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Better PackagesSafety NoticeThis manual is a non-controlled document.This manual has been carefully compiled and checked for accuracy. Information in this manual does not constitute awarranty of performance. Furthermore, Better Packages reserves the right to revise this publication and make changesfrom time to time, in its content.Better Packages ASSUMES NO LIABILITY WHATSOEVER FOR ANY LOSSES OR DAMAGES INCURRED AS ARESULT OF INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS MANUAL.Proprietary NoticeThis publication contains information proprietary and confidential to Better Packages. Any reproduction, disclosure, oruse of this publication is expressly prohibited except as Better Packages may otherwise authorize in writing.Better Packages, Inc.4 Hershey DriveAnsonia, CT 06401Telephone: 800/237-9151 (US Only)203/926-3700 Fax: 203/926-3706Web Site: http://www.betterpackages.comCAUTION: If an object falls into one of the cover guide arm slots, disconnect power and notify service personnel.CAUTION: Metal surfaces of the heater may attain temperatures up to 74 degrees Celsius (165 degrees Fahrenheit).CAUTION: This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio energy and, if not installed and used inaccordance with the instruction manual, may cause interference to radio communications. It has been tested andfound to comply with the limits for Class A computing device pursuant to Subpart J of Part 15 of FCC Rules, whichare designed to provide reasonable protection against such interference when operated in a commercialenvironment. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause interference, in which case the user,at his own expense, will be required to take whatever measures may be required to correct the interference.CAUTION: When moving the tape dispenser from one location to another, power must be disconnected and thewater bottle, water tank and brushes should be removed to prevent spillage that could result in an electrical shockhazard.NOTE: Power must be removed before attempting to clear a tape jam.NOTE: The top cover is interlocked such that the unit will not operate if the cover is not fully closed.2

Better PackagesTable of ContentsSection 1 - Unpacking and SetupUnpacking . 5Checking the Contents . 5Fill Out the Warranty Card . 5Adjusting the Roll Guides . 5Loading the Tape . 6Checking Upper Tape Plate . 7Installing the Bottle and Water Tank. 8Mount the Dispenser to the Work Bench (Optional) .10Attach the Power Cord . 10Section 2 -Detailed OperationTurn the System “ON” . 12Adjust the Setting on The Heater Assembly. . 12Select the Tape Length (Standard Model) . 13Select the Tape Length (Automatic Model) . 14To Dispense a Random Length of Tape . 14To Dispense a Length of Tape Equal to a Number Button Length . 15To Dispense a Specific Length Not on a Number Button.15To Dispense Tape Longer Than the Amount on a Number Button . 15To Dispense Tape Shorter Than the Amount on a Number Button. 15To Dispense a Length of Tape Twice the Length of a Number Button. 16To Adjust the Length of a Number Button and Then Double It . 16To Repeat the Length Previously Dispensed (Standard Model) . 17To Repeat the Length Previously Dispensed (Automatic Model) . 17To Activate Automatic Mode . 18To Repeat One Tape Length Automatically. 18To Repeat Two Tape Lengths Automatically . 18To Repeat Three Tape Lengths Automatically . 19Section 3 - Sealing with Gummed TapeChoosing the Best Tape for Your Application . 20Advantages of Water-Activated Tape .20Identifying the Types of Tape . 20What You Should Know About Adhesive Formulas . 21The Different Grades (Weights) of Sealing Tape . 21Selecting Tape . 21Proper Tape Moistening . 22Adjusting the Amount of Water Applied to the Tape .22Setting Heater Controls . 22Choosing the Correct Tape Length . 23Applying Tape to the Carton. 233

Better PackagesTable of ContentsSection 4 – MaintenanceWashing the Tank, Brushes, and Bottle . 24Cleaning the Shear Blades . 25Suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule . 25Clearing Jams . 26Changing the Fuse. 27Lubrication . 28Cleaning. 29Section 5 – SpecificationsModel Descriptions . 30Technical Specifications. 30Port Connectivity . 30Connector Configurations . 30Model Types . . 31Section 6 -Service and WarrantyThis section provides warranty information and how to obtain service.Limited Warranty Statement . Error! Bookmark not defined.Error! Reference source not found.Error! Reference source not found.Error! Bookmark not defined.Index . 334

