HOSPITALS & HEALTH CARE 2019TOP HOSPITALSAugusta, 540-332-4000For the past five consecutive years, AugustaHealth has been nationally recognized byHealthGrades as one of America’s 50 BestHospitals for clinical excellence and patientsafety. At Augusta Health’s Center for Cancerand Blood Disorders, every cancer patientis connected with a navigator to guide thepatient and their family through the treatment process. Navigators act as a resource,cheerleader, support system, and translatorfrom diagnosis through cancer treatment.Patients with congestive heart failure canalso seek treatment at Augusta’s new Congestive Heart Failure Clinic, which works toprovide patients with the best treatment andquality of life.Carilion StonewallJackson HospitalChesapeake RegionalMedical,,, 804-594-7300Patients not quite strong enough to go homecan take advantage of the Swing Bed program at Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital. The program is ideal for those who donot need hands-on physician care but stillrequire skilled nursing or rehab prior to independent function. Physical and occupationaltherapy, lab access, and 24-hour emergencycare are just a few of the services offeredthrough the Swing Bed program. CarilionStonewall Jackson Hospital was also recentlyapproved to perform lithotripsies, which useultrasound technology to treat kidney stones.Last spring, Chesapeake Regional MedicalCenter released the world’s first fully roboticcatheterization lab. The center is the first inVirginia to launch a vascular robotic programand perform a robotic-assisted percutaneous coronary intervention, which was completed by medical director Ronald McKechnie in March.MidlothianBon Secours St. Francis Medical Centerrecently opened the first cardiac rehabilitation center in Chesterfield County. The center provides quality cardiac care to patientswith heart disease, or those recovering froma heart attack or heart surgery. Site workis additionally underway for a new threestory ambulatory surgery center and medical office building on campus. The medicalcenter plans to expand even further withthe addition of 55 acute care beds. This110,000-square-foot expansion will costapproximately 119 million.Bon SecoursMary ImmaculateHospitalCarilionChildren’s, 757-886-6000Carilion Children’s Hospital was recentlydesignated a Level I Pediatric Trauma Center, the only such center in western Virginia.The hospital also opened a new playroomcalled Hannah’s Place, in memory of 15-yearold Hannah George who died with her fatherin a car wreck. Hannah’s father was a doctor at Carilion Children’s Hospital, and Hannah’s mother hopes the playroom will helpchildren heal and feel like themselves again.The colorful playroom has murals, roomsfor each age group, and a medical play areawhere children can process their experiences at the hospital.Newport Newsphoto courtesy of children’s hospital of the king’s daughtersBon SecoursSt. FrancisMedical CenterDr. Anthony Carter at Bon Secours MaryImmaculate Hospital is the first surgeon inHampton Roads to perform the total anteriorhip replacement. One of his surgeries waslive streamed to the Anterior Hip Foundation conference in Las Vegas, educating 100surgeons in the technique. As a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, Bon Secours MaryImmaculate Hospital is also a market leaderin bariatrics. More than 99 percent of bariatric surgeries at the hospital are minimallyinvasive, granting patients less scarring andquicker recovery times. The hospital is alsohome to a Level III NICU.Bon SecoursMemorial RegionalMedical, 804-764-6000The Surgical Review Corporation recentlynamed Bon Secours Memorial RegionalMedical Center a Center of Excellence in Hernia Surgery. The center specializes in roboticminimally invasive surgery, which healsquicker and is less painful for the patientthan more invasive surgeries. MemorialRegional Medical Center is one of the first inthe country to achieve this, 540-266-5437LexingtonCentra BedfordMemorial, 540-586-2441Bedford Memorial expanded its emergencydepartment to include a dedicated emergency entrance separate from the mainentrance and an additional 2,000 square feetof space to expand 14 treatment rooms andadd two specialized rooms for mental healthpatients. The hospital’s campus additionallyboasts the Oakwood Health & RehabilitationCenter that provides care for patients unableto receive treatment at home.ChesapeakeChildren’s Hospital ofRichmond at, 804-828-2467The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCUis the only center in the region that offersEOS imaging for children. This low-dose,highly sophisticated X-ray imaging technology is used to scan children with scoliosisand other conditions that require regularscanning. EOS