Battery Storage PacksESA-BP-5000ESA-BP-8200Compact (&480*700*260mm);light weight 74kg)light weighteight (65kg)Floor/wall mountablememountountable- IP65 ratedModular - expandable with largecapacity optionsChargeablegridsolarhargeableviavi viamultipletipleorsources- eg PV, grid, generatorgatorHigh quality cells(Prismatic Li-ion Battery)Remote control monitoringonitoring and outputIntelligent BMS -- 0w dischargedischarg / charge ratewarrantantyy10 yearsSuperior warrantywarr- 10 -yearsor unlimited25MWh/ batterybatteron packk DOD)cycles (based80%(6100 full cyclescycl per battery pack)GENERAL INFORMATION:BBatteryBatteryery ModuleModuleBAT 5.08.2TyTypef batteryTypeofofbatteryLiFePO4NoNominalal 0.2C,25 C)(0.2C,25 C)Nominal0.2C,25 C)161Ah100AhDesignn CapacityDesign eContinual ChargingCharging h5120Wh / 6560Wh80%4096Wh60A / 2300W2500W Max.50AContinueCurrent/Powerrent/PowerContinual DischargingDischarging CCurrent/Power60A / atingTemperatureTemperatureChargeCharge 0 C 55 C0 C 45 CIP RatingCommunication InterfaceProtection FunctionOperating Voltage C 60 C-30 C 60IP65RS485/MODBUSOVP/ OCP/ SCP/ OTP44.4V 57.6V46.4V 1300786769)[email protected]

(ESA-3600 / 5000)HybridInverterINVERTER - PV (GRID) ONLY APPLICATIONHybrid Solar InverterRemote firmware upgradesAn all-in-one inverter - single unit forPV, storage, grid exporting andback up powerRemote diagnostics with fullmonitoring visibilityHigh visibility: multi-functionLED system displayHighly efficient (MPPT 99.5%,PEAK CONVERSION 97.3%)Multi MPPT solar inputInternet connection foroutstanding monitoring packageMarket leading warrantyFuture proof inverter as batteryready with simple and low costadding of battery storageLow turnoff DC voltage-wide voltage rangeGround fault protectionWITH BATTERY STORAGE BENEFITSOff peak chargingExport limitationAutomatic transfer switchRemote monitoring and controlGrid island modeDC couplingEssential Back up SupplySPECIFICATIONESA-3600ESA-50003800W5400WINPUT DATA (AC)Max. DC powerMax. DC voltage600VStart voltage100VDC nominal voltage360VPV voltage range100V-600VMPP voltage range120V-550V11A/11AMax. input current per string of tracker A/tracker B2Number of independent MPP inputsOUTPUT DATA (DC)Nominal AC output power3600W5000WMax, AC apparent power3600VA5000VA16.4 A22.8AMax. output currentAC nominal voltage; rangeAC grid frequency; rangePower factor at rate powerPower factorTHDiAC; 180V-280V50,60 Hz; /- 5 Hz10.8 leading 0.8 lagging 3%single phasePH: 1300 SUNPOWER 1300 786 [email protected]

