CLOUD SECURITY MARKET IS COMPLEX & INEFFICIENTCLOUD STORAGE IS BECOMING A COMMODITIZED PRODUCTCloud Storage is fast, efficient, cheap offers user mobility and convenienceCloud Storage market valued at 30B growing at 25% CAGRThe major vulnerability of Cloud Storage is SECURITYCLOUD SECURITY IS COMPLEX, EXPENSIVE AND INEFFECTIVECloud Security is complicated, expensive and incomplete confuses customers / usersCloud Security market is valued at 120B growing at 35% CAGR 300BCloud StorageCyber-Security 225BLOSSES DUE TO HACKS 750B AND GROWING AT 50% CAGR 150B 75BFor every 1 spent on Cloud Storage we spend 4 on Cyber-security 0BFor every 4 spent on Cyber-security we are still losing 25 to the hackers2013cryptyk.ioSTORAGE SECURITY is 150B p.a. opportunity201620191

CLOUD SECURITY IS A MULTI-FACETED PROBLEMFIVE MAJOR THREATS TO THE CLOUD24/7ExternalThreatsOperationalFailures / ptThreats / MIMDATA-IN-MOTION / USECURRENT SOLUTIONS OFFER INCOMPLETE PROTECTIONCASBCloud AccessSecurity BrokerEncryption TokenizationAnti-Virus Anti-SpywareRequires multiple independent vendorsComplex & Expensive when combinedCSGCloud SecurityGatewaycryptyk.ioFirewall ProxyAI ThreatMonitoringOnly reduces attack surface by 80-90%2

CRYPTYK IS THE COMPLETE CLOUD SOLUTIONCRYPTYK IS A DECENTRALIZED FILE STORAGE PLATFORM WITH BLOCKCHAIN AUDITINGHybrid platform that combines the advantages of two synergistic decentralized systems VAULT is a decentralized multi-cloud file storage& sharing platform with user-based encryption thatdramatically reduces the potential attack surfaceSENTRY is a decentralized blockchain platformfor auditing user access & tracking file sharing byleveraging a permanent, immutable ledgerDECENTRALIZED STORAGE & SHARINGDECENTRALIZED AUDITING & TRACKINGPASSIVELY IMMUNE TOMONITORS / PROTECTS AGAINSTCRYPTYK COUNTERS EACH OF THE FIVE MAJOR THREATS TO THE CLOUDcryptyk.com3

HOW IT WORKSVAULTFile UploadedVAULT: Files are first encrypted and spliced into ‘N’ separate fileportions or shards. Each shard is encrypted again and then storedacross N independent cloud storage providers. All N 1 encryptionkeys for each individual file are stored on the users personal deviceand an offline back-up server (in case of device loss).File Encrypted To breach just a single file an external hacker would need tosimultaneously breach N independent cloud providers and breakN 1 different encryption keys. Decryption of multiple files wouldtake years for even a quantum computer to solve. Large scalehacking of multiple users becomes impossible.Encrypted Filesplit into N ‘shards’ Use of a redundant ‘RAID-like’ storage architecture ensures thatuser access to authorized files is possible even if a major cloudstorage provider fails or is subject to a DDOS attack.1234Each shard isencrypted again5Dual encryptedshards stored on Nseparate providers If a virus is uploaded to VAULT the corrupted file cannot beexecuted because it exists in N different pieces and places.SENTRY: In principle an internal / surveillance threat (bad actor oremployee) might gain access to a users personal device andencryption key info. However, with integration of the SENTRYblockchain platform to verify, audit and track all user / device accessand file sharing, this is a highly traceable and risky proposition.CRYPTYK eliminates profit and adds risk for hackers.Audited record of File Key Sharing/ Permissions / Maps / HistoryID Verification / User Access User / Group PermissionsDevice Fingerprint / SecurityInfo Offline Key Back-upIInstead of trying to prevent security breaches, CRYPTYK ensures all stolen data is useless to hackerscryptyk.io4

FULLY TESTED PROTOTYPE PLATFORM3 MONTHS OF SECURITY TESTING BY 40 INVITED HACKERS 40 CUSTOMERS (CTO / CIO / CISO)Confirmed low latency performance ( 200 msec) passive immunity to external / viral / operational threatsPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TIMELINE IS FOR MARKET-READY ENTERPRISE PRODUCT BY Q1 2019cryptyk.io5

