COSTARS-EXCLUSIVECONTRACTSCOSTARS-1 Copiers, Document Imaging and Multifunction DevicesSingle-function Copiers, Printers, Scanners and Fax Machines Multifunction Devices (MFDs) 3-D Copiers/Printers Accessories and/orOptional Features including but not limited to hole punch unit, additional paperdrawers, mailboxes, saddle-stitch finisher, fax board, scan system, wireless LANand antenna, coin controller, software and software maintenance/upgrades Consumable Supplies including but not limited to staples, fuser, developer, tonerand/or cartridges (new and recycled) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Maintenance and Repair.COSTARS-3 IT HardwareDesktop Computers, Monitors, and Printers Laptops/Notebooks andPersonal Computing Devices Peripherals and Networking Gear BarcodeEquipment for Scanning and Printing Servers and Data Storage Itemsto Support Multimedia Communications and LANs Data CommunicationEquipment (Computer-to-Computer) Data Center Equipment/Appliances –equipment and/or furniture sold as an integral part of an IT project including but notlimited to racks, cabinets, cages, UPS, rails, shelves, doors, patch panels, etc.This contract specifically excludes the following items: Information Technology Services, WirelessDevices, Fixed and Mobile Telephone Systems and Surveillance, Security or Fire Systems Equipment.COSTARS-4 Office, School and Library SuppliesIndustry Standard General Office Supplies Paper School Supplies Toner Cartridges (including remanufactured) Library Books or Print Materialssuch as domestic and foreign publications, textbooks, books in print, books outof-print, pre-bound books, Braille books, rare books, legal books and materials,medical books, academic books, encyclopedias, continuations, blanket orders,ephemeral publications, pamphlets (bound and unbound), government documents,musical scores, and sheet music Library Non-Print Materials such as abridgedand unabridged books on tape, microfilm, microfiche, microcards, microprint,filmstrips, slides, DVDs (i.e. motion pictures, videos), audio cassettes, compactdisks, laser disks, CD–ROMs (excluding online services), and audio visual materials Library Supplies.Items specifically excluded from this contract are furniture, software (except for library services butno maintaining, license or subscriptions), computers, electric computer peripherals, fax machines,multifunctional print devices (except for library services only portable machines), audio-visualequipment and janitorial supplies.COSTARS-5 Janitorial SuppliesCleaning Supplies and Chemicals Commercial and Industrial Floor Mats Deodorizer/Odor Conteractant Dilution Control Systems Floor CareMachines Floor Finisher and Remover (supplies and chemicals) Industrial Cleaning Equipment and Accessories (supplies and chemicals) Janitorial Paper Products Specialized Floor Cleaning Equipment Rental Trashliners Vacuums and Accessories (excludes central vacuum systems).2

COSTARS-6 SoftwareSoftware (also known in the industry as “shrink wrap” software, downloadablesoftware, on-premise software and on-premise software as a subscription)including but not limited to: application software, business processes software,communication software, educational software, firewall and security software,firmware software, imaging software, language software, network software,on-site data management software, system software, and volume licensingof software products Telephone Support Services during normal businesshours including skilled technical assistance, to support installation andoperation of the software Subscription Services including periodic updates,corrections, fixes and enhancements to the software Maintenance includingcorrections of defects in the software, so that the software performs thefunctions described in the software’s manuals and documentation.This contract specifically excludes all supplier hosted and cloud hosted solutions. Supplier or cloudhosted solutions are included on Commonwealth IT Services Invitation to Qualify Contract Categories,ITQ -26 Modifiable Off The Shelf (MOTS) Software as Service (SaaS), ITQ- 27 Software DevelopmentServices and ITQ-28 Subscription Based Web Application Services or Software as a Service(SaaS).COSTARS-7 FoodsFrozen Foods such as appetizers, bakery, breakfast