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and SetupUNPACKINGWhen you open the top flaps on the box for the tape dispenser, there will be instructions for removing thetape dispenser from its packaging. Save the box and packing materials in case you need to ship the unitat some future time.CHECKING THE CONTENTSPackaged inside the tape dispenser, under the top cover are the following items: See Figure 1. Brush Assembly (three beveled brushes assembled together) Water Tank (a black plastic piece with a metal bracket attached to it) Water Bottle (a white plastic bottle with a screw cap) Upper Tape Plate Power Cord Operating Guide Warranty Card (inside the Operating Guide) 2 Tape Roll Guides (not pictured, see page 6)OperatingGuideWater BottlePower CordBrushAssemblyUpperTapePlateWater TankFIGURE 1 - Checking Package ContentsFILL OUT THE WARRANTY CARDFilling out the warranty card and returning it to us protects your warranty and allows us to keep youinformed of product upgrades. Visit to fill out the warranty card online.Preparing the Unit for OperationADJUSTING THE ROLL GUIDESRoll guides fit into slots in the front and bottom panels of the tape basket. They hold the tape roll verticalto allow the tape to unwind. You must adjust these guides for the size of the tape being used.NOTE: This machine can dispense tapes from 1-½” to 3.0” wide.5

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and SetupProcedure:1. Remove a guide from its current position by grasping the guide, lifting it up and pulling the bottom of itto the rear of the unit. See Figure 2.2. Reinsert each guide pressing it first into the front slot and then into the bottom slot. See Figure 3.Insert all four tabs the same number ofslots from the outside edge.ROLL GUIDESFIGURE 3FIGURE 2 - Removing the Guides from the Slots Set the space between the guides to just larger than the width of the tape. Use the guides to center the tape as much as possible by inserting each guide into a slot the samedistance from the outside edge of the panel. For example, if you set the bottom part of the guide in thesecond slot from the outside edge of the panel, set the front part of the guide also into the second slot fromthe outside edge.LOADING THE TAPE1. Cut the end of the tape so that it has a clean, square end to feed under thedrive wheel.2. Load the tape roll into the basket so that: The adhesive side is down. The roll is upright between the roll guides. See Figure 4. The end of the tape goes over the:- Top of the tape roll from back to front.- Lift Roller then rubber Roller The end of the tape is fed under the top tape plate and drive wheel; and isbutted against the shear blade.3. Close the top cover.Lift RollerFeed the tape: Adhesive side down Around the lift roller Over the black roller Under the upper tape plate Under the guide bar Up against the shear bladeBlack RollerUpper Tape PlateShearBladeFIGURE 4 - Loading the Tape Roll6

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and SetupCHECKING UPPER TAPE PLATEMake sure the upper tape plate is in its proper position as shown in Figure 6. If the plate is not correctlypositioned:1. Hold the upper tape plate by its rear edge, See Figure 7, and guide it forward so that the front slotcenters around the drive wheel.2. When the cutouts in the sides of the plate are above the retaining buttons, drop the plate down andslide it forward as far as it will go.Drive WheelUpperTapePlateFIGURE 6 - Upper Tape Plate inProper PositionThe Upper tape plate must fit:- Around the drive wheel- Under the guide bar- Over the rubber roller Drive WheelDrive WheelGuideBarFIGURE 7 – Positioningthe Upper Tape PlateNOTE: There is a round guide bar just before the cutting blade. The front of the upper tape plate shouldbe under that guide bar.7

