The Florida BarLawyer Referral ServiceMembership ApplicationThe Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service651 East Jefferson StreetTallahassee, FL 32399-2300FOR REFERENCE ONLY. COMPLETE AN ONLINE APPLICATIONHERE.Updated January 2022

The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral ServiceThere are thousands of Floridians of moderate means who appear to underutilizeattorneys. The perceived cost of legal services is one factor, but many potential clientsare unaware that their problems may be legal problems and that a lawyer should beemployed to resolve them. The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) is an ideal wayto introduce clients to lawyers who can provide the legal services they need.How It WorksYour application information will be maintained in a round-robin database by geographicarea. When a call is received by the Lawyer Referral Service, a referral clerk willdetermine the geographic area and the type of case. Referrals will be made to a panelattorney in the geographic location and area of law requested by the caller. That panelattorney’s record will then be automatically rotated to the back of the round-robinassignment order for all areas of law after each referral. Panel members agree toprovide a half-hour office consultation to the client for no more than 25.00.The client is given the name, address and telephone number of the panel member and isadvised to contact the panel member to arrange a virtual or in-office appointment. Panelmembers should not call prospective clients referred to them unless theprospective client calls them first. Calling a referred prospective client prior to theprospective client calling the lawyer is a violation of Rule 4-7.18(a) of the RulesRegulating The Florida Bar. Panel members should not send referred prospectiveclients any written communication prior to the prospective client contacting the lawyer.Prospective clients are informed by the LRS that no one will call them or send themanything before they contact the lawyer. A lawyer violating this rule may be subject todiscipline. The client is also advised: To inform the panel member’s office that this is a Florida Bar Lawyer ReferralService matter.That they are entitled to a half-hour consultation with the attorney for no more than 25.That the panel member will advise, based on the information provided by the client,if there is a legal remedy, whether the attorney will handle the matter, and the costsand fees involved in the representation.Lawyer Referral Service Features Toll-free line (800-342-8011)Operating hours from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through FridayFull-time employees devoted to the efficient operation of the LRSStatewide marketing effortsAllows attorneys to negotiate feesProvides a source for new clientsIncludes an online Lawyer Referral Service at LRS.FloridaBar.orgMembership Criteria

Any Florida Bar member in good standing with no pending findings of probable cause bya Florida Bar grievance committee, who maintains a practice in a county not served byany referral service sponsored by or affiliated with any local bar association, may qualifyas a panel member. Any applicant shall be denied membership, if at the time of theinitial application:(a) the applicant has a grievance matter with a finding of probable cause pending withThe Florida Bar or Supreme Court of Florida; or the applicant has received withinthe past (5) years:(i) any disciplinary action by The Florida Bar or the Supreme Court of Florida;or(ii) any judgment, conviction (whether or not adjudicated) or determination in acourt or administrative proceeding, of the commission of any act of falsestatement, fraud, dishonesty and/or misrepresentation; or(b) the applicant has received within the past ten (10) years:(i) any final determination by The Florida Bar or the Supreme Court of Floridaresulting in suspension.(ii) revocation or disbarment of the applicant’s license to practice law; or(c) The applicant is currently serving probation through The Florida Bar or theSupreme Court of Florida. Such application shall not be accepted for considerationuntil the probationary period has been completed.Panel members must carry professional liability insurance with limits not lessthan 100,000.Notwithstanding the foregoing, if at any time, the Lawyer Referral Service receives noticeor information giving it reasonable grounds to believe that a panel member does not meetthe required standards of responsibility, capability, character, and integrity, it maysuspend a panel member from participation on the LRS for such reasonable time as maybe necessary.Geographic CoverageThe Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service currently covers 47 counties in Florida. Theremaining 20 counties are served by Florida Bar sponsored local bar association lawyerreferral services. If you maintain a law practice in a county covered by The Florida BarLawyer Referral Service, you may be eligible to join the LRS. Please review theCoverage Areas Map for The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service and the local barassociation lawyer referral services.Membership Fee 125 nonrefundable, non-prorated annual membership fee each calendar year (JanuaryDecember) or any portion thereof.How to JoinComplete the application and pay your 125 membership fee online. As part of the onlineapplication process, you will be required to upload a copy of the face sheet/declarationspage of your current professional liability insurance policy that indicates the amount ofcoverage and the expiration date of the coverage.