foods, desserts, fruit,vegetables, meats, seafood, dinners & meals, pizza, potatoes, soups,sandwiches, ice cream Non-Perishable Foods such as canned and driedproducts, baking, spices Perishable Foods such as produce, meat, poultry,fish, dairy products Eggs and Egg Products such as whole eggs, frozen,refrigerated liquid, dried and specialty egg products Beverages (Nonalcoholic) such as water, coffee & tea, juice, soft drinks, sports & energy drinks,powdered drink mixes, milk & cream.COSTARS-8 Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) Equipment,Supplies and ServicesBuilding Supplies & Materials such as lumber, drywall, insulation, windows,cabinetry, brick, concrete blocks, metal frames, doors Electrical Supplies Flooring Materials such as carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl GeneralHardware Hand & Power Tools HVAC Equipment, Parts & Accessories HVAC Filters Industrial Plumbing Supplies Lamps and Ballasts LEDLighting Fixtures, Bulbs & Accessories Material Handling Equipment& Supplies including Warehouse Machinery & Attachments such as casters& wheels, chain hoists, conveyors, forklifts, hand & utility trucks, pallet jacks,rolling ladders, loading dock equipment, rack systems, rope & reels, shelving,industrial storage bins & containers, winches Metalworking Machinery Motors and Power Transmission Outdoor Tools Paint and PaintingSupplies Pneumatic Equipment & Components Pumps and PlumbingSupplies Roofing Supplies & Materials such as shingles, tiles, slate, spudbar, power roof cutter, roof hatchet, shovels, tar paper Safety Equipment& Supplies such as fire extinguishers, gloves, hard hats, harnesses, floormatting, disposable respirators, smoke detectors, sorbents & spill control Security Products such as access control, crowd control barriers, doors anddoor hardware, fencing, garage doors & openers, gates, key control, locks,metal detectors, safes.Continued on page 43

COSTARS-8 Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) Equipment,Supplies and Services cont. Test Equipment, Instruments & Replacement Parts or Accessories Weatherization Supplies & Materials such as replacement windows,replacement doors, weather stripping, insulation, vinyl windows, replacementexterior doors, storm windows, storm doors, spray foam, caulking, sealants Building and Roof Inspection Consulting Services Design, Draftingand Surveying Services Drain Cleaning, Clearing and Inspection Regulatory Inspection Services Asbestos, Indoor Air Quality, LeadPaint, Mold, Bacteria and Legionella Testing Backflow Testing Equipment Calibration Services Forklift, Generator, Machinery andPump Repair Overhead or Hangar Door Inspection and Certification Window and Glass Replacement Preventative Maintenance and Repair(not to include replacement of equipment or systems).This contract may not be used to purchase initial equipment for installation in new construction.Construction/heavy duty type power equipment or machinery is specifically excluded from thiscontract, but is available from a COSTARS-participating statewide contract.COSTARS-9 Graphic & Printing Services, Equipment and SuppliesCarbonless/Carbon Forms Printing Commercial Print Graphic andWeb Design Services¹ Mailing Services Printing Services Quick CopyServices Security Documents/Printing & Storage Silk Screening Print Finishing Equipment and Accessories² such as color viewing booths,computer-to-plate devices, contract proofers, film processors, imagesetters,plate makers and punches, envelope and offset presses Bindery Equipmentand Accessories such as booklet makers, collators, comb and coil bindingsystems, cutters, folders, laminators, paper banding machines, counters,drills, joggers and shredders, padding machines, perfect binders, perforators,pressure sealers, slitters, stitchers, shrink wrappers, strapping machines,tabbing equipment and tape binders Print Finishing and Bindery Supplies.¹ Maintaining or installing software including without limitation pre-existing and newly developedsoftware in conjunction with web design services is specifically excluded from this contract.