Conditions for BT Conferencing ServicesCONTENTS1.Interpretation2.Commencement of this Contract3.Provision of the Service4.Connection of Equipment and/ or LAN to the Service5.Access and Site Regulations6.Security7.Use of the Service8.Intellectual Property Rights9.Intellectual Property Right Indemnities10.LAN11.Confidentiality12.Charges and Deposits13.Limitation of Liability14.Matters Beyond the Reasonable Control of Either Party15.Escalation and Dispute Resolution16.Termination of this Contract by Notice17.Breaches of this Contract18.Changes to this Contract19.Export Control20.Transfer of Rights and w and JurisdictionSERVICE SCHEDULECHARGES SCHEDULEIssue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcDoc Ref: BT1006Page 1 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Services1.INTERPRETATION3.PROVISION OF THE SERVICEIn this Contract:3.1“BT” means British Telecommunications plc of81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ,registered in England No. 1800000.BT will provide the Service to the Customer onthe terms of this Contract.3.2“BT Group Company” means a BTsubsidiary or holding company, includingwithout limitation a holding company of BT, ora subsidiary of any such holding company, allas defined by Part 38 of the Companies Act2006.The provision of the Service is at all timessubject to the availability of appropriatefacilities and BT does not guarantee to providethe Service on each occasion that theCustomer requests the Service unlessspecified within the Service Schedule.3.3BT will provide the Service with the ns service provider. BTcannot guarantee a fault free Service, andfrom time to time faults may occur. BT willrepair faults as quickly as reasonably possible.3.4Occasionally BT may:“Charges” means the charges for theService(s) notified to the Customer by BT fromtime to time.“Contract” means, in order of precedence,these Conditions, the applicable ServiceSchedule and Charges Schedule, the orderform (if any) and the Registration Process.(a)for operational reasons, change thecodes or the numbers used by BT forthe provision of the Service or thetechnical specification of the Service,provided that any change to thetechnical specification does notmaterially affect the performance ofthe Service;(b)give the Customer instructions which itbelieves are necessary for reasons ofhealth, safety or the quality of anytelecommunications service providedby BT to the Customer or any othercustomer; or(c)temporarily suspend the Servicebecause of an emergency or foroperational reasons, maintenance orimprovements.Service will berestored as soon as possible.“Customer” means the person so named onthe order form (if any), or, the person named inthe Registration Process. BT may acceptinstructions from another person who BTreasonably believes is acting with theCustomer's authority or knowledge.“LAN” means local area network.“RegistrationProcess”meansregistration process described inapplicable Service Schedule.thethe“Service” means the public conferencingservice provided by BT as described in theapplicable Service Schedule.“Site” means the place at which BT agrees toprovide the Service.“Systems Administrator” means a personnamed by the Customer as the point of contactwith BT for matters relating to the provision ofthe Service.Before doing any of these things BT will givethe Customer as much notice as possible.4.“User-ID(s)” means the pass codes or accesscodes or other codes allocated by BT to theCustomer, to allow the Customer to use theService.2.The Customer mustequipment and/ or LAN:Issue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcensurethatany4.1connected to or used with the Service isconnected and used in accordance with anyapplicable instructions, safety and securityprocedures; and4.2attached (directly or indirectly) to the Service iscompliant with any relevant legislation.COMMENCEMENT OF THIS CONTRACTThis Contract begins on the date the Customerreceives acceptance from BT followingcompletion of the Registration Process orwhen the Customer starts to use the Service,whichever is the earlier.CONNECTION OF EQUIPMENT AND/ ORLAN TO THE SERVICEDoc Ref: BT1006Page 2 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Services5.ACCESS AND SITE REGULATIONS5.1To enable BT to carry out its obligations underthis Contract, the Customer will provide BTemployees and anyone acting on BT’s behalf,who produces a valid identity card, with accessat all reasonable times to any Site or any otherpremises outside BT’s control.5.25.3BT and the Customer will meet each other’sreasonable requirements for the safety ofpeople on any Site.SECURITY6.1The Customer is responsible for the securityand proper use of User IDs.6.2The Customer must take all necessary steps toensure the User IDs are kept secure andconfidential and must not disclose the User IDsto unauthorised people.6.46.5The Customer must immediately inform BT ifthere is any reason to believe that a User IDhas or is likely to become known to someonenot authorised to use it or is being or is likely tobe used in an unauthorised way.The Customer must not change or attempt tochange a User ID. If a Customer forgets orloses a User ID the Customer must contact BTand satisfy such security checks as BT mayoperate.7.4BT reserves