exposes children to 50 percent less radiation than other X-ray technologies, and the scan takes only 10 to 20 seconds to complete. In February, the Children’sHospital also revealed plans to build an86-bed, 350 million children’s hospital thatwill replace the existing inpatient pediatricunit at VCU’s Main Hospital. Construction isexpected to wrap up by the end of 2022.Good GenesCarilionRoanoke, 540-981-7000A study conducted by the National Cardiogenic Shock Initiative shows that people withcardiogenic shock survive their heart attackat significantly higher rates when treatedwith a protocol offered at Carilion RoanokeMemorial Hospital. The hospital was oneof 65 other hospitals participating in thestudy. 75 percent of patients in the studywith cardiogenic shock survived their heartattack when treated with the protocol, whichinvolves inserting a straw-sized pump bycatheter into the groin to the heart to keepblood pumping. Carilion Roanoke Memorialis also home to the region’s first pediatricemergency department.D EC E M B E R 2 0 1 9Wearing a yellow-flowered dress, 3-month-old Kaeli Price (pictured here with hermother Kelli Price and her physician, Dr. Crystal Proud) became the first patient in thestate to receive Zolgensma, the first gene therapy for a neuromuscular disease, afterits FDA approval. The infant received the therapy—which is administered in a singleinfusion—in June at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk.Zolgensma treats spinal muscular atrophy, which causes progressive muscle weakness throughout the body. In the recent past, most infants with Price’s condition woulddie from respiratory failure before they reached the age of 2.“This gene therapy treatment has given new hope to families of children with thisdevastating disease,” says Proud, a pediatric neuromuscular neurologist at CHKD.“Kaeli is already showing signs of improvement. Her cry has become stronger, she’sholding her head up, she’s holding toys in her hands and kicking her legs.” CHKD.org81VIRGINIA LIVING

HOSPITALS & HEALTH CARE 2019TOP HOSPITALSChildren’s Hospital ofthe King’s DaughtersFauquier, 757-668-7000With a 12.5 million investment from LifePoint Health, Fauquier Hospital has nearlyfinished its new cancer center, set to open inDecember of this year. The Fauquier HealthCenter for Cancer Care is 25,650 square feetand will feature hematology and oncologyclinics, infusion centers, and lab services.Additionally, Fauquier Hospital’s Heart andVascular Center recently opened a cardiaccatheterization lab, through which cardiologists can perform a variety of complex diagnostic procedures while getting a clear lookat the inner workings of a patient’s heart.NorfolkThis September, the Children’s Hospital ofThe King’s Daughters broke ground for anew 224 million mental health facility. The14-story facility will have 60 inpatient psychiatric beds, along with comprehensive treatment programs. About 400 healthcare providers––psychiatrists, licensed clinical socialworkers, therapists, and more––will supportthis expansive mental health initiative, notjust at the new facility, but throughout theCHKD system. The new facility, expected toopen in 2022, will help fill a critical gap in thegrowing need for pediatric mental health services throughout the region.Chippenham, 804-483-0000In April, surgeons at Chippenham Hospitalperformed the first total knee replacement inthe U.S. using the latest robotic technology.The new Rosa Knee Robotic System uses 2DX-rays to create a 3D model of the patient’sknee, which doctors use to develop a precisesurgical plan they are able to execute withthe help of a robotic arm. Chippenham isproud to be the first hospital in the country tooffer this new, 540-316-5000Henrico Doctors’, 804-289-4500The Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at Henrico Doctors’ Hospital is one of the first cancer centers in Virginia to use the new SAVISCOUT system, a wireless radar localizationsystem that can locate tumors inside breasttissue within one millimeter of accuracy. Alsoat Henrico Doctors’ is the Virginia TransplantCenter, which uses the latest technology toperform kidney transplants, including minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, whichreduces pain and recovery time.Back to LifeInovaAlexandria HospitalInovaFairfax,, 703-776-4001Inova Alexandria Hospital recently invested 5.2 million in its Women’s Tower, the purpose of which is to provide a space solelydedicated to the pre- and post-birthing experience, as well as post-breast and gynecological surgery patients. Renovations includeadditional examination rooms, an expandedwaiting area, patient room renovations, a newLabor & Delivery Post-Anesthesia Care Unit,and a Women’s Specialty Center