² Copiers, printers, multi-function devices, and IT Hardware not used for digital or offset printingprocesses are specifically excluded from this contract, but are available from COSTARS-1 andCOSTARS-3 respectively.COSTARS-11 ToiletriesCondoms Feminine Products Hair Care Products Miscellaneousnon-prescription (over the counter) items Optical Hygiene Products OralHygiene Products Shaving Products Skin Care Products.COSTARS-12 Emergency Responder Equipment and SuppliesAmmunition (contractor shall possess a state and federal firearms license) Breathing Systems such as air-line respirators and accessories, air-purifyingrespirators and accessories, self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) andaccessories Cleaning Equipment and Supplies such as absorbent, airand surface disinfectant, biohazard control supplies, containers and drums,decontamination showers, tents and accessories, hazardous materials handlingsupplies, hand sanitizer, wash and wipes Communications Equipment suchas air horns, helmet communication systems, intercom systems, megaphones.Continued on page 54

COSTARS-12 Emergency Responder Equipment and Supplies cont. Emergency Medical Equipment and Supplies such as airway managementsupplies, antiseptics, bandages, burn management supplies, first aid supplies,ointments, solutions, sterile dressings, tapes, triage supplies, blood pressurecuffs (sphygmomanometers), laryngoscopes, stethoscopes, backboards,cervical collars, CPR boards, head immobilization devices, patient restraints,sandbags, straps, cots, evacuation baskets, litters, stair chairs, stretchersand accessories, defibrillators, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) andaccessories¹, oxygen cylinders, regulators and related supplies² EmergencyWarning Lights, Lightbars and Sirens Fire Hose, Nozzles, Appliances,Adapters and Accessories such as caps, dry hydrants, elbows, fire hose,gate, intake and manifold valves, hose reels and storage, spannersand wrenches Fire Suppression Equipment and Supplies such asextinguishers, foam, foam hardware, pumps Firefighting and RescueEquipment, Tools and Supplies such as air bags, jaws and struts, flotationdevices – buoys, jackets and vests, gas detection equipment and accessories,hand tools, tool holsters and belts, ladders, thermal imaging cameras andaccessories, ventilation blowers, fans and saws Generators and Lightingsuch as batteries, bulbs and extension cords, flashlights, hand lampsand accessories, generators, portable utility lighting Law EnforcementEquipment and Supplies³ such as alcohol detection kits, ballistic and riothelmets and shields, batons, pepper spray and other less-than-lethal munitions,body armor, cuffs, restraints and accessories, duty gear, finger printing supplies Medical Examiner Equipment and Supplies such as cadaver bags andsheets, table accessories - saws, scissors, needles, scalpels, forceps, blades,trays, chisels, hammers, probes, etc., disposable shoe covers, clothing, facemasks, face shield, hair nets, safety glasses, etc., scales, hazardous protectivekits and biohazard bags, walk-in cooler/refrigerator, stretchers/carriers Miscellaneous Supplies such as badges and holders, backpacks, bags andcases, clipboards and forms holders, lockers and racks, maintenance suppliesfor fire, rescue, and ambulance vehicles, including but not limited to batteries,belts, bulbs, fluids and hoses, but excluding vehicle filters and tires⁴, trainingaids Personal Protective Equipment such as fall protection (descenders,harnesses, lanyards, etc.), gloves, head, eye and face protection (face shields,helmets, hoods, safety glasses, etc.), personal cooling and hydration equipment(blowers, misting fans, rehab chairs, etc.), protective clothing (BDUs, coveralls,station wear, turnout gear, uniforms, etc.), protective footwear (boots, shoecovers, etc.) Public Safety Equipment and Supplies such as explosioncontainment waste receptacles, metal detectors, mobile cameras and videorecording equipment for in-vehicle or body-worn use (for example school bus,public transportation, police and law enforcement) and which use networkapplication(s) to operate, traffic control cones, supplies and reflective vests,weather stations and weather alert radios.¹The Sale of Defibrillators and AEDs must comply with all applicable FDA Requirements. ²Medicalgases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrous oxide are specifically excluded from this contract.³Firearms are specifically excluded from this contract. ⁴The sale of anti-freeze intended for use inheavy duty industrial-type equipment must conform to Pennsylvania Commercial Item Description(PCID) 1076, specifically attached and incorporated into this contract. *IT hardware (including allcomponent and peripheral items) and software are specifically excluded from this contract.5