the right to suspend access to theService and/ or change User IDs if at any timeBT considers that there is or is likely to be abreach of security.6.6The Customer must immediately inform BT ofany changes to the information the Customersupplied when registering for the Service.7.USE OF THE SERVICE7.1It is the Customer's responsibility to obtain andkeep in force any licence necessary for theCustomer to use the Service in any country inwhich it is provided.7.27.3BT employees and anyone acting on BT'sbehalf will observe the Customer’s reasonableSite regulations as previously advised inwriting to BT by the Customer. In the event ofany conflict between the Site regulations andthese Conditions, these Conditions will prevail.6.6.3the Customer will not resell or attempt to resellthe Service or any part or facility of it to anythird party.Unless BT agrees otherwise in writing theService is provided solely to the Customer andIssue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcThe Service must not be used:(a)in a way that does not comply with theterms of any legislation or any licenceapplicable to the Customer or that is inany way fraudulent or unlawful;(b)in a way that does not comply with anyinstructions given under paragraphs3.4 (b) and 4.1 or by any other publictelecommunications operator or othercompetent authority, in any countrywhere the Service is provided;(c)to send, communicate, knowinglyreceive, upload, download, use or reuse any information/material which isabusive,indecent,defamatory,obscene, intended to deceive/causeannoyance/needlessanxiety,menacing, and/or is in breach ofconfidence, copyright, privacy or anyother rights;(d)to send or provide unsolicitedadvertising or promotional material, orknowingly to receive responses to anyunsolicited advertising or promotionalmaterial sent or provided using theService by any third party; or(e)other than, where relevant, inaccordance with BT’s acceptable usepolicies in respect of BT’s publicswitched telephone service.If the Customer or anyone else, with or withoutthe Customer's knowledge or approval, uses:(a)the Service in contraventionparagraphs 7.1 to 7.3; orof(b)the server capacity or any softwaremade available to it in any way which,in BT’s opinion, is, or is likely to be,detrimental to the provision of theService to the Customer or any othercustomer and fails to take correctiveaction within a reasonable period ofreceiving notice from BT to do so;BT may treat the contravention as a breach ofthis Contract for the purposes of paragraph 17.7.5The Customer must indemnify BT against anyclaims or legal proceedings which are broughtor threatened against BT by a third partybecause the Service is used in breach ofDoc Ref: BT1006Page 3 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Servicesparagraphs 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3. BT will notify theCustomer of any such claims or proceedingsand keep the Customer informed as to theprogress of such claims or proceedings andhave due regard to the Customer’srepresentations.7.6The Customer is responsible for the acts andomissions of all users in connection with theService and is liable for any failure by anyusers to perform or observe the terms andconditions of this Contract, including anyinstructions issued under paragraphs 3.4 or4.1.(d)allow BT to modify the Service, or anyitem provided as part of the Service, soas to avoid the infringement, providedthat the modification does notmaterially affect the performance of theService.9.2The indemnity in paragraph 9.1 does not applyto infringements caused by the use of theService in conjunction with other equipment,software or services not supplied by BT or toinfringementscausedbydesignsorspecifications made by, or on behalf of, theCustomer. The Customer will indemnify BTagainst all claims, proceedings and expensesarising from such infringements.8.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS8.1Where software is provided to enable theCustomer to use the Service, BT grants theCustomer a non-exclusive, non-transferablelicence to use the software for that purpose.9.3The limitations and exclusions of liabilitycontained in paragraph 13 do not apply to thisparagraph.8.2The Customer will not, without BT's priorwritten consent, copy, decompile or modify thesoftware, nor copy the manuals ordocumentation (except as permitted by law).10.LAN ACCESS10.1If the Customer accesses the Service via aLAN, the Customer is responsible for:8.3The Customer will sign any agreementreasonably required by the owner of thecopyright in the software to protect the owner'sinterest in that software.(a)providing and maintaining a suitableLAN and Internet protocol (“IP”) routercapable of interfacing satisfactorilywith the Service;8.4BT may offer updates or modifications to thesoftware or documentation. Any applicablecharges for such updates or modifications willbe notified to the Customer at any time BToffers such updates or modifications.