WHAT’S IN THIS GUIDE.1.Welcome to BT Cloud Phone.35.2.Express setup.45.1 User Details.123.Accessing the BT Cloud Phone Portal.55.2 Phones and Numbers.124.My Extension Dashboard.65.3 Screening, Greeting and Hold Music.134.1 Overview:65.4 Call Handling and Forwarding.144.2 Messages:65.5 Messages and Notifications.154.3 Call Log:75.6 Outbound Caller ID.164.4 Contacts:75.7Outbound Fax Settings.164.5 Settings:86.Mobile App.174.6 Tools:96.1 Getting around the App.174.7 Do Not Disturb (DND) On/Off:96.2 Active Call Controls.24107.Desktop Apps.254.9 RingOut Icon:107.1Getting around the App.254.10 Start Conference Button117.2Active Call Controls.328.Meetings App.338.1 Host a meeting348.2 Join a meeting369.374.8 FaxOut Icon:Settings.App for Salesforce.12999 or 112 emergency calls.EMERGENCYCALLS.Each BT Cloud Phone number is registered to a specific address, so when you make a 999 or 112 call fromthis number, that’s the address the emergency services will see. Make sure your users add their emergencyservices address based on their current work location and also let you know if this changes so that you canupdate their address details on the portal. With any groups that you set up, please note that emergencyservices are only provided with a single address for 999 or 112 calls from any of the phones in the group.So, it’s important that phones in a group are all at the same physical address.You might not be able to make 999 or 112 calls when there’s a power or network failure or if using theservice through an app on a mobile device.2

1. WELCOME TO BT CLOUD PHONE.Welcome to BT Cloud Phone, the up-to-date way to manage your businesscommunications on any device, from any location, at any time.You can log in to the BT Cloud Phone Portal from a desktop, smartphone or tablet,making it simple to check or update your phone services wherever you are.Access your contacts, manage your account details and passwords, view yourdevices and set up your features, check key service information, or downloadApps quickly and easily.The Express Setup and simple navigation mean you’ll be ready to go within minutes– just activate your account and follow the on-screen instructions and this user guideto get started.3

2. EXPRESS SETUP.Once you’ve been set up as a BT Cloud Phone user, you’ll receive an email like thisone. It will have your company’s main phone number, your assigned extensionnumber and a link; just click on this to begin.The first thing you’ll need to do is activate your account. Choose a login password, aPIN for voicemail and a security question to start the BT Cloud Phone Express Setup.You’ll be guided through a quick way to personalise your new phone system;reviewing your details, setting up your 999 service address, selecting your callscreening options, adding forwarding numbers, sorting out your voicemail greetingand downloading Mobile and Desktop Apps.If you skip Express Setup, you’ll be given the chance to do it the next time you log in.We recommend that you do go through it (it won’t take long) to get the best fromyour BT Cloud Phone system.4

3. ACCESSING THE BT CLOUD PHONE PORTAL.You can log in to the BT Cloud Phone online portal from a desktop, a smartphoneor a tablet:1. Go to and log in using your main BT CloudPhone number and password. The Portal works with a range of browsers,including Internet Explorer 9.0, Firefox 12, Chrome 25 and Safari 6 or higherversions.2. Download the BT Cloud Phone Mobile App for your smartphone or tablet(see Section 6. Mobile Apps).5

4. MY EXTENSION DASHBOARD.Every time you log in to BT Cloud Phone, you’ll see the Overview screen of thedashboard. This is your starting point; it gives you a summary of recent call activityand lets you get to all the other features and services you’ll need (see below) –just use the tabs at the top of the screen or the shortcuts on the right hand side.4.1Overview:This is a snapshot of your latest activity with links and announcements so you’realways aware of the latest news or updates. 4.2Messages:View your most recent messages and calls.Take shortcuts to popular settings and options for call handling and voicemail.Check your account status and any recent announcements.Use the resources for help and support with common queries.Click on the second tab at the top of the screen for more information about yourvoicemail and fax messages. See lists of inbound and outbound callers.Get easy access to your voicemail.Click on a contact’s number to call them back.View faxes.Save voicemail and received faxes to your computer.Forward messages and faxes using your email.Delete and undelete items.Block callers.Find and listen to any on-demand call recordings you’ve made.6

4. MY EXTENSION DASHBOARD.4.3Call Log: U se this tab to view call activity and create customised logs and reports so youcan review incoming and outgoing calls and faxes. Look at a simple version or pick a more detailed view with itemised steps toexplain what happens to a call and individual call costs.4.4Contacts:Use the contacts tab to see your full list of company-wide and personal contacts. A dd your personal contacts or import them from Outlook. Use the Search box to find people quickly.7