for postsurgical care. The hospital also launcheda Drug Take Back Program, encouragingpatients to return unused prescriptions toavoid inappropriate access by others.Inova Fairfax Hospital’s Women’s Hospital isthe fifth most popular in the United Statesand is the only dedicated women’s hospitalin Northern Virginia. Additionally, Inova Fairfax Hospital is the only Level I trauma centerin Northern Virginia, a designation the hospital has received from the state since 1981.The hospital is also the flagship location ofthe Inova Heart and Vascular Institute, theregion’s only dedicated cardiac hospital. Physicians there have seen a significant increasein survival rates from those being treated forcardiogenic shock since switching to a moreteam-based approach to treatment. Theirmultidisciplinary Shock Team is on call 24hours a day, 7 days a week for patients.AlexandriaInovaChildren’s HospitalFalls, 855-694-6682The Craniofacial Program at Inova Children’sHospital specializes in treating children withcraniofacial conditions, such as cleft lips andpalates. The program’s team includes a number of specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery, pediatric neurosurgery, andpediatric dentistry, among many others. TheAmerican Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association approved the program as a Craniofacialand Cleft Palate Team. The hospital’s neuroscience program combines the skills of thehospital itself with those of the Inova Neuroscience Institute, and specializes in pediatricneurology and pediatric neurosurgery.InovaFair Oaks HospitalFairfaxphoto courtesy of kim, 703-391-3600Albemarle County resident Kim Durland, 57, (pictured here in Machu Picchu) underwent a complex spine surgery after 10 years of increasingly debilitating pain and limited mobility.Dr. Chun-Po Yen, a neurosurgeon with the UVA Spine Center in Charlottesville, determined Durland had adult degenerative scoliosis, and first recommended a course ofphysical therapy. But after an episode of acute pain left her unable to walk, he decidedthat it was time for her to go under the knife. Yen led the successful surgery in February 2017, which included removing herniated discs and bone spurs and fusing herspine from T10, near the lungs, to the iliac region just above the pelvis.Durland’s recovery required seven months of physical therapy. By October 2018, sheand her husband, Michael, took a trip to Peru, including a hike to the ancient city ofMachu Piccu. Even though “it’s very steep and there are steps everywhere, I felt good,”she says. “I felt and continue to feel so incredibly grateful that I’ve had such a positiveoutcome from such a complex surgery.” UVAHealth.comD EC E M B E R 2 0 1 9The nationally recognized bariatric programat Inova Fair Oaks Hospital is a fully accredited Comprehensive Center for Bariatric Surgery whose surgeons have performed morethan 8,000 procedures. All surgery optionsare minimally invasive, and most are performed laparoscopically in order to ensurethe most comfort for patients before, during,and after surgery. The program also offersnutritional counseling with registered dietitians, exercise classes, and support groupsfor patients. For those who do not want surgery, the hospital offers a 12-week, non-surgical weight loss program.83VIRGINIA LIVINGFalls ChurchInovaLoudoun, 703-858-6000In 2018, Inova Loudoun Hospital opened theLadies Board Birthing Inn and the NaturalBirth Center, two birth centers that offer personalized and private birthing experiences,including hospital-based natural birth. Otheraspects of the birthing centers include wireless fetal monitors, 24/7 in-house anesthesiology, a Level IIIA neonatal intensive careunit, and free consultations with the hospital’s Birth Navigator. In addition, Inova Loudoun Hospital is Loudoun County’s only designated trauma center, verified by the statein 2018. Renovations are currently underwayat the Inova Virts Miller Family Emergencyand Trauma Center to create a more efficientemergency room experience.InovaMount Vernon, 703-664-7000The Inova Wound Healing Center finds itshome at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital and isthe region’s largest and most experienced ofits kind. The Dorothea R. Fisher Wound Healing Center treats a number of chronic, nonhealing wounds, including diabetic ulcers, onan outpatient basis. The wound-healing teamuses the latest technology in order to provide its patients with the most effective carepossible, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy(HBO), which is used to treat conditions thatrequire increased oxygen flow to body tissue.In addition to Inova’s two other wound healing centers, the health system treats morethan 18,000 patients per year.