(b)configuration of the IP router; and(c)the PROPERTY9.1BT will indemnify the Customer against anyclaimsandproceedingsarisingfrominfringement of any intellectual property rightsthrough BT’s provision of the Service to theCustomer. As a condition of this indemnity theCustomer must:notify BT promptly in writing of anyallegation of infringement;(b)make no admission relating to theinfringement;(c)allow BT to conduct all negotiationsand proceedings in respect of anyclaims and give BT all reasonableassistance in doing so (BT will pay theCustomer’s reasonable expenses forsuch assistance); andIssue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcaSystemsThe Customer acknowledges that BT is notresponsible for providing any support, whethertechnical or otherwise, for the Customer’sLAN.RIGHT(a)of10.2Where IP addresses are allocated to theCustomer, these are for use in connection onlywith the Service and all rights in those IPaddresses belong to BT.The Customercannot sell them or agree to transfer them toanyone else and must not try to do so. If thisContract is terminated for any reason the IPaddresses will revert to BT.11.CONFIDENTIALITY11.1The parties will keep in confidence anyinformation (whether written or oral) of aconfidential nature (including software andmanuals) obtained under this Contract and willnot, without the written consent of the otherparty, disclose that information to any person(other than their employees or professionalDoc Ref: BT1006Page 4 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Servicesadvisers, or in the case of BT also its suppliersand the employees of a BT Group Company ortheir suppliers, who need to know theinformation).11.2(a)any information which has beenpublished other than through a breachof this Contract;(b) more than 5% of the total bill, theCustomer must pay the amount not indispute.(b)information lawfully in the possessionof the recipient before the disclosureunder this Contract took place;Any disputes will be resolved promptly and theresolved amount, if any, is payableimmediately.(c)information obtained from a third partywho is free to disclose it; and(d)information which a party is requestedto disclose and, if it did not, could berequired to do so by law.This paragraph 11 will remain in effect for 2years after the termination of this Contract.12.CHARGES AND DEPOSITS12.1Charges for the Service will be as specified inthe Charges Schedule.Unless otherwisestated in the Charges Schedule, charging willbegin when the Customer starts to use theService. Charges for use of the Service will becalculated in accordance with the detailsrecorded by, or on behalf of BT.12.312.4(a) less than 5% of the total bill, theCustomer will pay the full amount of thebill; orThis paragraph 11 will not apply to:11.312.2days of the date of the bill with all relevantinformation. Where the disputed amount is:-The Customer must pay all Charges for theService whether the Service is used by theCustomer or someone else, and upon receiptof BT’s invoice.All Charges will be invoiced and paid in poundssterling unless otherwise agreed in writing byBT. Value Added Tax or any other applicablein country sales or use tax or like charge in acountry where the Service is provided which ispayable by the Customer will be added to BT'sinvoices as appropriate.12.6If the Customer disputes any charge on a billthe Customer will notify BT in writing within 14Issue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcany late payment charge as referred toin the Service Schedule; and/or(b)daily interest on late payments at a perannum rate equal to 7% above thebase lending rate of the EuropeanCentral Bank, compounded daily, forthe period beginning on the date onwhich payment is due and ending onthe date on which payment is made.If the Customer does not pay a bill, BT mayinstruct a debt collection agency to collectpayment (including any interest and/or latepayment charges) on its behalf. If BT instructsan agency, the Customer must pay BT anadditional sum. This will not exceed thereasonable costs BT has to pay to the agency,who will add the sum to the Customer’soutstanding debt on BT’s behalf.12.8If any sum owed by the Customer to BT underthe Contract or any contract with BT is not paidby the due date, BT may deduct this sum fromany payment or credit due to the Customerunder the Contract or any other contract withBT.12.9BT may check the Customer’s details with afraud prevention agency. If the Customerprovides information that BT reasonablybelieves to be false or incorrect and BTsuspects fraud, BT may record this informationwith a fraud prevention agency. BT and otherorganisations may use and search thisinformation.13.LIMITATION OF LIABILITY13.1Neither BT nor the Customer excludes orrestricts its liability for death or personal injuryresulting from its negligence in connection withthe Contract.