IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems)Vol.13, No.3, July 2019, pp. 283 292ISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258DOI: 283Digitalization On Students Scoring Systemof SMPN 18 Bekasi1Fesa Asy Syifa Nurul Haq*1, Nuryuliani2Master Program of Technology and Engineering, Universitas Gunadarma, Jakarta, Indonesia2Universitas Gunadarma, Jakarta, Indonesia1e-mail: * [email protected], [email protected] informasi telah mendukung pengembangan kualitas jasa pelayanan sekolahdi seluruh dunia. Namun masih banyak sekolah yang belum memanfaatkannya secara optimalkhususnya di Indonesia, contohnya di SMPN 18 Bekasi. Seperti pada umumnya sekolah hanyamenggunakan aplikasi Ms.Word dan Ms. Excel. Hal itu mengakibatkan terjadinya perbedaanformat penilaian dan kesalahan saat mengisi nilai ke dalam format rapot. Aplikasi sisteminformasi akademik yang dikembangkan dalam penelitian ini menggunakan bahasapemrograman PHP, HTML, dan MySQL ini diberi nama SIADHEL yang artinya sisteminformasi akademik delapan belas. Tujuan pembuatan aplikasi ini ialah agar siswa/orangtuasiswa dapat menerima informasi penilaian sekolah secara tepat, cepat dan akurat. Para gurujuga dapat menggunakan fasilitas dalam mengolah nilai siswa sehingga terintegrasi danteringkas dengan baik sebagai data bagi Kepala Sekolah untuk membuat kebijakan. Aplikasi inidapat dibuka pada platform browser apa saja, sehingga memudahkan pengguna untukmengaksesnya dimana saja dan kapan saja.Kata kunci— Aplikasi, Sistem Informasi Akademik, WebsiteAbstractInformation technology has been supporting the development of school services in theworld. But there are still many schools does not using the information technology at all specially in Indonesia, for example at SMPN 18 Bekasi. As usually like another school they onlyusing Ms. Word and Ms. Excel applications. That is make many differences output in formatscoring and mistakes while filling score on the students report format. The application ofacademic information system in this research have developed using PHP, HTML and MySQL asprogramming language. It named SIADHEL, means Eighteen Academic Information System(Sistem Informasi Akademik Delapan Belas) . The aims of this project is to provide a good toolsfor students or their parents to receive the exactly, fast and accurate informations of theirstudents scoring. Teachers can use an integrated and accurate tools as facility to provide datafor the Principal to make new policies. This application could be opened by every browserplatform, so it will make easier for the users to access the program wherever and anytime.Keywords— Application, Academic Information System, WebsiteReceived July 3rd,2019; Revised July 18th, 2019; Accepted July 30th, 2019

284 ISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-72581. INTRODUCTIONInformation technology has supported the development of school services in the world.But there are still many schools does not using the information technology at all - specially inIndonesia, for example at SMPN 18 Bekasi. Commonly like another school they only using Ms.Word and Ms. Excel applications. That is make many differences output in format scoring andsome mistakes while filling the score on the students report format.Those applications which are used to make a student scoring is not integrated yet. Aswe know today almost every school using 2013 Curriculum or namely K-13 (1). It is difficultfor the teachers to fill the scoring format of the students reports. So it would make manymistakes because of it’s different scoring methods. The diference between application file ofthe class teachers and subject teachers make some difficulties when they fill the score to thereport format, it will take more time on making the students report.Moreover, in making a report on the results of the students scoring also take quitelonger because it needs to be rearranged the report given by the class teachers. This caused theacademic information should be late at the students hands when needed [2]. There have beenmany studies that discuss about the development and utilization of academic information systemin the processing of the student scoring in the high school and university. In the scope of highschool and vocational school, the studies have done by Farid who developed an academicinformation specially in the valuation of high school students using the R & D method [2], thenby Recky designed the academic information system at the high school [5]. Muhammad Ali alsodesigned an information systems at the school of Madrasah Aliyah [7]. All of their design usedthe waterfall method. Other studies conducted in the university level has done by Yan, which isdid the research regarding to design and implementation in STAI used SDLC method [3], thenKurniadi has researched in development of student academic services section [4], and Mulyanidid about student activities participation on credit system [8]. It is still rarely research ondevelopment or utilization of academic information system by the web in the first level ofsecondary schools.From the previous research, almost all web-based. With a web-based academicinformation systems can be accessed easily and can use various browsers that exist on thecomputer or smartphone [3]. The existence of this academic information system as a support ofacademic services will provide satisfying services on the scoring processing, reliable andaffordable [4]. This is due to more web-based, easy to learn and easier to be developed further.In a web is also required to use another languages in order to make the data flow processing,including to use languages such as PHP, MySQL is one of the DMBS which can be used bymultiusers and multithread [5]. According to the study, MySQL occupies second rank from avariety of relational databases, this is because the use of MySQL easier and can be learneddirectly [6, 7, 8].2. METHODS2.1. Metode PenelitianIn this study, the first activity undertaken is obtaining data and information concerningto the score processing of the students through interviews and several ministerial regulationsabout the scoring system is based on level of education. The methods used in the developmentof the system includes several stages presented on Figure 1.IJCCS Vol. 13, No. 3, July 2019 : 283 – 292

IJCCSISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258 285Figure 1 System development stageBased on PerMenDikBud No. 23 Year 2016 [1], the student assessment consists ofthree aspects:1. Aspects of AttitudeAssessment aspects of attitudes is done through observation that the responsibilityis in the hand of the class teachers.2. Aspects of KnowledgeAssessment aspect of knowledge is done through written tests, oral tests, andassignments in accordance with the competencies assessed.3. Aspects of SkillsAssessment was undertaken through the skills aspect of the practices, products,projects, portfolios, and other techniques in accordance with the competenciesassessed.Based on these three aspects, aspects of knowledge or skills have it’s calculation usedby the school SMPN 18 Bekasi as the following equation:(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)On the assessment of knowledge aspect, the order of score calculation starts from theequation 1, where the each subject has at least one competency, and maximum of sixcompetences. On each competency has score average of written score test, observation score,and score of assignment. Then on equation 2, when the score average of competency exceedsthe minimum score of criteria (KKM), then the score of competency is taken from Equation 1. IfDigitalization On Students Scoring System of SMPN 18 Bekasi (Fesa Asy Syifa Nurul Haq)

286 ISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258the score average of competency is not greater than the score of the KKM, they have to followremidial. And the score of competency will be counted is the score of the KKM as equation 7.The sore of each competency will be searched back and become a daily score as Equation 3.The total score of the merger between the knowledge aspect of daily score with the score of themidterm and final exams of the semester, where each score is multiplied by the weighting valueis already determined by the subject teachers using the equation 4.For the assessment of skills aspects, such as in the aspect of knowledge has the samecompetences, consists of score of practice, score of project, score of product, score of portfolioand score of written test is formulated in equation 5. From the score of each competency will besearched the average and to be the daily score, and the total scores of the skills aspect iscalculated by equation 3 where the daily score on skills aspect will be the total score.The assessment results of the achievment of knowledge aspect and skills aspectpresented in the form of numbers and description. Determination of KKM which should beachieved is done through the meeting of the Board of Educators. After all the assessmentprocess is done, the score of all subjects in the aspects of knowledge and skills combined intothe score collection (DKN).To simplify the process, it have to change all to digitize process so that all the scores ofthe students who are given by subject teachers is accurate, timely when needed, and with aconsistent format, then in this research built an application is named Siadhel (Eighteeninformation System). The application of Siadhel can help the principal, teachers, and students inproviding information about academic that can be accessed easily, improving the quality ofwork of its institution education services, as supporting decision-making, as tools to solve theproblems, and help the operational school organization [10]. In addition, the information gainedfrom this applications to be the reference for the principal in making policies.3. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION3.1. Requirement & AnalysisCollecting data and information directly on the location of the research by doing aninterview to the academic section of the curriculum. Some conditions were found and faced inthe process of collecting the students scores as follows:1. The difficulty in directly change between an accumulated score from the subject teachers tothe class teachers. It would need more time if happened an error of the scoring.2. Almost happened many errors in the inputing score process form the subject teachers to theclass teachers. Too much formula while using Microsoft Excel, will be made somedifficulties to move to the Microsoft Excel format owned by class teachers, so it requires alonger time to process an appropriate score check.3. The increase of the class teachers job while preparing the report, because of at the time ofreceiving the score collection from the subject teachers often changing the number in asingle file, so need to recheck before printed.4. The report which shown to the principals could not be directly provided and takes quitelong time. It is because each class teacher has their different file format, when it made intoa Microsoft Excel file that was given to the principle they have to remove the formulas firston the excel file own by class teachers, then copy and paste into the other excel file, itwould need require time and a very high precision.IJCCS Vol. 13, No. 3, July 2019 : 283 – 292

IJCCSISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258 287From the existing condition already mentioned was obtained some functional needssystem and non-functional system. Here are some functional system requirements:1. The system can be opened by some types of browser and some operating systems setting.2. This system can do input data of the students, teachers/staff, schedule, and students scoresof the SMPN 18 Bekasi.3. This system can display data of the students, teachers/staff, schedule, students scores ofSMP 18 Bekasi.4. This system provides the features of change and delete students data, teachers/staff,schedule, and students score of SMPN 18 Bekasi.5. This system can display student reports of SMPN 18 Bekasi.The Non functional needs system has developed are:1. Can be accessed without user limit, within 24 hours (1 day)2. The system/application created with the web responsive character, so can be opened notonly through computer/PC, but can be opened through the mobile browser.3. To maintain the security of the data, it gives the different levels right of access of the users(students, subject teachers/class teachers, the principal).3.2. Design & ImplementationAt this stage, specify the image of the user who can access this application, as well asdescribing the processes undertaken by the respective user. Users has been determined to be 3,namely students, teachers/class teachers, administrator, and the principal. Explaining processusing the Unified Modeling Language (UML), including use case diagram, activity diagram,and class diagram.Figure 2 Use case diagramDigitalization On Students Scoring System of SMPN 18 Bekasi (Fesa Asy Syifa Nurul Haq)

288 ISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258From Figure 2 above can be seen parts which are illustrated with a use case can beaccessed by four actors or users. Part of the students only can see the students data, schedule,and view the scores that have been inputted by the teachers. Section of the teachers only can seedata for teachers, schedules, as well as the students score inputted. Section admin can access theoverall input, such as an update or delete, but about the students score the admin only can see,can not input it, change, or remove. The principal is given access only can see the entirecontents of the information system which is created.Figure 3 Activity DiagramFigure 3 is an overview of the obtaining process of the valuation until finished as a listreport and to be the reference of this information system, start while the students follow thelessons given by teachers. The teacher will give the test, which will be answered by the studentand will be given a score by the teacher. Teachers manage the students score who have donetheir test, so that it can process the report and submit a list of the score collection's to theadministration. The Administration section will provide in format report to be submitted to theprincipal for review regarding to the students scores.IJCCS Vol. 13, No. 3, July 2019 : 283 – 292

IJCCSISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258 289Figure 4 Class diagramThe database had been created is shown on Figure 4. Each of the table has an interrelated and has a relationship. Each table has a primary key, so it does not happen theredundancies data. Primary key will come up with random score so that facilitate the managingdata in the internal school. Each entity has a rule of cardinality such as name of subject andteachers. Explanation of name of subject and teacher entity will establish a new entity namelythe schedule. Between the entities of subject and teachers have a cardinality where one personof the teacher can teach one subject, and many teachers teach in a single subject.Implementation of programming language code in the hypertext preprocessor (PHP)that will process the data and sending back to the webbrowser that will be HTML code [7]. Sothe HTML is also used as a language by PHP in describing the structure of website interface. Inperforming the implementation with PHP, it is necessary to install a webserver, so that it canDigitalization On Students Scoring System of SMPN 18 Bekasi (Fesa Asy Syifa Nurul Haq)