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and SetupINSTALLING THE BOTTLE AND WATER TANK1. Insert the brush assembly in the water tank. The brush assembly must be tilted toward the dispenserso that the cotter pin will clear the retaining bracket as it is pressed into place. See Figure 8. Then rotatethe brush forward so that it seats flatly on the bottom of the water tank. The edge of the base of the brushshould be under the retaining bracket.2. Lift the front of the heater assembly and slide the water tank into position at the front of the dispenser.Retaining bracketFIGURE 8 - Inserting the Brushinto the Water TankBrushes must be angled toward thefront of the dispenser in order to work.Installing the brushes backwards willcause a troublesome tape jam.At first, tilt the brush toward the dispenser so that the head of the cotter pin clears the retaining bracket asyou push the brushes into the tank. Then tilt the brush back so that it seals flatly on the bottom of thetank.The bottom of the water tank should be even with the edges of the shelf it sits on and the water tank willdrop slightly into the shelf when it is correctly positioned.3. Lower the heater assembly.4. Fill the bottle with water.8

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and Setup!CAUTION: Under normal operating conditions, the bottom of theheater assembly may be HOT. Handle the assembly ONLY by thetabs sticking out from the sides. See Figure 9.Use these tabs to raiseand lower the heaterassemblyThe tank willdrop slightlyinto thisshelf when itis correctlypositionedFIGURE 9 - Handling the Heater Assembly5. Position the bottle onto the right side of the dispenser. The spring-loaded center of the bottle’s capmust be on the pylon protruding up from the water tank. See Figure 10.Bottlenormallyfits in this areaCenter of thebottle cap fitsover the pylonin the tankFIGURE 10 - Attaching theBottle to the Dispenser9

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and SetupMOUNT THE DISPENSER TO THE WORK BENCH (OPTIONAL)The dispenser may be bolted to the work bench or table that it sits on. The main reason to do this is thedispenser can’t be knocked off the bench-top should someone bump into it. The dispenser is shipped withfour (4) rubber feet attached to the bottom panel by 10-24 Phillips head screws.1. Drill four holes into the top of the bench.2. Remove the screws and washers from the bottom panel that hold the feetin place.3. Measure the thickness of the bench top. Obtain 4 (four) 10-24 screws/bolts that are 9/16” to 1-1/16”longer than the thickness of the bench top. For example, if the bench top is 1” thick, use screws 1-9/16” to2-1/16” long to attach the dispenser to the bench top.Use the feet supplied with the dispenser.Top of bench or table.FIGURE 11 - Mounting the Dispenser to a Bench Top4. Position the dispenser over the bench so that their mounting holes are lined up.IMPORTANT: Keep the feet between the dispenser and the bench top. This will protect both thedispenser and the bench from vibration from the dispenser’s normal operation.5. Insert the 10-24 screws through the bottom of the bench, through the rubber feet, into the threadedholes in the bottom panel. See Figure 11. Use Loctite or a similar thread locking compound on the threads of the screws to prevent them fromloosening. Tighten the screws until they are snug, but do not tighten them so much that the rubber feet arecompressed. Use washers under the heads of the bolts or screws used to secure the dispenser to the bench top.ATTACH THE POWER CORD1. Ensure that the power switch is in the OFF (down) position. See Figure 12.2. Attach the female end of the power cord to the dispenser connector.See Figure 13.FIGURE 12 – Power Switch Location10

Better PackagesSection 1Unpacking and SetupUse thisport foroptionalpedalcontrolor AMD-1FuseHolderAttachthe A/CPowerCordhereFIGURE 13 – The Electrical PanelThere are two other components on the electrical panel: The 9-Pin female connector that can be used:On Standard and Automatic models to attach a pedal switch. On Automatic models (only) to access anRS-232 serial data port. Using this data port, the Better Packages Automatic Measuring Device (AMD-1)(purchased separately) can be utilized to instantly measure & dispense the exact length as tape needed. A user-replaceable fuse.See the Maintenance Section3. Plug the male end of the power cord into a 110/120v 60hz receptacle.!WARNING: FOR YOUR SAFETYAll metal parts of this machine areelectrically grounded through a3-wire power supply. You must plugthis cord into a 3-wire grounded typereceptacle.If you are not sure if the electrical system in your building is properly grounded, contact a licensedelectrician.11