(a) require the Customer to pay a deposit orprovide a guarantee as security forpayment of future bills; and/or12.5(a)12.7BT may, at any time:(b) carry out a credit vet of the Customer. TheCustomer agrees to provide BT with anyinformation BT may reasonably require forthis.If BT does not receive payment by the duedate, BT may charge the Customer:Doc Ref: BT1006Page 5 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Services13.213.313.413.5BT is not liable to the Customer, either incontract, tort (including negligence) orotherwise for any direct or indirect loss ofprofits, revenue, business or businessinterruption, anticipated savings, es’/agents’ time), data (including anydestruction of data), contracts and goodwill. Inaddition, BT will not be liable to the Customerfor any claim resulting from third parties.Without prejudice to any other contract whichmay exist between BT and the Customer forthe provision of any other service, BT is notliable under this Contract in respect of, or, inconnection with, any network or other serviceover which the Service is provided, includingbut not limited to BT’s other networks or otherservices or any third party network or service.BT is not liable to the Customer either incontract, tort (including negligence) orotherwise for the acts or omissions of any otherproviders of service used in connection with theService or for faults in or failures of equipment.defect or omission in performing its obligationsunder the Contract.14.2In the event of:(a)a refusal or delay by a third party tosupply a telecommunications serviceto BT and where there is no alternativeservice available at reasonable cost;or(b)the imposition of restrictions of a legalor regulatory nature which prevent BTfrom supplying the Servicethen BT will have no liability to the Customerfor failure to supply the Service.14.3If any of the events detailed in paragraphs14.1 or 14.2 continue for more than 3 monthseither party may serve notice on the otherterminating this Contract.15.ESCALATION AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION15.1(a)BT's liability to the Customer in contract, tort(including negligence) or otherwise in relationto this Contract is limited to 5,000 for any oneincident or series of related incidents and to 10,000 for all incidents in any period of 12months.13.6Each provision of this Contract, excluding orlimiting liability, operates separately. If any partis held by a court to be unreasonable orinapplicable, the other parts will continue toapply.14.MATTERS BEYOND THE REASONABLECONTROL OF EITHER PARTY14.1If the Customer or BT is prevented, hinderedor delayed from performing any obligationunder the Contract because of somethingbeyond its reasonable control including: act ofGod, natural disaster, lightning, flood,subsidence, earthquake, weather conditions,epidemic, pandemic, fire, explosion, war, civildisorder, acts of terrorism, something beyondthe reasonable control of its suppliers,industrial disputes, acts or omissions of localor central government or other competentauthorities, acts or omissions of parties forwhom the Customer or BT is not responsible,change of law or any other cause whethersimilar or dissimilar that is outside itsreasonable control, then it will have no liabilityto the other for any resulting failure, delay,(b)Issue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcBT will try to work through anycomplaint or dispute that the Customermay have with BT. If this does notresolve the matter then the Customermay refer it:(i)whereappropriate,inaccordance with the details setoutinBT’sCustomerComplaints Code located,copies of which are available onrequest; and(ii)otherwise, as set out in clause15.1(b) below.Any dispute must be raised in writingwiththeCustomer’sorBT’srepresentative as appropriate giving allrelevant details including the natureand extent of the dispute. TheCustomer and BT will use reasonableendeavours to resolve any dispute asfollows:(i)a dispute which has not beenresolved by the Customer's orBT’s representative within 14days of being raised may bereferred by the Customer orBT to the first level by writtennotice to the other; and(ii)if the dispute is not resolved atthe first level within 14 days ofDoc Ref: BT1006Page 6 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Servicesreferral, the Customer or BTmay refer the dispute to thesecond level by written noticeto the other.TheCustomer’sandBT’srepresentatives at the first and secondlevels are as notified by the Customerand BT to the other from time to time.(c)If the dispute is not resolved after theprocedures detailed in clause 15.1 (b)have been followed then, if theCustomer and BT agree, the disputewill be settled by mediation inaccordance with the proceduresspecified by the Dispute ResolutionService – Chartered Institute ofArbitrators (“DRS-CiArb”).If thedispute is referred to a mediator:(i)(ii)(d)16.the mediator will be appointedby agreement between theCustomer and BT. If theCustomer and BT fail to agreewithin 7 days of a proposal byone party, the mediator will beappointed by DRS-CiArb; andTERMINATION OF THIS CONTRACT BYNOTICEEither party may terminate this Contract or theService provided on giving 30 days writtennotice. If the Customer terminates theContract, Service or part of the Service, theCustomer must pay any outstanding Chargesas specified in the Charges Schedule.17.BREACHES OF THIS CONTRACT17.1Either party may terminate this Contract or theService (or both):(a)immediately on notice if the other partycommits a material breach of thisContract, which is capable of remedy,and fails to remedy the breach within areasonable time of a written notice todo so; orIssue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcimmediately on notice if the other partycommits a material breach of thisContract which cannot be remedied; or(c)on reasonable notice if the other partyis repeatedly in breach of this Contractand fails to remedy the