Jarboe Vita September 2021FACULTY VITADate: August 30, 2021Name: Laura R. JarboeDepartment: Chemical and Biological EngineeringCurrent Rank: ProfessorI. BACKGROUND, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND RECOGNITIONSA. EducationUniversity of FloridaUniversity of California,Los AngelesUniversity of KentuckyMicrobiology and Cell SciencePostdoc, 2006-2008Chemical and Biomolecular EngineeringPh.D. 2006Chemical EngineeringB.S.2000B. Academic Appointments2020 – present, Cargill Professor of Chemical Engineering, ISU2020 – present, Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, ISU2016 – 2018, Chair, Interdepartmental Microbiology Program, Iowa State University2014 – 2016, Associate Chair, Interdepartmental Microbiology Program, ISU2014 – 2020, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, ISU2013 – 2016, Karen and Denny Vaughn Faculty Fellow, ISU2012 – present, member of Toxicology Interdepartmental Program, ISU2010 – present, member of Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Program, ISU2008 – present, member of Interdepartmental Microbiology Program, ISU2008 – 2014, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, ISUC. Honors and Awards- ISU Award for Mid-Career Achievement in Research, 2021- Outstanding Achievement in Teaching, ISU College of Engineering, 2020- Poster Award, ISU Faculty Research Day, 2017- Iowa NSF EPSCoR Leadership in Outreach & Mentoring Award, 2015- Iowa Energy Center Impact Award, 2015- ISU CBE student AIChE chapter “You Make This Class Bearable”, 2012, 2013, 2014- University of California, Los Angeles Dissertation Year Fellowship, 2005- University of Kentucky Commonwealth Scholarship, 1995 - 2000II. SCHOLARSHIP AND RESEARCH/CREATIVE ACTIVITIESA. Scholarship# Denotes any publication derived from the candidate’s thesis/dissertation. Denotes student co-author.* Denotes corresponding author.Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals – In Print or Accepted62. M.C. Santoscoy, L. Jarboe*, “A systematic framework for using membranemetrics for strain engineering”, Metabolic Engineering, 66:98-113 (2021)Jarboe Vita1

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Aug 30, 2021 · Jarboe Vita September 2021 . Jarboe Vita 1 . FACULTY VITA . Date: August 30, 2021 . Name: Laura R. Jarboe . Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering . Current Rank: Professor . I. BACKGROUND, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND RECOGNITIONS A. Education University of