Better PackagesSection 2OperationTURN THE SYSTEM “ON”Turn the power switch to the “ON” (up) position. The switch will light and the dispenser will “beep” once.See Figure 14.FIGURE 14 - On/Off Switch LocationADJUST THE SETTING ON THE HEATER ASSEMBLYFinding the correct setting for the tape you are using is a matter of simple testing. Turn adjustment knobto highest setting (clockwise), then back off slightly to the lowest temperature setting that best meets yourneeds. See Figure 15. Refer to Section 3 “Sealing with Gummed Tape”.Temperature Adjustment Control KnobFIGURE 15 - Handling the Heater Assembly!CAUTION: The bottom of the heater assembly gets HOT!Handle the heater only by the tabs protruding from the sidesof its top. See Figure 15.When the heat is properly adjusted, the tape will adhere quickly to the parcel. Too low a setting mayresult in the tape taking slightly longer to properly adhere.12

Better PackagesSection 2OperationSELECT THE TAPE LENGTH (STANDARD MODEL)Pressing a button or combination of buttons allows you to dispense tape in lengths from 4” to a maximumof 120” in increments of ½”. See Figure 16a.Better PackPLUS Button Adds ½” (1 cm)to selected length555e S - X2X2 Button Doubles selected length454239MINUS Button Subtracts ½”(1 cm) from selected length36Number Buttons Select lengthof tape3330272421REPEAT START ButtonRepeats length selected beforethis button was pressed181512Manual Feed Button Dispensestape while pressed. Length (4” to120”) is determined by how longthe button is held96REPEATSTARTFIGURE 16a - Keypad for Tape Length Selection13

Better PackagesSection 2OperationSELECT THE TAPE LENGTH (AUTOMATIC MODEL)Pressing a button or combination of buttons allows you to dispense tape in lengths from 4” to amaximum of 120” in increments of ½”.See Figure 16b.Better PackPLUS Button Adds ½” (1 cm)to selected length555e S AA - X2A Button Press to place the unit inAutomatic mode (light will be “on”when unit is in automatic mode)X2 Button Doubles selected length45MINUS Button Subtracts ½”(1 cm) from selected length42393633Number Buttons Select lengthof tape3027242118REPEAT START ButtonRepeats length selected beforethis button was pressed15Manual Feed Button Dispensestape while pressed. Length (4” to120”) is determined by how longthe button is held1296REPEATSTARTREPEAT 2REPEAT 2 ENTER ButtonUsed for a 2nd length or presetlength.ENTERFIGURE 16b - Keypad for Tape Length SelectionTO DISPENSE A RANDOM LENGTH OF TAPE:Press and hold the manual feed button (down arrow) until the desired length of tape is dispensed.It will dispense a length of 4” (10 cm) to a maximum of 120” (305 cm) depending upon how long thebutton is held down.The Manual Feed Button(lower right on the keypad)14

Better PackagesSection 2OperationTO DISPENSE A LENGTH OF TAPE EQUAL TO A NUMBER BUTTON LENGTH:PressTo dispense 42”PressTo dispense 15”TO DISPENSE A SPECIFIC LENGTH NOT ON A NUMBER BUTTON: You can add or subtract ½” increments from any number button length. You can double any button number length. You can adjust a number button length (longer or shorter) and then double it. You can repeat the length previously dispensed with a single button.ERROR NOTIFICATIONNOTE: If you press a combination of keys that doesn’t work, the system lets you know by beeping threetimes. If this happens, re-enter the key or combination of keys to produce the length or lengths that yourequire.TO DISPENSE TAPE LONGER THAN THE AMOUNT ON A NUMBER BUTTON:PressPressTo dispense 42-½”(one ½” is added for each press of theIn this case it is ½” (1 x ½”).button).To dispense 43” (one ½” is added for eachpress of thebutton.In this case it is 1” (2 x ½”).Press thebutton once for each ½” you want to add to a number button.You can press thebutton as many times as you want before you press the number button. Forexample; To dispense 42-½” of tape, press thebutton once (to add ½”) and thenpress thebutton. A 42-½” length of tape is dispensed.TO DISPENSE TAPE SHORTER THAN THE AMOUNT ON A NUMBER BUTTON:PressPressTo dispense 41-½”(one -½” is subtracted for each press of theIn this case it is 1/2” (1 x ½”).button).To dispense 41”(one ½” is subtracted for each 1” press of theIn this case it is 1” (2 x ½”).button).15