HOSPITALS & HEALTH CARE 2019TOP HOSPITALSJohn RandolphMedical CenterLewisGale Hospital–MontgomeryParham Doctors’HospitalRetreatDoctors’,,, 804-254-5100In May, LewisGale Montgomery Hospitalbecame the first in Virginia to provide a newstate-of-the-art knee replacement surgerythat is CT-free and robotics-assisted. JohnVelyvis, the surgeon who performed thissurgery, has performed more than 1,000robotics-assisted surgeries throughout thecountry in the last ten years. The roboticsassisted system allows for increased accuracy and precision, fewer complications,decreased recovery time, and increasedpatient mobility.This year, HealthGrades named ParhamDoctors’ as one of the Top 100 Hospitals forOrthopedic Surgery and Joint Replacementfor the third year in a row, with spinal surgeryas one of its specialties. Typical proceduresinclude using bioabsorbable spinal implantdevices for short-term correction and spinaltissue regeneration. It was also the first incentral Virginia to perform cervical artificialdisc replacement. The hospital also offersMAKOplasty Technology, which allows forrobotic-arm assisted knee-replacementsurgeries.Home to a state-of-the-art Center for Urology, Retreat Doctors’ Hospital was recognized by HealthGrades as a Top 100 Hospital for Prostate Surgery. This year, thehospital became the first in Virginia to usethe da Vinci Single Port SP, a robot thatperforms minimally invasive urological surgeries. Drs. Blake Moore and Tim Bradfordremoved a patient’s prostate with the technology, which only requires a single incision.Patients experience faster recovery timesand less risk of infection.HopewellIn 2017, John Randolph Medical Centeropened a Behavioral Health Military Annex,an eight-bed complex for military servicemembers and their families that offerstreatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, and othermental health issues. Additional treatmentoptions include individual, group, and familytherapy. The hospital also provides behavioral health services for non-military servicemembers, such as a partial hospitalizationprogram, outpatient programs for substanceabuse, an inpatient behavioral health unit foradults, and assessment and referral, 804-483-5000In June, Johnston-Willis Hospital performedthe first Woven EndoBridge (WEB) deviceimplantation in Central Virginia. The WEB isa low-risk surgical option designed to treatbrain aneurysms. The device is made of wiremesh and, when inserted into the aneurysm, acts as a plug to reduce blood flowand prevent further bleeding. The surgeonwho implanted the device is neurovascular specialist Efstathios Spinos, a graduateof the University of South Florida College ofMedicine.Lake TaylorTransitional CareHospitalNorfolkimage courtesy of carilion, 757-461-5001Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospitalrecently purchased new state-of-the-artmulti-function ventilators, making it one ofthe first primary care hospitals in Virginia toown such equipment. The ventilators are fivein-one respiratory systems that offer ventilation, oxygen, suction, cough assist, and nebulization. Last year, in partnership with theEastern Virginia Medical School, the hospitalhired a Consultative Palliative Medical CareDirector to lead a Supportive Care Team, thegoal of which is to support patients sufferingfrom serious chronic and complex illnesses.BlacksburgLewisGale Hospital–, 540-994-8100A new 16-bed behavioral health facilityopened at the hospital in late August. Transitions Behavioral Health provides supportfor individuals struggling with mental health,substance abuse, and dual diagnosis disorders. When a patient’s stay is over, they aregiven a comprehensive plan, which includesresources and providers in the communityto help maintain the progress they havemade at the facility. In addition to theseservices, LewisGale Pulaski is home to theonly certified lymphedema therapists in theregion, helping to combat the chronic swelling condition that impacts more than 10million Americans.Mary WashingtonHospitalRichmondReston Hospital, 703-689-9000At Reston Hospital Center, the robotic surgery department is considered to be one ofthe most robust in the mid-Atlantic. Hometo four high-tech robots, the hospital offersspine, weight loss, and orthopedic surgery.Surgeons visit the hospital to learn on thesemachines, since the hospital is only one ofeight Visiting Clinicians Programs in the U.S.Reston Hospital Center also announced apartnership with Children’s National HealthSystem in Washington, D.C., ranked numberone in the nation for neonatology.RichmondRiversideDoctors’, 757-585-2200For geriatric patients, Riverside Doctors’Hospital recently became the first in Virginiato earn Geriatric Emergency DepartmentAccreditation from the American College ofEmergency Physicians. The hospital also hasa Crisis Intervention Team and AssessmentCenter open 12 hours per day. Police bringindividuals experiencing behavioral healthcrises to the center to prevent them frombeing