Bear FactsThe Weekly Newsletter ofBethany Lutheran SchoolLong Beach, CAwww.bethanylutheran.orgLearn Love Lead ServeCelebratingDo60youyearsof Christianlove plants?Join us forEducation"GrowingIt’s time to re-enroll for school for the2022-2023 school year. The reenrollment window officially starts onFriday, but some of our early birds havehopped on and taken care of thisalready. We will open registration tothe community on March 1.You can complete the re-enrollmentprocess by logging onto Gradelink andlooking for the Re-enroll tab on the left.(If you’ve forgotten your Gradelinkpassword, you can go and click the“forgot password” button.)Bethany operates under a “continuousenrollment” model, meaning we areassuming your child is returning unlesswe hear differently. NEW THIS YEAR!!!If you are paying your tuition monthly,you will not have a payment scheduledin March. Instead, we will be chargingFACTS for your registration ( 315) andtechnology ( 250) fees for 2022-2023.Those charges will be scheduled forMarch 20.Speaking of fees, the 2022-2023 tuitionrates and fees are attached to today’snewsletter.Please let us know if you have anyquestions or need assistance with there-enrollment process!Blessings on your week,Dr. FinkIn Faith" - a workshop to create your ownsucculent garden and to support BethanyLutheran Church Youth attending theLCMS Youth Gathering in Houston, TXthis summer. The event will be in HensleySquare.There are three price points: Small Pot (up to 2 plants) - 15 Medium Pot (up to 4 plants) - 30 Large Pot (up to 6 plants) - 45*The price paid will include everythingneeded to create your succulent garden(your choice of pot, succulents, soil anddecorative add-ons like stones, sand,marbles or moss.)*Light refreshments are included.Please NOTE: No walk-up registration for thisevent as supplies will be limited.Registration for this event closeson Monday, March 14 atmidnight!To register for the Growing in Faithevent, click HERE or use this QR code:School Bulletin #22February 15, 2022 Feb. 15-Middle SchoolInfo Night-6:30 PM Feb. 18-Re-Registrationbegins! Feb. 18-Minimum DayNoon Dismissal Feb. 21-President’s Day-NoSchool Mar. 4-Progress Reports Mar. 4-Open House andHAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY toBethany! 6:30-8:00 Mar.6-9 WASC/NLSAAccreditation Team visit oncampus Mar. 11-Minimum Day-noondismissal Mar. 25-End Quarter 3Who’s leading chapelthis week?2/16-Mrs. Lange2/23-Mrs. Hallett3/2-Mr. Fink & PastorKritzerParents, you are alwayswelcome to join us at 9:00 inthe sanctuary!

The FISHin’ HoleOpportunities toServeDid you help with the Valentine’sDay party? Don’t forget to logyour hours!Calendar Change:Friday, March 11will now be aminimum daywith noon dismissal.The Bethany 5th grade Girl Scoutsare organizing a Blanket Drive aspart of their Bronze Award Project.They are working with SPCA-LA Long Beach and collecting clean,used blankets and towels for theshelter.Do you have clean extra blankets ortowels you’d like to donate? Bringyour donations to the school officeduring the month of February.Thank you for your support!!Cook’s Night OutOur next event is atHandel’s Ice Creamon March 2Our February offerings will be going toWorld Mission. We will be working withall the Lutheran schools in our district tosupport this organization that providesGod’s Word to people around the world in6000 different languages/dialects!Cook’s Night Out is nowsupporting Bethany’s youth fortheir summer trip to theYouth Gathering.ThankScriping Days are coming February 24 - 25. Earn up to 20% with 70 bonuses on some of your favorite brands. Take advantage of bonus earningsand make an even bigger impact on your tuition rebate or ministrycontribution - without leaving home! Shop for spring break travels, homefurnishings, clothing, and more.You need an online account to participate in this special event. If you haven’talready, create an account today on the mobile app, RaiseRight, or Check the RaiseRight app on Wednesday, February 23for a sneak peek at bonuses.Enrollment code: 1BL8EE69719L.Ruth Lopez, Scrip [email protected] 562-420-7783 ext. 58Middle School CornerThere’s a special date coming upnext week:2/22/22And, it’s on a TUESday! Howperfect is that?Let’s celebrate with a TWINSdress-up day. Find a friend (ortwo) and dress alike for the day!(Uniforms not required, butplease stick to the dress codeguidelines. )An opportunity to love and serve others!Last week the middle school students had the opportunity to hear fromZach, a volunteer with Charity on Wheels which is a homeless outreachorganization based in Orange County.The Charity on Wheels website states that their goal, “is to see peoplerestored, thriving, and back on the road to self-reliance.” Each weekthey visit neighborhoods, parks, alleys, riverbeds, and shelters to invitepeople to their gatherings. At the gatherings, they serve food, eat mealstogether, build relationships, and often the visitors and volunteers leaveencouraged. They also help meet the immediate needs of the visitors bypassing out toiletry items, shower passes and clothing. Please see theattached PDF or visit to learnmore about this organization.The middle school students invite all Bethany families to supportCharity on Wheels by donating a package or two of new adultsocks. There will be a collection box located by the EDC tablesduring morning drive-through and another collection box upstairsoutside the middle school classrooms. Donations acceptedthrough Friday, February 25, 2022.

2022-2023 Tuition and FeesBethany Lutheran School offers two tuition schedules; one for families who are members of Bethany Lutheran Church andanother for all other families. Claiming membership in Bethany Lutheran Church means:a. One or both parents of the child are members and are listed on the church roll.b. The members are regular in their church and communion attendance, and support Bethany Lutheran Churchthrough their financial contributions.All families are encouraged to use our SCRIP/Gift card program and accumulate a SCRIP/Gift card rebate, which may beused to offset some of the tuition costs.Members of Bethany Lutheran Church1 child:2 children:3 children:Annual 7100 12,770 15,960Paid over 10 months 710 monthly 1,277 monthly 1,596 monthly*Full Payment/5% discount 6,745 12,131 15,162Members of the Community1 child:2 children:3 children:Annual 7,880 14,190 17,740Paid over 10 months 788 monthly 1,419 monthly 1,774 monthly*Full Payment/5% discount 7,486 13,480 16,853Tuition payments are made via your FACTS account and are divided equally over 10 months, August to June. (March is a “notuition-month so that families may pay their registration/tech fees for the next year.) Payments may be set up for the 5th or the20th of the month.*Tuition paid in full for the year by August 1 will receive a 5% reduction. Late payments are subject to a 30 late fee.Bethany Lutheran School does not refuse enrollment to returning students solely due to matters of money if there is roomavailable. If your family is struggling to meet tuition payments, please ask about need-based financial aid.FeesThere is a Registration Fee of 315 per child. This fee is due upon enrollment for new students. For returning students,registration fees are due in March. This fee pays for a playground insurance premium, a school yearbook, a package ofindividual school photos, textbook rental and curriculum materials.There is also a Technology Fee of 250 per child. This fee is due upon enrollment for new students and in March for returningstudents.Registration and technology fees are non-refundable. Questions concerning the tax-deductibility of payments to BethanyLutheran School or Bethany Lutheran Church should be referred to qualified tax counsel.

School Mar. 4-Progress Reports Mar. 4-Open House and HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to -8:00 Mar.6-9 WASC/NLSA Accreditation Team visit on campus Mar. 11-Minimum Day-noon dismissal Mar. 25-End Quarter 3 on Monday, March 14 at m 2/16 School Bulletin #22 February 15, 2022 Celebrating 60 It’s time to re-enroll for school