WELSH PROCUREMENT ALLIANCE (WPA) WORKING FOR WALESABOUT THIS FRAMEWORKThis WPA framework has been developed to provide an efficient, value for money procurement route for localauthorities, social landlords and other public sector bodies for the design, supply and installation of roofing systemsWPA provides OJEU compliant frameworks which can beWPA is backed by LHC, a not-for-profit organisation,used by local authorities, social landlords and other publicgoverned by public law and a central purchasingsector bodies to procure works, products and servicesbody providing procurement services in the UK, sincefor the construction, refurbishment and maintenance of1966. All Contract Notices are issued on behalf of thesocial housing, schools and public buildings. Our visionWPA by LHC, who have an in-house team of technicalis to be recognised throughout Wales as a centre ofprocurement experts that produce and manage theexcellence for public sector procurement.frameworks.We operate in Wales connecting construction companies,WPA aims to deliver solutions for compliance, qualitymanufacturers and service providers with the needs ofand best value and provides procurement andour clients. We bring buyers and suppliers together, totechnical support and advice throughout the durationbuild and maintain public property more efficiently andof our clients’ projects.and associated works in all types of public sector refurbishment and new build projects, including: Multi occupancy residential buildings (low/medium/high rise) Public offices Schools NHS buildings Colleges Police/Fire Authority buildings Universities Other public buildingscost effectively, and to benefit local communities.Any organisation that is publicly or partially publiclyOur activity is guided by our Executive Committeefunded is eligible to utilise our frameworks.which is made up of Local Authorities and HousingAssociations from across Wales.If you would like any of the content of this brochuretranslated into Welsh please ask.Os hoffech i unrhyw ran o’r gynnwys y pamffled hwngyfieithu i’r Gymraeg gofynnwch os gwelwch yn dda.The tender was carried out in strict accordance with the EU Procurement Directive and UK public sectorprocurement rules.Places on the framework were awarded to six different suppliers in three workstreams and across four regionallots for flat roofing.The term of the framework is from 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2025. However, individual call off projects can becompleted beyond the four-year duration of the framework as long as a contract is in place prior to the frameworkexpiry date.LHC Lifetime ValuesIn addition to providing our clients with competitively tendered Framework Agreements for building works,goods, and services LHC and WPA are committed to delivering tangible social value and community benefits inmeeting local and regional needs. LHC and WPA work with our clients and appointed companies to ensure thatwherever possible projects delivered using our frameworks leave a social legacy.LHC and WPA have aligned activities to create the LHC Lifetime Values, which uses the 4 key value categoriesas identified in the value toolkit by the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH). CIH has been established bygovernment to progress innovation in the construction sector.During the life of the framework LHC and WPA will work with clients and appointed companies to promote,identify, implement and monitor the impact of these value categories, which could be supported by social valueand community benefit initiatives alongside the delivery of the works or service contracts in meeting local/regional needs.WWW.WELSHPROCUREMENT.CYMRURS4 Flat Roofing Systems03

WORKSTREAM OPTIONSREGIONAL LOTSGuaranteesFlat RoofingApproved installers were nominated in each region by the system suppliers. See pages 6 and 7.15 year productThis framework offers access to national System Suppliers and their approvedinstallation contractors. System Suppliers provide an in-house supported survey,guarantee acrossall and technical advice service.Workstream 1 Traditional Flat RoofingIncludes the design, supply and installation oftraditional flat roofing products to include (but notbe limited to), asphalt, systems, torch on systemssuch as bituminous built up roofing systems,flame-free systems such as single ply, bituminoussystems and GRP.This may include associated products and workssuch as flashings, fascia, soffit, weathering andrainwater items.Workstream 2 Liquid Flat RoofingIncludes design, supply and installation of liquidflat roofing systems to include, (but not be limitedto), polymer modified bitumen emulsions andsolutions, glass reinforced resilient unsaturatedpolyester resins, flexible unsaturated polyesterresins, hot applied polymer modified bitumen andpolyurethanes.This may include associated products and workssuch as flashings, fascia, soffit, weathering andrainwater items.Workstream 3 Profiled Metal RoofingIncludes the design, supply and installation ofmetallic based roofing systems of a tile or sheettype profiled system.This may include associated products and workssuch as flashings, fascia, soffit, weathering andrainwater items.WWW.WELSHPROCUREMENT.CYMRURS4 Flat Roofing Systems05