improperly incarcerated due to mentalillness, and the center provides the patientcare from a specialist as quickly as possible.Rising 41-1100Cardiology patients in need of surgery atMary Washington Hospital are wheeled intothe hospital’s Cardiac Hybrid Room, an operating room designed specifically for transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)procedures and equipped with operatingequipment and imaging technology. Specialists are a part of the Structural Heart & ValveClinic Team, which reviews patients’ diagnoses and determines the best treatmentplans available. In response to the high quality of cardiovascular care, IBM Watson Healthnamed the hospital one of the Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals in November 2018.D EC E M B E R 2 0 1 9In May, Carilion Clinic announced more than 300 million in expansion plans for Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. The additions will include a new Crystal Spring Towerbuilt on the site of the city’s former tennis courts that will offer several floors of parking, an expanded emergency department with 95 beds and a 40-bed observation unit,and six to seven floors of dedicated space for Carilion’s Cardiovascular Institute. Anadditional 550-space parking garage, along with a new Behavioral Health Building witha separate emergency room for psychiatric patients and an interior courtyard, are alsoin the works. Construction will take about five years to complete.“This project will address many of the needs our community has told us about,”says Steve Arner, chief operating officer for Carilion Clinic and president and CEO ofCarilion Medical Center. The expansion will add approximately 400,000 square feet tothe medical center. Once complete, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital will have 2.4million square feet, making it one of the largest hospitals in Virginia. CarilionClinic.org85VIRGINIA LIVING

HOSPITALS & HEALTH CARE 2019TOP HOSPITALSRiversideRegional Medical CenterNewport, 757-594-2000The hospital’s new Cardiac and VascularHybrid Operating Room is a multi-purposespace where surgeons can perform diagnostic, interventional, and surgical procedures without switching to different roomsand breaking the sterile environment. The1,000-square-foot space is twice the sizeof a normal operating room and is the firstof its kind on the peninsula. Equipped withrobotic imaging technology, the new operating room allows for more complex surgeries, like the WATCHMAN procedure, a devicethat is inserted in the left atrial appendagefor patients with atrial fibrillation. The hospital started performing this surgery in the newoperating room in the spring.RiversideRehabilitation, 757-272-0300In July, the new Riverside RehabilitationHospital in York County opened as the onlyfreestanding rehabilitation hospital in theHampton Roads region. The 52,000-squarefoot facility holds up to 50 patients andemploys more than 200 administrative andclinical professionals to assist patients withvarious health issues, ranging from braininjuries to orthopedic conditions. A therapygym with an overhead suspension walkingtrack and an Activities of Daily Living suitewith a full kitchen, bed, and laundry roomare just a few examples of the new hospital’sinnovative offerings.SentaraCarePlex HospitalHamptonphoto courtesy of vcu school of, 757-736-1000Sentara CarePlex’s new TrueBeam Radiotherapy System uses stereotactic radiosurgery totarget cancerous tumors with a laser beam,treating the affected area more precisely. Thesystem can also treat hard to reach or specific spots, like brain tumors. These servicesare offered as a part of the Sentara CancerNetwork in all Sentara hospitals. Additionally, Sentara CarePlex will now offer a 24/7hand specialty center with fellowship-trainedhand surgeons on-call to assist with emergency injuries, thanks to a continued partnership with Tidewater Orthopaedics. The twoorganizations also work together to offer afreestanding orthopedic ambulatory surgerycenter on the CarePlex campus.SentaraHalifax RegionalHospitalSentaraNorfolk General, 434-517-3100In 2018, the heart transplant team at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital began usingthe Sherpa Pak cardiac transport systemby Paragonix Technologies. The Sherpa Pakis designed to prevent damage to donatedhearts by supplying a temperature-controlled environment during transport to hospitals. The system allows Sentara surgeonsto monitor heart temperature through anapp during transportation to ensure preservation. The hospital is also the only LevelI trauma center in the area with the help ofNightingale Regional Air Ambulances used toassist in emergency transportation and enroute care.South BostonAs part of the hospital’s Community NeedsHealth Assessment, diabetes and metabolicdiseases are regularly one of the greatestmedical concerns in the rural area. JanetDurham, NP, recently received certification from Duke University’s EndocrinologyProgram, the