BATTERYBattery TypeLi-ionNominal voltage51.2VBattery capacity 161AhEnergy6.56kWhMax. discharging / charging power2500W3-stage adaptive with maintenanceCharging curve44.4VDC - 57.6VDCOperating voltage range60A/60AMax. charging / discharging currentBACKUP OUTPUTOutput rate power2300VAPeak power3540VA, 10s230V /-2%, 50Hz (60Hz Optional) /- 0.2%,THDv 3% (linear load)Output voltageEFFICIENCYMax. efficiency97.00%97.10%Euro eta96.50%96.50%MPPT efficiency99.50%99.50%PROTECTION DEVICESDC reverse polarity protectionYesDC switch rating for each MPPTYesOutput over current protectionYesOutput over voltage protection-varistorYesGround fault monitoringYesGrid monitoringYesIntegrated all - pole sensitive leakage currentYesMonitoring unitYesGENERAL DATADimensions (W / H / D)480/700/260 mm30kgWeight30kg-25 60oC (-13 140oF)With derating above 45oC (113oF)Operating temperature rangeNoise emission (typical) 25 dB(A)AltitudeUp to 2000m (6560ft) without power deratingRelative humidity95%Consumption: operating (standby) / nightTopology 5W / 0.5WTransformerlessCooling conceptNaturalEnvironmental Protection RatingIP65FEATURESDC connectionH4/MC4AC connectionScrew terminalDisplayLED / LCDInterfaces: Wi-Fi/USB/GPRS/RS485Warranty: 5 years / 10 years / 15 yearsCertificates and t/OptCE,IEC 62109-1&2, VDE 0126-1-1, G83/2,AS4777 & AS/NZS 3100PH: 1300 SUNPOWER 1300 786 [email protected]

SOFTWARE Connectivity via Wi-Fi/USB/GPRS/RS485 Software alarm notifcation - minimise downtime,maximise returns! Remote firmware upgrades Remote access for charging/discharging Monitor battery information, charge andtechnical diagnostics Real time monitoring (5 min reads) Monitor PV array parameters User friendly, simple and secure data reporting Web portal access anywhere andanytime Remotely change battery parameters monitor of all energy modes: generation,consumption, storage and exportWi-Fi Module:802.11.b/g/nWireless type2.412GHz 2.484GHzFrequency range2.5 dBiAntenna server URLSECURITYSecurity /TKIPEncryptionGENERAL DATA79/135/29 mmDimension (W/H/D)63 gWeight-25 C 55 CZOperation temperatureFCC/CECertification5 yearsWarranty50m (Cross one wall)Max. communication 1300 SUNPOWER 1300 786 [email protected]

Reasons to chooseESA?pPERFORMANCE Proven high performance, reliability and safety record - top UK seller (designed and engineered in UK and with over 78 million hours of running monitoring data) Secure and continuous supply (from PV and battery) during power outage - with automaticswitching within few seconds Maximise profitability with high peak efficiency 99.5% (PV to grid 97%, round trip 93%QUALITY Advanced chemistry designs (Prismatic cell technology) for enhanced performanceand long cycle life Strict quality production management and testing of highest standards Charge rate 0.5C, from 2.5kWh (upwards) charging/discharging capacityINTELLIGENCE An Advanced system with unique capabilities - such as Demand Side Response BMS software integrated into each battery & inverter - optimising energy distribution Total energy management - effective load shifting (between peak solar and demand)ADVANCED FEATURES Built in voltage regulator - correcting grid voltage to preserve appliance life and energy efficiency DC & AC coupling – flexible installation options enabling PV and grid charging,storing & consuming Multiple smart meter compatibility – enabling future potential energy trading and transferring Programmable and automatic charging from the grid to store low cost off-peak electricitySUPERIOR MONITORING Complete software management - monitor solar energy generation, consumption patterns,self consumption from storage Monitoring real time data via App and web portal Remote firmware upgrades (via Internet) for continuous optimisation, Updates and new AppsFLEXIBILITY Multiple operating modes - grid-tied, grid-hybrid or off-grid Easily configurable to retrofit on existing or new PV systems Modular and expandable battery storage systemLOW MAINTENANCE Maintenance free design - with remote firmware upgrades and servicing Prolonged system performance with automatic & remote manufacturer maintenancetwice a yearVALUE Affordable and outstanding value for a flexible and high end battery storage solution Increased return on investment with access to low cost off-peak grid energy Market leading warranty up to 10 years or 6100 1300 SUNPOWER 1300 786 [email protected]

Remote control monitoring and output Intelligent BMS- built into each battery pac 2500w discharge / charge rate Superior warranty- 10 years or 25MWh / battery pack (6100 full cycles per battery pack) Battery Storage Packs 00 SUNPOWER 1300 786 769 [email protected]