BT SIP TRUNK.YOUR COSTS WILL DROP OFF,BUT YOUR CALLS WON’T.We’ve saved a lotthis month. More flexible than a traditional phone service. Take your number with you. Market your business locally.I hear ya!

SIP – MAKING CALLS OVER YOUR IP CONNECTION AND MUCH MORE.SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a technology that allows you to make calls over an IP connection, ratherthan a traditional phone network. This reduces costs and helps businesses maximise their networkinvestment. So if you’ve invested in, or are considering investing in, a network, or fast internet access, SIP canhelp that investment go further.You’ll get more flexibility than with a traditional phone service, you can take your number with you if you move, or marketyour business locally around the country. You can also take advantage of more cost-effective and comprehensive disasterrecovery options to help protect your business.The business migration to SIP.More and more organisations are considering moving to SIP voice.The reasons for this are the obvious cost savings combined with thegreater flexibility. In short, enabling organisations to do more for less.TO MAKE THEMOST OF THE SIPBENEFITS IT’S CRITICALTO FIND THE RIGHTPROVIDERFrom our BT Business Usage & Attitude study, October 2014.For organisations with 100-249 employees: 33% use SIP or hosted IP voice (16% use SIP, 18% hosted) 30% of IP users have reduced traditional comms estate by 50% WHY BT SIP TRUNK IS THE ONLY CHOICE FOR BUSINESS.We know you can’t afford to miss calls. You need to makeand receive calls every second of the day, otherwise it mayaffect your business and its reputation. This is where BT SIPTrunk delivers a key advantage.Because BT SIP Trunk runs over BTnet, our market-leadingdedicated internet access circuit, it only runs over the partsof the infrastructure controlled by BT.Cost savingsQuality callsYou’ll get the benefit of Quality of Service (QoS) thatprioritises your voice data across your connection and the BTnetwork, delivering quality calls. This all makes BT SIP Trunkfast, reliable and secure.And with BT you’ll get the best of both worlds saving on costs without compromising on call quality.Prioritised voiceDedicated helpdeskCost savingsSIPSupport across allSIP componentsBT SIP TRUNK

HOW WILL YOU BENEFIT?Reduced call costs.You get free on-net calls, a simple low-cost pricing structureand price-package options with no spend commitments. Youalso benefit from having just one price on all calls and linerental from as little as 8.95 per channel per month as well as5,000 minutes to UK fixed line and International Direct Dialnumbers and 500 minutes to UK mobiles.1Make the most of your existing network investment.Using a data network for all your calls saves on the rentalcosts of running a separate traditional voice network. You’llhave just one network which means it’s simpler for your ITteam to manage.Reassurance that calls won’t be missed.The Quality of Service ensures your calls are given priority overother data. Even if the rest of your bandwidth is being usedyour voice calls will always be prioritised.Keep people connected.BT SIP Trunk offers a number of business continuity options.For example, with BT SIP Trunk, you can redirect individualextension numbers to numbers of your choice. This offersmuch more robust resilience than on a traditional voicenetwork. Also, with voice calls running over your dataconnection, your voice will also automatically run over anyback-up or resilient BTnet that you have in place for disasterrecovery. This can help save money on a separate anddedicated voice back-up option.Extensively tested offering peace of mind.BT SIP Trunk has been extensively tested and works seamlesslywith BTnet and BT IP Communications Systems. A dedicatedhelpdesk provides support across all your SIP components,should you need it.You can market your business nationally withlocal numbers.You can promote yourself wherever you are. Local numbers canbe used outside of local areas to help open up new businessopportunities.Make it easier for customers to contact you.Number portability is simple and flexible with BT SIP Trunk, ifyou move premises you can keep the same business number.This helps your business keep operating effectively and makesbusiness moves simpler.