Better PackagesSection 2OperationPress thebutton once for each ½” you want to subtract from a number button. For example: To dispense 42-½” of tape, press thebutton once (to subtract ½”) andthen press thebutton. A 41-½” length of tape is dispensed. To dispense 41” of tape, press thebutton twice (to subtract one inch) andthen press thebutton. A 41” length of tape is dispensed. You can press thebutton as many times as you want before you press the number button.TO DISPENSE A LENGTH OF TAPE TWICE THE LENGTH OF A NUMBER BUTTON:PressTo dispense 84”. (2 times 42 84)PressTo dispense 54”. (2 times 27 54)First press theFor example: Pressing Pressingbutton and then press the number button.and then pressing theand then pressing thebutton will dispense 84” of tape.button will dispense 54” of tape.TO ADJUST THE LENGTH OF A NUMBER BUTTON AND THEN DOUBLE IT:PressTo dispense 63”, 30” plus 1½”(for the threebuttons) 31-½”.31-½” times 2 (for thebutton) 63”.Thebutton can be used together with thebutton or theadjusted number button. For example; If you press thebutton three times (to add 11/2”), press thenumber button, 63” of tape will be dispensed.button to double the length of anbutton, and then press the16

Better PackagesSection 2OperationTO REPEAT THE LENGTH PREVIOUSLY DISPENSED (STANDARD MODEL):The dispenser “remembers” the last length of tape dispensed and stores that value in its memory.Pressing the REPEAT key dispenses the same length of tape that was previously dispensed. This isespecially handy if you are dispensing a tape length that was adjusted using theor thebuttons.The REPEAT key also repeats standard number button lengths. Each time you dispense a different lengthof tape by pressing a different button or combination of buttons, that new figure: Is stored in the REPEAT button memory Becomes the length dispensed the next time you press the REPEAT button.REPEATSTARTThe REPEAT Button –Lower left on the keyboardTO REPEAT THE LENGTH PREVIOUSLY DISPENSED (AUTOMATIC MODEL):The dispenser “remembers” the last two length of tape dispensed and stores those values in its memory.REPEATSTARTREPEAT 2ENTERSTANDARD MODE:To dispense a six inch tape pressPressPressPressREPEATonce. Remove the piece of tape.this will also dispense a six inch tape.START96and a nine inch piece of tape will be dispensed. Remove the piece of tape.REPEAT 2ENTERa nine inch piece of tape will again be dispensed.17

Better PackagesSection 2OperationREPEATRemove the piece of tape, pressSTARTa six inch piece of tape will be dispensed.In this way, any two lengths can be memorized by the unit's electronics and can be repeated using:REPEATREPEAT 2STARTENTERAUTOMATIC MODE:In the Automatic Mode, removing a piece of tape from the dispenser causes another piece of tape to bedispensed automatically. Additionally, in the Automatic Mode, the dispenser can remember up to threetape lengths and automatically dispense them in the order in which they were entered.TO ACTIVATE AUTOMATIC MODE:1) Make sure that the last piece of tape dispensed has been removed.2) Press(A button)3) The indicator will be illuminated (red).TO REPEAT ONE TAPE LENGTH AUTOMATICALLY:Press. a six inch tape will be dispensed. Remove the six inch tape.6PressREPEAT 2PressREPEATENTERSTARTA six inch piece of tape will be dispensed. Remove it and another six inch piece of tape will be dispensedautomatically.TO REPEAT TWO TAPE LENGTHS AUTOMATICALLY:First make sure the memory is clear of any lengths previously stored. To do this, press “A”, the indicatorturns off. Remove any piece of tape that may have been dispensed but not removed. Press “A” again.The indicator lights (red) and the memory is cleared and ready for your input.Press6PressREPEAT 2. a six inch tape will be dispensed. Remove the six inch tape.ENTERPress9. a nine inch tape will be dispensed. Remove the nine inch piece of tape.PressREPEAT 2PressREPEATENTERSTARTA six inch piece of tape will be dispensed. Remove the six inch piece of tape and a nine inch piece willautomatically be dispensed. Removing the nine inch piece will then automatically dispense a six inchpiece.18