APPOINTED COMPANIESWS2 - Liquid SystemsWS2 - Liquid SystemsWS1 - Traditional Flat RoofingWS1 - Traditional Flat RoofingWS1 - Traditional Flat RoofingApproved InstallersWS3 - Profiled Metal RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingCentral RoofingComplete Roofing SystemsCLAD RightCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingBodaccM&J GroupEverlastComplete Roofing CompanyM&J GroupComplete Roofing CompanyEverlastLRL RoofingMAC RoofingHardisty CRNMA HartleyMAC RoofingEverlastMilestone ContractingNautilus RoofingOwens Building & RoofingHelix RoofingNRA RoofingRTL GroupJ RandallOpus WaterproofingWeatherwellWeatherwellLRL RoofingTotal Roofing SolutionsStoic RoofingNRA RoofingSpan RoofingWF Clayton & CoApproved InstallersWS3 - Profiled Metal RoofingWS2 - Liquid SystemsWS1 - Traditional Flat RoofingWS1 - Traditional Flat RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCLAD RightBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingCentral RoofingJ RandallComplete Roofing SystemsComplete Roofing CompanyCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingJR Flat RoofingM&J GroupEverlastMA HartleyM&J GroupComplete Roofing CompanyEverlastLRL RoofingMAC RoofingGeneral Asphalte Co.NRA RoofingMAC RoofingJ RandallMilestone ContractingMLG UKProseal RoofingJ RandallSpringvaleRTL GroupNRA RoofingOpus WaterproofingNautilus RoofingSpan RoofingSPS RoofingTotal Roofing SolutionsStoic RoofingSpan RoofingSpan RoofingWeatherwellCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCLAD RightBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingAdrian GibbsJ RandallDFR RoofingComplete Roofing CompanyCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingM&J GroupJ RandallMA HartleyM&J GroupComplete Roofing CompanyEverlastEurotech RoofingMAC RoofingNautilus RoofingNRA RoofingMAC RoofingJ RandallMilestone ContractingHaran RoofingProseal RoofingSPS RoofingSpringvaleRTL GroupNRA RoofingOpus WaterproofingJR Flat RoofingSpan RoofingUrban RoofTotal Roofing SolutionsStoic RoofingSpan RoofingSpan RoofingNautilus RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCLAD RightBBR RoofingBBR RoofingBBR RoofingAdrian GibbsJ RandallDFR RoofingComplete Roofing CompanyCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingCentral RoofingM&J GroupJ RandallMA HartleyM&J GroupComplete Roofing CompanyEverlastHaran RoofingMAC RoofingNautilus RoofingNRA RoofingMAC RoofingJ RandallMilestone ContractingJR Flat RoofingProseal RoofingSPS RoofingSpringvaleRTL GroupNRA RoofingOpus WaterproofingMLG UKSpan RoofingUrban RoofTotal Roofing SolutionsStoic RoofingSpan RoofingSpan RoofingNautilus RoofingWS3 - Profiled Metal RoofingWS2 - Liquid SystemsApproved InstallersApproved InstallersSouth East WalesSouth West WalesMid WalesNorth WalesSystemSupplierWS2 - Liquid SystemsWWW.WELSHPROCUREMENT.CYMRURS4 Flat Roofing Systems07

FRAMEWORK TENDER PROCESSA single stage, open tender process was used but there were two parts to the assessment.1. Qualification Stage AssessmentCompanies were assessed on their suitability to be considered for the framework through a qualificationstage assessment. This comprised the following: Mandatory and discretionary Pass/Fail questions (Based on PAS91 SQ) Accreditations and certifications, as below: Environmental Management - UKAS (or equivalent) accredited independent third-party certificate ofcompliance with BS EN ISO 14001 (or equivalent) or a valid EMAS (or equivalent) certificate. Quality Management - UKAS (or equivalent) accredited independent third-party certificate ofcompliance in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 (or equivalent). Health and Safety - UKAS (or equivalent) accredited independent third-party certificate of compliancein accordance with BS OHSAS 18001 or ISO 45001 (or equivalent) or have, within the last 12 months,successfully met the assessment requirements of a construction-related scheme in registeredmembership of the Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP) forum. Compliance with Equality Act 2010Applicants were required to evidence through a number of confirmatory statements that they arecompliant with the Equality Act 2010 and have measures in place to promote equality and diversity within Financial due diligenceApplicants were first assessed on their annual turnover for the past 3 years by comparison to thetheir organisation.minimum turnover requirements for the lots they have applied for. Applicants that met the turnover Durability and Guarantee Requirementsrequirement were then assessed on profitability and liquidity.Applicants will be required to confirm they will offer the relevant durability requirements and guaranteesThe minimum annual turnover requirements for all lots within this Framework is 500,000, this being twicefor the products used.the anticipated average value of projects called off this Framework Agreement.2. ITT Award Stage AssessmentMinimum Insurance CoverApplicants are required to have the minimum levels of insurance to be considered throughout the duration ofthe framework and any corresponding call offs have expired.The ITT award process comprised a 70% Quality / 30% Price evaluation with the sum of both scores establishingthe Most Economically Advantageous Tenders (MEAT). Employers (Compulsory) Liability Insurance 5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance 2,000,000QUALITY ASSESSMENT – 70% Professional Indemnity Insurance 2,000,000Technical Capability Questions Product Liability Insurance 2,000,000Bidder’s technical capability questions, split50%between technical ability, management,support and accreditations/qualitymanagementRegional CapabilitySplit between supporting and meeting local20%regional needs and contributions todelivering local social value in accordancewith LHC’s ‘Lifetime Values’PRICE ASSESSMENT – 30%Profit and overhead and preliminariesscenario pricing and regional upliftWWW.WELSHPROCUREMENT.CYMRU10%20%RS4 Flat Roofing Systems09