4. MY EXTENSION DASHBOARD.4.5Settings:Click on the Settings tab to view and change your user details. U se the left hand menu to access and update your settings (See Section 5My Settings). Click on shortcuts to manage your call handling, voicemail settings, user hours,password, and more. Watch video tutorials for hints and tips to help you make the most of your service.8

4. MY EXTENSION DASHBOARD.4.6Tools:Download a range of Apps from this tab so you can use your BT Cloud Phone serviceswherever you are, whichever device you’re on. Mobile Apps add the service to your Android, iPhone and iPad (see Section 6.1). Desktop Apps let you control calls from your PC or Mac (See Section 6.2 formore information). Meetings App * for video conferencing and web sharing. App for Salesforce * brings together your BT Cloud Phone and Salesforce CRM RingMe – adds a button to your website and emails so customers can call youdirectly with just one click.* Only for Connect and Collaborate customers.4.7Do Not Disturb (DND)On/Off:Above the top bar you’ll see the DND icon. If you need a few moments to focuswithout interruptions, set your calls to suit: Green text: Take all calls. Orange text: Don’t take any calls from a call queue (only seen if you are part of acall queue). Red text: Don’t accept any calls. With this option, all calls are sent to voicemail.9

4. MY EXTENSION DASHBOARD.4.8FaxOut Icon:To send a fax, choose a name from your contacts or type the number manually. Pick from a range of cover page styles. Attach or scan a document, which is automatically converted into a fax. Send files from your computer, Dropbox, Box or Google with just a few clicks.4.9RingOut Icon: You can use this feature to make one-touch calls using your business ID from anyphone or Internet-enabled computer.10

4. MY EXTENSION DASHBOARD.4.10 Start Conference ButtonUse this button to set up, host and join conference calls anytime, anywhere, for up to1000 attendees. Gives you the UK dial-in number, plus host and participant access codes; you caneven add international dial-in numbers. Use Invite with Email to open an email with pre-written conference details – youjust need to enter participant emails and send. Access all features through touch-tone commands.11

5. SETTINGS.Organise your BT Cloud Phone so it suits the way you like to work. Click on therelevant section in the dashboard’s left-hand panel to view and make changes toyour settings.5.1User Details.Click on your name to view and update personal details including email, user hoursand password. Use Record User Name to make sure that the system pronounces yourname correctly – just don’t forget to press Save once you’ve done it!5.2Phones and Numbers.This contains all information you need about the devices and numbers linked to youraccount. If you have a phone that shows Presence status - available, busy, or on hold- you can manage your settings here. If your phone accepts intercom calls, you candecide who is able to send you Intercom messages.12

5. SETTINGS.5.3 Screening, Greetingand Hold Music.Click here to update your greeting, connecting message, connecting music orhold music – basically, anything that people hear when they get through toyour extension.You’ll have a default voicemail greeting, such as “Thank you for calling (your name)”.If you’d rather create one of your own, check On below User greeting, then clickthe Set Greeting bar and the Custom option – then go ahead and make yourown message.You can screen your calls by prompting callers to announce who they are before youanswer. Select the On button for Call screening then choose the situation when youwant callers to say their name.Use the Blocked Calls option if you want to prevent certain numbers fromcalling you.13

5. SETTINGS.5.4 Call Handling andForwarding.In this section, you can change where your calls go and the caller information thatyou see. Choose different options depending on whether people are getting in touchduring User Hours or After Hours.You can add up to 10 forwarding numbers for your incoming calls and set them toring either one after another in order of priority or all at the same time. Use CreateRing Groups to get several of these numbers to ring at the same time.With Desktop Apps & Smartphones you can choose to display incoming numberson your desktop computer or smartphone before they are forwarded on to yourchosen numbers.Use Incoming Call Information to hear an announcement when your extension orphone is called directly or choose what appears on your phone when you receive aforwarded call from your BT Cloud Phone account – this information will help you toanswer the call appropriately.14

5. SETTINGS.The Call Flip feature at the bottom of the screen lets you transfer calls from onedevice to another without interruption. Once you’ve added devices to your call fliplist they are given a Flip number. To use the feature when you’re on a call, press theasterisk key (*) followed by the relevant Flip number and the call is movedimmediately to that device.Use the Advanced link for Advanced Call Handling, a powerful feature that lets youset up rules for your incoming calls based on the time of day, date range, incomingcaller ID and called number. Create as many rules as you want and turn them on andoff as you like. Advanced Call Handling rules will override your regular call handling.5.5 Messages andNotifications.Here you can choose options for taking messages and voicemail greetings; you canalso set up email alerts for when you have a voicemail message or fax, or when youmiss calls. You can choose different settings for User Hours and After Hours to suitthe way you work.15