Better PackagesSection 2OperationTO REPEAT THREE TAPE LENGTHS AUTOMATICALLY:First make sure the memory is clear of any lengths previously stored. To do this, press “A”, the indicatorturns off. Remove any piece of tape that may have been dispensed and not removed. Press “A” again.The indicator lights (red) and the memory is cleared and ready for your input.PressPressPress6. a six inch tape will be dispensed. Remove the six inch tape.REPEAT 2ENTER9. a nine inch tape will be dispensed. Remove the nine inch piece of tape.PressREPEAT 2Press12PressREPEAT 2PressREPEATENTER. a twelve inch tape will be dispensed. Remove the twelve inch piece of tape.ENTERSTARTA “6” inch piece of tape will be dispensed and as each successive piece is removed the unit automaticallycontinues to dispense in the correct sequence: 9, 12, 6, 9, 12, 6, 9, 12 and so on.19

Better PackagesSection 3Sealing with Gummed TapeCHOOSING THE BEST TAPE FOR YOUR APPLICATIONDepending on its type and manufacturer, water-activated tape is also called: Gummed paper tape Kraft tape Reinforced tape Reinforced paper tapeADVANTAGES OF WATER-ACTIVATED TAPE: Strong, secure sealNeat appearanceMay be printed on during applicationAdheres well even in dirty, dusty environmentsUp to ten times stronger than plastic tapeDoesn’t stick to itself during applicationPermanent bond formed when the adhesive penetrates the corrugated boardUnaffected by extremes of cold, heat, light or humidityEven when damaged, it retains strength. It doesn’t run, tear, or stretchTamper evident if the seal is compromisedEnvironmentally friendly and recyclableEliminates repetitive wrist motions of hand-held gunsDiscourages theft – tape won’t “pop off”Economical – never need more than one strip of tape per sealIDENTIFYING THE TYPES OF TAPEThe following table lists the types of tape and their identifying characteristics:TYPECHARACTERISTICWater-Activated orGummed TapeGummed adhesive on the back which mustbe wet, or reactivated, by waterPaper Tape orKraft Paper TapeMade from paper only, with no additionalreinforcing materialReinforced Tape orReinforced Paper TapeSame as paper tape, but also containsstrands of reinforcing materialTapes are differentiated by: Their color – Kraft or white The weight of the paper used in the top and bottom sheets The presence of reinforcing material and the thickness, the number ofreinforcing strands and the weave pattern of the strands The glue formula20

Better PackagesSection 3Sealing with Gummed TapeWHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ADHESIVE FORMULAS: Almost all adhesives today are starch-based and therefore very friendly to users and the environment. Open time is the length of time (in seconds) that it takes the adhesive to begin to bond to thecorrugated.- Adhesive formulas that are quick to set have a short “open time”.- Adhesives that take longer to set have a longer open time. As long as the adhesive has not yet set, the moistened piece of tape may be straightened or moved toanother location. If there is stress on the carton seal, as in the case of an over-stuffed carton, then it is desirable to havea shorter (quicker) open time. If the carton is large, then it is desirable to have a longer open time.THE DIFFERENT GRADES (WEIGHTS) OF SEALING TAPE(LISTED IN ORDER OF INCREASING STRENGTH): Paper tapeEconomy grade reinforced tapeLight weight reinforced tapeMedium weight reinforced tapeHeavy weight reinforced tapeExtra heavy weight reinforced tapeBoxmakers tapeSELECTING TAPE: Use the lightest and thinnest tapes for cartons:- Of low value- Shipped a short distance- Stacked on a pallet and wrapped in shrink wrap Use the heavier and thicker tapes for cartons that:- Are heavy- Have great value- Are shipped long distances- Are shipped individually and are not shrink wrapped21

Better PackagesSection 3Sealing with Gummed TapePROPER TAPE MOISTENING:Dispense a piece of tape and examine the adhesive surface. The ta

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