CALL-OFF AWARD OPTIONSEASY GUIDE TO USING WPA FRAMEWORKSThere are 3 options available:Procedure A: Mini Competition between System Suppliers, each bid comprising a System Supplier and each SystemSupplier’s single Approved Installation Contractor.Client identifiespotential projectProcedure B: Direct selection of a System Supplier with further competition between several of the chosen SystemWPA provides information onframeworks applicable andprocurement routes availableSupplier’s Approved Installation Contractors.Procedure C: Direct selection of a System Supplier and Approved Installation Contractor without further competition.Client evaluates suitability ofWhen calling off projects, clients can use any one of a range of standard forms of building contract includingJCT/SBCC, NEC3/NEC4, ACE, PPC, TPC, FAC1, or their own in-house agreement.framework for their projectspecific requirementsELIGIBILITYWPA is part of LHC, a not-for-profit organisation,Project notgoverned by public law, and a central purchasing bodyregisteredproviding procurement services.Is framework suitable?Over 200 publicly funded organisations throughoutthe UK currently use LHC frameworks to procureworks, goods and services to construct, refurbish andmaintain social housing, schools and public buildings.The specific classes of public sector organisationWPA provides project ref.Client registersWPA issues EOI tonumber to clientprojectAppointed Companiesauthorised to use the framework include: Local Authorities and any subsidiaries and jointventure vehicles of those Local Authorities Housing Associations and other RegisteredWPA advises client Health Authorities, Councils, Boards and TrustsACCESSING THE FRAMEWORK Publicly funded schoolsCompanies appointed to WPA frameworks are Universities, colleges and other furtherrequired to pay a small percentage (‘the levy’)education establishments Police authorities Fire and Rescue servicesof the total value of every invoice submittedto clients and to submit quotations to clientsthat are inclusive of the levy. As a not-for-profit Registered charitiesorganisation, WPA returns surplus levy income Government departmentsto our clients to support social value initiativesNB: The framework can also be used by other organisationsthat are either publicly funded or have been given publicfunds and require a compliant procurement route.Appointed Companiesof AppointedSocial Landlords (RSLs)respondCompanies interestClient issues mini comp/directaward documents toAppointed CompaniesClient evaluatessubmissionsClient awards contractin the local communities they serve.Client advises WPA of award,along with estimated value,start date and estimatedcompletion dateGENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONSLHC uses the FAC-1 standard form of contract to manage our frameworks. The LHC pro forma, which should beread in conjunction with the FAC-1 in published form, details the terms and conditions that govern the operationof the framework, including the procedures to call off projects under the framework. A free copy of the LHCPlease contact WPA if you would like our assistanceWPA Technical Supportwith your call-off tender processavailable throughout projectproforma is available upon request. The FAC-1 in standard published form can be purchased at a negotiated ratefrom ACA, by emailing [email protected] and quoting discount code reference: LHCFAC2516102017.WWW.WELSHPROCUREMENT.CYMRURS4 Flat Roofing Systems11

In association with:Welsh Procurement Alliance (WPA)Tredomen Innovation & Technology CentreTredomen Park Ystrad Mynach Hengoed CF82 7FQT: 02922 802 476E: [email protected]@WelshProcureWPA (Welsh Procurement Alliance)WWW.WELSHPROCUREMENT.CYMRU

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