SECURITY STORAGE PRODUCT BUNDLESAAS FREE-TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION MODEL – VIRAL CUSTOMER ADOPTION VIA FILE SHARINGcryptyk.ioLITEPROENTERPRISEIndividual Free User(Vault only)1 - 100 Individual / SMB Users(Vault Sentry)100 Enterprise Users(Vault Sentry)1 GB Storage500 GB / User SENTRY1TB / User SENTRY PLUSAll of LITE, plus:All of PRO, plus:Sub-File Level DecentralizationAPI Integrations Suite / SDKHybrid Drive LinkTwo-level RSA User EncryptionFile-level Access PermissionsShadow Data Analysis / Full AuditMultiple Vendor RedundancyFile Watermarking & VersioningFile Tracking & Monitoring18 Factor Device FingerprintingFile History / Logging / AuditingNetwork Admin, Security ControlEncrypted UN, PW, Hashes, KeysGroup Admin, Migration, Back-upData Leak Prevention (DLP)Secure 2FA File Sharing via SMSMFA / Time Sensitive File SharingConfigurable GeofencingCold Storage Back-up of all KeysOnline Document Editing / SigningIndustry Specific Compliance / GRCFile Preview (PDF, Images only)File Preview (all file types)Network/ Group / User/ File AI ToolsWeb-based User InterfaceWeb, Desktop Client, Mobile SyncRemote Wipe & QuarantiningAPI for PW Managers / Digital WalletEncrypted Email, Chat & MessagingMobile User Tracking & AnalysisFREE 15 / USER / MONTH 30 / USER/ MONTH6

THE CYBER SECURITY ECOSYSTEMWe are building an entire ecosystem of likemindedcustomers, developers, users, and investors, that willcollectively create, augment, and operate the world’smost secure cloud storage and file sharing platform.CRYPTYK PLATFORMCOMMUNITYCRYPTYKINC.CRYPTYKFOUNDATION3RD PARTYDEVELOPERSSMBCUSTOMERSPRODUCTAt the heart of this ecosystem is our digital token, theCryptyk Token (CTK). These CTKs power the entireplatform by:1Supplying the fuel for the purchase and use ofCryptyk products.2Funding the development of the platform byCryptyk Inc.3Offering incentives for 3rd party developer andalliance partners through the Cryptyk Foundation.The CRYPTYK ecosystem is designed for high productutility that drives inevitable price increases in CTK valueover the long term, scaling directly with increasingcustomer adoption.INVESTORScryptyk.io7

COMPETITIVE ANALYSISCRYPTYK OFFERS MORE SIMPLICITY, SECURITY, PERFORMANCE AND COST-EFFICIENCYPRODUCT FEATUREBlockchain-onlyFile Storage(eg: Amazon Netskope)(eg: Sia, Storj, Filecoin)Relative Attack Surfacefor hacker breach 0.01%10%1%Number of Vendors12-31File Access Latency 200 msec 200 msec 20 secYes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No No Yes No Yes Suitable for EnterpriseYes Yes No Suitable for ConsumersYes No Yes PRICE 15 - 30 /user/month 40 - 60 /user/month 5 - 10 /user/monthSecure Data-in-Use,Live Editing, Chat, AppsThreat Analysis, DLP,User AuditingFile Tracking,Geofence, ComplianceRedundant Storage Formatfor 24/7/365cryptyk.ioConventional EnterpriseSecurity Storage Bundle8

GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGYAQUIRE US BASEDALLIANCE PARTNERSTARGET ENTERPRISEMARKET NICHESEnterpriseCustomersEXPAND SALES STRATEGYTO OTHER MARKETS1TB Vault Sentry( 30 / user / month)Issue Cryptyk Tokens to acquire alliancepartners for initial trial adoption programFINANCEINSURANCELEGALFINRANAISPCI DSSGrow enterprise sales via hi-value marketniches in regulated & compliant industriesMEDIAMILITARYUTILITIESFile Sharingwith ClientsEnterprise-brandedfree VAULT accountsCustomers ofEnterprisesExpand sales via new market verticals viral adoption by SMB & ConsumersPRIMARY MARKET FOCUS IS (A) ENTERPRISE MARKET AUTOMATIC VIRAL PENETRATION OF (B) AND (C)1GB Vault(Free)Total Cloud Security and Storage Market 500BUpgradeFree Paid 375B2% upgrade to500GB SENTRYIndividual / SMBCustomers 250B 125B 0B2017cryptyk.io500GB Vault Sentry( 15 / user / month)201820192020202120229

