabase can be a shared secret. They are often the cause of large-scalebreaches, credential reuse, MFA bypass, phishing and replay attacks. 1.7BAccount Takeover(ATO) fraud costsdoubled since 2015 56%Amount of ConsumerBanking traffic aremalicious login attempts04 THE PROBLEM - PASSWORD-BASED MFAMFA AdoptionStagnated globally dueto the high friction ofpassword-based MFAPassword-Based MFA Excessive User Friction Hackers’ favorite target Credential Stuffing, Fraud, 2FA Phishing Gaps in Customer and Desktop MFA Adoption

The Solution - True Passwordless MFA HYPR is the first Authentication Platform designed to eliminate passwordsand shared secrets across the enterprise. HYPR is powered by advancedPublic-Key Cryptography deployed at scale across millions of users. Thisapproach removes the hackers’ primary target – forcing them to attack eachdevice individually while drastically increasing security.With True Passwordless MFA by HYPR, businesses can finally eliminatepassword reuse, fraud and phishing – all while providing a lightning-fastuser experience that’s easy to use and easy to deploy.Passwords are not security – theyare a vulnerability. The world needsto move beyond password-based300% Faster Loginthan Password-Based MFA99% Reductionauthentication. HYPR provides identityin Account Takeover Fraudauthentication without the passwords.True Passwordless MFAMichael ChristensonCOO, New RelicTrusted by the Global 2000True Passwordless MFA Lightning-Fast User Experience Replace Passwords with Public-Key Encryption Stop Credential Stuffing, Fraud and Phishing Solve Your Customer and Desktop MFA GapTHE SOLUTION - TRUE PASSWORDLESS MFA 05

True Passwordless MFAZero Trust Begins with Zero Passwords. And it’s made possible with True PasswordlessMFA by HYPR. Eliminate passwords across Windows, MacOS, and virtual desktops (VDI). Withbuilt-in support for your favorite Identity and Single Sign-On (SSO) providers, HYPR helps youextend passwordless authentication across your enterprise.Solve Your Desktop MFA GapAcross Windows, MacOS & VDIEliminate Phishing, Frictionand Password ReuseGo Passwordless AnywhereWith Offline Mode06 TRUE PASSWORDLESS MFA

ADFSAzure ADExperience 300% Faster Login SpeedsHYPR combines True Passwordless Authentication with a mobile-firstuser experience, enabling users to login more than 300% faster thanMobile & WebApplicationsVDI & VPNpassword-based MFA.Say Goodbye to Unlocked WorkstationsRemote Lock by HYPR enhances your passwordless workforce byFIDO2Windows HelloFIDO2 TokensYubikeyYubiKeyDESKTOP MFAWindows/Mac/Linuxmaking it faster and easier to lock your computer from anywhereusing your smartphone.Secure Mobile-Initiated AuthenticationHYPR is the first to enable passwordless login that begins on theAfter looking at countless authentication products, wedecided that the best way to address our cybersecuritymobile device. By initiating authentication on the mobile device,HYPR stops PUSH attacks before they happen.issues was HYPR’s passwordless MFA solution.”Joe KynionVP Information Technologu, First Citrus BankTRUE PASSWORDLESS MFA07

Zero Trust Needs Zero PasswordsPasswords have always protected the front door. So what do businessesdo when that front door is no longer under their control? They add layers ontop of the password – creating friction and forcing users to log in multipletimes throughout their day.That friction was tolerated when remote access was infrequently used by fewmembers of the workforce – but not anymore. True Passwordless MFA disruptsthat model – and replaces it with a remote login experience that is fast,consistent, and easy to use.After looking at countless authentication products, wedecided that the best way to address our cybersecurityissues was HYPR’s passwordless MFA solution.”Joe KynionVP Information Technologu, First Citrus Bank08 EXPERIENCE TRUE PASSWORDLESS REMOTE LOGIN

Achieve A Passwordless RemoteWorkforce in 3 Easy Steps1Solve Your Desktop MFA GapAccess should be fast and easy. HYPR secures Windows,MacOS and VDI workstations with True Passwordless MFA.2Secure Web & SSOStreamline passwordless experiences across web and mobileapps. HYPR plugs into your existing Identity Providers includingOkta, Azure AD, ForgeRock, Ping, and more.3Secure VPN & VDIGive users a passwordless VPN experience they will enjoy andadopt. HYPR makes access easier for them, and more securefor your organization wherever they are.SECURE YOUR REMOTE W EXPERIENCE TRUE PASSWORDLESS REMOTE LOGIN 09

True Passwordless Single Sign-OnNo Passwords, No PUSH Attacks.HYPR eliminates the need for passwords and multiple PUSHauthentication requests. With our advanced passwordless singlesign on your users achieve an unprecedented level of security andproductivity.The first step starts with True Passwordless Desktop MFA.HYPR’s patented mobile-initiated login prevents phishing andPUSH attacks that come with legacy MFA. Authentication is thenextended to your SSO.By combining HYPR with your SSO, users can log in more than300% faster than your current password-based MFA.10 TRUE PASSWORDLESS SINGLE SIGN-ON