For additional information, please contact the Lawyer Referral Service office at: 800-3428060, ext. # 5807, or 850-561-5807, or [email protected] read the information describing the guidelines for the Low Fee and Elderly ReferralPanels elsewhere in this application (these panels are optional), as well as the PracticeAreas we refer to.

The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service Membership ApplicationFOR REFERENCE ONLY. COMPLETE AN ONLINE APPLICATION HERE.Name ( Mr. Ms.):Florida Bar Attorney Number:Firm Name:Mailing Address:City/State/Zip:Phone:E-Mail Address (REQUIRED):Are there, or have there ever been in this state or elsewhere, any felony convictions, disbarments,suspensions, or disciplinary actions against you?yes no (If the answer is “yes,” please give details on a separate sheet.)Are you certified by The Florida Bar in any area of law?yes no (Please specify):Other states in which you are currently admitted to practice:Other Florida counties from which you will handle cases:Will you make jail calls? yes noWill you work with prisoners? yes noWill you take after hours calls? yes noWill you make hospital visits? yes noDo you offer installment payments? yes noDo you offer limited scope services? yes noWill you accept low fee panel referrals? yes noWill you accept elderly fee referrals? yes no(See link for information on low fee and elderly panels).Foreign languages spoken by you:I certify that I am currently competent to practice in the areas of law which I have indicated. (After yourapplication is approved, you will be able to create a login and select the areas of law in which you wouldlike to receive referrals).

Under penalty of perjury, I hereby swear and affirm that I have read and agree to abide by the rulesand regulations of The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service. I am submitting to The Florida Bar my 125nonrefundable, non-prorated annual membership fee and uploading a copy of the current facesheet/declarations page of my professional liability insurance policy.I certify that I currently have professional liability insurance with limits not less than 100,000and will continue to carry professional liability insurance with limits not less than 100,000 foras long as I am a member of The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service.I agree to remit to the LRS 12% of any attorneys’ fees due me for services performed inconnection with any Regular Panel cases (Bankruptcy and Social Security cases are exempt).I agree to grant an initial half-hour office consultation for a fee of no more than 25 to anyreferred client on the Regular Panel.I understand that this application is made only on my behalf and not on behalf of my firm or any of myassociates. Accordingly, I agree that the initial consultation in connection with any referred matter willbe with me personally. I understand that the information contained herein may be furnished to peoplewho seek assistance from the LRS, and that the LRS in so doing will be relying on the representationswhich I have made herein.I agree to abide by all of the rules of the LRS and indemnify and hold harmless The Florida Bar andany of its officers, members, or employees from any and all claims, demands, actions, liability, or losswhich may arise from, or be incurred as a result of, the operation of the LRS or referrals of clientsthrough the LRS, or by my failure to comply with any provision of the rules of the LRS or use ofinformation contained in the application.If at any time the Lawyer Referral Service receives notice or information giving it reasonablegrounds to believe that a panel member does not meet the required standards of responsibility,capability, character, and integrity, it may suspend a panel member from participation on theLRS for such reasonable time as may be necessary.I understand that the LRS may survey clients referred to me and may follow up on reported cases.SignatureDateFOR REFERENCE ONLY. COMPLETE AN ONLINE APPLICATION HERE.

The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service covers 47 counties in Florida. The currently remaining 20 counties are served by Florida Bar sponsored local bar association lawyer referral services. If you maintain a law practice in a county covered by The Florida Bar Lawyer Referral Service