5. SETTINGS.5.6Outbound Caller ID.Click on this to update the phone number you display as your Caller ID for outgoingcalls. The default setting is to show the main company number but you can choose toblock it altogether if you prefer.5.7Outbound Fax Settings.The final section lets you choose a cover page style for your faxes and use Faxes Sentvia Email to send faxes from approved email addresses to the receiver’s 10-digit faxnumber followed by BT Cloud Phone will only send thefax if the sender’s email is on the list. If you prefer, you can also use the FaxOut iconon the dashboard (see Section 4).16

6. MOBILE APP.The BT Cloud Phone Mobile App is an easy and convenientway to access your BT Cloud Phone account wherever you are.You might have already installed it during your Express Setup butif not, you can download it from the Tools tab on your dashboardor by visiting your Apps store. To use the Mobile App, you’ll needApple iOS 6.0 or higher or Android 4.0 or higher.6.1Getting around the App.Simply tap the three line icon and you’ll get through to the main functions, includingmessages, contacts and settings:Messages.Check your voicemail, incoming faxes and texts here. Tap a message to listen to or readit. Tap the right arrow to see the contact information, then use it to return the call, senda text or fax, create a new contact, add the number to an existing contact or block thenumber. Use the Search box to find messages by sender name or number.Call Log.Your call history will be here, including calls you have made, received and missed. If youhaven’t called anyone back, the number will be shown in red. Tap any contact in theLog to call them or the use the right arrow to view and use the contact information.17

6. MOBILE APP.Favourites.Quickly find the people you talk to the most by adding them to your Favourites,either as personal or company contacts. Tap on a contact to call them, or use theright arrow to open the contact information for other options. You’ll be able to see ifthey’re available thanks to the green / red presence dot, so you can try and avoidspending too much time on hold. To add or edit your favourites, tap the down arrowin the top right hand corner.Contacts.View your personal contacts or the people listed in your company directory.Tapping a contact name brings up their details including extensions, direct andmobile numbers and email address. You can use the Search box to find specificcontacts by name, number or extension. To add a new contact to your Personal list,tap the down arrow in the top right hand corner.18

6. MOBILE APP.Documents.This is where you’ll find any documents imported from email or other apps. You’ll beable to use them for faxing – in your email press and hold on the attachment link forthe option to add it to BT Cloud Phone documents.DND.If you want a few minutes without interruptions, use the Do Not Disturb option toforward all your calls directly to voicemail until you’re ready to deal with them.19

6. MOBILE APP.VoIP Calling.Turn on VoIP Calling to use Wi-fi connections for incoming and outgoing calls.Choose Incoming VoIP Calls to use Wi-fi or 3G/4G (depending on the VoIP Callingsettings) when people call you. On Android devices, you can turn on EchoCancellation if the other party hears an echo during your VoIP calls, and you canswitch to your carrier’s 3G/4G connection if the Wi-fi connection is poor.Settings.Use this to manage some of the more specialist features as well as some of the basics:VoIP Calling as mentioned above.Caller ID to set the number you want people to see when you call them.Default Launching lets you turn off Call from Android Dialler and select GoogleVoice as your preferred dialler (if you are on an iOS platform).Cloud Storage lets you use documents and images that you’ve stored in cloud dataapps such as Dropbox and Box.Re-sync Messages Inbox synchronises all messages from your BT Cloud Phoneaccount with the Mobile App.Logout from the phone number and extension displayed.My Extension Settings lets you view and change all the BT Cloud Phone settings thatwe covered in Section 5.20

6. MOBILE APP.About.You can take a quick Product Tour that outlines the main benefits of your service.You can also send a feedback email, rate the Mobile App, view BT and RingCentralprivacy policies, software licenses and version details.Making a Call.Type the number on the keypad then tap the green Call button to connect. You canmake a call in other ways too: tap on a name to call directly from Favourites, Call Logor Contacts – these can also be accessed from the keypad through the appropriateicon on the top right of the screen.21

6. MOBILE APP.New Message.To send a business text to one or more company contacts or groups, enter thenames or phone numbers manually, or select from your Contacts by tapping theplus sign ( ).Meetings (only for Connect and Collaborate customers).This loads the BT Cloud Phone Meetings App – see Section 8.22