first class of its kind. With thiseducation, she has been able to provide better in-office patient care and education fordiabetes and metabolic education, as wellas outreach efforts. The hospital gives about200 free A1C screenings at various eventsthroughout the year, in addition to Durham’snew efforts, such as giving away free bloodsugar meters and portion control plates.Since receiving her certification, the ruralarea has seen an increase in patients eagerto receive care from Durham.SentaraLeigh, 757-388-3000SentaraObici HospitalSheltering ArmsPhysical .com, 804-764-1000Sheltering Arms Physical Rehabilitation Hospital and Virginia Commonwealth University Health are partnering together to builda new rehabilitation hospital in West Creek.The new Sheltering Arms Institute will be a114-bed destination hospital designed to helppatients recovering from strokes, brain andspinal cord injuries, and various neurologicaldiseases and disorders. Patients at the Sheltering Arms Institute will have access to clinical care, research, and advanced technology.The hospital is scheduled to be completed inthe summer of 2020.Doubling,, 757-621-6000At the Orthopedic Hospital at Sentara Leigh,patients with orthopedic needs can find awide array of services. The hospital offersquality care for hand, foot, and ankle concerns, as well as comprehensive care in theirOrthoJoint center, specifically for patientswith knee or hip concerns. The new ExpressTrack option allows patients to have theirjoint replacement surgery in the morningand return home as early as that evening orthe next day. Therapy starts the same dayas surgery in an effort to get patients on theright track towards healing.SentaraMartha, 434-654-7000In July, Sentara Martha Jefferson announceda partnership with Blue Ridge Area Interventional Neuroradiology (BRAIN) to treat strokepatients and other neurointerventionalradiology patients. The team of Dr. JohnGaughen, Dr. Lee Jensen, and Dr. AndrewDeNardo will provide expert neurological careto stroke patients as part of BRAIN. Since2015, the hospital has led the charge oninnovation in stroke care, including the establishment of their helipad to reduce transporttimes between other hospitals for strokepatients and allow for faster treatment timesat the hospital. This work led to Sentara Martha Jefferson to be the first hospital in thecountry designated as a Primary Plus StrokeCenter by DNV-GL Healthcare.D EC E M B E R 2 0 1 9In 2017, Sentara Obici Hospital launched anew program to help drug-dependent newborns suffering from Neonatal AbstinenceSyndrome (NAS) in the NICU. Nurses andvolunteers for “Arms of Love” console NASbabies as they go through withdrawal fromdrugs they were exposed to in the womb.NAS babies experience body shakes, fussiness, and poor feeding, among other symptoms, after birth. Babies within this programare swaddled in loving arms in private, dimlylit nurseries to help them through the drugwithdrawal process.SentaraPrincess AnneHospitalVirginia, 757-507-1000Sentara Princess Anne Hospital is the firstVirginia hospital to offer the Ornish Medicine Program for Reversing Heart Diseaseto cardiac patients. The nine-week programintroduces a plant-based diet and lifestylechanges to reverse the advancement ofcoronary artery disease and other seriousheart conditions. The program has efficientlyhelped 99 percent of participating patientsstop or reverse their heart disease andimprove blood flow by 300 percent. Dr. DeanOrnish is the founder of the program and aclinical professor of medicine at the University of California.87VIRGINIA LIVINGVCU PharmaceuticalEngineering directorsThomas Roper andSandro da Rocha.The VCU Center for PharmaceuticalEngineering and Sciences, a jointventure between the university’sSchool of Pharmacy and College ofEngineering, opened in April. Thecenter will facilitate multidisciplinaryresearch and the development of newdrug products.One area of focus is nanomedicine,a new and rapidly evolving field thatcombines nanotechnology withbiomedical and pharmaceuticalsciences. These types of drugs areembedded into miniscule frameworksthat allow for more control over themedicine’s delivery.“We are excited that the Centerfor Pharmaceutical Engineering andSciences will work with researchersand industry partners to discover anddeliver health products that improveand save lives,” says Dr. Joseph DiPiro,dean of the School of Pharmacy.In conjunction with the center, VCUwill also be home to the nation’s firstPh.D. program in pharmaceutical engineering, with the first class to startin fall 2020. Students will take part inthe new product creation, from preclinical studies to manufacturing andpackaging.

HOSPITALS & HEALTH CARE 2019TOP HOSPITALSSovah, 276-666-7200The cancer care progr

Center released the world’s first fully robotic catheterization lab. The center is the first in . cal weight loss program. Inova Fairfax Hospital Falls Church, 703-776-4001 Inova Fairfax Hospital’s Women’