290 ISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258ensure the website made with PHP and MySQL can be run on a client computer or server usingthe browser [8].3.3. Testing & DeploymentBasicly for testing the web can be accessed through the online network as well as localnetworks, and are widely accessible and there is also a desktop application which normally onlyaccessible by desktop developed into web technologies. Later the desktop application can beaccessed with a web browser like the web in general. However to access applications desktoprequired special web browser should provide API that are used framework to develop theapplication [11].Siadhel applications can be opened on a wide range of web browsers by using a PC ormobile phone. In testing Siadhel application, done using the local server, and use Ngrok as atool that works as a virtual private network (VPN). Illustration of the use of the Ngrok shown inFigure 5. Ngrok work opens the local server behind the NAT and firewalls by passing through asecure tunnel. By default will run HTTP tunnel as well as HTTPS tunnel. It works to changepersonal IP on the local server using virtual IP to be public IP, then public IP to be the referenceof URL in access local server.Figure 5 Ngrok using processBlack box testing carried out to know the qualities and weaknesses of the softwarewhich is being developed to further evaluated to do repairs in accordance with the functionalrequirements of the system that is supposed to be. At Siadhel the entire function on a button, orthe provided options can run sending output according to given input. As the function of thelogin button, the function of a save button of the student data, button functions when inputstudents score, and another buttons has been provided.Siadhel deployment process does not use the Ngrok function, but rather through thehosting process, where the URL is certain and not changeable, not burdened with adequatememory needs that accessed by a lot of people, and can be accessed at various time withoutgetting to know the time and numbers of users. After deployment process, do the test againusing black box testing, the test results from black box testing figure on Table 1.Tabel 1 Result of the Black Box TestingIJCCS Vol. 13, No. 3, July 2019 : 283 – 292

IJCCSISSN (print): 1978-1520, ISSN (online): 2460-7258AcivitiesUser login according to each bject teachers/class teachers can dosome process of scoring studentsmanagement (view, delete, add, update)Users as Admin can do view, delete,add, update in the students dataUsers as Admin can do view, delete,add, update on teachers and staffs dataUsers asa Admin can do view, delete,add, update on the schedule data lUsers as admin can do view, update onthe students score dataUsers can do update passwordUser as Principal can do the process ofview the list of students scores in reportformatTest updatingstudents dataupdatingteachers andstaffs dataupdatingscheduledataupdatingsyudentsscore dataInputandsavepasswordInputtingyearandsemester ofthescorereportOutputDisplayinglogin for,verificationusernameand password, enter tofirst page of every levelAccessscoredata,display scoring form, andsaving the inputted scoreAccessanddisplaystudents dataAccessanddisplayteachers and staffs dataAccessandschedule datadisplayAccessandstudents datadisplay 291Result Test change password formValidDisplaycollectedproperly score data of thestudentsValid4. CONCLUSIONSAn information system in the web form can be made with such of programminglanguages and varieties methods. In this research known that doing the web testing with thelocal server is not always directly tested with the local server PC. As already mentioned, intesting without directly related to local servers can use Ngrok. Ngrok change the personal IP oneach PC is converted into virtual IP. With this virtual IP'S can access the local server directlywithout having to get in touch directly with the personal IP and passing through a tunnel safelywithout firewall and NAT. The lack of Ngrok is given a period of time to enable virtual IP to bethe URL connecting to the local server. In addition, the URL provided is also only accessible bya single user, it cannot be shared by multiple users. For that must to do hosting, with hosting canhave the permanent name of the URL, it does not need big capacity of the computer for saving,so can accessed by many users in the same time.REFERENCES[1][2][3]Djuandi, “Permendikbud Tentang Kurikulum Tahun 2013,” Jun 2013 [online].Available : tentang-kurikulumtahun-2013/. [Accessed: 25-Maret-2019].F. Suryandani, Basori, dan D. Maryono, “PENGEMBANGAN SISTEM INFORMASIAKADEMIK BERBASIS WEB SEBAGAI SISTEM PENGOLAHAN NILAI SISWADI SMK NEGERI 1 KUDUS,” vol. X no. 1, hlm. 71–82, Jan 2017[online]. Available : [Accessed: 25-Mei-2019]Y. yan Sopian, “Desain dan Implementasi Sistem Informasi Akademik (Studi KasusSTAI Sebelas April Sumedang),” Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Informatika dan ManajemenDigitalization On Students Scoring System of SMPN 18 Bekasi (Fesa Asy Syifa Nurul Haq)

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menggunakan aplikasi Ms.Word dan Ms. Excel. Hal itu mengakibatkan terjadinya perbedaan . the score average of competency is not greater than the score of the KKM, they have to follow remidial. And the score of competency will be counted is the score of the KKM as equation 7. . SMP 18 B