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Modular Solutions & Off-site Manufacturing ForChilled Water PlantsPresentation Title What is a Modular Plant History of Modular Construction Application, Driving Factors & Benefits Utilization of Modular Plants in District Cooling

Presentation TitleWHAT IS A MODULAR PLANT?

What is a modular chiller plant?Presentation Title

Whatis a modular chillerPresentationTitleplant?

Whatis a modular chillerPresentationTitleplant?

Presentation TitleHISTORY

History of modular constructionBirth of ModularConstructionThe first documented prefabricatedhome was created by a Londoncarpenter for his son, who was movingfrom England to Australia. He built aprefabricated house in pieces, thenshipped it to the Land Down Under foreasy assembly.1995First Modular Plantin DubaiProvided for the Jumeirah Beach ResidenceProject. The project consisted of 12modules of 5000 TRFirst ModularChiller Plant1830sPioneered in the United States for asmallcommercialapplication.Subsequent usage of MCP were forIndustrial applications2019 900,000 TR inMiddle‐East2005Close to a million tons of coolingcapacity are provided using modularChiller plants, Mostly for the districtcooling sector

History of Daikin modular construction HydroKool Founded in 2006Acquired by Daikin in 2010Located In Phoenix, AZOver 200 MCP deliveredPrimarily covering North America

History of Daikin modular constructionSince 2017Manufacturing Agreements with LocalCompanies in GCCFactory Phoenix ‐ USADaikin Dedicated Team toModular Plants Constructionbased in Dubai.Modular construction is a growing segment worldwide

Typical applicationswith modular plantsPresentationTitleDistrict and Campus CoolingAirports, Military, HospitalsTurbine Inlet Air ChillingOil & GasData CentersTemporary Cooling

What is driving ModularPresentationTitle Construction?Fast Track ProjectsSpeed to marketLimited SpaceRestricted AccessCustom SolutionsQuality & costControlModularity / Scalability

BenefitsPresentationTitleFactory Assembled Enhanced quality control (Factory Quality Plan)Increased Productivity (repeatability)Lower Environmental Impact (waste, traffic, noise)Single Source Responsibility From Design to CommissioningOptimized PerformancesFlexibility Expandable, MoveableShorter construction time & Simplified InstallationCreate budget certainty The CHW process is now a product and not a project.Reduces unplanned work (non budgeted), exposure to variations or concessionsReduces engineering time and construction overheads

Presentation TitleDISTRICT COOLING

DistrictCooling IdealScenarioPresentationTitle All Plots are sold All buildings are going up Projects are on time Building Occupancy is Assured Cooling loads are accurate Cost per TR is low

DistrictCooling NightmarePresentationTitle (Reality) scenarioNew Developments rolled back orcancelledSome Sub-developers not building, othersare, and they require Chilled WaterBuildings far apart. Network piping stillrequiredOccupancy uncertain, even if buildings arebuiltCooling Loads are over estimatedCost per TR of district cooling goes upDistrict Cooling plant is oversized ordelayed

DistrictCoolingPresentationTitleAlternate ways forward

Temporarymodular Titleplants for district coolingPresentation Usually 2 to 3 Plants Temporary but moving to permanent Located in vacant plots Use New or Existing chillers Basic Strip Foundation only required Easily Transportable Reusable again & again

Modularplants for districtPresentationTitlecoolingContain all the Equipment required for Chilledwater productionChillers, pumps, Electrical, piping

Modularplants for districtPresentationTitle coolingContainerized or Trailer mounted Plantsfor small capacities or emergencies

PresentationTitleAlternatewaysforwardHybrid Modular ChillerPlants

HybridPlants for DistrictPresentationTitle Cooling Combination building, façade & ModularChiller Plants Building to house Electrical Equipment Control Room Storage Facilities. Plant on Ground Level, no basementrequired Qty of Modules Match Cooling Demand With or Without TES

HybridPlants for DistrictPresentationTitle CoolingPhase 1: Initial ConstructionPhase 2: Capacity Increase. Year X

HybridPlants for DistrictPresentationTitle Cooling ExampleDesigned for 38,000 TRInstalled Capacity 19,000TR

PresentationTitleAlternatewaysforwardWHY DON’T WE MAKE THEDISTRICT COOLING MODULAR?

PresentationTitleAlternatewaysforwardDISTRIBUTED DISTRICTCOOLING

ase123Phase Main CHW Network PipingCourtesy of Domiko Modular Chiller Plants Hybrid TypeInstalled in Phases Plants are modular District cooling itself is modular Use small size pipe network Optimized for Variable Primary Flow Interconnected for redundancy TES can be installed anywhere onthe networkBranch & Plot Piping to suitDDC PlantMultiple Small Plants

Distributed District Cooling ExampleMasdar PlantHybrid Modular, this6,000TR DDC plant formspart of final build out of67,000TR.67% to 100% Load67% to 100% Load34% to 66% Load34%to 66%TES Tanks– Localor LoadSatelliteMain CHW Network Piping0% to 33% Load0%to Piping33% LoadBranch &Plotto suitPlant Room: 25m x 18mPlot Area : 40m x 45m67% to 100% LoadIncludes sub station,make up water storage,34% to 66% Loadand internal roads.Excludes TES and RO0% to 33% LoadMaster plan calls for up to 8 plants of 6,000 TR plus 3 TES, installed as theMain CHW Network Pipingdevelopmentprogresses.Main CHW Network PipingBranch & Plot Piping to suitBranch & Plot Piping to suitBranch & Plot Piping to suitDDC PlantMain CHW Network PipingDDC PlantDDC PlantDDC PlantModular & DDC benefit: It is likely there will be less plants due to overstatedplot loads.

DistributedDistrictTitleCooling Modular PlantsPresentation Easily Integrated in Environment Low Rise Buildings Opportunities for smaller chillers withlatest technologies (Magnetic Bearing) Wider choice in equipment such as CoolingTower “Winter” Plants with High Efficiencychillers Lower Power Demand (utilities)

PresentationTitleAlternatewaysforwardOFF‐SITE CONTRUCTIONFOR LARGE DC PLANTS

Presentation TitleOffsite

Off-SiteManufacturingPresentationTitlefor Mega District CoolingPumps & PipingElectricalChillers

Off-SiteManufacturingPresentationTitlefor Mega District CoolingIndividual EquipmentModules are reassembledat site to form a largeplant

Off-SiteManufacturingPresentationTitlefor Mega District CoolingChiller Module 3Chiller Module 2Chiller Module 1Boiler Module

Presentation TitleOK LAST SLIDE

Whento consider TitleModular Solutions?PresentationFlexibility / ScalabilityShort TimelineSite Labor concernsSpace constraintsBudgets LimitationsRetrofit or custom solutions

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History of modular construction Birth of Modular Construction The first documented prefabricated home was created by a London carpenterforhisson,whowasmoving from England to Australia. He built a prefabricated house in pieces, then shipped it to the Land Down Under for easy assembly. First Modular Chiller