6. MOBILE APP.Conferencing.Use this to host conference calls with up to 1000 attendees. You can inviteparticipants by text or email, with the option of using messages with pre-writtenconference details – then just tap Join as Host to get things started.Faxing.To send a fax, you can type in the names or phone numbers of the recipients, orselect them from your Contacts by tapping the plus sign ( ). Choose the style youwant to use for your cover page and attach files from your documents folder or clouddata apps such as Dropbox and Box.23

6. MOBILE APP.6.2Active Call Controls.These controls appear while you are talking to someone – use them to help youmanage your calls:Hold puts the person you’re talking to on hold until you tap it again.Keypad lets you enter a number from the options given in a call menu.Record activates On Demand Call Recording for your extension; recordings aresaved in your extension’s online account.Source lets you use any of your audio sources, such as a headset andinternal speakers.Switch will transfer a call from your local VoIP service to your mobile carrierif the Wi-Fi signal is weak.Flip lets you transfer live calls to another one of your devices without interruption.Transfer will move a call to other extensions or call queues on your BT CloudPhone system.Park lets you put calls on hold so they can be picked up by anyone in your team.Mute replaces the Answer button when a call is connected, and turns offyour microphone.Answer Call connects you to your caller.End Call breaks the connection when you’ve finished your conversation.24

7. DESKTOP APPS.The BT Cloud Phone Desktop App can be installed to your desktop screen; use it tomake and receive calls, texts and faxes through your computer – you can even hold aconference with it. What’s more, it can be downloaded to multiple computers.You might have already installed it as part of your Express Setup; if not, you candownload it from the Tools tab on your dashboard or by visiting your Apps store.It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 and iOS 10.7 or above, and itsynchronises with Outlook 2013 contacts.7.1Getting around the App.You’ll see all the menu functions on one screen, at the top and bottom,with messages and information in the middle:25

7. DESKTOP APPS.Messages.Check voicemail, incoming faxes and texts here. Click on a message to listen to orread it. Tap the info icon to view message details; you can use these to call the personback, send them a text, create a new contact, or block the number. Use the Searchbox to find messages by sender name or number.Favourites.Quickly find the people you talk to the most by adding them to your Favourites,either here or by clicking on the Favourites icon in Contacts. You can call people, textthem or send a fax directly by clicking on their details. You’ll also be able to see ifthey’re available thanks to the green / red dot by their name, reducing the amount oftime you spend on hold.26

7. DESKTOP APPS.Call Log.View your call history, including calls you have made, received and missed.Double click on a contact in your Call Log to speak to them or click on the infoicon to view and use the contact information.Contacts.View your list of personal contacts or the people in your company directory.Clicking on a contact name brings up their details including extensions, direct andmobile numbers and their email address – you can call or text them or send them afax directly from this view. Use the Search box to find specific contacts by name,number or extension.27

7. DESKTOP APPS.Making a Call.To speak to someone, use the keypad to dial their number manually – you can alsodouble click their details in the Call Log, or use the Call icon in their contact detailsand in your Favourites. Check your Caller ID – change it if you like – then click on thegreen Call button to connect.Compose Text.To send a business text to one or more company contacts or groups, enter thenames or phone numbers manually or select from your Contacts by clicking onthe plus sign ( ).28

7. DESKTOP APPS.Video Conferencing (only for Connect and Collaborate customers).This loads the BT Cloud Phone Meetings App – see Section 8.Start Conference.You can use this to host conference calls with up to 1000 attendees. Inviteparticipants by text or email, with the option of using messages with pre-writtenconference details. Click on Join as Host to start the conference.29

7. DESKTOP APPS.Compose Fax.To send a fax, you can type in the names or phone numbers, or select them from yourContacts by clicking on the plus sign ( ). Choose your cover page styles, add anynotes and attach the file to be faxed from your computer, then choose to sendimmediately or at a later date.30

7. DESKTOP APPS.View Settings.Use this to manage a number of important features:Calling gives you a range of options for incoming and outgoing calls.Caller ID sets the number you want people to see when you call them.Messaging is where you decide on the notification sound you want when you get afax or text message, and whether to automatically print incoming faxes.Audio lets you choose your audio input and output, adjust the volume and pick aringtone.Region can be set up so you don’t have to dial country and area codes before youmake local calls.General provides an overview of connection settings, application behaviour andaccess to application logs for remote support.My Extension Settings lets you view and change the BT Cloud Phone settingscovered in Section 5.Outlook can import contacts from Microsoft Outlook 2013.Help provides a link to BT Cloud Phone support.About is where you can take a quick Product Tour that outlines the main benefits ofyour service, check for updates and view version details.Logout from the phone number and extension displayed.31