COSTARS-13 Emergency Responder VehiclesAmbulances Fire Trucks including aerials, rescues, engine-rescues, trucks,engines, quads, quints, tankers, pumper-tankers, and brush trucks PoliceBicycles Pursuit Certified Police Vehicles Segways SpecialtyResponse Vehicles to include but not limited to command posts, SWAT/tactical response, mobile command and control, disaster response andrecovery, urban search and rescue, mobile processing and booking, crimescene investigation, arson investigation, surveillance, mobile laboratory, mobile911, K-9 units, and water rescue boats and apparatus. Sales under this contract shallconsist of upfits and manufacturers’ final stage certified vehicles that are within the scope of thiscontract. Incomplete chassis, trucks and vans, are available from COSTARS-25. Passenger cars,SUVs and vans are available from COSTARS-26. Standalone accessories for Police pursuit vehiclesshall not be authorized for sale on this contract. However, accessories that are typical elements of aturn-key police pursuit vehicle such as lighting, sirens, radio/computer mounts, partitions and pushbars are authorized to be sold as part of a complete vehicle; with pricing to be quoted and negotiatedprior to issuance of a purchase order.COSTARS-14 Recreational and Fitness EquipmentBicycles Bleacher Seating Fitness Equipment such as weight room andcardio equipment Golf Carts & Accessories Gymnasium Dividers suchas divider curtains, nets and portable partitions Hiking Trail Aggregates In-Line Hockey Rinks/Skateboard Park Components for existing rinks andparks only Modular Gym Flooring, Sports Mats Playground Equipment Playground Safety Surfacing and Sports Surfaces Material Scoreboards and Electronic Timers Stadium/Sport Venue Lighting Pre-fabricated Shelters such as gazebos, pavilions, sun shades, tents,and similar shelters commonly used in public parks Site Amenities suchas benches, trash/recycling receptacles, bike racks, picnic tables, and otherfixtures commonly used in public parks and gymnasiums Sports Equipmentsuch as football, baseball, basketball, tennis, field hockey, golf equipment, etc. Sports Turf Storage Sheds and Lockers Water Equipment such asdocks, non-motorized water craft, life guard stands, life jackets, buoys, waterpark components for replacement only and similar equipment commonly usedin public parks and pools Consulting Services Design Services Engineering Services.COSTARS-15 Water & Wastewater Treatment ConsumablesWater and Wastewater Treatment Chemicals including but not limited toAlgicides, Alkalinity, Alum, Aluminum Chloride, Aluminum Chlorohydrate,Ammonia, Ammonium Sulfate, Bacterial Booster, Calcium Hypochlorite,Calcium Thiosulfate, Carbon Dioxide, Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide),Chlorination, Chlorine Dioxide, Coagulants, Copper Sulfate, CorrosionControl, Dechlorinating, Defoamers, Ferric Chloride, Ferric Sulfate, FerrousChloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Flocculants, Fluosilicic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide,Iron and Manganese Removal, Iron Salts, Lime–Dolomitic, Lime–Hydrated(Calcium Hydroxide), Magnesium Hydroxide, Muriatic Acid, Orthophosphates,Oxygen, Ph, Phosphates and Polyphosphates, Polyaluminum Chloride,Polyelectrolytes (Coagulant Aids), Polymers, Sludge Conditioners, Soda Ash(Sodium Carbonate), Sodium Aluminate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chlorite,Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Sodium Silicate, SodiumSulfite, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Sulfer Dioxide, Sulfuric Acid, Taste and OdorNeutralizer, Wastewater Nutrient Additive, Zinc Orthophosphate.6