BTNET AND BT COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS – ADDING VALUE TO BT SIP TRUNK.For BT SIP Trunk you’ll need a BTnet connection and an IP Communications System (or a BT SIP Trunk Gateway). These can bringadvantages to your business.BTNET – MARKET-LEADING INTERNET ACCESS.You’ll need a BTnet connection to support BT SIP Trunk, which comes with unique advantages for your business. It meansyou’ll have your own dedicated internet access, so you won’t be sharing it with other businesses, and that means it’s fasterand more reliable. Some of the features and benefits of BTnet are:RELIABILITY Market-leading 100% target availability backed by a money-back Service Level Agreement. Guaranteed uncontended bandwidth. Fault target fix time of just 5 hours (7 hours on BTnet EFM).AVAILABILITY Speeds from 2Mb up to 100Mb available. (SIP service only available from 3Mb upwards). Easily expand your service within your circuit capacity. Unlimited static IP addresses.PRODUCTIVITY Unlimited data and no fair usage policies. Free online reporting to identify bandwidth usage and allow you to flex up or down according toyour needs.REASSURANCE BT managed Cisco router. Wide range of resilience and disaster recovery options available.AWARD WINNING BT IP COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEMS.By installing BT SIP Trunk your business will save money on calls. These savings could be used to invest in a modern BT IPCommunications System. Features from unified communications to audio conferencing, can help you improve productivity andcontrol unnecessary costs.Don’t forget, if you are in contract with your current supplier or aren’t ready to upgrade, you can still get the benefits of BT SIPTrunk with our BT SIP Trunk Gateway.The best for business.We work with the best technology providers in the world. We are the only UKbusiness to achieve Avaya Platinum Partner status, we are a Premier Partner of Mitel,a Cisco Gold partner and a Cisco European partner of the year. Because we’re not tiedto one supplier, we can recommend the best system for your needs and budget.Plus, you’ll receive unrivalled support. We have 1,800 highly skilled engineers and90% of faults are fixed by the end of the next working day, while over 65% are fixedremotely without the need for an engineer call-out.Running IP over MPLS? We canalso support this, offering thereassurance that it will run overour network that’s been rated as“outstanding”.2Call your Account Manager tofind out more.

WE RELY ON BT FOR VOICE AND DATA.and they have always delivered what was asked of them, so there didn’t seem muchpoint in looking elsewhere for a SIP solution.WILL HAMILTON, WATSON-MARLOW’S GROUP IT MANAGER.WHY CHOOSEBT FORSIP TRUNK? Reassurance – we’ll help deliver cost savings but not at the expense of delivering quality calls,peoplealwayshavecustomersthe tools theyspeakto one 1 somillionsmallbusinesstrustneedus totolookaftertheiranother.IT and communication needs Predictablecosts–allinclusivecallspackagesfrom 8.95perchannelper monththere’s We are in partnership with market leaders in different fields so wecan providetotal sosolutionsnosurpriseswithunexpectedcosts.for small businesses Trust– BT SIPbusinessTrunk hasbeen extensivelytested andseamlesslywith BTnet and our Ourdedicatedsupportteams are availableforworksall yourservice needsIP Communications Systems offering you peace of mind. Combining your calls, lines, mobile and broadband with BT is the first step to streamlining Smooth implementation – we’ll work with your IT team to make sure there’s a smooth switchyour communications into a much faster, productive and cost-effective way of workingover. We’ll even help identify if there’s any changes needed to your infrastructure, such as Ournetworkhas 99.9% UK coverage - keeping you and your business connectedLANsand firewalls. Ournetworkof partnersacross theworldofferwidestinternationalcoverage Service– you’llbe supportedin-lifeby ameanssinglewepointof thecontactanddedicated the marketplace We have the largest wi-fi network in the UK with over 4 million hotspots, enabling you towork wherever and whenever you want.BT has a proven record of providing excellent service and reliability. With BT SIP you’ll get the best of both worlds,saving on costs without comprising on call quality.1. A Fair Use Policy of 5,000 minutes to fixed UK/international* numbers (in any combination) and 500 minutes for calls to UK mobiles applies per line per month. If minutes exceed the monthly allowance you will becharged for any calls from the next calendar day until the end of that calendar month. See for details. *IDD fixed destination calls except for those specified in the following list (also excludes callsto IDD Mobiles, IDD PRS and ISDN 64k International data calls). Antarctica Australian Territory, Bhutan, Cambodia (Kingdom of ), Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Comoros, Cook Islands, Cuba, Diego Garcia, Djibouti,East Timor, Fiji, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Greenland, Guam, Guinea Bissau, Kiribati, Korea PDR ( North), Laos, Marshall Island, Mayotte, Micronesia, Mongolia, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Norfolk Islands,Northern Marianas, Palau ( The Republic of ), Papua New Guinea, Reunion, Rodriguez Islands, Ross Island, Samoa ( US ), Samoa ( Western ), Sao Tome & Principe, Solomon Islands, St Helena, St Pierre & Miquelon,Tokelau, Tonga, Tristan da Cunha, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Wallis & Futuna. 2. Rated as “outstanding” in Gartner’s new Critical Capabilities for Pan-European Network Services, 26th March 2013. For full terms and conditionsplease visit ms/index.html - go to Broadband and Internet Services and follow the link to BT SIP Trunk.Offices WorldwideThe services described in this publication are subject to availability and may be modified from time to time. Services and equipment are provided subject to British Telecommunications plc’s respective standardconditions of contract. Nothing in this publication forms any part of any contract. British Telecommunications plc 2015. Registered office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ. Registered in England No. 1800000.February 2015PHME 63994

Features from unified communications to audio conferencing, can help you improve productivity and control unnecessary costs. . A Fair Use Policy of 5,000 minutes to fixed UK/international* numbers (in any combination) and 500 minutes for calls to UK mobiles applies per line per month. . S