7. DESKTOP APPS.Presence.Set your status as available to take calls or click it to red to disable incoming callsand message notifications on the Desktop App – this will let you have a few minutesuninterrupted when you need it.7.2Active Call Controls.These appear while you’re making a call – use them to help you manage your calls:Hold puts the person you’re talking to on hold until you click it again.End Call disconnects you when you’ve finished your call.Keypad lets you enter a number from the options given in a call menu.Record activates On Demand Call Recording for your extension; recordings are savedin your extension’s online account.Add to Conference lets you invite another person to join in with your call.Transfer will move a call to other extensions or call queues on yourBT Cloud Phone system.Flip lets you transfer live calls to another one of your devices without interruption.Park lets you put a call on hold so that anyone in your network can pick it up.Mute turns off your microphone.These appear while you’re receiving a call:Forward let’s you send the call to a forwarding number.Screen voicemail sends the caller to voicemail but let’s you listen to the message andpick up if you decide to take the call.Reply sends the caller an audible message from options such as ‘Call me back in 5minutes’ or a custom message using text to speech. They can then leave a voicemailif they want to.Use Voicemail to forward the call to your voicemail.Click Ignore if you don’t want to take the call. The caller will hear a message saying noone is available to take their call.Answer connects you to your caller.32

8. MEETINGS APP.The Meeting App is only available for Connect customers (up to 25 participants) andCollaborate customers (up to 50 participants). With the BT Cloud Phone MeetingsApp you can hold face-to-face meetings and share your desktop or documents withanyone, anytime, anywhere. If you’re using your computer download it from theTools tab on your dashboard; visit your Apps store for a smartphone or tablet version.We’ll look at the desktop Meeting App to begin with. It’s easy to get started – just login using your BT Cloud Phone account number and password and select whether youwant to host or join a meeting.8.1Host a meetingHosting meetings is simple as BT Cloud Phone Meetings App integrates with yourOutlook, iCalendar and Google calendar to help make sure nothing gets doublebooked. Anyone can attend your meetings, including people outside your BT CloudPhone system. Whoever you invite will be prompted to download the App and join ameeting using your meeting ID.When you click on Host a meeting you’ll see menu options to meet now or toschedule a meeting:33

8. MEETINGS APP.Meet Now: Screen Share Meeting or Video MeetingChoose to host the meeting with screen sharing or with video (from your webcam).Share screen meetings are a good choice for sales presentations, training andreviewing documents. Video meetings are great for face-to-face discussions.Meeting controls are on the bottom or the top of the screen. Invite people to yourmeeting by email. During a meeting, anyone can click Share Screen to share files,windows, applications, or their entire desktop display. And they can start text chatwith individuals or the group. There are mark-up features that are useful forhighlighting parts of the shared screen. As the meeting host you can record meetingsby clicking the Record icon while a meeting is in progress. Click again to stoprecording. Recordings are saved to the desktop computer, in the documents folder.34

8. MEETINGS APP.Schedule MeetingSelect a date and time for your meeting and choose to start the meeting with videoor with screen sharing. Create a meeting password if you wish.Click on Schedule and a meeting is created in your selected calendar program. Editmeeting details and use your calendar program to invite participants. For OtherCalendars, copy meeting details to the Clipboard, open and paste meeting detailsinto your other calendar program, and invite participants.35

8. MEETINGS APP.Click on Meetings on the bottom menu to bring up details and start, edit, delete, orcopy the meeting.8.2Join a meetingIt’s also easy to join a meeting – click the link in the invitation email or other message.Or click Join a meeting in the Meeting App and enter the meeting ID and your name.The Meetings App for mobiles offers similar features but with a slightly differentnavigation and menu.36

9. APP FOR SALESFORCE.This App only applies to Connect and Collaborate customers who are runningSalesforce CRM from for Salesforce enhances your Salesforce experience with seamless integrationbetween your BT Cloud Phone system and your Salesforce CRM, improving workflowand increasing productivity. You can make calls from within Salesforce just by clickingon the contact or account records. Your incoming calls trigger a pop-up window thatshows you the caller’s account information, so you always have the information thatyou need right in front of you. You can attach call notes to contact records to makesure that nothing is missed or forgotten, whoever speaks to that contact next time.You can download App for Salesforce from the Tools tab on your dashboard.Your computer should have the BT Cloud Phone Desktop App installed and running.Once App for Salesforce has been activated, it will appear inside your Salesforce account.37

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5.2 Phones and Numbers. 12 5.3 Screening, Greeting and Hold Music. 13 5.4 Call Handling and Forwarding. . Each BT Cloud Phone number is registered to a specific address, so when you make a 999 or 112 call from . Meetings App * for video conferencing and web sharing. App for Salesforce * bri