COSTARS-15 Water & Wastewater Treatment Consumables, cont. Swimming Pool Chemicals and Consumables including but not limited toAlgaecide, Alkalinity Decreaser and Increaser, Bromine, Calcium HardnessIncreaser and Preventative, Chlorine, Clarifier, Defoamers, Enzyme Treatments,Filter Cartridge, Filter Cleaner, Metal Control, Mineral Purifiers, Neutralizer, OilRemover, Ph Increaser and Reducer, Shock, Stain and Scale Control, Test Kits Filter Media including but not limited to Activated Carbon, Anthracite, Garnet,Gravel, Resin, Sand. This contract does not include equipment of any description.Thisconsumables contract does not include services beyond that which may be offered in accordance withSection 8 of the Special Terms and Conditions.COSTARS-16 Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants Components& EquipmentBackflow Prevention Items such as assemblies, devices, distributors,enclosures, software Blowers (does not include leaf blower units) ChemicalFeed Components and Systems Comminutors Construction andMaintenance Components and Equipment (does not include powerequipment items such as backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, skid loaders, etc.) Corrosion Control/Cathodic Protection Equipment and Materials Desalination Equipment Disinfection Equipment and Systems Distribution System Equipment Drain Line, Valving and Components Filtration Components Grinders Hoppers/Waste Holding Tanks (doesnot include recycling tubs/bins, etc.) Hydrant Accessories and Parts LeakDetection Equipment Line Inspection and Maintenance Equipment Meters Motorized Components such as hydraulic pumps (does not includetruck/prime-mover unit) Ozone Generation Equipment Pipe PipelineDrilling and Tapping Equipment Pumps Safety Equipment (does notinclude personal safety products such as clothing items or items not associatedwith waste and wastewater treatment plants) Sand/Coal Media/SupportGravel Scrapers Screens Sludge Presses Tanks Valves WellSystems and Equipment Consulting Services Design Services Engineering Services Line Inspection Services Monitoring Services Preventative Maintenance and Repair (does not include replacement ofequipment or systems).COSTARS-17 Waste, Recycling and Materials Handling ContainersBalers Commercial and Industrial Waste Compactors Composters Dumpsters rear load and front load Material Handling Units tilt, mobile,utility, cube, etc. Shredders Trash/Recycling Containers indoor Trash/Recycling Containers outdoor. Waste management vehicles (refuse trucks) and recycling/refuse bodies are specifically excluded from this contract.COSTARS-18 LED Traffic Signal Modules and/or HousingsCircular LED Vehicle Traffic Signal Modules 8-inch and 12-inch red, yellowand green LED Pedestrian Signal Modules 12-inch LED Vehicle ArrowTraffic Signal Modules 12-inch yellow and green LED CountdownPedestrian Signal Modules LED Countdown Pedestrian Signal TimerOnly Modules Vehicular Traffic Signal Housings Pedestrian SignalHousings Traffic Signal Parts & Accessories found on PennDOT Bulletin15 (Publication 35), Qualified Products List for Construction., All contract productsshall comply with the applicable PennDOT specifications, specifically attached and incorporated intothe contract. See special terms and conditions for the list.7

COSTARS-19 Medical SuppliesAmbulatory Products Apparel Bath Safety Beds, Equipment andAccessories Diagnostics Dietary Supplements Gloves IncontinentCare Infusion/IV Supplies Medications (over the counter) Needles andSyringes Ostomy and Urology Respiratory Care Wound Care.Pharmaceuticals are specifically excluded from this contract, but are available from COSTARSparticipating statewide contract. Medical gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrous oxideare specifically excluded from this contract. All AED related products are specifically excluded fromthis contract, but are available from COSTARS-12 Emergency Responder Loose Supplies andCOSTARS-participating statewide contract.COSTARS-20 Laboratory SuppliesAir and Environmental Monitoring Equipment and Supplies Analyticaland Test Instrumentation/Equipment and Supplies Balance Equipmentand Supplies Biological Test Kits and Supplies Centrifuge Equipmentand Supplies Chemicals and Solutions Chromotography Equipmentand Supplies Cleaning Supplies (laboratory only) Clothing and Gloves(laboratory only) Glass and Plastic Labware Laboratory Test Kits andSupplies Microscope Equipment and Supplies Pipettes, Pipettors andAccessories Point of Care/Collection Test Kits and