breach within areasonable time of a written notice todo so; or(d)immediately on notice if the other partyis the subject of a bankruptcy order, orbecomes insolvent, or makes anyarrangement or composition with orassignment for the benefit of theircreditors, or goes into voluntary(otherwise than for reconstruction oradministrator is appointed over theirassets, or if the equivalent of any suchevents under the laws of any of therelevant jurisdictions occurs to theother party.17.2If BT is entitled to terminate this Contractunder paragraph 17.1, BT may, on giving priornotice where practicable, suspend the Servicewithout prejudice to such rights. Where theService is suspended under this paragraph theCustomer must pay the Charges for theService until this Contract is terminated.17.3If either party delays in acting upon a breachof this Contract that delay will not be regardedas a waiver of that breach. If either partywaives a breach of this Contract that waiver islimited to that particular breach.18.CHANGES TO THIS CONTRACT18.1If the Customer asks BT to make any changesto the Service BT may ask the Customer toconfirm the request in writing. If BT agrees to achange, this Contract will be amended fromthe date when BT confirms the change inwriting to the Customer.18.2BT can change the Conditions of this Contractincluding the Charges, unless specifiedotherwise in the Charges Schedule, at anytime. BT will give not less than 14 days noticeof the changes.19.EXPORT CONTROLall negotiations on the disputeand any agreement reachedwill be kept confidential.Nothing in this clause 15.1 will preventthe Customer or BT from exercisingany rights and remedies that may beavailable in respect of any breach ofthe provisions of the Contract.(b)Provision of the Service to the Customer issubject to export control law and regulations.BT does not represent that any necessaryDoc Ref: BT1006Page 7 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing Services20.approvals and licences will be granted. TheCustomer will provide reasonable assistanceto BT to obtain any necessary consents. If,through no fault of BT, any necessaryconsents are not granted, then BT canterminate this Contract or the provision of theService under it (as appropriate) without anyliability to the Customere-mail. Notices to be sent by first class postare to be addressed:(a)to BT at BT Conferencing, CustomerServicesManager,WheatstoneHouse, 650-654 Chiswick High Road,Chiswick, London W4 5SA or anyalternative address which BT notifiesto the Customer;TRANSFEROBLIGATIONS(b)to the Customer at the address towhich the Customer asks BT to sendinvoices, the address of the Site or, ifthe Customer is a limited company, itsregistered office.OFRIGHTSANDNeither party may transfer any of its rights orobligations under this Contract, without thewritten consent of the other, except that BTmay transfer its rights or obligations (or both)to a BT Group Company or delegate itsobligations to any supplier without consent.21.GENERAL21.1Subject to paragraph 18.1 this Contractcontains the whole agreement between theparties and supersedes all previous written ororal agreements relating to its subject matter.21.2The parties acknowledge and agree that:(a)(b)they have not been induced to enterintothisContractbyanyrepresentation, warranty or otherassurance not expressly incorporatedinto it; andin connection with this Contract theironly rights and remedies in relation toany representation, warranty or otherassurance are for breach of thisContract and that all other rights andremedies are excluded.21.3The provisions of paragraphs 21.1 and 21.2shall not affect the parties’ rights or remediesin relation to any fraud or misrepresentation.21.4A person who is not party to this Contract hasno right under the Contracts (Rights of ThirdParties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of thisContract, but this does not affect any right orremedy of a third party which exists or isavailable apart from that Act.22.NOTICESAddresses for notices to be sent by e-mail orfacsimile must be agreed in writing by bothparties.23.SEVERABILITYIf any provision of this Contract is held invalid,illegal or unenforceable for any reason by anycourt of competent jurisdiction, such provisionshall be severed and the remainder of itsprovisions will continue in full force and effectas if this Contract had been executed with theinvalid, illegal or unenforceable provisionomitted.24.LAW AND JURISDICTIONThis Contract is governed by the law ofEngland and Wales and both parties submit tothe exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.Notices given under this Contract must, exceptfor notice given under paragraph 3.4, be inwriting and may be delivered by hand or bycourier, or sent by first class post, facsimile orIssue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcDoc Ref: BT1006Page 8 of 9

Conditions for BT Conferencing ServicesIssue 5 Date 7 July 2011 British Telecommunications plcDoc Ref: BT1006Page 9 of 9

telecommunications service provider. BT cannot guarantee a fault free Service, and from time to time faults may occur. BT will repair faults as quickly as reasonably possible. 3.4 Occasionally BT may: (a) for operational reasons, change the codes or the numbers used by