Go Passwordless with Your Favorite IdPKeep your Identity Provider. HYPR’s native plugins accelerate your rollout of TruePasswordless MFA without displacing your existing IAM providers.Keep Your ExistingProviderSave 24 Hours a Year inWorkforce ProductivityUnify AuthenticationExperiencesStop Phishing &Credential ReuseYour organization invested a lotThe modern day employee wastesYour workforce is likely fumblingPhishing and credential stuffingof time, resources, and effort intoan average of 24 hours per yearwith your numerous MFA appsattacks exploit passwords andyour identity stack. We enablelogging into workstations. Improvespread across multiple identitytheir reuse. Instead of typingyou to put True Passwordlessworkforce productivity by shavingproviders with differentin passwords, enable yourMFA in front of your existingdown valuable time wasted onauthentication modalities. Unifyworkforce with lightning-speedsolutions so there’s no need forlegacy MFA apps and typing in long,your identity portals with apasswordless authenticationrip and replace. Our native pluginscomplex passwords.consistent passwordless logininitiated via mobile.are fully interoperable with yourexperience that’s easy to use andexisting identity infrastructure.easy to deploy.GO PASSWORDLESS WITH YOUR FAVOR IDP11

HYPR AppsDeploy True Passwordless MFA across your organization with your ownbranded mobile app. Deploy the lightweight mobile app to all of yourusers and eliminate passwords with the push of a button.Cross-Platform WorkstationLogin Across Windows & MacOSMobile-to-Web Authenticationwith FIDO2 and HTTPSThe First True PasswordlessOffline Mode12HYPR APP

The Only Mobile-InitiatedAuthenticationUser Experience Easy as 1-2-3Advanced Jailbreak andRoot DetectionProximity & Remote LockFully Customizable &Rapid DeploymentOne App. Any Identity Provider.Limitless Possibilities.Remote LockYour WorkstationPersonalized andBranded For Your TeamHYPR APP13

Desktop MFA ClientThe Desktop MFA Gap stops right here. By combining public-keyencryption with lightning-fast mobile-initiated authentication,the HYPR Desktop MFA Client enables passwordless MFA toworkstations through your mobile device.It’s FIDO-Certified. It’s Fast. It even works on Windows 7.Secure Physical, Virtual andRemote Desktop Login Deploy Across Windows 7, 8, 10, and MacOS Securely Pair Multiple Devices and User Profiles Secure Virtual Desktops (VDI) & Roaming User Login Use Your Favorite Security Key - Leverage FIDO Tokens,Smart Cards, YubiKey, Windows Hello, & Touch ID14 DESKTOP MFA CLIENT

FIDO Control CenterManage, provision, and deploy passwordless policies acrossmillions of users with the world’s first FIDO Control Center.Passwordless PolicyManagement Has Arrived Simple Policy Management for Complex Needs Real-Time User Analytics, Audit Logs, and Metrics Intuitive Admin Console Designed for Speed Fraud and Risk Engine Integration Geo-Location & Advanced Policy Management Fully API-driven and Extensible Log Management & SIEM Tools IntegrationFIDO CONTROL CENTER15

How It WorksSimply put, it’s like turning your smartphone into a smart card. Rather than storingpasswords and shared secrets inside the enterprise, HYPR replaces the use of passwordsand shared secrets with Public Key Cryptography and open standards such as FIDO2.HYPR eliminates passwords through the use of Public Key Encryption (PKE) whichdrastically reduces the attack vector. This involves using a pair of cryptographic keys: aprivate key that’s kept secret on the user’s device at the hardware-level, and a publickey that is stored on the Passwordless Cloud.16 HOW IT WORKS

The HYPR DifferenceTransform your Smartphoneinto a FIDO TokenSecure Workforce andCustomer ExperiencesEvolve your organization from a target that’s expensiveto defend, to an infrastructure that’s expensive toattack. HYPR is a FIDO-Certified platform powered byPublic-Key Cryptography and Open Standards.One platform. Any use case. Eliminate passwordsand shared secrets across all lines of business.True Passwordless Offline ModeRight Balance of UX and SecurityTrue passwordless offline mode is unique toHYPR, uses a decentralized PIN, and ensuresyour roaming workforce is safe wherever theyare. This unique approach is a prime example ofthe depth of expertise that goes into addressingedge cases to ensure passwordless adoptionacross the globe.These two disciplines have traditionally livedwithin their own silos. Today, the expanding digitallandscape calls for UX and security to combineinto a dynamic yet balanced whole. Use cases areconverging. People want to authenticate securelyand enjoy using products and services, at work andat home.Patented Mobile-Initiated AuthenticationNo Smartphone? No Problem.Enable passwordless login that begins on the mobiledevice to stop attacks before they happen includingPUSH attacks, man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks,replay attacks, and credential stuffing attacks.HYPR allows you to use any passwordlessauthenticator such as Windows Hello, Touch ID,and FIDO2 Tokens.THE HYPR DIFFERENCE17

Eliminate Passwords forCustomers and EmployeesAt HYPR, we designed a passwordless MFA platform to addressthe accelerated convergence of workforce and customer use cases.HYPR provides everything your organization needs to deliver TruePasswordless Security to customers, employees, partners, andcontractors.For modern CISOs, CIOs, security, IAM, and IT leaders across theorganization, the cost-benefit ratio is key. HYPR provides a unifiedpasswordless authentication platform for both workforce andcustomers which presents your organization a level of efficiency,cost savings, and ease of use that was previously unachievable.Do more with your authentication spend.18 ELIMINATE PASSWORDS FOR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES

A passwordless world is inevitable — and we want to help youget there quickly. Set your organization ahead from competitorswith best-of-breed authentication that goes beyond outdatedsecurity models and the status quo. With HYPR you can achievethe necessary balance between security and UX to propel yourorganization into a brighter future.Try HYPRfor FreeTodayFind out why leading enterprisesdeploy HYPR to eliminate passwords:www.HYPR.comELIMINATE PASSWORDS FOR CUSTOMERS AND EMPLOYEES19

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authentication requests. With our advanced passwordless single sign on your users achieve an unprecedented level of security and productivity. The first step starts with True Passwordless Desktop MFA. HYPR’s patented mobile-initiated login prevents phishing and PUSH attacks that come with legacy MFA. Auth