Supplies ShakerEquipment and Supplies Vibrational Spectroscopy Equipment andSupplies.COSTARS-21 Pest ControlGeneral Indoor/Outdoor Pest and Rodent Control Termite Control Fumigation Services.COSTARS-24 Traffic SignsChevrons 18" x 24" Do Not Enter Signs 30" x 30" Emergency ParkingOnly Signs (R8-4) 30" x 24" Left Curve Ahead Signs 30" x 30" LeftTurn Sign 30" x 30" Miscellaneous Work Area Signs (such as Work AreaAhead, Road Closed or End Road Work) No Parking Signs (R8-3) 12" NoParking Signs (R8-3) 24" No Turn on Red (R10-11) 24" x 30" PlasticWork Area Signs & Stop/Slow Paddles Portable Messaging Boards/Trailers (for purposes of traffic control, driver awareness, roadway and/or workzone safety) Railroad Warning Signs (W10-1) 36" Right Curve Signs 30"X 30" Right Turn Sign 30" x 30" Speed Limit Signs 24" x 30" SpeedLimit Signs 30" x 36" Speed Trailers Stop Signs 24" Stop Signs 30" Street Name Signs 6" Legend Street Name Signs 8" Legend WeightLimit Signs 24” x 30” Sign Posts.All contract products shall comply with the applicablePennDOT specifications, specifically attached and incorporated into the contract. See special termsand conditions for the list.COSTARS-25 Municipal Work Vehicles4x2 Utility Vehicles Air Compressors and Generators (truck mounted) Alternate Fuel Conversions: Conversions must be EPA and/or CARB certified. Suppliersshall provide a certificate of conformity upon request of DGS or COSTARS customer. In addition,conversion must be compliant with the vehicle OEM and may not void the OEM warranty. Alternate Fuel Vehicles Body Upfits: Chassis suppliers are onlyauthorized to sell items for which they are an authorized dealer. Body upfitsmust be purchased from awarded, authorized suppliers under the COSTARScontract; or the body must be purchased separately in accordance with thepurchaser’s regular procurement requirements.Continued on page 98

COSTARS-25 Municipal Work Vehicles cont. Body Upfits cont.: Suppliers are authorized to provide a single invoice fora chassis and body upfit if that invoice references the COSTARS contractfrom which the chassis or body upfit is purchased, is priced according to thatcontract, is compliant with all contract terms and conditions, and contains nomarkup on the body upfit Bucket Trucks Cab and Chassis Cranes (truckmounted) Garbage Trucks Hydraulic Systems (truck mounted) Lifts –Vehicle, Mobile must comply with ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2006 “Safety Standard forAutomotive Lift Construction, Testing and Validation”, and UL-201 “Standardfor Safety of Garage Equipment” requirements Liftgates Liquid WinterMaintenance Systems (truck mounted) Pickup Trucks and Cargo Vans Recycling Trucks Salt/Sand Spreaders (truck mounted) Snowplows(truck mounted) Tow Trucks, Towing Apparatus, and Accessories Trailers Vacuum Trucks/Street Sweepers Powered Airport GroundSupport Equipment such as refuelers, tugs and tractors, ground power units,container loaders, belt loaders, buses, transporters, and potable water trucks.Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are specifically excluded from this contract but are available fromCOSTARS-26 Passenger Vehicles. Tractors, mowers, tillers and other agricultural/groundskeepingtype power equipment are specifically excluded from this contract, but are available from COSTARSparticipating statewide contract(s).COSTARS-26 Passenger VehiclesFleet Cars Fleet Crossover Vehicles Fleet Passenger Vans FleetSUV’s Alternate Fuel Conversions: Conversions must be EPA and/orCARB certified. Suppliers shall provide a certificate of conformity upon requestof DGS or COSTARS customer. In addition, conversion must be compliantwith the vehicle OEM and may not void the OEM warranty Alternate FuelVehicles.Please note that Pickup Trucks and Cargo Vans are specifically excluded from this contract but areavailable from COSTARS-25. Manufacturers’ luxury lines are also excluded from this contract.COSTARS-28 Energy Conservation Management SuppliesAlternative - solar thermal (hot water) kit(s), solar electric (photovoltaic) kit(s),wind turbine(s) (generator) kit(s) Building(s) - energy automation controlcomponents, HVAC system enhancement components, low flow plumbingfixture components, energy management software, energy efficiency software Other - batteries-uninterruptable power supply only. Suppliers are required to offerEnvironmentally Preferable Product (EPP) and items with recycled content whenever available. ThisContract may not be used to purchase initial equipment for installation in new construction.COSTARS-29 Grounds Keeping Services and SuppliesLandscaping and Lawn Maintenance (mowing, trimming, mulching, andedging) Pruning and Planting Trees, Shrubs and Flowers Seeding (liquidand/or granular) Fertilizing Pest and Weed Control Management such asinsect, disease, weed control maintenance (including application of herbicides,pesticides, and fungicides) Aeration Services Soil Sampling and Testing Leaf Control Tree and Stump Removal Salting (excluding roadways) Snowplowing and/or Snow Removal (excluding roadways) Sweeping- Sidewalks and Parking Lots (excluding roadways) Parking Lot LinePainting (excluding roadways) Parking Lot Crack Sealing and SealCoating (excluding roadways).Continued on page 109

COSTARS-29 Grounds Keeping Services and Supplies cont. Grounds Keeping Materials such as mulch, landscaping fabric, seeds,trees, shrubs, flowers, fertilizers and bagged de-icing materials.Irrigation system installation, repairs and maintenance are specifically excluded from this contract.Artificial or synthetic turf installation, repairs, and maintenance are specifically excluded from thiscontract. Sports athletic turf and materials, as well as recreational turf and materials, are specificallyexcluded from the scope of this contract, but are available from COSTARS-14 Recreational & FitnessEquipment. Agricultural/grounds keeping power equipment is specifically excluded from this contract.Crack sealing and seal coating are defined as applying water-based tar sealcoats or asphalt sealantsto a parking lot surface to protect it from the elements, as well as cracks and fissures, to extend thesurface’s lifespan and improve its overall appearance. All other forms of parking lot repair work suchas, but not limited to, patching and repaving are specifically excluded from this contract. Construction,reconstruction, demolition, alteration, and/or repair work other than maintenance work are not withinthe scope of this contract.COSTARS-30 Energy Consulting ServicesRate Auditing Services Commercial Energy Audits Utility Bill Auditing Software Analysis Services Technical Support Services MarketingAnalysis Services Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Advice DatabaseDevelopment and Maintenance Services Brokerage Services.COSTARS-32 SignageBanners Billboards Decals Digital, Electric and LED Signs HangingSigns Map Signs Marquee Signs Message Boards Neon andLettering Park Signs Plaques and Markers Posters Scoreboards Support Posts, Fasteners, Hardware and Accessories.Traffic Signs are specifically excluded from this contract; but are available from COSTARS-24.COSTARS-33 Street Lighting, Parking Meters and Street Furniture (AKAStreetscape)Street Lighting such as replacement bases, replacement luminaries,replacement poles, solar street lighting Parking Meters such as replacementor retro-fit meters, replacement kiosks, operating software ParkingEnforcement Hardware, Software, Accessories and Supplies includingLicense Plate Recognition (LPR) systems Street Furniture such as seatingand/or tables, bike racks, removable bollards and parking stops, mailboxes,outdoor trash receptacles and/or cigarette urns, planters - hanging and ground,replacement street clocks, replacement flag poles, flags and accessories, treegrates, tree guards Outdoor Seasonal Decorations.Access Control Systems or other Security/Surveillance Systems are specifically excluded fromthis Contract, but are available from COSTARS-40 Security and Surveillance Systems and FireAlarm Systems, Equipment, Products and Services. All lighting must meet the target light levels asrecommended by AASHTO in the Roadway Lighting Design Guide. Luminance, average/minimumuniformity ratio, and veiling luminance are to be within target values. Breakaway

Software (also known in the industry as “shrink wrap” software, downloadable software, on-premise software and on-premise software as a subscription) including but not limited to: application software, business processes software, communication software, educational software