CRYPTYK TOKEN SALE (CTK)(1) Create initial CTK user base via private public rounds in Token Sale (Feb - Aug 2018)(2) List on international crypto-currency / token exchanges (Sept – Dec 2018)(CTK) TOKEN SALE TERMSMaximum raise capped at 25M over 2 rounds- funding for Product and Business Development(3) Distribute CTKs to alliance partners / developers for 3 month product trial (Mar 2019)250 Mil CTKs for Cryptyk Inc. Shareholders Pool(4) Release security and storage products for enterprise customers (June 2019)- with 4 year vesting period for founders team(5) Organic customer acquisition results in CTK value growth for all participants250 Mil CTKs for non-profit Cryptyk Foundation Pool- distributed to Alliance Partners / Customersand Open Source developers over 4 years250 Mil CTKs for Token Sale Investor Pool33.3%33.3%250M CTKs250M CTKs- for immediate trading on crypto-exchangesCTK tokens purchased in USD, ETH or BTC33.3%Feb 8, 2018 : Private Pre-sale Round @ 10 cents250M CTKs( 5k min)July 18, 2018 : Public-sale Round @ 12.5 centsCryptyk Inc. Pool (retained by Cryptyk Inc. Shareholders)Cryptyk Foundation Pool (alliances, miners, developers, R&D)cryptyk.ioInvestor Pool sold via Token Sale (tradeable on exchanges)( 250 min)10

ICO SCHEDULEFebruary 1610% BonusPeriod EndsFebruary 8Pre-Sale RoundLaunchcryptyk.ioAugust 35% BonusPeriod EndsJuly 18Public SaleLaunchJuly 6Pre-Sale RoundClosesJuly 2310% BonusPeriod EndsAugust 31Public SaleCloses11

TEAM, BOARD & ADVISORSDr. Adam WeigoldCEO & ChairmanRaghu KothaCTODennis McMastersChief ArchitectLuke LombeCMOIndra SinghalCOO & DirectorDr. Daniel FloreaniEnterprise SolutionsMihkel TrinkPlatform DevelopmentQuantum Physicist,Startup Veteran,6 Startups: 1 IPO,2 Public AcquisitionsWhite-hat Hacker,Cyber-Security andBlockchain Expert,former SVB, Bell LabsAutomation Expert,Platform Architect,“the guy whoautomated the NYSE”Bus. Dev./ Marketing,Strategy Consultant,Event Manager,2 TEDx talksSeasoned SiliconValley COO / Director,Venture Capitalist,Startup MentorComputer Scientist,Research Fellow,Enterprise Architect,former Cisco SystemsNetwork Architect,Systems Manager,Software Developer,former EricssonCorporate lawyer,M&A expert, formerExecutive Director atMorgan StanleyIan ScarffeBlockchain /.ICO expertDr. Saed MufticBlockchain TechnologistRobert BenderFintech SpecialistMichael KapilkovCrypto-StrategistJae KimICO Marketing ExpertAly MadhavjiICO Expert and AuthorBradley RotterCrypto / Cyber ExpertProf. Erich WeigoldFoundation GovernanceBitcoin, Blockchain,ICO Luminary. RatedTop 10 BlockchainExpert on ICOBenchComputer Scientist,CEO of BlockchainInformation ExchangeSecurity (BIX)Financial SecuritySpecialist, CTO ofFounders FederalCredit UnionCrypto-CurrencyExpert & StrategistFounder of Healthiand AltcoinzICO Consultant /Strategist, KoreanCrypto-adviser,Cubeint, CedexICO Expert / AdviserBlockchain Author,Crypto-investor,Founder Global DCXHedge Fund Pioneer,Crypto-Evangelist,Cyber-Advser, ViceChairman RivetzWorld RenownedQuantum Physicist,Humboldt Prize,Lyle Medal, A.O.cryptyk.ioJennifer PengDirector & Investor12

The Cryptyk Token is the new digital currencyfor cyber-security and storage Pre-Sale round (min US 5k / 10 cents) opens Thurs February 8, 2018 Public round (min US 250 / 12.5 cents) opens Wed July 18,

Cloud Storage is fast, efficient, cheap offers usermobility and convenience Cloud Storage market valued at 30B growing at 25% CAGR The major vulnerability of Cloud Storage is SECURITY Cloud Security is complicated, expensive and incomplete confusescustomers / users Cloud Security market is